Hazel "Hazie" Ochre

"What do you think you're doing? I'M the main character, here!"

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Hazie is usually referred to as 'unstable' by her 'friends', and that's about as accurate as you can get. No, she's not a crazy psycho or anything, but she'll change her personality out of nowhere and is extremely confident that she's the main character of everything. She isn't daunted by the strange, but her overconfidence usually ends up getting her into all kinds of trouble, usually requiring someone to save her. Not that anyone wants to, since her ego is as large as her hat is awesome.


Nothin' but that awesome hat! Which does nothing.


Hazie used to be a relatively normal girl, until the day her ex-boyfriend (who she broke up with due to the fact that they were on different social levels) became something called a Marionettiste and started this crazy quest to take over the world with a bunch of 'urban legends'. It's a long story. Basically, Hazie suddenly decided she wanted him again, and started chasing him around like all of those fangirls you meet on the internet. Since her ex's line of work involves all kinds of tripped-out situations and weird characters, falling into some random field isn't too abnormal for Hazie.

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