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A Few Credits More

A Few Credits More


Outlaws and land barons in space. Cut off the galactic government, factions and men struggle to survive. When trouble calls there is only one question. What's in it for me?

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At the turn of the third millennium Terra was nearing the end of it's lifespan. Nuclear war, industrialization the world over, and mankind's abuse of her natural resources had finally taken it's toll. The colonies on Mars and Titan were small and largely ignored. With the projected end of the world nigh a new and aggressive space program was launched. Probes and manned vessels were sent into the unknown, searching for a solution. No matter where colonies were established within the Sol System, the population of Terra was doomed. Two decades into the program the first Einstein-Rosen Bridge was constructed near Venus. This bridge connected our system with another, unknown, star system through wormholes. The probes returned data of only a few moons orbiting a gas giant that were fit for human habitation. Within the next century more and more wormholes were located and the bridges created.

Another millennium has passed and the Intersytem Wars are half a century gone, mankind having formed together under a single Hegemony after once again nearing extinction after battling the expansionist Ro'gir, which the Hegemony later learned was a single faction in the Gir Empire. While many and various races had been encountered by mankind, this was the first to have greater weapons. Their fleets, however, were completely outmatched by man's ion sails and the range of his probes. This war lasted less than a decade and while isolated incidents happen on both sides, and “pirates” hit strategic military assets, the delegations are improving the dispositions of both governments.

Interstellar Space Travel- This is done by the Einstein-Rosen Bridge, which creates a “bridge” between stable wormholes. The area and time between wormholes is referred to as the Gap. Wormholes that see a lot of traffic are monitored by the Hegemon's Admiralty. While worm holes that are less important to the Hegemony, but important to a single system may be monitored by that planet's authority, though this is extremely rare and only accomplished by exceedingly wealthy private parties.

Notes and Stuff

In System Space Travel- Travel within a single system is done by ion sails, which allow ships to ride the solar winds. Fuel propulsion technology is still proliferous, especially among the Gir, but is expensive and less reliable. Most ships maintain a fuel propulsion engine in case of sail tears or other catastrophe.

The Intergalactic Hegemony- The Hegemony does not interfere with system politics, government, or laws. It's only concerns are trade, the protection of human interests, and peace between human systems. The Hegemony is ruled by a single person, the Hegemon who's advisors are as numerous as the stars in the skies of all the human systems.

Citizens of the Hegemony- The human race is more diverse than ever before. There are even more skin colors than there was three millenia ago. The number of cultures and religions are astounding. Everything from deity worship, to self worship, to the belief in machine evolution. Genetic mutations are the norm, and almost everyone has some sort of “super human” ability, and if you do not; you can buy one. Implants have moved from boob jobs to arm jobs to bionic eyes and metal plating over skeletal structures. Thanks to advances in science the oldest living human is currently 213 years old and an Olympic champion in over sixty systems.

Denizens of the Black- Human beings that were exposed to Zero-G over a prolonged period while in utero. These Snakes, as they are called, have weaker skeletal structures and long, serpentine frames. Their slender fingers are quick and dexterous, but they are very weak and are most comfortable in a Zero-G environment. Some Snakes cannot survive in what is considered the gravity norm for humans. An entire lifetime on a ship will give you a feel for space travel and maintenance that that others can and do find eerie.

Subjects of the Gir Empire- Hyena-like in their appearance, these humanoids are known for their shifting temperament. The Gir'alt are the new face of the Gir Empire. They excel at trading, and most Gir'alt merchants are also information brokers. Little is known of what goes on inside the Gir Empire, but a shift in power is evidenced as the Ro'gir, more feline in appearance, pay deference to the Gir'alt. It should be noted that it is a rare, and by Gir standards, blasphemous occurrence to witness a female member of the Gir'alt.

In this role play the Hegemony has quarantined a largely populated binary star system called Rud'bul, it's been three years since the bridge was closed. Named after it's stars Ruda and Habul, Ruda is a star slightly cooler than the present day Sol, but is similar to it in size and appearance. Habul is a red dwarf with obvious solar flares across it's surface at all times. Many solar powered satellites "orbit" Ruda collecting solar energy to be sent back to the rest of the populated system, much like a Dyson sphere.

There are two habitable planets in this system, the Terra-like Gorran and a desert planet called Ordo that requires visitors to wear enviro-suits on it's surface. Gorran is an agri-world, it's resources are devoted to feeding the rest of the system. Where previously it had boasted a boisterous economy through it's out-of-system exports, it's once pristine surface is fought over and controlled by multiple factions. Due to the small number of land masses on Gorran, the majority of the food produced is kelp and other marine life. The planet Ordo is iron rich, with numerous other metals across and underneath it's surface. One of the moons of Ordo, Wadda, is also habitable with research facilities and the mining administration located there. Orbital facilities and star ports are scattered throughout the rest of the system in no small number.

The class conflicts in the Rud'bul system, which started over a trade embargo by Gorran to Wadda over worker's right's on Ordo, created a great deal of controversy in the galactic media with certain forms of government supporting the side they agree with through indirect and often illegal funding.

Now, three years later, the Gorran government is shattered into small harvesting communities and powerful trade factions like the Trident Union and Fishmonger's Guild. The Corp still controls Ordo from it's fortress on Wadda. Which means they have a monopoly on the manufacture of goods and weapons on Ordo. While their numbers are small the indentured workers on Ordo that are selected for service have access to the best training and equipment money can buy.

An uneasy truce has been in effect for the last eight months, but with the recent appearance of Gir ships tensions run high. As the superior weaponry and advanced flight capability of the Gir ships is noted, anti Hegemony propaganda and resentment fills local media and politics.

At the beginning of our roleplay a broadcast from Ordo is showing the public execution of Franz Malhotra as a Hegemony agent. Malhotra is an established and integral asset of the newly formed factions on Gorran as a source of news and rumors. He has even acted as an impartial negotiator on many occasions for many backroom meetings between factions and the Corp on Wadda. Some say if not for his efforts the Corp would control everything, or worse everyone would be earthbound. The dissenters are few, as many remember a time before the Hegemony abandoned them. A time when Ordites and Gorrans did not have to watch their children starve, or their brothers murder each other for credchip.

Put any powers, implants, extra appendages or "other" under Equipment. If they have cosmetic value they can go under Description as well. Be mindful that you live on a close quarters ship with up to five other individuals at a time.

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#, as written by 7achary
Three men walked through the modern art deco lobby. Two wore gray body armor trimmed in crimson that denotes CorpSec status. The last was frail and weak, the effect magnified between the armored officers. The slimmer of the two officers, Rolins, swept his shotgun in a rigid pattern. Each movement calculated. Behind him Lt. Cado checked Rolins' corners with his revolving handcannon, one hand on the prisoner.

The hotel is too still, too quiet. The repetitive piano music has a tendency to lull the senses into a false comfort. Cado recited the the precepts of the fourth dan to himself; There is flaw in form, not in function. Flaw in form, not in function.

Rolins checked his left, the shadow of a gun barrel appearing on his right. Cado fired quickly; one slug in the knee with a follow up shot to the cranium. The echoes of the gun blasts bounced off the vaulted ceiling as the assailants body crumpled to the ground. Animated shouts could be heard from hall to the left.

Cado shoved the prisoner toward an employee staircase. “Rolins, let's go.”

The harsh whisper jolted Rolins into action. He was more slender than the broad Cado, and light haired where the other was dark.

“That's at least six dead. Seven if you count the driver.” Rolins puffed out between short breaths.

“I don't. Comm traffic is hectic. If we find net access I could hail us a copter. “ Cado pulled up short at the arch for the 56th floor and peeked around the corner. A small bullet whistled past and buried itself in the opposite wall.

Cado fired a few return shots while their newest assailant spent his rounds. At the sound of a faint click Rolins burst from the arch and let loose three kinetic slugs. Cado saw only a red smear behind the desk as he passed. His eyes darted left to right with adrenaline heightened ferocity. They had exited the employee staircase into an administrative office.

The walls were a pastel blue, the only sound an old blues recording in an open office. They entered a long hallway of glass windows open and doors. Every office was empty. Cado stopped before a tech terminal in the next to lastt office, confident he had a few moments.

“Access in a building this old will be grounded. Let's see if I- watch him.” Cado indicated their still silent charge as the latter slumped against the wall. The prisoner was frail and weak. Though he looked like a man he had the physical fortitude of a child. This was not a job Cado relished.

His fingers deftly maneuvered a wire into place and snapped his multitool shut with a snap. Cado's PDA flickered to life with an amber light. He pressed a series of keys to give his location and request for evacuation. A crash came from a few rooms over. Rolins and Cado looked at one another and started in the opposite direction silently, the stumbling prisoner in tow.

Fifteen minutes passed and Rolins began to walk with a pronounced limp from a piece of shrapnel that pierced his armor his left side. All his shivering does nothing to stop the sweat. Cado leans against an ionic pillar and reloads his revolver one slug at a time in practiced, efficient movement.

Rolins laughed suddenly and it turned into a wheezing cough, specks of blood on his gauntlet as he pulled his hand down. “They're still filming. They're still bloody filming.”

Cado followed his gaze and felt his stomach drop. A vid drone hovered sixteen feet away. A white teardrop shaped shell with a large lens and a small red indicator that blinked like a silent metronome. He wondered idly if his dad or sisters watched day time television. Hopefully not. This would be hard enough to explain to Williams, she would be less than pleased.

Cado fired three quick shots in succession, his aim almost careless from fatigue. Someone yelped and there was a sharp hiss of pain. He almost smiled.

A sharp crackle sounded in their ears and both men flinched, well Rolins winced.

“Vitharr's harvest. Authorization Old Dog.” The voice was curt. Without emotion. Not even tense. Matter of fact. Cado would remember that the most in the days to come.

He looked to see Rolins' condition, his breath was shallow and short. None of the blood was black, which was better than it could have been. At least some of his organs had yet to be pierced.

Cado stood unsteadily and drew his sword. Modeled after the chinese dao, a straight-sword. This particular blade was the length of a dirk with three black wavy lines etched into the pommel. Cado made the prisoner stand and then forced him to his knees to face the vid drone as it floated nearby. He gripped the prisoner under the chin and turned his head so that his neck and shoulder were bare. With a single downward thrust Cado pierced the shoulder and armpit, severing a major artery.

His last thought as he ducked for cover was how wonderful coffee would be right about now.

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Orion left the engineering bay of Jenna's ship, the Blackbird, making his way back to the bridge to see that the woman herself was still napping in her seat. The droid would have frowned at the sight were it physically possible, but he simply opted for making sounds as if he was clearing his throat until his partner awoke.

"Wha...? Oh, hey Ry," the hacker said blearily, letting out a yawn. "What's up? Did anyone answer our ad yet?"

"No, they did not," Orion responded tersely. "We cannot sit here in drydock forever; we need to find some work."

"Suuuuure, lemme just punch in coordinates to the next system. Oh wait, we can't do that because until the bridge is back up we have no choice but to sit around on our arses and wait for someone to bite. And they will. In a system with a political climate like this, there's bound to be some juicy contracts flying around. Just give it time."

As if on cue, the computer let out a happy-sounding chirp. An email. Jenna didn't hesitate to read through it, with Orion looking over her shoulder to get a glimpse of the details. Something about looking for a team of operatives for a demolition job of some kind. "Hmm... not usually our thing, but what the hell. We need the cash, and ten thousand is good money. I can also put in a call to our mutual friend; this looks right up her alley."

After writing a brief reply accepting the job offer, along with the possible addition of an extra hand, Jenna set about making a call to said friend to offer them a chance to make some money...

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Character Portrait: Joachim Cado
Character Portrait: Alanys Mayor


Character Portrait: Alanys Mayor
Alanys Mayor

"Survival is a concern for someone who has something to loose. I don't."

Character Portrait: Joachim Cado
Joachim Cado

Ranked Officer in Corps Military Security. An Ordite by birth.


Character Portrait: Alanys Mayor
Alanys Mayor

"Survival is a concern for someone who has something to loose. I don't."

Character Portrait: Joachim Cado
Joachim Cado

Ranked Officer in Corps Military Security. An Ordite by birth.

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Character Portrait: Joachim Cado
Joachim Cado

Ranked Officer in Corps Military Security. An Ordite by birth.

Character Portrait: Alanys Mayor
Alanys Mayor

"Survival is a concern for someone who has something to loose. I don't."

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So we have no basic skeleton for plot? I was waiting to see where Koh would go with things, then got pneumonia...guess I will work on

A Few Credits More

What's up, mein peeps? And welcome.

Alright, many of you are probably wondering, "So what do I do? Where am I in the plot?" Wherever you wanna be. This is a sandbox, build a castle. Have fun and be excellent to each other.

Your character, whether previously knowing Malhotra or "the Prisoner"... or not. has some stake in the wide worlds of Rud'bul. If you wanna be a fighter pilot or a fishmonger there's a place for you. If you want to play or be an alien or have psychic powers or whatever, make a character, fill in the blanks. My first post is posted and edited, have a look and feel free to introduce your character with drama and panache.

The Cast-

Joachim Cado - 7achary

Alanis Mayor - Kohananinja

A Pilot - SkullsandSlippers

Orion - Gamer_Templar

Jenna Rosek - Gamer_Templar

... and many more! Come one come all to the greatest show in the system!