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A Game of Magic: Defender

A Game of Magic: Defender


When one hundred children are taken from Earth's normal plane and into a place known as "The Astral Plane" or Zaael, it is up to these one hundred children to play this deadly "game", explore this world, and save both worlds.

1,036 readers have visited A Game of Magic: Defender since Mr. Baneling Squishy created it.



What would you do if one day, you received a package. No one ordered it, but it was addressed to you. It was a simple box, that could be simply opened by anyone. Except, no mailman delivered it, and no postage stamp is on it. You open it up, and inside is a game. A game called Magic: Defenders. On the game, it tells you it is very real and very lifelike. It warns you your very life will be on the line. It tells you every one hundred years, a force of evil invades an alternate world on an alternate plane called Zaael. And one hundred children are chosen to fight this evil, children with True Innocence in their heart which gives them access to powers they can only gain on this alternate plane.

Of course, everyone figured it was all a part of the game, that it was just to help amp up how people felt about it, so no one bothered to think that everything was said would be real. But in fact, it was real. It was real, and now that you started the game, you have two choices: Win or Die. You can't leave mid-game. Because this game is not just for the satisfaction of victory, but for the Earth itself. For Earth, and Zaael. And for all the other worlds out there.

SO now, let me explain how this magic works. First, you require two focusing items. Technically, only one is necessary, but all players establish a minimum and maximum of two items to focus their magic with. For instance, one player might (is) use (using) a yo-yo and a Skateboard. Others might choose more traditional objects, like a sword and shield, or chains and armor, or a staff and boots. The point is, its open to your imagination, but remember this item should be useful and has to be portable. They can both be the same item if you really want. Additionally, you do not need to use either item to cast a spell.

There are two different ways to classify magic, Style and Class. The six magic styles are Sensory, Passive, combative, transmutive, distortive, and manipulative. There are multiple magic classes: Elemental (which are actually sorted into individual elements but would take too long to list them all), Force, Creation (healing, wards, ect), Conjuration/Necromancy (Creating artificial life/implanting a spirit into a form), Astral (dealing with dimensions and objects not native to this world/dimension), Enchantment (imbuing a normal object with magical properties, either temporarily or permanently), Pure (Raw magic at its essence, unrefined but powerful), and Chaos (Messing with and communicating with people's minds).

Magic Styles and Magic Categories intersect. For instance, using Heat Magic (one of the Elemental Categories) with a sensory style can be used to make something think they are really hot, or see fire when there isn't any. A better Heat Magic user would make a fire that feels, looks, smells, and sounds right, but isn't actually real, to fool people, and much easier then producing real fire. Another combination would be altering a weapon to imbued it with electricity. This can be done with Lightning Magic, using Transmutive Style, provided you already had the weapon with you. IF you were creating a weapon made of pure electricity, it would be Lightning Magic combined with distortive, to distort reality to create the weapon, or if you were in great control and well refined, maybe manipulative style if you had a way to shield yourself from your own lightning and project the lightning in the first place, or having some other source of electricity, since that would work too.

Each person must choose two different styles to specialize in, as well as six different classes. For example, someone (me) might take Transmutive, Combative, Heat, Lightning, Pure, Force, Metal, and Enchantment. Once they enter the game, they choose these along with their focus items. After which, they immediately are dumped into a battle with a first opponent, as a way to weed out those who will hold people back from those who will help save us all. There is no opt out, no way to revert, no way to run away. And the first battle will not be their most difficult either. And the reason children are chosen is because the younger someone is, the greater potential they have to generate powerful magic for the rest of their lives. Which means, younger players/characters/children will be more powerful then older ones.

So let me ask you one thing. You ready to play the most deadly game you will ever find?

Once I feel like we have enough people, I may stop accepting character sheets. This is so we have enough people to make it interesting, but not too many to make it difficult for people to follow. Additionally, once you have been accepted, you may begin posting, though please try to avoid getting too far ahead of others.

The Game has Three Win Conditions:

1: Collected all the Harmonic Gems you can before the forces of Darkness destroy enough of them so that their power does not matter. These gems can supercharge the Sentinels of Zaael so they can awaken and fight the enemy.

2: Defeat enough of the army to force them to retreat.

3: Eliminate their leader.

You need to put the following in your character sheets:

Code: Select all

Age:  (9-17)



History:  (This MUST be put before personality, if only to get people to know putting history first is the right way to go)


Focus Items: 

Magic Styles:  (Pick Two)

Magic Classes:  (Pick Six)

Magic Spells:  Fill in what you use your magic most commonly for, so you remember.

Player Number: 

Sample Post:  (Must contain some show of how well you are at fighting posts, as well as conversations, and non-violent actions and describing things)


Here is a full explanation of Magic Styles:

Passive: Effects that are always active, or activate when certain conditions are met.

Sensory: Spells that involve, affect, fool, or enhance the senses.

Combative: Spells that are used for directly attacking or defending, such as Fireball or Aquashield.

Distortive: Spells that involve creating new objects that have special properties. Ex: Summoning a sword that is charged with and can shoot electricity.

Manipulative: Spells that allow you to control and manipulate what already exists, such as making chains electrified or controlling rope to tie up an opponent.

Transmutive: Spells that allow you to alter and change an object, as well as give it special properties.

And here is some information on some different Spell Classes.

Heat Magic does involve Fire and Flames.

Enchantment Magic is a Class that almost always must be used in combination with other classes. However, Combo Spells when done right can be very deadly and effective.

Pure Magic can be used with the passive style to enhance strength, speed, and reflexes.

Now go make your damn character!

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(Sorry for the delay, got busy. Post is going up in 1-2 hours, maybe 3 if people decide to waste my time. But I am posting here to let you know its going to happen)

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(sorry its so late, people take too long some times. Granted, so do I, but still)

"Well, that was painful" Alex mentioned as he stood up. He could still tell everything was real, felt real, seemed real. Calling this a game was a poor choice really, but Alex planned to enjoy it none the less. Besides, having powers was going to be fun. As he dusted himself off and picked up his skateboard, he noticed he was on a road that seemed strange. The road itself was solid and smooth, so that cars and stuff if they existed here could go on it, only it was too small. Only one medium sized car could fit on it, so unless it was a really long one way road, that was unlikely.

However, that was not the only odd thing Alex noticed. The second was that old fashioned lamp posts were scattered along the road, seemingly oil burning and yet he could not see a way to open a single one. The third was that the road, while solid and smooth, had wires running down the middle of it. These three things made this road nothing like any road he knew of on Earth. And from this, he could make some deductions. And finally, it was all twisty and turny for a good bit around him, before going off into the distance in multiple locations

One: The road is unique from Earth's roads. It was not meant for travel on anything other then foot and small vehicles. Two: The road also is designed to have power, information, and/or communications through it. And three: The open, grassy fields around him were highly dangerous. If they were not, then the road could have been built straight. But something forced them to make it twist and turn. Therefore, there was something in the grass right now....hunting him.

And instead of being scared, it only got him more excited.

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Character Portrait: Alex Xanders
Character Portrait: Zackary "Zak" Orlay
Character Portrait: Albrecht Kruger


Character Portrait: Albrecht Kruger
Albrecht Kruger

"My mind is my shield. It's the only thing between me and oblivion."

Character Portrait: Zackary "Zak" Orlay
Zackary "Zak" Orlay

"Sometimes, risks need to be taken. And risks can be really fun as well".

Character Portrait: Alex Xanders
Alex Xanders

"Game or not, I plan to have fun. Otherwise, what is the point in living?"


Character Portrait: Alex Xanders
Alex Xanders

"Game or not, I plan to have fun. Otherwise, what is the point in living?"

Character Portrait: Zackary "Zak" Orlay
Zackary "Zak" Orlay

"Sometimes, risks need to be taken. And risks can be really fun as well".

Character Portrait: Albrecht Kruger
Albrecht Kruger

"My mind is my shield. It's the only thing between me and oblivion."

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Albrecht Kruger
Albrecht Kruger

"My mind is my shield. It's the only thing between me and oblivion."

Character Portrait: Zackary "Zak" Orlay
Zackary "Zak" Orlay

"Sometimes, risks need to be taken. And risks can be really fun as well".

Character Portrait: Alex Xanders
Alex Xanders

"Game or not, I plan to have fun. Otherwise, what is the point in living?"

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Most recent OOC posts in A Game of Magic: Defender

Re: A Game of Magic: Defender

Sorry for the delay, first post is going up tonight or tomorrow, whenever I can get around to it.

Re: A Game of Magic: Defender

Its good, posting will start soon.

I just got sucked into a new Anime is all.... :3

Re: A Game of Magic: Defender

I'll be including Death/Destruction as a class of magic for my upcoming character then.

Just to let everyone know I'll be submitting my character sometime tonight. I'd have it in sooner but it's getting real far into morning and I really need to sleep. Plus I want to make sure my character is not in any way rushed, be it by sleep or anything else, so everyone can get the complete package.

Edit: In light of my schedule I've submitted my character as it stands just so I have something to show for the time I've taken. It's not as complete as I'd like it to be and I intend to finish it but seeing as my posting style is not unknown I figure the sample post can wait until I'm able to complete it.

Anyways, I hope my character is acceptable. He isn't the standard sort but it's the odd ones that tend to make for interesting tales. If there is anything in need of changing just let me know and I'll get on it.

Edit 2: My character is now wholly complete. I've got everything, even the writing sample, included on the sheet. The writing sample isn't all that small though as I may of gotten a bit involved with the scenario. It's a colorful scene though. As I've mentioned I do hope the character is okay and look forward to getting involved with the story as a whole.

Re: A Game of Magic: Defender

1: Force Magic would be like....a wave of Force. Water absorbs it better then metal shards.

2: Actually, that was missed. Should probably be added on there.

3: Same thing. They both involve calling forth Spirits.

Also, I expected questions, which is why I allowed for additional questions to be asked before I get murderous and strange people through the internet

Re: A Game of Magic: Defender

I get that elements and types can influence a barriers effectiveness. I will say however that it seems odd that a metal shard attack would fare better against a water shield than a force attack. Given that water is an incompressible fluid a metal object that is moving too fast would be stopped hard. Studies have shown that bullets when fired at a major body of water like a pool or a lake will lose all their momentum after traveling little more than five feet through the water. Understandably the water shield would be rather thin and likely not stop all the momentum but hitting the water shield faster would take take more force out of the metal shard rather than slip through. Not to argue but slower, heavier attacks like force or rock would penetrate a water shield better.

As for classes of magic there was one I noticed might be missing unless I'm mistaken. Creation covers life magic and wards and such but I do not see one that covers death/destruction magic. Would that be it's own class or would that fall under the elemental tree or perhaps necromancy?

Also, I have another question if that's alright. Are conjuration and necromancy the same class or are they two separate classes?

I apologize if I'm pestering you with questions.

Re: A Game of Magic: Defender

Yes. AMount of Magic = Strength. But there is also magic flow, how much Magic one can exert maximum at any one time. And then there is the total magic, which if you run out of, you will need to rest up to recharge.

Keep in mind though, certain types of shields might be ineffective against certain attacks. For example, a water shield against a metal shard attack, the metal shards if fast enough will slip through and hit. However, a water shield will hold up against fire and Force attacks.

Each Style has strengths, but no one can be invincible. Also, if you come up with any additional magical classes I have not thought of yet, feel free to suggest them!

Re: A Game of Magic: Defender

I see. So combative shields are more temporary but the combative tree also includes direct damage abilities. Makes sense.

It's good that the intent to stop evil as a general ambition would qualify. I'll have my character made soon.

As for limitations I'm assuming the amount of magic a caster pours into their barrier dictates how strong the barrier is, limited of course by the upper limit of magic the caster possesses. Is that correct?

Re: A Game of Magic: Defender

Here is a comment from my totally non-fictional lawyer, Byjorn Byjornson.

"Pure Innocence is a completely flexible matter, as it only requires the character to not be totally evil and have the intentions to do the right thing and stop the forces of evil, in whatever form they take. Any hobbies, side interests, and personality quirks are not included".

COmbative Spells are temporary. Whatever shield they create will dissipate. Someone could use Distortive Magic to create a more permanent barrier. Does that make sense?

Oh, and there are limitations. One cannot create a totally unbreakable barrier, for example. Make sense?

Re: A Game of Magic: Defender

This rp does tickle my fancy for complicated magic stuff but I have a question to ask first. Firstly, What do you mean by "children with True Innocence in their heart"? I have a character in mind which would be great for the role but he does skirt the edge of the waters that may be considered "Pure". To be more specific he's a solitary sort with a flare for the macabre. There's more to him than that but is it simply enough to not be generally malignant in agenda or is there more?

Edit: another question, a bit of a grey area for me but since combative covers affects such as direct damage/damage mitigation spells would spells who's effects seemingly overlap in function be considered combative if their purpose is use in combat or is there some liberty to what can be done with the other styles in regards to combat?

Example: Combative can be used to create a shield to protect against the elements. What if someone used conjuration to summon a barrier which is protected from elemental attacks as a special property? Is the difference significant?

Re: A Game of Magic: Defender

Hey Bane,

THis looks really good! I will have my character up soon!

A Game of Magic: Defender

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