Dr. Meredith Abernathy

"They are only subjects... Nothing more... Nothing less..."

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a character in “A.G.M.S”, as played by SarahGracie


Name: Dr. Meredith Abernathy
Age: 28
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 120 Lbs.
Hair: Golden Blond
Eyes: Green
Body Type: Slim/Girlish

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Personality: Observant. Dry sense of humor. Her career is her life, there is nothing else of importance. Relationships, friendships, family, all are a foreign concept to her. She lives and breaths the study of her subjects.

Title: Scientist/Doctor - Specializes in the behavior of the experiments. Studies their emotions and reactions to 'normal' activities and settings. Tests and follows their limits emotionally.

Experience: Masters Degree in both Psychiatry and Social Work. Bachelors Degree in Psychobiology. Interned at one Mental Institution and worked for the state, specializing in 'special' children in dysfunctional homes.

Brief History: Always a book worm with a fierce desire to learn. As a young adult she had a desire to help others. She wanted to use her degrees to help people out of bad situations, be it of their own mind or bad environments. Meredith was always a lover of science and and the unexplained mixed in with fascination with mysteries. This job was offered to her after a case file was closed due to the child being murdered by their own mother. Though it was far from her own fault, she felt personally guilty, feeling she should have done more and predicted it. Perhaps she was simply too hard on herself. After that case, she promised herself not to get too emotionally involved with future studies. In a way this assignment was perfect, as many of her colleges see the experiments as merely that. For Meredith, she would like to believe that she possesses the same mentality, but perhaps she is simply fooling herself on the matter. Only time can truly tell.

So begins...

Dr. Meredith Abernathy's Story