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Season of Giving 2020

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Merry Christmas from RPG! 🎅


Gemma Duchannes

"Some memories are just not made to be remembered."

0 · 373 views · located in Portland, Oregon

a character in “A Forgotten Memory.”, as played by Magical_pineapples



{"Sometimes it's too easy to give into the animal side.” }

Back to Basics


|{Full name}|
M̶a̶l̶i̶a̶ ̶E̶b̶o̶n̶y̶ ̶H̶a̶l̶e̶.
Gemma Angèlle Duchannes.

Little Gem|Emma|Gemmy|Angel|Duchannes

|{Birthdate | Age}|
November 28, 1996|Seventeen




What lies Beneath


|{Quirks | Habits | Oddities}|
Doesn’t understand sarcasm || A crappy liar || Ambidextrous || When stressed or lying, she fidgets with her fingers || Arranges her skittles by color and then eats them in that order

|{Talents | Strengths | Skills}|
Heightened Sense || Accelerated Healing || Enhanced Agility || Enhanced Strength || Pain Transference || Memory Transference || Hunting || Martial Arts

|{Flaws | Weaknesses}|
Analytical || Math || Zero ability to focus || Controlling her humanity || Says whatever is on her mind no matter how harsh

Hunting || Running ||

Claustrophobic || Death of a loved one ||

Werecoyote || Never been in an intimate relationship before || Never had her first kiss ||


Guilt -It has always been a part of her since the time of the crash, and because she spent so long as a Coyote she didn't get to feel that guilt as heavily until returning to human form. She believes herself to be responsible for the death of her mother and younger sister, and later after when she finds out who her biological parents are, she would most likely wander if murder is simply in her genes.

Tactless -Living as a coyote for eight years has left her a little unsure when it comes to having much tact. In fact, she is actually rather blunt and sometimes even inconsiderate of another person or their feelings. She has even stated where the party that is being talked about is present that she would 'leave them behind' and has also stated that if she were starving she would 'eat them' for her own survival. She says these things purely out of truth, as her instincts have told her that these are the things she would be doing.

Loyal -To an extent of course. Coyotes in general are very loyal creatures and she has developed this trait as a result of being one for so long. Though she has mostly only shown her loyalty to Ryan. For the others, as mentioned she is not below telling them she would leave them behind.

Abrasive -Meaning to be harsh or rough by nature. She is fine with doing a little world saving every now and again but the thing most notice right off the bat about her being human again is that she absolutely hates it. She isn't afraid to show this hatred for it either. Gemma can be particularly aggressive given the chance to be and believes that if you were to get in a fight with her, whether your twice her size or not she will win - and if she doesn't then you just got lucky in her opinion. Its easy to say she has a lot of pent up aggression and frustration that attributes to this.

Clueless -Technically she is at a third grade education level, and has little to no clue about a lot of things. She is pretty much learning everything for the first time, and struggles with it greatly. Which also contributes to her aggression and abrasive nature.

Instinctive -A mixture of being on her own and being a coyote for three years. Gemma lives off of instinct, still to this day and always trusts when something doesn't feel right. Or even when it does.

What you want to Know


▲Cuddling/hugs//▲Beanies//▲Big sweaters//▲Fall//▲Halloween//▲Light colored eyes//▲Highlighters//▲Short cuts//▲Running//▲Nature//▲Clovers//▲Lightening bugs//▲Dirt//▲Music//▲Dancing//▲Antiques//▲Deer//▲Hunting//▲Exploring//▲The smell of rain//▲Stars//▲Relaxation/Naps//▲Sunsets//▲Nighttime//▲Arguing/Fighting//▲Being alone with her thoughts//▲Control//▲Cheesy Jokes, Puns, Pizza//▲Winning//▲Spontaneous Adventures//▲Snow//▲Having a place to call home

What pushes my Buttons


▼Interruptions//▼Insults/Criticism//▼Being Scolded//▼Math//▼Exams//▼Studying//▼Thick books//▼School//▼Rules//▼Waking up early//▼Coffee//▼Humidity//▼Fire//▼Full moons//▼Dishonesty//▼Being protected//▼Distractions//▼Thunderstorms//▼Being told "she can't"//▼Being Disrespected//▼Irony//▼Pitch Black//▼Sour Smells//▼Bees//▼Hospitals//▼Injuries//▼Elevators//▼Complete Silent//▼Fear//▼Needing Help//▼Being Ignored//▼Interruptions//▼Shrewdness//▼Mockery, Scorn, Ridicule//▼When she's not given a chance to prove something of herself

Digging up the Past


|{Place of origin}|
Hermann, Missouri

10% Russian|5%Italian|85% American

Malia Hale is the biological daughter of Peter and Carrie Hale, while both are unknown. She was born on November 28th at Midtown Memorial Hospital in Hermann, Missorouri, and adopted later by Evelyn and Henry Duchannes who immediately changed her name to Gemma Duchannes and moved the family to Portland, Oregon for some unknown reason. She lived normally alongside her parents and younger sister until tragedy struck at age 9. Gemma being unable to keep control of herself on a full moon while in the car with her mother and younger sister caused an accident. Both of them died as a result and because of an argument where she told them she wishes they would all die, her feeling of guilt and responsibility for the crash heightened. Gemma stayed in her fully transformed Coyote form for three long years. She lived close by the site of the crash during that eight hear period, and kept many of her human belongings with her until one day she somehow found herself human outside of the town on January 1, 2008 at midnight. The Oregon state police found her afterwards after Henry allegedly reported Gemma as missing three years back, and they were rejoined.

After being home schooled for six years, her father had finally agreed to enroll his daughter at Portland High school, even though she is far behind her peers academically and has a hard time understanding many things. With the help of Ryan she starts learning how to better interact with humans and control her shape shifting abilities, all while he helps her uncover dark secrets about her respective family, her history and the town itself.

Family Tree

|{Family tree}|
Peter Hale| Relationship with: Gemma's biological father. | Age: Unknown. | Species: Unknown. | Brief description: Gemma knows nothing about who her biological father is. She never even knew that she had one. | Alive.

Carrie Hale | Relationship with: Gemma's biological mother. | Age: Unknown. | Species: Unknown. | Brief description: Gemma knows nothiing about who her biological father is. She never even knew that she had one. | Alive.

Liam Hale | Relationship with: Gemma's biological brother. | Age: Unknown. | Species: Unknown | Brief Description: Gemma never knew she had a brother. One that is biological that is. | Alive.

Henry Duchannes | Relationship with: Gemma's adopted father. | Age: 36. | Species: Human. | Brief Description: Gemma doesn't know that Henry isn't her real father. | Alive.

Evelyn Duchannes | Relationship with: Gemma's adopted mother. | Age: 33. | Species: Human. | Brief Description: Gemma doesn't know that Evelyn wasn't her real mother. | Deceased.

Jaime Duchannes | Relationship with: Gemma's step sister. | Age: 11. | Species: Human. | Brief Description: Gemma doesn't know that Jaime was her step sister. | Deceased.

So begins...

Gemma Duchannes's Story