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Cadwynn Raenie Hallow

''Smiles are like band-aids, they cover up the pain but it still hurts.''

0 · 228 views · located in The Shadow Realm

a character in “A Game of Shadows”, as played by ~*NovaleeTehNinja*~


Name: Cadwynn Raenie Hallow

Nickname: Cady, Wynn, Rae, Nini, Hallie


Appearance: Cadwynn, standing at 5'4 at the tallest and weighing only around 100 pounds, has a lean, short body type with hidden muscels you might never expect from looking at him. He has a pale peachy colored skin that is soft to the touch and always with out a single blemish (or so he thinks ;D). His eyes, lined with thick black lashes are a deep hazel with flecks of gold that shine magnificentlly in the sunlight. He still has his braces, sadly, and the band always range from crazy neon colors like neon pink or green, to dark purple or white. His hair, down to the crook of his neck and very wild looking, is always straightened and swept to the side in a perfect manner. Said hair is colored a dark brown almost a black color with bleach blonde and azule blue tips scattered in different places. His usual out fits range from brightly colored band tee's or any kind of shirt from hot topic, and a random colored pair of skinny jeans and high tops, vans, chuck taylors, or combat boots.

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Personality:Cadwynn is a very sweet and caring boy, he loves making everyone around him happy and helping anyone in need. He is known for putting others before him self. He has a very happy-go-lucky aura around him and generates nothing but happiness, while on the inside he hoards nothing but pain and fear of every thing around him. He is very sensitive to things and usually doesn't keep things from his friends, except for the fact he is beat. He never shows any emotion but happiness around others, which he is very good at. He, thought they dont listen, loves his aunt and cousins almost as much as he loves all of his friends.

Likes: Soccer, music, his friends, reading, clean things, animals

Dislikes: Perverts, bad music, know-it-alls, scary movies, being cold, parents, dirty things

Fears: Cadwynn's biggest fear is the darkness, and what lies within it. Some other fears would be: Being alone for the rest of his life, being beat to death, and the thought of there being a life after death.

Hobbies: reading, playing soccer, hanging out with his friends, listening to music

History: Cadwynn, a only child, Has lived with his achoholic uncle and his aunt who is to blind to see what her husband has been doing to her sisters son. Cadwynn's mother died while giving birth and his father just didn't want him so, his mother's sister so kindly came from california to tennessee to get the new born baby. She brought him back to her house in california, with her husband and two kids who were only two at the time. All was good until Cadwynn turned eight and his uncle began drinking and then while in his drunk state he would beat Cadwynn senseless, having no mercy for the young boy. This has gone on for so many years and when Cadwynn tells his aunt or cousins of the actions and pain his uncle in flicts on him, they dismiss it with a wave of the hand and say he is just disciplinning him. Cadwynn now, everynight is beat, but has become immune to the pain but still has that hidden fear that one day before he gets a chance to leave his uncle may kill him.

So begins...

Cadwynn Raenie Hallow's Story