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Albrecht Kruger

"My mind is my shield. It's the only thing between me and oblivion."

0 · 508 views · located in The World of Zaael

a character in “A Game of Magic: Defender”, as played by Zalgo


Name: Albrecht Kruger

Age: 13

Nicknames: Al

Appearance: Image

He stands at a mere 3'5" and weighs about 81 lbs. Both his hair and his eyes are black almost to the point of sucking the light out of any room he's present in. He is quite a small person even for a boy his age. He is thin rather naturally and to top it off he has an abnormally small rib cage which presses his organs tightly together and serves as a source for a great many of his problems. He detests sunlight and avoids it whenever possible making his skin extremely pale. Due to his frequent illnesses and generally poor health his skin is a slight tinge green, something that would be unnoticeable on anyone who wasn't as pale as he is. He carries dark bags under his eyes for he is a night owl (Figuratively) and often spends nights up and about instead of sleeping.


Albrecht was born the son of an old and wealthy family, a family steeped in history living within a secluded manor up atop a lonely hill deep within a forest. One might envy him for the remarkably high station he was born into but far from lucky was he. This was because he was born with a rib cage that was a bit small for his body, putting pressure on his organs. His body was weak and he needed an oxygen tank to breath for the early stages of his life. His parents took great care in keeping his room sterile so he couldn't get any infections, screening everything that came to him for possible contagions.

He was alone in almost every way. While in his infancy both his parents took a great deal of time to care for him and make sure he was healthy they were both the heads of a mega-corporation which required a great deal of attention from them as well. When Albrecht's breathing became relatively stable they were able to spend more time back at their offices. The older he got the less he saw of them. Due to his health condition there were strict limits on who could visit him. His doctor was allowed to see him as he usually came around to check on his health but besides that there was pretty much no one else. The butler could only talk with him over the speaker and pass him his daily meals through a slot in the wall with two panels. It was programmed so only one panel could be open at a time so the air could be filtered before it entered his room.

Albrecht lived in what was essentially an extremely comfortable jail for his entire life. It was natural that he would take a liking to reading and using the internet. His sole source of entertainment was all digital since the world beyond was forbidden. Towards the later half of his life he was more or less able to survive outside the house but his parents wouldn't take many chances. Still they did tone down the security of his room some and even let him walk around the house some though they escorted him the entire way. He was able to walk some without his wheelchair but still needed a cane so he had some extra support. If he ever got too exhausted or worked up his wheelchair had his oxygen tank attached along with the breathing mask so he could sit down and catch his breath.

Even with such progress made he was miserable. He had no friends and almost nobody to talk to outside of the internet. He would of never even known his family was massive, filled with cousins, uncles and aunts, were it not for holidays. Days where the whole family would show up and he'd be paraded about to meet the family before being returned to his room to eat in solitude. He never liked holidays. He couldn't care less for these people they called his family. His parents cared and he only cared for them. His father was his mentor and he looked up to the man. His mother however was mostly distant, still caring at times but rarely present.

As one of his few forms of entertainment was gaming he was quite drawn to the new game that was out. Little did he know an entire world laid at his finger tips.

He could be summed up as equal parts stoic and grim.

He is cold, calculating and stern. He likes to look at the big pictures, figuring his strategy and tactics out well in advance. In combat due to his rather static nature he'll focus on securing himself in a safe position before sending out units to combat on his behalf while he controls the battle at a distance. Out of combat he's not the most social sort. He'll talk business but doesn't appreciate informality. He thinks constantly and is quite intelligent as well as perceptive. He's quick to catch a lie when he hears it and is quite difficult to fool as well.

Beneath the facade of strength is where his personality is revealed to be quite morbid. Due to his health issues he has a dark outlook on life. He prefers not to talk about himself too much and tends to steer conversations away from such topics. The reason he does this is because he sort of hates himself. He sees his body as weak, that it's made him a prisoner of his own flesh. Thanks to his smaller rib cage his whole childhood and by extension his whole life has been an empty experience, devoid of memories worth remembering. Due to some of the conversations he's overheard from his doctor he's not even sure if he'll live well into his adulthood. With a grim specter of death hanging over him it's given him a great deal of depression as well as a rather disturbing fascination with death.

Most of his art, most of his hobbies and most themes he works with tend to involve death as a unifying theme. That is not to say he wants to die. Not at all. Death is a terrifying thing and he is by no means eager to see it come any sooner. Some may see this as cowardice and to some extent he believes it, giving strength to his dislike of himself. Despite all the misery and dark fascination there is something to be said of living with the knowledge that he might not be alive for long which grants him an appreciation for life. Others who would willingly lay down their lives for a cause seem foolish to him. He's just as keen to save the world as the others, perhaps even more so, but being alive makes protecting what's important far easier. Both worlds need it's heroes to survive after all. What use will they be if they all die needlessly? Well, they may still be of use to him.

Focus Items: Cane and Electric Wheelchair

Magic Styles: Distortive & Transmutive

Magic Classes: Conjuration/Necromancy, Pure, Death/Destruction, Creation, Metal, Enchantment

Magic Spells:

Summon Skeletons: Summons skeletons to serve Albrecht's commands. He can summon multiple skeletons however the limit to the number of them that can be active at once is tied to how much magic he can channel. Since they are created via the Distortive style there doesn't need to be any dead bodies around for him to use this spell.

Summon Skeleton Giant: Summons a far larger skeleton to serve Albrecht's commands. The same details that apply to the regular skeleton summoning spell apply to this one as well. This spell is higher in magic cost than Summon Skeleton.

Unit Equip - Swords & Shields + Armor: Conjures metal suits of armor around all targeted units and arms them with swords and shields.

Unit Equip - Machine Guns: Conjures machine guns for all targeted units, complete with ammunition both in the clip and in a spare clip.

Unit Enhancement: Alters targeted units with pure magic which can grant them either enhanced strength, speed or durability. He can only grant one of the three enhancements per casting of the spell. The spell lasts until the magic runs out or Albrecht decides to cancel it. This spell can be cast on multiple units at a higher cost.

Weaken Foe: Weakens the targets, reducing either their strength, speed or durability. He can only weaken one of the three traits per casting of the spell. The strength of the spell varies based on the magical strength of the target in comparison to Albrecht's own magic power. Basically the weaker his opponent's magic is the more they are weakened by this spell. This spell can be cast on multiple targets at a higher cost.

Summon Bone Hands: Summons two floating hands made of bone which serve Albrecht. Their size can range anywhere between the size of a small child's to the size of a car. They can either be left to act on their own or mimic Albrecht's own hand movements.

Create Pure Magic Barrier: Conjures a barrier of pure magic around Albrecht which will absorb damage until broken. The barrier takes the shape of a half sphere with a flat floor directly underneath where he is. The barrier glows a faint white light but for the most part is translucent. Being made of pure magic the barrier has no real weaknesses against most forms of attack but it also has no advantages against most forms of attack as well. The barrier cannot move once summoned until it is dismissed.

Mend Body: This healing spell mends flesh and bone. Useful for keeping living allies and undead servants alive and fighting. Can be used on selected groups at a higher magic cost.

Corpse Fuel: This spell turns regular corpses into pure magic which can be absorbed by Albrecht, replenishing his magic. If his magic is full then he can store excess magic in his enchanted cane. If this spell is used on the bodies of entities Albrecht has summoned then he will always get less magic back than he put in the summon.

Cane Enchantment - Magical Battery: He has enchanted his cane so it can store magic for later use in his spells.

Arcane Restoration: Altering his own body this spell destroys all spells residing in him, both good and bad spells. This spell does not affect items held or touching him nor does it affect spells that are influencing him by proximity. The spell only destroys spells placed directly on Albrecht's body, mind or soul. This ability does not end the natural after effects of spells after the spell is gone. If he were set on fire magically and he used the spell the flames would be gone but the burns would still remain. This spell can be used on others however he would need to contest their magical might as well as any other protections against Pure/Destruction magic they might have and win before it would work. This spell will bypass all those if the target knows it's being cast on them and is willing to let it be cast.

Wheelchair Transformation Stage One - Armored Tank: Albrecht has enchanted his wheelchair so that when activated he can transform it into a tank. It behaves just as a tank would normally except it is lacking a main cannon. All controls for the tank are centralized around the driver, Albrecht. He has plans to modify and enhance this enchantment in the future.

Player Number: 2

Sample Post:

The assassin had climbed up to the window of the inn. Very carefully the hooded man in black picked the lock of the window, softly unlocking it with a gentle click. Slowly he opened the window, taking care not to move it too fast lest it wake his target. His target: A child, one of the many defenders summoned to stop them from taking over the realm. He had no qualms with killing children, especially these.

Stepping into the moonlit room he walked around the bed with fox-like grace, his steps not making even so much as a creak in the wooden floorboards. Looking about the dark room with his enhanced senses he could see the youth was not in his bed but in his wheelchair, a bed sheet draped across his legs and a pillow behind his head. The child appeared asleep all the same. Not that the assassin minded where his victims slept so long as they died. Closing in like a threatening shadow he was prepared to drive his enchanted daggers right into his victim's chest when all of a sudden the child spoke.

"Distortion: Create Pure Magic Barrier."

Before the assassin could get his attack in the child was surrounded in a faintly glowing magic dome. He could see the kid inside it quite clearly and he was looking right back at him with his dark eyes. As the surprise wore off quickly he tried to drive his daggers through the barrier before the kid could let off another spell. The daggers hit the barrier and though it seemed to hold some effect as there was feedback in the form of white ripples emitting out from the points of contact the daggers simply clacked against the perfectly smooth surface before slipping aside. The child spoke again.

"Distortion: Summon Skeletons."

As if his words cut the very fabric of reality itself black tears ripped open in the vacant space around them. Seemingly forming from the blackness within skeletons fell from the openings, spat forth by the magic which created them. There was a skeleton at both the window and the doorway, blocking them off with their stiff white forms while eight more surrounded both him and their young master.

This wasn't the assassin's first fight with a caster but this assassination was going poorly by his standards. Acting quick on his feet he swung his foot up and to the side for a sweeping round kick, taking the head right off one of the skeletons. His whole body was fast and agile like a leopard, there was no way he was going to let these bones take him down, not like this. He flipped over the headless body of the beheaded skeleton which was still going forward to try and grab where he was before moving to a corner of the room that the skeletons didn't occupy. He had a plan to lure the skeletons to where he was before leaping from the wardrobe next to him and attempting to stab through the child's barrier once more. Before that could happen however the child spoke once again.

"Distortion: Summon Bone Hands."

Similar to how the skeletons came into being two large bone hands emerged from black tears on either side of their summoner. These skeletal hands were quite big, about as large as half a fully grown man's whole body each. They both waited at the ready for a command from the child in his seat of command. In the span of twelve seconds his situation had gone from difficult to looking quite grim for the assassin. He started looking to make his escape seeing as how the inn room was definitely not large enough to navigate properly in a fight against a group this size. He wanted to pick his battles, not let them pick on him. Not waiting to see what else the young caster had up his sleeves he rushed up to the skeleton blocking the window and jumped, throwing out a flying sidekick towards the skeleton's head when the summoner spoke yet another spell.

"Distortion: Unit Equip - Swords and Shields plus Armor."

His foot connected not with the skeleton's bony head but with a large metal shield. In an instant all the skeletons were armored in full plate with kite shields and long swords. More and more the room was starting to feel like a cage for this assassin. He was starting to get desperate. He lunged for the armored skeleton between him and the window, faking a stab for it's side before sweeping out it's leg from under it, sending it crashing into the window. With his superb dexterity the assassin attempted to run up the body of the skeleton out the window when before he could make it past the sill he was slapped into the corner of the room by the left bone hand controlled by the summoner. In his haste he had failed to see the floating hand sweeping at him.

Shaking himself from the hard landing, still jarred by the power the hand struck with, the assassin stood up only to see that in the time he had spent trying to get out the other skeletons had surrounded him. Still his pride was strong as he was determined to not let mere skeletons best him. Sheathing his second dagger he pulled from his belt a short sword which he wielded in his main hand. In a flurry he begun a sword dance, deftly parrying the stabs of the skeleton knights and delivering stabs of his own at the exposed points of the armor. This was a battle he knew he could win as he was trained extensively in blade combat and practiced against far greater warriors than these. This wasn't a fast battle to win however as the undead wouldn't fall to most of his strikes. The enchantments on his daggers were designed to cause unbearable pain followed by a near immediate death to any living being cut by his lethal daggers, no matter how small the cut might be. Skeletons however were no living beings. As he defended himself against the onslaught of attacking skeletons the child looked no less calm than he did back when he was asleep. Again the child spoke another magic spell.

"Transmutation: Weaken Foe."

The assassin's eyes widened. A transmutation spell? That cannot be good. He was greatly concerned with what effects the spell might of had on him. As he tried to stop another blade from one of the skeleton knights he was too late to stop the blade as it pierced his side. No way! That should of blocked that hit! He must of slowed me down. The assassin realized his motions were significantly slower than before. In a frantic last ditch effort he tried to run up the wall and jump over the knights to escape for the window but as he reached the apex of the jump the right bone hand smashed him with a closed fist punch. There was a loud smack complete with a crunching noise as the force of the hand's punch shattered a number of the assassin's bones. He was sent hurtling into the corner, wooden boards breaking as his body slammed into the wall. As his form fell to the floor the knights proceeded to surround the crushed and dying body of the intruder and thrust their blades repeatedly into body, stabbing the man well into his death.

"Units, aside." Albrecht commanded his skeleton knights. In recognition of his command his servants stepped clear of the dead body giving him a good view of the assassin. The figure was dressed all in black, a black cloth concealing his face below the eyes. The pointed ears and dark skin revealed enough to him though. "A dark elf. The enemy must really want me dead." He spoke his thoughts aloud to his audience of mostly silent undead. "Strip him." He ordered. The skeletons removed all the man's belongings save for his underpants. With nothing left of interest the body was no longer of any use to him save one.

"Transmutation: Corpse Fuel."

The body was transformed into a glowing white light which condensed from it's humanoid form into a large floating mote of pure magic. With a motion from his cane the mote flew over to him and absorbed into his cane which acted as a conduit for the magic to channel into himself, restoring a portion of the magic he expended in this fight. Feeling his energy restored to some extent was relaxing like the smooth sensation of a cold beverage. Interrupting the moment however was a knock at the door.

"Oy! What's all the racket?"

The hefty innkeeper hollered at Albrecht. The crashing had roused some of the neighboring guests staying at the inn as well as the owner of this establishment. His skeleton approached and laid the possessions of his deceased attacker at his feet. He simply cast a cold glare to the items before lazily looking over to the door to better project his voice as it wasn't terribly strong.

"It was just a brief disturbance. I apologize for the commotion." He tried to make himself heard through the door the best he could without yelling as forcing his voice would cause his lungs to hurt. He could hear some grumbling from the innkeeper on the other side. "Well just keep it down 'ya hear!" The brusk fellow insisted. He would of investigated further if it were any other customer but a caster pushed about by a skeleton was not someone he was keen on bothering. The arcane was a business he knew better than to stick his nose in.

"Understood." He responded as the innkeeper began to return on his way back down the stairs. Now alone with his thoughts he dismissed his minions for now. He suspected there would not be a second attempt on his life tonight as assassins of such talent tended to be fairly arrogant and work alone. It would be some time before his enemies would know of their assassin's failure. As for now Albrecht was more interested in a letter which he had produced from one of his attacker's pockets.

A small smile pulled at the edges of his mouth. It was just the reading material he wanted.

Other: He is working on a special enchantment for his signet ring. It's a work in progress for him.

So begins...

Albrecht Kruger's Story