Aimya Woolfield

Cousin to Lady Greatiron

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Cousin to Lady Greatiron

Neutral Good


Aimya is obviously not one of the Greatiron children, even though she has grown up with them and has been treated no differently. Petite in size, standing a little over 5'2, straight light brown hair, and hazel eyes. Lady Greatiron whom Aimya calls auntie despite the fact they're cousins, has stated that Aimya is a combination of her mother, the Lady's dear cousin and her father who was a well to do merchant from Dorne. Aimya unlike Sanira likes to dress the part of someone of noble blood, even though she really isn't other than her mother's family of course. She always makes sure she is presentable for the day, dressing accordingly.


Aimya is a strong willed girl who knows what she wants in life. She has a quiet nature not because she is shy, but because she is smart. She likes to take stake of a situation and if one is quiet you can learn more than person who always pops off and speaks their mind. Sanira has often commented that Aimya is like a snake in tall grass she waits quiet and patient for the right time to strike and when she does strike look out. Now this may make Aimya sound deceptive, but she isn't she uses the information she gathers but not for nefarious purposes. She is very loyal to the Greatiron house and even though she is not officially a member. She is grateful to them for taking her in and treating her as though she were their own child.


Like Sanira she was trained like a lady, but compared to her cousin she takes those things much more seriously. She loves needlepoint and even though she will likely marry higher class man she has spent time in the kitchen learning to cook and bake. Reading is one of her favorite pastimes and she especially likes reading to the younger Greatiron children, she loves looking after the younger ones and takes the role of big sister more often than Sanira.


Amiya was born to Lady Cedira of house Baymor, and her husband Dravis Woolfield a merchant from Dorne. Cedira was cousin and childhood friend to Lady Greatiron, growing up more like sisters. Cedira had asked Lady Greatiron when she gave birth to Aimya, that if anything were to happen to she and her husband that Lady Greatiron would take her in, seeing as neither one of them had other family members to take her. It seemed there was some concern of their safety because of a business dealing her husband had made. Apparently her suspicions were correct two years later, assassins killed Cedira and Dravis in their sleep, but they must not have had the heart to kill Aimya. As soon as word got back to Lady Greatiron, thr two year old was brought to live with them. Now most would think, that an orphaned child taken in would be grateful to become a hand maiden in the house. But the Greatiron family went above and beyond that, raising Aimya alongside their daughter Sanira like Cedira and Lady Greatiron when they were children.

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