Adrianna Penhallow

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a character in “A Game of Thrones Role-Play”, as played by Bloeddorst



Age: 20

Gender: Female





Lady Penhallow


King of the North



Dark hair and dark eyes like almost all Northeners. I have a quite high pirched voise and my hair tends to curl when it snows.


I don't know why but people tell me I'm quite bossy. I don't know to what extent this is but I can only say that I know what I want and that I know I will get it no matter what. I do tend to lie sometimes to get to my goals but I try to keep it to a minimum since I can't seem to remember my lies that well. In the mornings I'm quite grumpy but after a good breakfast I'm a happy and cheery girl.


* Shooting
* Horseback Riding
* Flirting
* Manipulation
* Pickpocketing



I grew up in a little keep under the protection of the Karstarks. We had a good bond with our next door neighbors the Greatirons. But as the Greatirons were bestowed with the honor to stay on the land and protect it in the name of our liege, my parents rode to their death in what would have been a prestigious feast at the Twins. I stayed behind because I was ill but since our maester got me back onto my feet and brought me the horrible news of my parent's passing I have never been the same. Now I have to lead a small village and I have no idea how or where to begin. I cannot stand to be alone so for the time being I hang out at the Greatirons ( 20 min ride ) to learn how to lead and to learn what to do in specific situations. But I think it is, for all of us, a time of great political importance and instability. We have to try to save ourselves and stand strong in one front against what will happen next, against all the secrets and poison of King's Landing. Because Winter Is Coming.

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