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Cariad Daniels

"Get out of my room, snotbuckets!"

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a character in “A Gift or a Curse?”, as played by IEatChildren



Cariad Grey Daniels

Carrie || The name she mainly goes by. Cariad prefers this to any other name.
Ria || Out of all the things she dislikes, Ria tops the list. Her siblings use this name to piss her off sometimes.


Artist || Carrie does tons of commissions online. Depending on the size of work, her prices range from $5 to $40.
Student || A high school student with fair grades.

Face Claim:
Annasophia Robb

-Playing the Cello
-Going unnoticed
-Surfing the web

Magical Specialty:
Carrie has the power of illusion. Although, her gift branches into several abilities. Her first, and more used power being Illusive Appearance. Carrie can camouflage herself and blend into the background, as well as alter her appearance to appear to be someone else. The last part much to Carrie's disliking still has it glitches and can only last several seconds before appearing herself again. The second power is more of a toughie, using up most if not all of her energy and concentration. Carrie can make the surrounding area seem to be something it's not. For instance a jungle, with sounds and solidification and everything, even if she is just standing in her bedroom. Her last one requires little energy and will even happen on it's own. Little illusions appear around her. An example would be one of her drawings coming to "life", although it wouldn't be solid.


There isn't much to say about Carrie's childhood. She is the third born child of Isiah and Alana Daniels. She was healthy, happy, and already showing her creativity at a young age. She enjoyed painting and drawing which obviously stuck with her. Carrie was also very much a tomboy, preferring to wear her brothers hand-me-downs over her sisters. Up until age 7, she also had a short, choppy haircut that also gave off that tomboyish look. Although she didn't cut it that way because she liked it. She just preferred it over her messy curls that she has currently come to love.

Like many teenagers, Carrie spends most of her time locked up in her room on her computer. A majority of the time is spent doing commissions that she gets via her own website. It is also spent chatting with friends that she has made through various chatrooms. When it comes to bonding with siblings she doesn't take out a lot of time to do it, but whenever she is dragged into it, Carrie very much enjoys it.

Except when it comes to the kids pranking. Unlike her other siblings, Carrie doesn't tolerate their pranks especially when she is the target. She doesn't mind disciplining her younger siblings, but she has gotten in trouble for taking the responsibility given to the eldest siblings and, previously, her parents.

Younger Carrie was a true tomboy who loved getting down and dirty with her brothers and despised 'girly' things like tea parties, the color pink, and princesses. Her whole body would be covered in cuts, scraps, and dirt. When she wasn't hanging out with the boys she was at her artist's easel, drawing or painting. At the age of six, she would also be found playing her brand new cello, that was a little too big for her.

Nowadays, Carrie doesn't mind the 'girly' things. In fact, she loves shopping, even if it is all online. Most things she involves herself in are online which leaves her to be a bit more anti-social than she and the rest of her family likes. She doesn't have many friends, and tends to spend the time off of the computer and phone with her siblings. Carrie always seems to know what to do for fun, and tends to think outside of the box.

It is easy to get on her bad side though. She gets irritated easily especially when it comes to the younger siblings and their pranks. When she is in this state of irritation, she becomes a different person. She becomes cynical and is sure to get revenge for whatever pissed her off. Putting aside the pranks she doesn't mind her siblings. She is supportive in everything they do, a little less for Max and his "occupation", though, but still. Sometimes Carrie gets this feeling of favoritism when it comes to her and her older sister, Juniper. As her older sister is more laid-back and kind, and Carrie is the "mean" older sister.

Her parents dying has no outside effect on her personality. She will ignore or change the subject when her deceased parents are brought up, and will rarely bring them up herself. She has never had a problem with expressing her feelings using mainly drawing and verbal conversations with her mother as a gateway, but as of lately she can't seem to do it. Playing cello helps release some of it, but there is still so much of it building up inside of her. She doesn't necessarily have insomnia, but she does have trouble sleeping. Several nights in the week spent playing cello instead of sleeping.

-Twizzlers are her absolute favorite thing in the world. She always carries them around and has never gone a day without them.
-As of lately, her drawing has become something that she just does. Although still exceptional, her work lacks the emotions she had once put in them. Playing Cello seems to be the only thing she actually plays with all her heart.
-She prefers her alone time, and will kick anyone out of her room when she's in it.
-Carrie has unhealthy eating habits. Her diet consisting of mainly junk food.

So begins...

Cariad Daniels's Story


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The unnatural light of the screen illuminated Cariad's face. Like most nights, she spent it in her spinning chair across from her trusty computer. The desk that it sat on was organized. A keyboard, a cup of different sized pencils, and an electric drawing pad were the only other things on the white desk. The desk's drawers were a different story though. Drawings, paintings and old homework papers had been shoved in the two drawers.

Moving her gaze, she looked at the title of the website she was on, Carrie's Commissions. 'I should probably change that soon.' Carrie thought. The name had come to her when she first first set up the site but she wasn't too fond of it anymore. She had been making small revisions here and there on the site to give it a cleaner look. Well, an online buddy did all the revisions. Carrie just told them what she wanted done. Taking a break from working she had checked out the "new" site.

It had turned out better than expected. Sure it could still use more help, but for now it was good. Carrie made a mental note to send an email to her friend thanking him for what he'd done. Exiting out, the computer showed Carrie her desktop. A picture of her and her family was covered in many different programs and documents she had saved over time. The picture had been taken only a few years ago, she had been the age of her younger brother, Max. Her parents smiling faces made it feel like someone had just ripped her heart out. Carrie spun the chair ripping her gaze from the screen. Thinking about her parents' death was not something the teen girl wanted to do. Reaching over, she grabbed her book bag from the bed.

Earlier in the day Carrie had run out of her favorite red candy. On the way home after school, she had made sure to make a quick stop at a convenience store to pick up some Twizzlers. Pulling them out from her bag she finally unwrapped them. Some of the twisted ropes got up and started to jump up and down. Knowing this was just one of her own illusions she closed her eyes shut and reopened them to find they were laying the bag again. She grabbed one and stuck it in her mouth.

Carrie sat back in her chair. The sound of the front door shutting made her look at her own door. She guessed it was Ara but she still got up to investigate. Halfway down the hall she heard someone yell they were home. 'Juniper...' Carrie thought, turning back. It's not that she didn't like her sister, she just didn't feel up to making conversation tonight.


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When Carrie snuck back into her room she had picked up a pencil and started to doodle in her drawingpad. The drawings on the pad varied from chibis of her siblings to little stickmen doing backflips. As the pencil sketched across the paper, she heard more doors open and close. And running water which indicated someone was taking a shower. Carrie thought it was weird someone was showering so late, but then again she showered in the mornings. The pencil stopped moving, causing her to zone back into what she was doing. She had been doing that a lot lately. The picture she had drawn was unfinished but she knew what it was. It was dark and sinister looking, and Carrie knew that it had to be a Hunter. Her blue-green eyes had never laid eyes upon one in real life, or at least that she remembered, but she knew the drawing resembled one.

Rolling off her bed, she got up. The drawingpad and pencil stayed on the bed, as she headed back to her computer. Carrie's life was an endless cycle, and she knew this. Wake up, go to school, draw, go on her computer, draw, go back on the computer, and then go to sleep. Sometimes the last part was replaced with playing cello, but other than that it was the same. She also knew that she should break that cycle. Like that was ever going to happen.

With her mouse, Carrie pulled up a program for writing documents. She had been meaning to do this for a while now, write a letter that is. She started it off with "Dear Mrs. Smith,". The letter took Carrie very little time to write. It was short, but it got to the point. It explained that Carrie no longer is to attend regular meetings with the person who was to retrieve it, her couselour. When the highschool girl's couselour caught wind of the death of her parents, Mrs. Smith had pulled Carrie out of class to talk to her. The counselour had then asked her to stay after school that day, and the next day after that, and the next. Something about understanding her loss and wanting to help her to get through it.

The letter was also a response to another letter that had been from Mrs. Smith and addressed for the teen's older brother, and now parental gaurdian, Ara. Her brother had yet to see it though, and Carrie wasn't planning to let him see it. You see, the mistake she had made was giving the letter to Carrie instead of skipping the medium and handing it to him in person or better yet, sending him an email. The counselour's letter talked about the meetings, and what she had gathered from them. The letter included numbers for therapists, and informative sites about passive agressive teens. Carrie also thought the letter and it's writer were crap and that Ary shouldn't have to worry about it. That's why she hadn't shown it to him.

Anyways, it sucked up thirty minutes of her time after school everyday. Those thirty minutes were also filled with tears from her over-emotional counselour which annoyed Carrie further. Thus Carrie made the plan to write up a letter explaining that she no longer had to attend those waste of time meetings and her 'problems' were already being solved. The letter ended with "Sincerely, Ara Daniels." Before printing it out, she quickly scanned it for any spelling or grammar mistakes. Once she hit print, she headed out to the printer which unfortunately for Carrie was not located in her room.

On her way out, she passed towards one of her siblings' room. Popping her head in, she saw only Lillya whose damp curls indicated she had been the one to take the shower only minutes before. Carrie was surprised to see Max wasn't home yet. She shook her head, and silently prayed to a god she didn't believe in to make sure the thirteen year old got in some deep doo doo.

"Hey." Carrie greeted her younger sister. Her body turned to leave again but she stopped when something crossed her mind, "Do you know what Ary's signature looks like?" She turned back to look at Lilly. To make the letter look more authentic, she would need a handwritten signature, and Carrie had to admit, she couldn't remember what his looked like. In fact, she had no idea what any of her other siblings signatures looked like.


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The warm shower had felt amazing on her sore muscles. After having lost count on the amount of times she’d hit the ground rather hard in one sitting, she was surprised she was still able to move like a normal person. Then again, she never wanted to get caught nor have the questions asked by her family that she would refuse to answer for their sakes. The less they knew the more protected they would be and one day she was going to be able to protect them no matter what came at them. She was determined to make it happen and not to fail.

Lillya sat in the middle of the room, crossed legged. Her eyes were closed as she took a few deep breaths. She had to make sure she was calm, even though Caleb had been training her to make them quick and under pressure. Her home barriers meant she could take her time and do what needed to be done. Her nightly routine never changed. She always reinforced her shields and tried to push them further and further. One day she knew she would have the entire house and yard protected, but she wasn’t nearly strong enough yet. Her trainer was trying to change all of that. He’d pushed her barriers to where they were now.

As the eleven year old breathed out she could feel her energy levels rising. She could feel her powers growing. She could see the green color as it surrounded her. A small smile formed on her lips as she made them circle around the entire room, above and under as well as throughout the space. Then she started pushing it out as much as she could. She could see it all in her mind just how far the barrier was stretching. She had it almost a third of the way into the hallway.

When Lily felt her powers had reached their max, she allowed the barrier energy to swirl around until it grew into a bright white to let her know it was done, which was her problem with creating the barriers in a hurry. She was never sure if they were done or not, never fully sure if they were completed or just there to look pretty.

Only she could see them. And none of her siblings ever seemed to notice that they’d walked into her barriers before. If they did, they had never said anything. Which was fine with her as it meant other witches or the ones that hunted them wouldn’t know about them either.

With a deep breath, she allowed her power levels to come back to her. Her heart rate had increased. She was even more tired after the day she’d had, but every day was getting better. As she stood up the door opened. She turned half expecting to see her roommate. Only it wasn’t Max. It was Carrie.

Max isn’t home yet… This could be really bad. Maybe I should tell Juniper… No, no, he’s fine. He’s got to be. Still she couldn’t shake the thoughts that something bad had happened or was going to happen. But she had to chalk those fears up to their parents’ death.

Lillya waved to her older sister, the only one who seemed to understand her as she started to leave. She was used to it. They tended to do that to each other. Nothing really said nothing ever really needed to be. It was like a visual confirmation that the other was there, alive and everything was good. No need to add anything extra.

But when her sister turned back towards her, she knew it meant she needed something. The question came and the girl wanted to smile to herself. She was right. But Ara’s signature…

Wait… I think I do. Ara has to sign my binder everyday for my progress in school. Not like I ever get into trouble but still… I wonder if he just initials it or if it’s his whole name? I can check. Mine or Jordan’s will have it. Why does Carrie need it?

Lily went over to her book bag and pulled out the binder she was required to have on her at all times during school. She opened it up and looked down through it. There were quite a few initials, but on one of the pages about her refusal to speak at all now was his signature. A paper that came right after the deaths of their parents. With a shake of her head, she held up the binder to her sister, her brows furrowed in confusion, her silent way of asking why.


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(I am summoning all people to post here)


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(Tagged Carrie to see if we can lure Children back. If I dont hear anything soon....meh, I will figure something out. Probably will involve duct tape and foam swords)(added a bit extra just for the fun of it)

Max couldn't really tell from Juni's face, but he had a feeling they were probably curious about what happened. Or maybe that was just him wanting to explain things again so they realized he wasn't even guilty of what he was falsely charged with. But, he would rather not do that in earshot of Ary and risk getting him angrier. Or at least, he thought Ary was still angry. He wasnt going to risk finding out.

"We could order a pizza!" Max suggested. "Then no one has to bother cooking! Of course, I could just charm the kitchen appliances to cook for us whenever no one was around. That would be a lot easier".

He doubted that he would get them to agree to that any time soon. His parents never budged on the topic. Something about "the smell of cooking when its done by a person". Whatever that meant. He put his hand back on his pocket, but he felt something missing. He quickly grabbed everything out of the pocket, and went through each item to see if he was right. He knew he had it earlier today. It was his grandfather's coin. Apparently, his grandfather had been working on a powerful charm on the coin right before he died, and Max had been trying to figure out what it was.

And now, it had just randomly disappeared from his pocket. And he knew exactly who was responsible.


The cop flipped the strange coin in the air. It had all sorts of weird symbols on it. Maybe he could somehow convince anyone that kid had gone insane, if he had more occult items like this. He flipped it again, and he swear he thought he saw a flash of light emanate from it. He disregarded it, and put the coin in his pocket. He thought he saw it glow again, but he figured it was just him stressing out over that kid.

He would need to get revenge on that kid for the meddling he was doing. He didn't care how.


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Jordan skipped down the stairs and into the kitchen. Three of her siblings stood around, and she walked up to join them. "Hey, guys! How are all of you? It's great to see you! Max, what did you do?" Jordan talked quickly, adding the last question due to the brooding look on Max's face. The brooding disappeared instantly as her brother dug in his back pocket. He pulled out all of his items and sifted through them. She hoped nothing was wrong; as Max looked worried, and then angry. Jordan glanced at Ary and Juniper as they discussed dinner. Maybe Max was missing a charm- that didn't happen often, and it would worry him. She shrugged to herself and leaned against a window.

A tiny pecking noise issued from the window behind her, and she opened it almost instinctively. A peck usually meant a bird was asking to enter. This was indeed the case as a small blue jay swept inside. The small avian creature folded his wings and hopped around on the counter. Then, he fluttered over to Max and plucked a sunflower seed from the array of items from his pocket. The bird chirped and flew over to Jordan with the seed. The dry husk fell off as the jay pecked at it a couple of times. Chirping again, it pecked at the seed. Jordan smiled lightly and stroked the feathered head with one finger.

The bird pulled off a strip of the seed and Jordan noticed a small silver object inside. She deftly pulled it out and examined it as the blue jay disgruntledly finished his snack. It looked kind of like a hieroglyph, and Jordan instantly knew it was a charm. She rolled it around in her fingers, and it seemed to be iridescent. She put the charm on the table with Max's other items and shrugged. His charms were not to be messed with. "So... what are we having for dinner? I'm starving."


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After Carrie had used her binder and Ary’s signature for whatever reason, it was returned to her. Still she needed to get it signed. Otherwise the teacher would be highly upset at her. So she took the thing and headed back down the hallway. It seemed almost every member of their family was now present.

Lillya stood just outside of the kitchen as she watched her siblings banter back and forth. Without her and Carrie around, they were the perfect family. Everyone always loved Jordan more than her simply because the girl was outgoing, loving, everything Lily wasn’t. Max even though he always got himself into trouble, was the youngest boy. Honestly, he could do no wrong.

With a shake her head and water dripped from her wet locks reminding her of the recent much needed shower, the preteen walked into the room over to Ara. She held up the binder for him to sign. She knew how awkward her presence was going to make things now especially since Juni was still in the room. She felt so wrong for ruining their time together, but just because she didn’t talk didn’t mean she didn’t like being around other people.

The only thing going in her favor was that both Ara and Max understood. Neither of them pressured her nor made being in the same room weird. Funny it was the complete opposite when it came to the siblings of the same gender. Maybe she just got along better with the opposite sex. She had been hanging out with Caleb for six years. It made sense.

Glancing across the room, her roommate seemed to be in the same downcast mood that she had put herself into. She wanted to find out exactly what had caused him to be later than her tonight. He was always so careful about making it back on time. Like her something had caused that to go wrong. She knew she’d probably find out later when they were back in their room alone. Although at times she wondered how long she would still bunk with Max. She was sure Ara or Juni had already figured out there was a free bedroom now. Course, she hadn’t even touched the door knob since their parents’ deaths.

At the mention of food, she felt bad. She’d eaten. Not much but something she hoped would hold her over until breakfast the next morning. With everyone else wanting to eat, she knew she couldn’t refuse. She hated how her not speaking made everyone feel bad for her. Doing everything else she could was the only way she could think to ever make up for it.

But now it was up to the eldest to decide what to do. She was fine just sitting beside her oldest brother and watching her siblings interact.