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Melian Dieuleveut

0 · 369 views · located in Briliron

a character in “A Farewell To Kings”, as played by Arctic Fury


Name: Melian Dieuleveut
Age: 38
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Appearance: Image
Kingdom of Origin: Jilican
Allegiance: Independent
Profession: Pirate (Captain)
Weapons: A rumour behind Melian is that he "carries a blade in every pocket..." whether this is true or not remains unknown, however he does seem to have the ability to procure a weapon whenever he wants it. The only weapons he has been seen in combat with, however, are a sword which he claims to have 'found' yet is imbedded with the crest of a well-known naval captain who has long since disappeared, as well as an antique pistol of unknown origin and design, which he also claims to have 'found'.
Magic/Abilities: One of Melians more noticeable traits is his seeming imperviousness to poisons and other such toxins. It is believed that his exposure to concentrated toxins as a child has granted him an immunity, or at least a tolerance. His reflexes are also far beyond average, displaying the ability to avoid immediate danger that many couldn't avoid until it was far too late.
Troops: Melians crew consists of thirty-three men and himself. Twenty act as crew for the ship, while thirteen act as marines. They are all capable combatants, but only the thirteen make it their duty.


Melian is extremely carefree, to say the least. He takes in nearly everything, be it good or bad, as a joke and has never been seen displaying any form of insecurity or remorse. This could be due more to his mental condition than a natural personality. His exposure to concentrated toxins have given him a degree psychosis and mental instability. With a happy-go-lucky attitude, he is often underestimated by others. Many believe that his childish attitude is just a mask for his sadistic side, however, some believe his childish attitude is his sadistic side.

Despite his psychosis, Melian possesses an extremely sharp mind, capable of grasping nearly any concept instantly. His childish nature leads him to display a slower personality, however. In addition, Melian is a firm believer in both the 'Might makes Right' and 'Survival of the Fittest' philosophies, believing that the laws of the land should be decided by the strongest.


Melian was born into an extremely wealthy family in the Kingdom of Jilican and, as such, grew up without want or need. He quickly grew tired of his riskless life and abandoned his home at the young age of eleven, spending the next several years as little more than a street rat. By fifteen years of age he was already a prominent member in one of his factory-cities most notorious gangs. In a failed heist, one of the gang members knocked Melian off a catwalk and into a large industrial vat full of toxic waste. This saved him in some manner as the vat carried him away from the scene, into the local sewage, while leaving the remainder of the gang to be caught. However, as a downside he suffered severe skin, organ, and brain damage from direct contact with the toxins. Due to his wanted status, he remained underground for the most part, practically disappearing from records until he resurfaced at the age of eighteen. It didn't take him long to gather up his own crew of followers, his eccentricities making him an interest to many of Jilican's more devious criminals. By twenty-one he had amassed a small fortune, which he invested in a personal ship. Stocking it full of supplies and situating the crew he had gathered aboard, he named her the "Invisible Smile" before officially declaring himself a pirate, independent of any kingdom, and set out to open sea. He gave neither care nor worry to the quarrels of the kingdoms as he pillaged both ship and city, earning his title as the Undersea King. At one point, Melian considered declaring himself a warlord, but decided that the position sounded like too much work.

So begins...

Melian Dieuleveut's Story