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Henry Lee

The Pale Rider

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a character in “A Gift or a Curse?”, as played by Roger_Sherman


Henry Lee

"The Pale Rider" or simply "Rider"


He tells people that he was originally an enforcer for a mafia. However, no one knows what's real and what's lie. At this point in his life, he only hunts Witches.



  • Immortal to all but wounds inflicted by other humans
  • Can become immaterial
  • Can enter another person's mind, although this leaves his body vulnerable
  • Has a 'sixth sense' that can do a variety of things (although it mainly acts as a magic detector)
  • Trained in hand to hand combat
  • Skilled with a blade


Henry was born a very long time ago. He doesn't remember where. He doesn't remember his mother, father, or even if he's been married. He can't remember anything at all really. His long term memory is only effective while he's on a job, and then it's erased again. However, one thing remains firm in his mind; kill Witches. He doesn't understand his drive to kill, only that it exists and he has no choice but to satisfy it. He's killed countless Witches since he woke up with the driving need to hunt them. Their powers attract him, and his abilities make it near impossible for him to be beat. Legends involving him have been flung far and wide in the magical community, and most Witches call him the Pale Rider, though he uses a variety of aliases.


Henry doesn't feel anything in particular. He doesn't want, yearn, or desire for anything, and he certainly doesn't hate anyone in particular. He just is. He is a Hunter to the very core of his marrow, and nearly nothing can deter him from his need to Hunt.

Henry is very good at blending in. His lack of memory allows him to act casual among modern people, because he doesn't remember a time away from that.

So begins...

Henry Lee's Story


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Henry sat in some small town burger joint eating a bacon cheeseburger when he felt it. Magic. It made the hairs on his neck stand up. A Witch, somewhere, was stupid enough to use their power in an unprotected setting. It was faint though, almost too faint to detect. But it was there, and Henry had a direction; west. He got up from the table and walked out, without paying. Henry didn't normally keep money on him, and there was nothing the manager of the burger joint could do. Nine times out of ten, no one even realized that Henry had been there in the first place. He just blended in.

He went from the burger joint to a train station, and boarded the first train going west. He walked right through the wall of the train, and took the first empty seat he came to. No one noticed him, no one talked to him. If anyone did notice him, he'd likely kill them on the spot. Only those who were magically gifted ever noticed him. As the train began to move, Henry stood up and started walking towards the front of the train. He could still feel the pull of the Witch, and he wanted to be as close to it as he could.


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Henry sat in the very first car of the train and the Witch seemed near impossible to resist. They were close. He was sure there was more than one of them, but he just couldn't get a baring on them. Then suddenly, a young girl passed by him. She looked him dead in the eyes.

The young girl had auburn hair, and very green eyes. She wore a pretty little pink dress and matching shoes. Henry pulled out his Peacemaker from his belt loop, and shot her between those beautiful green eyes.

In a flash, the train erupted into a frenzy. Henry didn't blame them, a man had appeared out of nowhere and shot a pretty child between the eyes. Two young men moved towards Henry, and were rewarded with a bullet for each. They weren't Witches, but Henry didn't care much. Anyone who got between him and his targets were expendable. He leaned down, dipped his finger into the girl's blood, and put it in his mouth it. With that, he had the taste, and he could sense the girl's family. The damned Witches always had a family, he'd never killed one that hadn't.

Henry went immaterial, and started moving through the screaming and running people. As he moved, he could feel the Witches in the next car. There were two of them, one was an older woman and the other was a young man. He smiled as he thought about their fear and mortification that they must be feeling. They could likely sense the girl's death, and he knew how odd Witches were with families. He went through the back wall of the train, and into the next compartment.

The next compartment was a drinking car. It was a mostly empty space, with a bar to Henry's left, and one or two chairs. Just as he had sensed, an older woman and a young man stood facing him. The woman had fire curling around her arm, and the man seemed to be whispering something. She started moving forward, and lashed out with the fire. It swept through Henry, and even at his sub-particle state he could feel the absolute heat of it. It slashed through the wall, setting it and most of the rest of the train car aflame. Henry moved towards the woman, who had stepped back after she realized that her fire had no effect. The fear in her eyes was evident to a predator like Henry, and it effected her magic. The fire slowly dwindled and turned to nothing as she continued to back up until she was to the door, and she was quick to get through it. She didn't bother Henry, so he let her be for now. It was the boy he was worried about.

As Henry continued to approach, he could feel the magic that the boy was working. The wind from it was blowing Henry's long coat behind him. He was drawing energy into himself, which made Henry think that he was an Energy Projector. They were dangerous. Henry became solid and pulled out both his second Peacemaker. He let off a round from his second gun, and wasn't surprised to see it ricochet off of a wall that the Witch had put up. The boys eyes began to grow yellow, and he pointed directly at Henry. A shot of pure energy burst from his finger, Henry went immaterial, but jumped out of the way all the same. He landed on the floor and let out two more shots from each pistol. The train was all but one big fire at this point, but nothing would stop Henry or the boy. Henry pulled two silver knives from inside his coat and stood up.

"Look, and behold, a Pale Rider; and he had the name Death; and Hades was following with him." Henry yelled over the wind and fire. He jumped at the Witch, like a flash, and deflected a bolt that the boy shot at him. He put one knife into the Witches gut, and the other into his heart. "Go to Hell." Henry whispered as he twisted the blade. Blood gurgled out of the boy's mouth, he let out a groan. Henry threw the body through the burning wall. The magic burst from his body in less than a minute, and caused a massive explosion of golden energy. Henry went immaterial, and started to go after the woman.

He found the woman hiding in the now burning forest next to the train. She was easily dealt with, a single shot to her head without a complaint. Her entire family had been killed, and she didn't want to live without them. She looked at him as he put the gun to her temple "You killed my parents. My children. And now my grandchildren. But you will die in the end Rider. Your end comes at the hand of a Daniels." Then he pulled the trigger.

Henry then started to walk South. The woman didn't know it, but she gave him his next scent. Daniels was the next family of Witches. He would hunt them, and they were to the South.


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