The Star of Darkness

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Infinite. She appears to be roughly 18.

The Star of Darkness has not had a true appearance for many years. In the sky, she was simply an orb of light, or more like a black hole to all that saw her. On earth, however, she has dark black hair and violet eyes. Her skin is snow white, almost with a grey tone. Her beauty, like Theia's can capture attention anywhere. Her body sings of dominance and ambition.

Nyx is vindictive, corruptive, and self-centered. Everything she does is for self gain. She does not consider those who might get hurt in the process, if anything she enjoys causing them more pain. It is said that a black hole replaces her heart, leaving her bitter and remorseless. She feels that the world is against her and Theia, that the stars should be ruling. Deep inside Nyx, she wants Theia to join her in quest for ultimate power. She feels betrayed that Theia chose the humans over her, but will not let her twin stand in her way. She is willing to kill Theia, and her guardian, if they do not stand down.

~Do you think she really fears anything? ~

~Manipulating people for personal gain. ~

She wears her pendant still, although she has already joined her soul with her guardian. Other than that, she has her guardian carry everything.

Nyx saw how the humans took their gifts for granted. Seeing that they were stronger and smarter, she decided the starts would take over. She failed in her quest with Theia trapping her in the night sky. This betrayal stung Nyx deeply. She now seeks to control the universe and avenge the shame that Theia put on her. She has decided that she will give Theia one more chance to join her. However, if Theia denies again, then she is ready to do everything in her power to take them down. Forever.

So begins...

Nyx's Story


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Theia smiled as Sora led her around, humming as they went. Everything here fascinated the girl, almost as much as her strange attire fascinated those around them. She paused to wave at a young girl through the window, the child, 5 or 6, giggled in amusement before being pulled away by the mother.

At the suggestion of a store clerk, Theia chose a pair of jeans and a long sleeved, pastel pink sweater with tennis shoes. The clerk allowed Theia to wear them out of the store and bagged up her Greek robes. She found the situation strange, but did not dare question what was going on. Theia laughed, still holding Sora's hand as she saw nothing wrong with the innocent action. "What do you think, Sora? Do you like this outfit better?" she asked cutely, glancing up at him. "It's definitely warmer. Thank you for this." She smiled and then paused, her eyes widening slightly. "This way," she said suddenly, pulling Sora into a nearby ally. She paused and glanced around nervously, her hand squeezing Sora's tightly. "She's near. . . I can feel her."


Not far down the street, a female with long black hair in a black sweater and jeans sat with a boy inside a coffee shop. The female looked bored, her muffin barely touched as the boy tried to continue conversation. "Maybe she hasn't come to Earth yet, Nyx. Or maybe we are in the wrong town. We could--"

"No," Nyx hissed, her violet eyes shifting down upon Markus. "You saw the nlght last night. And it would be too convinent for her not to have found a guardian. We just have to keep looking."

"Nyx, we've searched everywhere," Markus sighed, reaching over to grip her hand. "Maybe we should rest for a day or two. You know, keep our energy up."

Nyx tisked her tongue in detest, her eyes flashing at the simple request. Before she could lash out, she paused. A simple smile spreading on her face. "She's here."


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Theia shook her head slightly and closed her eyes in concentration. "No, I don't know where she is. I just know that she is near." Theia took a deep breath and opened her blue eyes to look at Sora, her face grave. "And she probably knows that I'm here."

Theia sighed softly and bit her lower lip, looking around for somewhere to go. She was ready, but Theia was afraid that Sora wasn't. "I thought we would have more time. I thought. . . ."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Nyx smiled and stood up suddenly, whisking her hair over her shoulder. "Come, Markus," Nyx ordered, striding away from the table.

Markus blinked in surprise before stumbling up after Nyx, tossing a few coins on the table to cover the bill. "Coming Nyx!" he called, following her out of the shop like a lost puppy. He ran slightly to catch up with her. "Where are we going?"

Nyx smiled wickedly to him. "To find my darling baby sister," she purred. She smiled, holding her hand out in front of her creating a purplish-black smog. She walked down the street and paused, smiling to the pair in the ally. "Hello sister," she cooed. To anyone standing near, it would have appeared that the girls were looking into a mirror. Besides for color differences in hair, eyes, and slightly skin, that looked exactly alike.

Theia blinked in surprise and pushed herself in front of Sora, frowning deeply. "Nyx. What do you want?" Her eyes drifted toward Markus, judging that he was Nyx's guardian. "Is he is. . . "

"But who else?" Nyx purred. She pushed past Theia and smiled to Sora, touching his cheek softly. "He's cute. Who's this?"

"Nyx!" Markus called out, taking her arm and pulling the black star away. He looked to Sora awkwardly, refusing to meet his eyes. "Stop playing around Nyx," he said softly.

Nyx blinked in surprise, a wicked smile passing her face as she held Markus's arm and petted his face softly. "Oh, did I upset you Markus? How sweet."

Theia glared at Nyx and stood beside Sora protectively.


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Sora didn't expect Nyx to make such a...sudden appearance. And then there was how she acted...Even now, Sora could tell that she got pleasure in other people's dismay.

He had a plan to get away...He just needed to...Yes! He managed to burn the crumpled receipt in his hand, meaning that he now held a small handful of embers instead of a piece of crumpled paper. On the downside, even this small use of his powers started to cause fog gather in his mind. He had to really focus not to show any sign of exertion, anything that would give away his plan. He was glad that her guardian seemed...distracted by her interest in him. Carefully, he took Theia's hand, as well as a deep breath, "You know? You're quite...HOT!" At this he threw the embers into the boy's face, hoping to get his eyes. This was their chance to escape. He pulled Theia and put as much strength as he could muster behind his shoulder, aiming slightly between the two, hoping that their feet weren't firmly planted...