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Rosaline Grim

The New Green Blood Clan Leader

0 · 297 views · located in The Sacred Meeting Place

a character in “A Few Drops Of Blood”, as played by Maria-Chan


Name: Rosaline Grim

Nick Name: Rose

Age: 120 years old appears to be 17

Clan: Green Blood Clan

History: Rose remembers very little of her past but she does remember that she had a large family with 6 younger siblings and a drunk for a mom and dad Rose being the oldest was the one who always got in trouble for every thing often getting beat on she always let them worried that if she lashed out her sibling would be in danger the day she got bitten she blacked out and still does not remember what she did that day because she got bitten by the leader of the Green Blood Clan she joined them and soon became his successor after showing extreme skills and a loving heart...

Personality: Despite her sad past Rose is actually very kind and gentle she hates getting into fights unless she absolutely must and despite most things Rose is fun loving care free and a bit of a flirt at times she loves caring for flowers and nature and has a huge fear of clowns but along with her sweet and gentle side comes her thorns Rose will do anything for her clan and if one of them s harmed she will go through extreme lengths to get revenge if someone manages to anger her its like setting off a bomb and suddenly she become a hole different person...

Weapons: Rose's only weapon is her ability to control earth and nature...

Appearance: ... .jpg?o=278

So begins...

Rosaline Grim's Story