Holly Mayers

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a character in “A.G.M.S”, as played by ArcticFox


Name: Holly Mayers

Age: 17

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Personality: Painfully shy, doesn't like to be the center of attention and would rather be in the background. Because of her timidness she has a hard time speaking to others using her own mouth so she was given a doll when she was six and in using her powers she can make the doll appear to have a life of its own. Also she has chosen to retain the form of her six-year-old self so no-one really knows what she looks like currently. Despite this she very tactical of what she communicates and demonstrates and is extremely observent, to her it is a game of who can get the most useful and truthful information out of the other before they become obsolete. She does this by analyzing everything a person says and acts and stealing glances at the charts.

What are they: Godlike

If they are Godlike, what can they do: Invisibility- the scientists had to create special goggles for when she became so shy she would only interact with them through the doll, but even then they could only see an outline of her, she can also make objects disapper as well but then she can't see them either but she can still feel them with her telekenisis; Morphing- she can change her body or anyone else's body to whatever age she wants; Telekenisis- moving objects with mind and can project her voice through them

So begins...

Holly Mayers's Story