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A Game of Magic: Defender

The World of Zaael


a part of A Game of Magic: Defender, by Mr. Baneling Squishy.


Mr. Baneling Squishy holds sovereignty over The World of Zaael, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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The World of Zaael is a part of A Game of Magic: Defender.

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Alex Xanders [1] "Game or not, I plan to have fun. Otherwise, what is the point in living?"
Albrecht Kruger [0] "My mind is my shield. It's the only thing between me and oblivion."
Zackary "Zak" Orlay [0] "Sometimes, risks need to be taken. And risks can be really fun as well".
Caroline Pelacour [0] "This isn't just a game anymore."

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(Sorry for the delay, got busy. Post is going up in 1-2 hours, maybe 3 if people decide to waste my time. But I am posting here to let you know its going to happen)

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(sorry its so late, people take too long some times. Granted, so do I, but still)

"Well, that was painful" Alex mentioned as he stood up. He could still tell everything was real, felt real, seemed real. Calling this a game was a poor choice really, but Alex planned to enjoy it none the less. Besides, having powers was going to be fun. As he dusted himself off and picked up his skateboard, he noticed he was on a road that seemed strange. The road itself was solid and smooth, so that cars and stuff if they existed here could go on it, only it was too small. Only one medium sized car could fit on it, so unless it was a really long one way road, that was unlikely.

However, that was not the only odd thing Alex noticed. The second was that old fashioned lamp posts were scattered along the road, seemingly oil burning and yet he could not see a way to open a single one. The third was that the road, while solid and smooth, had wires running down the middle of it. These three things made this road nothing like any road he knew of on Earth. And from this, he could make some deductions. And finally, it was all twisty and turny for a good bit around him, before going off into the distance in multiple locations

One: The road is unique from Earth's roads. It was not meant for travel on anything other then foot and small vehicles. Two: The road also is designed to have power, information, and/or communications through it. And three: The open, grassy fields around him were highly dangerous. If they were not, then the road could have been built straight. But something forced them to make it twist and turn. Therefore, there was something in the grass right now....hunting him.

And instead of being scared, it only got him more excited.