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bleeding heart.

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gwendolyn greer

poseidon • #E1A391 • cozy

Still smiling at Gwen, he started with a joking tone, Better be! If she ever talks bad about me, let me know. I've got some dirt on her too." Theo slapped Emery on the back and let out a laugh just to make sure that she knew he was one hundred percent joking around.

Gwen spoke up again, "I saw you at the party last night, but it ended so fast and you were busy so I didn't have the chance to introduce myself." Theo could hear the slight change in her tone. He could easily guess what she was referring to. After chasing after Trinity and inconspicuously leaving with Alex, he figured someone might get the wrong idea. Of course, in both situations Theo's intentions were pure. He wanted to check on his friend, and he wanted to make sure no one took advantage of Alex. He gave her a soft smile as he spoke, "Yeah, I could tell Trinity was upset. I guess I wanted to know why. As far as Alex goes, I owe it to her and Ajax to have their back. She was drunk enough to hit on me, so I figured I better get her out of there as soon as possible. I don't know these new guys, and I don't trust them. All innocent. I promise."

Theo felt he may have over explained himself, but this was an important conversation. He wanted to reassure Gwen that he was a good guy. He looked from Gwen to Emery and back to Gwen before deciding to change the subject. "I heard that we're all playing a massive game of capture the flag today. I bet that will get interesting. Maybe they'll put us on the same team... He gave a nod towards Gwen as he let his best smile take over his face again.

Gwendolyn, I think you'd make a strong offense but it depends where you want to go, you'd know where you're best kept.



domonik einarsson

khione • #90A6A6 • casual

Her gaze drifted over to Dom's when she heard his name and then her own. Both on the Spartan team. She didn't quite know if she was worried or relieved that she wasn't on her brother's team. But, she'd take the opportunity to get some separation where she could get it. Sloane swerved through the campers until she reached Dom. She gave him a shy smile. "It uh... Looks like we're on the same team." She sighed, rocking back and forth on her heels. "I apologize in advanced. I couldn't protect myself if I tried... And I'm not particularly dressed for combat," she added looking down at her attire.

It seemed just as she said that, Andy walked past her. Without a word from the veteran camp member, Andy simply tapped Sloane's shoulder. The change rushed over her like a wave of warmth. When she looked back down, she saw herself in more combat appropriate attire, including team colors and all. Sloane glanced over her shoulder to thank Andy, giving her a weak smile in appreciation. She then looked back toward Dom, giving a weak smile. "Ok, well... I'll still get knocked out just as easily no matter how I'm dressed."

Dominick, I think you should stay back and help Finley defend the flag for sure. You could even hard freeze the water in the crevice with the flag in the very middle of the ice. That would buy us some time even if they manage to get to the flag because they would have to get it out of the ice.



mateo lopez

hera • #CDA200 • casual


“Oh, it's all a dream come true.” She rolled her eyes like the answer was obvious then gave a smirk of her own. “Well you pretty much said it. I seized what opportunities I could to pep up the night. It died premature. It was good for its drinks and a few snippets of entertainment then....poof. Gone. Party disbanded. But, I'm optimistic and hopeful for round two done right and to top any frat boy party experience.” Then she leaned forward, looking around to check they were in the clear as the next secret words of wisdom departed from her lips, “Also, just generally, if another game of spin the bottle occurs, you might want to be the spokesman to suggest not kissing like its kindergarten.” Harley beamed. Not that she had seen every kiss shared in the circle but from what she saw and due to the lack of commentary and commotion, she guessed it was pretty....G rated. Which was nice and sweet but for entertainment/party purposes it probably needed to offer a little more flare.

“Oh, not a stalker by the way,” she added with a quick throw up of her hands in surrender. “Just observant,” she said, the same time as her fingers touched her shoulders.

Harley took a bite of her toast finally, too caught up in story time to pay her breakfast the attention it deserved. “You heard the latest gossip on camp?” she inquired behind her hand. Harley stretched out a pause in case her company had some different and more juicy gossip to provide. “Capture the flag is happening today.” She waggled her brows. For the likes of Harley, there was nothing more invigorating than a competitive little game. For others it was probably something groan worthy. Particularly after a night of drinking. “I'm sure camp's version of capture the flag will exceed any expectation.”

An announcement had never filled her with such joy. Normally they were long winded, boring, or on the topic of an incident or welcoming speech but it was capture the flag along with the teams and guidelines.

“See ya on the flip side.” She saluted to Mateo beaming, and without losing a beat headed to the Spartans base.

Adrianna, I've never seen her competitive side but I can guess she has one, and not to underestimate her." He gestured to Mateo

So begins...

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