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Edgar Gormly

"One man's trash is another man's life."

0 · 443 views · located in The Wasteland

a character in “A Gifted World”, as played by Zalgo



Full Name: Edgar Gormly

Nicknames/Aliases: Ed, Patches, Serf, That guy.

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Gift: The ability to merge his being with dead or inorganic material.

Ed's gift essentially allows him to attach or replace parts of himself with dead or inorganic materials which take on the roles of the parts replaced. They hold together and act just as the body part they are substituting did.

Loyalty: Erubescian Serf


At current Ed's appearance is that of his natural born form. He's roughly one hundred and eighty four centimeters tall and his body is somewhat ectomorphic. His skin is a bit tan due to his days working outside though he works equally as much indoors as well. He's got medium length hair which is so black it makes the room he stands in seem darker. He's got one dark red eye, The other is sewn shut so he isn't hideous enough to be mistaken for some sort of failed medical experiment. His natural eye color is not his greatest irregularity however. His appearance is subject to change thanks to his ability so this section will change to keep the readers up to date on his most recent appearance.

As for things that don't really change he tends to stand with a bit of a forward slouch. His standard manner of speaking is a downtrodden grumble. He typically favors wearing either black or dark colored clothing when given the option to choose his apparel.


He's a miserable sod, that much is certain.

If being born at the bottom of society wasn't enough of a buzz-kill having his twin sister living inside his head has worn him out to the point of numbly accepting the fact that his life is just going to be awful no matter what he does about it. While on the job he knows better than to raise a fuss, living by the time old method of keeping his head down and answering when spoken to, never before. Only occasionally does his grim sarcasm slip into his humble persona during his servitude.

To those who know him more personally he can easily be described as a killjoy who never enjoys himself and pretty much avoids fun like it is radiation. His reasons for this are largely due to his sister's often cruel sense of humour. While she will leave him be most of the time on occasion she will mess with Ed in a way which almost always ends poorly for him. She is a big contribution to the reasons Ed doesn't have any friends.

Ever since his parents died he has had a very negative opinion of pretty much everyone. He is a cynical misanthrope who sees the worst in everything. He has disliked a lot of people but out of everyone he's ever disliked he despises himself the most. Deep down he sees himself as about as worthy of respect as the dirt he walks on. He hates his life but he's too much of a coward to end it and he knows it. Even still he excuses it with the fear that if he were to die his sister might follow him into the afterlife and continue his torment for all eternity. In the end he only lives for those brief moments of sweet release from his own consciousness. Being able to slip into a darkness where he can't even hear his sister is an attractive prospect.

Deep beneath his calloused shell runs fiery emotions which still drive him despite being buried beneath the layers of misery. Id knows him well enough to know he's not a truly broken man yet. That fact is what keeps her around. She appreciates that remaining passion which still calls his bitter heart home. For example he still adheres to certain morals despite his atrocious view of his own character. He tries not to hit children unless circumstances are particularly strange. He dislikes hitting people who are too weak to fight back and can even show kindness at times. Hell will freeze over before he ever accepts thanks for a good deed though.


Lets start with the traits of his gift since his actual skills will be short.

His ability allows him to take any material and merge it with his body, causing the material to act and function just as the living part it has replaced used to. He can feel sensations through the materials comprising his body as though it were his living flesh leading to some rather odd feelings at times. Depending on what he has bonded to his body this can make him quite durable. He's difficult to permanently put down since any part of him can be replaced, even his brain. If his brain is missing then his body will just automatically make it out of the closest material it has to work with since his mind cannot be there to decide what is used. It is not quite as simple as all that but that is to be explored in Weaknesses.

For skills he can read and write. He also knows how to carry stuff and clean floors. He's got basic combat knowledge due to his position in the military but it's nothing special. His only notable trait is that he has a surprisingly good grasp and understanding of grammar. His aspiration is to one day write a novel.


As with his skills we'll start with his gift though his personal weaknesses are many.

Firstly the material he adopts onto his body cannot be alive at the time of merging. Once dead the substance can be bonded to him but never before. Secondly his surrogate muscles cannot lift more than he could while his flesh was human, regardless of the material used. Thirdly his limbs, body and head cannot be larger than what they were back when his flesh was human and his own. Any excess material will simply slough off the part it was previously attached to. Machines that are merged with his body that have parts or a frame that is larger than his gift will support will come apart, leaving what parts that fit in his design still attached to him. Fourth weakness to his gift is that just as he can still feel the sensation of touch and temperature through the materials bonded with his body he can also feel pain. Damage dealt to the materials he's composed from will hurt just as much as it would were it all his flesh. Lastly his weakness regarding his inability to merge with living material is what leaves him vulnerable to destruction. While he'll merge with his environment even if he is mostly destroyed if he is completely destroyed or dissolved in acid while surrounded by living tissue or other matter then he'll have nothing to replace what is lost and finally be rid of the world.

Weaknesses not directly tied to his gift are many. He is not the brightest fellow for one thing. When he gets hurt he tends to hit first and think well past the point where it would of been useful to him. He'll tend to follow plans that appeal more to his emotions over plans rooted in logic which is often a poor idea given his lack of natural intuition. He's got a low self esteem which gives him a rather poor estimate for how likely he is to succeed. He tends not to understand higher concepts in science, math and art very well and does very poorly whenever he tries his hand at any of those. He's got little to no finesse with fighting. He is positively abysmal at diplomacy and generally not somebody to invite over to social gatherings. To top it all off he's got his sister who will occasionally make life harder for him because him simply succeeding at something through determination and hard work would be boring.

Brief History:

He was born a twin to his sister, Id. From the moment he was born his sister shifted her form, vanishing from view completely before crawling inside his mind. Ever since then they've done everything together. Id would almost never part from his mind as the world of dreams and ideas were so much more interesting than the real world. Eventually however she started to realize that she could do whatever she wanted to her brother and he had no way to stop her. Thus the abuse began early. She would pull pranks on him from time to time, always biding her time so Ed never knew when to expect her next cruel trick.

Ed's parents were pretty much bottom of the rung civilians. They worked staggered shifts so they could take more care of their children but they were often overworked and naturally poor of course. He spent most of his childhood finding new hiding places to avoid the bullies he had attracted thanks to his dear sister of course. It could easily be said that his was a rotten childhood, setting the tone perfectly as the rest of his life was a downward slide from there on forth.

In his teenage years their parents were killed in a Liberty mercenary attack on their town. They were eventually beaten back by the knights and everyone celebrated as the day was won. Everyone except for Ed that is.

Ed knew that the knights could of easily stopped them from killing his parents but the cold fact of the matter was that his parents were not important in the slightest. The knights had prioritized the upper-class districts leaving the common folk to the (lack of) mercy of the mercenaries who killed with little discrimination. The event was a lesson and it's teachings would never leave him from that day forth. He was used to being treated like dirt and now he knew that dirt was all the upper ranks of society saw him as. He was dirt.

Ever since his parents died money was not easy to come by. He tried looking for work but not a lot of folks were looking to employ some pauper off the streets. He wanted to be an artist which wasn't an unprofitable career path but there were some problems with that plan. He didn't have any talent for art and nobody wanted to see his work anyways. He only had negative things to say about everything, it was not an opinion many people shared. In the end despite his dislike for the hierarchy Ed signed up with the military. It was one of the few places where simply being a strong young man was enough and he could bite his tongue for the sake of living from day to day.

Of course it didn't help that he didn't get along with anyone. Superiors, comrades, there wasn't a single person who thought he was good company. He was picked on, mocked and derided. For years he endured, staying upon his miserable course without lashing out. His one respite was his writings, a book in the making. He could put up with a lot since it was just work. One fateful night however what used to be simply workplace enmity quickly got personal for him.

It was all gone. Someone with technopathy had deleted all his work and his backups were missing. What was worse was that his other squad mates knew what had happened. They were laughing.

He had enough. He didn't lash out, didn't yell or raise a fuss. All he did was pack his stuff and leave. He made sure to leave out the back where there was only one guard. The guard there got into the post simply so he could sleep out of sight of the others since there was little oversight around that entrance. Once out Edgar just kept walking, further still once he was past city limits. For the next couple of years he drifted about the few cities which laid outside the borders of Erubesco. These cities were neither Erubesco nor Liberty cities simply thanks to their minute size and significance. He lived a drifter for some time.

Of course this peaceful and quiet lifestyle was much too boring for his sister. One night while all were asleep she secretly phoned his former base and told them where to find him. When he woke up there were a bunch of angry Erubescan soldiers with guns pointed at him. He was marched right back and sent to military court where he was found guilty of desertion. He spent several months locked up until an alternative presented itself. They needed more hands for the fight against Liberty so they were signing up prisoners as serfs in exchange for a reduced sentence. Ed took the offer and right away he was sent off to work as a serf.

Work as a serf was hard but it wasn't anything he found too objectionable. His standards for what was unacceptable by this point were exceptionally low. Still, it was straight-forward. He could only hope things remained so.

If only life were so simple.

Other: He and his sister are deeply connected. Their bond from birth is a symbiotic link which serves them both. For Ed this connection serves to protect his mind from others when his sister deems such protections necessary.

So begins...

Edgar Gormly's Story

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#, as written by Zalgo
Another long day. More work and then pay. Whatever would people think if he just suddenly went away?


Exactly He thought to himself as he walked down the street, face glum with his hands in his pockets. Now off work he was changed out into his regular clothes, some dark grey cargo pants and a nondescript black shirt. He tended to walk with a forward slouch, not particularly good posture but he couldn't give a fig for who thought what about him. It wasn't going to matter soon anyways.

He approached the library, a place where he figured he could read up on that city the slightly green glowing guy talked about. Helton, a town where Loyal Erubescans go to die. To his mind any place that Erubescans don't go is a good place for him. After that he'd just need to find a place only he could go. A sanctuary of his very own. He couldn't let such fantasies get to him now though. Hope was such a fleeting things, something he spared only for the least realistic dreams that'd only briefly cross his mind.

As he was about to enter the library however he noticed there was a woman standing right in the doorway inside. In front of her was a man just a bit taller than himself and well built as well. Edgar wasn't particularly muscular as most of his strength was built largely from manual labor. Moving things, lifting things, the kind of fare you'd expect out of a serf.

He walked up, slipping in through the door and coming up behind the girl. He was fairly sure he'd be interrupting their conversation but he wasn't all too concerned with that. It wasn't going to matter soon anyways.

"Excuse me miss, I don't mean to intrude upon your conversation but could you please step aside so that I might achieve entry?" As usual his tone was flat and semi-annoyed sounding, not a particularly pleasant tone for sure. He tended to almost never sound happy talking to anyone and this was no exception. He had little gleaming into the nature of the situation, only that it was in his way.

Once it was out of his way it wasn't going to matter soon anyways.

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Rick’s intimating presence often causes two different responses. Both responses generally correspond with opposing personalities. Tough, take-no-shit kind of people respond with anger and defiance. Meek, I’ll-do-whatever-you-say types of people flee. This woman, Viv, responded differently than that.

On the one hand she moved, which was exactly what Rick told her to do. But she also didn’t panic and leave. She definitely was still blocking the exit. Her posture, tone, and fluttered speech all pointed to Viv being the meek type of person. Meaning she should’ve run off to a safe place by now, or so thought Rick.

The question is why is she still here? Is she planning some sort of scheme? Does she want something from him? Could she be an Erubesco Knight setting him up for an ambush? What if she was just so frightened that she could barely move? Fear does make people lose all common sense. The far least likely possibility was perhaps the most disturbing to Rick. What if she was genuinely concerned for his wellbeing?

‘That can’t be possible. No one cares about me, definitely not anymore,’ Rick thought to himself. ‘Then again…’ he pondered on the situation some more. ‘This whole city…town…whatever, has been full of people who’ve been helpful and concerned about me. The people I’ve come in contact with have legitimately been good people. Maybe Viv is too.’

It was bizarre. Rick was touched by it all the same. Some of his distrust brushed off him, his heart felt lighter, and his world view shifted. ‘Maybe Erubesco isn’t as evil as I thought. I mean what do I actually know about them? Just that they were intent on capturing Dawn by any means necessary. Also, that their soldiers can be ruthless. Abducting a young girl is pretty bad, but the soldiers were just following orders. Maybe the person or people pulling the strings is/are evil but not the rest of them? I know I’ve done plenty of things that come off as evil. Things that I justify as necessary for the betterment of the world.’ It was hard to believe that he was giving the benefit of the doubt to an organization that has caused him and his “friends” so much trouble.

Nothing made complete sense to Rick. Her voice, for instance. The more he heard it the more it sounded familiar. Like he’s heard it before. Still, it was different enough that he could be confusing it with someone else’s voice. His memory showed her face, it was identical to the one that was staring at him right now. And yet the person in his memory wasn’t named Viv, what her name was he couldn’t be sure but he vaguely remembered the name on the card attached to the gift he gave her. The memory was too long gone to remember it. Something that began with ‘L’ or ‘J’ but not ‘V’.

Then again was that even a memory at all? Was it all some fever dream his warped brain cooked up? Rick couldn’t help but emotionally deflate. This was getting him nowhere. All this speculation is a move for chumps. Once again it seemed that Rick needed to rely on his most comfortable approach…the straight forward approach.

Before he did anything, Rick decided to listen and then consider what she had to say next. The first thing she told him was scattered. Mostly choppy half-finished thoughts about wanting to help him. Clearly she wasn’t sure of what to say to him. Rick got the feeling that she felt like she needed to keep talking and what was said didn’t really matter. The next thing she said was more coherent and detailed. She rattled off details about herself without hesitation and with the most amount of confidence so far.

‘I guess she is who she says she is,’ Rick thought to himself. But then Viv just started throwing letters at him ‘BTSP? What was that?’ the small amount of schooling Rick had never covered Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He did understand that she worked with soldiers who had flashbacks. It sounded like this Viv person would be the perfect person to help him deal with his nightmares but again Rick couldn’t allow that to happen. Especially since it was clear now that there was no way he could know her. She was an Erubesco civilian through and through, no reason for him to ever know her.

Rick softened his demeanor on purpose. He wanted her to realize his concern for her.

“Look. You can’t help me. Trying will only ruin your life…probably get you killed. I don’t want that to happen to you, okay? Do yourself a favor and pretend you never even saw me. If anyone asks, you don’t know me, you didn’t try to help me, and you don’t like me. Just trust me on this.”

Just then a young man approached them. He tried to get into the library but couldn’t because of Vivianne.

‘At least I now know that I wasn’t imagining her being in the way of the exit,’ he thought to himself. It then struck Rick that this was the perfect opportunity to gauge Viv, her reaction to this stranger could give some insight into what her motives are.

“You seem to be in the way, you should let us pass.” Rick studied her response but he kept speaking, “This guy seems like he’s had a long day, you should probably help him.” Pawning him off on Viv was an unexpected borderline genius idea. It was another opportunity to gain insight what her motives were.

Something about that flashback kept bugging him. Now he was in a weird spot. He was uncomfortable about how much he’s spoken to this stranger despite how helpful she seems. So any chance to get away from her, so he didn’t have to talk to her anymore, was preferable. However, he couldn’t deny that he desperately needed to know if there was any truth behind that festive scene his brain showed him.

In a few moments the battle waged and a winner was declared. Rick’s need for the truth outweighed his discomfort about talking to strangers. Still he wasn’t sure how to approach the subject. Being blind to proper social etiquette is really putting him at a disadvantage.

‘Better just try something, I should probably leave this place soon.’

“Quick question… for the both of you…” Rick thought that maybe asking both strangers would make it more appropriate. “If you were to get a present from someone and the present was a Desert Eagle with a thousand rounds of ammunition…how would you react?” If there was any truth to his “memory” then maybe his awkward question would bring some light to it.

The setting changes from Erubesco Territoy to The Wasteland


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The setting changes from The Wasteland to Erubesco Territoy

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Kora had jogged up to the higher floor of the library, doing her best to remain out of the way whilst Lulu was doing whatever she was doing and not arousing suspicion in the process.

It didn't take the woman long to find the fire alarm.
Though rather than a button all she could find were small plastic boxes with blinking LEDs.

Automated system.

Well, fortunately that was only a pretty minor problem.

It took only a few seconds for the Knight to position herself beneath one, lift one hand above her head, and combust the bandages on her hand in a burst of heat and grey smoke that flooded the sensor.

Pulses of shrill noise filled the building, ripping the clientele from their individual distractions. There was a moment of surprise and confusion before the understanding downed on the civilians and they started moving briskly, though not running towards the exits.

Kora waited where she was until most of the people had already departed, taking a moment to jostle along anyone who didn't seem to know what was happening.

With that out of the way she hurried for the stairs, half skidded down the steps, and careered over in the direction of the
main doors. From the light streaming in she could catch the small female figure next to a large, bulky male, and had absolutely no question in regards to who she was dealing with.

"Stop right there! One more move and your head is going to be on fire!"

Hands and their smouldering bandages set at her side, Kora advanced forwards slowly, her eyes fixed completely on the man.

"Rick Ronin, you are wanted by the Kingdom of Erubesco for crimes of terrorism, murder and kidnapping. I have full authorisation to use lethal force if you refuse to surrender to arrest, and I can assure you I would not lose any sleep over having to kill you right here. So I suggest you lie down on the ground and put your hands behind your head."

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#, as written by Zalgo
“Quick question… for the both of you… If you were to get a present from someone and the present was a Desert Eagle with a thousand rounds of ammunition… how would you react?”

Edgar raised a quizzical eyebrow, not really expecting to be asked such an unprompted question. He sighed and shrugged, not really in the mood to ask why it even mattered to him.

"I don't really know. I suppose it'd be wasted on me. I'd just get hurt trying to use it or worse."

He answered semi-truthfully. Not only would it be strange but there was no chance he'd be able openly talk about the evil phantom sister that lives inside his mind. She couldn't have him tattling on her now, could she?

Just then the air filled with the sound of alarms. A fire alarm had gone off it seemed. Edgar swore under his breath, turning and exiting from the door he came in through. He was kicking himself, metaphorically speaking, for not having the wisdom to foresee the misfortunes that would stand in his way as it did almost every time. As he left a brusque red haired knight pushed past him, well on her way to where he just came from. "Hey, watch it!" He growled, the woman clearly only interested in what laid in the library.

Without sparing more time lingering he turned his back on the scene. Perhaps there was more to be gained in seeking information from the man he heard it from in the first place. On that note he left for the citadel to find Skip.

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As someone else came up behind her, Lulu’s body shifted sideways on instinct so that she could see both individuals at once. Her torso tilted enough for the smaller man to slip by; a small sliver of space between an even smaller woman and the exit. ”Of course, sorry,” she said, biting back any number of ”Do you know who I am”s and similar quips.

He was a civilian, or potentially a threat if he did not move along: Either way, she would make no quarrel with him at the cost of the priority target.

The next question to come from Ronin found her at a loss. ”Those are really, um… a Desert Eagle? I don’t think I—“

And like holy manna, the cries of the fire alarm rained down from the sound system to deliver her from the suffering of her current conversation. She pushed herself out from against the wall, a look of feigned surprise glinting in her wide, green eyes as the bodies making for the exit rushed past.

If Ronin broke for the exit, he would find his legs unresponsive and without feeling.

When Kora rushed up the stairs not a second too soon, her innocence was cast off like shed skin and her shoulders rolled free from their meek slump. Ditzy confusion crumbled to make way for predatory sharpness, and she eyed her target with all of the kindness that lab snakes granted to mice. This man- No, this creature and his ilk were responsible for ruining her life in the first place; he and his kind had brought the attack on her home base and left her life broken and-


She had priorities.

She unclenched a fist that she did not notice had coiled as Kora spoke.

"Commanders Botrelle and Norrevinter," she said cooly, and took a step forward. With a quick tug against Ronin's system, she triggered a fall to his knees by collapsing any nervous signal to his hamstrings and cruciate ligaments. "Nervous manipulator and berserker. You may fight us, and die." The corners of her mouth pulled down in a momentary frown of disinterest, and she let an impulse of pain skirt through her connection him. "Or win. Who knows. You'll have freed yourself to die at the hands of a full unit waiting to intervene if this gets messy."

"Or you can lie face down as commanded, now, and take your arrest and be granted a subsequent trial like a person worthy of the respect you have lost yourself. It's really in your hands."

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Again she moved but didn’t. Edgar was allowed to pass but Viv awkwardly shifted herself instead of stepping to the side. Rick couldn’t make a definitive answer from it. She could be setting Rick up or she could be unaware of her surroundings.

The man answered Rick’s question first. Edgar’s reaction to the question was a good indicator of what a normal person under normal circumstances would do. It was more or less what Rick expected the reaction to be. He was no expert on reading people but in his eyes he saw a man weirded out by the question. There was no enthusiasm or even remote interest. Edgar did answer though saying that the gift would be wasted on him and that he’d hurt himself or worse with it.

Now Rick wondered why the man would even bother to answer when all indicators pointed to the idea that he didn’t want to. Trying to gather more insight beyond the initial impression he gathered proved uninformative. Rick had enough to go on anyway. He would compare it to Viv’s reaction no matter how urgent his gut felt.

Rick’s discomfort was growing, his gut feeling warned him of danger again. But like last time there was no sign of danger. He wanted to clear this feeling from him and his compulsion was to leave the building. Assuming that it was any safer outside than inside. He suppressed the urge so he could find out more about Viv.

‘I made that choice already and I shouldn’t back out now,’ Rick thought to himself.

Rick watched Viv carefully as he waited for her answer. She never truly gave one, she was completely befuddled by the question. Again that didn’t tell Rick anything conclusive. It wasn’t the response he’d gotten from that identical looking woman in his…memory? Dream? Imagination? She was probably someone completely unrelated to that other woman.

When the fire alarm went off Rick was taken by surprise, not understanding it’s meaning at first. It was familiar in a long ago memory. The chattering civilians mentioned something about a fire as they filed out of the building’s exits. It came to him, the fire drills he participated in during the rare occasions he was sent to schools.

Fire isn’t considered a threat to Rick, his brother Demon was a powerful fire manipulator of sorts and the two of them sparred plenty of times. Rick could handle a little fire. A new thought formed a question in Rick’s mind.

‘Can I survive a building fire without my powers?’ he mentally questioned himself. ‘I should play it safe and leave…’

Rick was going to move but Viv was still blocking his way. Very odd. Everyone else was leaving, including Edgar, but Viv was about as worried about the fire as Rick. It could be that she was immune to fire damage thanks to her gift but being in a collapsing building would probably kill her.

‘Maybe not. People’s looks don’t always match their powers,’ Rick reminded himself. ‘Some people do. Rose for example; she was beautiful like a vibrant flower garden and she had the gift of plant manipulation. And her name was Rose; it didn’t match up much better than her.’

Still, Rick felt odd. Something was wrong with this situation. Things were lining up suspiciously. Rick raised his head pointing his nose to the air. He sniffed quickly and deeply. He cursed his human nose longing for wolf senses. The distinct smell of burnt materials and smoke couldn’t be detected at all. It was an immediate red flag that quickly lowered.

‘This is a big building, the fire could be out my range of smell,’ Rick deduced. ‘Am I becoming paranoid?’ he asked himself. ‘Am I becoming insecure without powers? I’d never care about any of this if I had my powers. I was never in true danger since I’ve killed so many very powerful gifted and even wiped out tons of enemies by myself. Without much effort I’ve killed most people who tried to kill me. Now…now I’m on high alert because I might be in danger…’ It was a sobering thought.

‘Well…’ he continued to think. ‘If I don’t have my powers…I’ll have to be strong on my own.’

Rick focused on Viv again, “I’m leaving,” he said. No sooner did he say that a voice was ordering him not to move.

The voice was feminine but strong. It was recognizable at once but Rick had no clue whom it belonged to. Most importantly about the voice was what it said. At first it was a simple threat to light Rick’s head on fire. It progressed into a tiny monologue about the crimes Rick committed against Erubesco. The crimes included terrorism, murder, and kidnapping. The charges were subjective at best.

Rick didn’t like the idea of him being considered a terrorist but he definitely was though mostly on accident. Only occasionally on purpose, ask Liberty about it. Rick suspected that there were a handful of people who considered his actions to be heroic military attacks. At least he hoped there were people who saw him in that light. Murder was a grey area, he’d killed quite a few Erubesco Knights on purpose but they were always in self defense or in defense of those he cared about. Kidnapping was simply not true; the closest thing to kidnapping that Rick could remember was helping to rescue Dawn. Like a slap in the face Rick remembered how unreliable his memories were. Could Rick really be responsible for all of those crimes? It didn’t matter, he was a legitimate enemy and threat to Erubesco. Any charges that Erubesco placed on Rick would stick no matter what he had to say about it.

The final thing the voice said was to lie on the ground and put his hands behind his head. This was the only option he had that didn’t result in his death. Everything that the voice said pissed off Rick in a major way.

Rick was still looking at Viv when the fires of pure rage lit in his eyes. It was like a forest fire ready to consume everything in its path reducing all to ash. Rick couldn’t believe he’d fallen for this trap despite all the warnings he picked up on. Worst of all was the compassion he genuinely felt for the people of Erubesco. That he started to feel for Viv. She had him believing that she was there to help him, that she could help him. But she was still here when the ambush was sprung making her a part of it.

‘How many times do I have to learn this lesson before I finally get it?! Everyone will betray me eventually. EVERYONE!’ Rick yelled to himself mentally. A low growl emitted from Rick’s throat as his anger spun out of control.

‘Kill them!’ It was the only thought in Rick’s head. At least until his hand touched his pocket. Rick could feel the small package of food that resided within that pocket. Food that was graciously given to him by the kind people of this town. There were good people living under the Erubesco rule and the Knights of that very same rule had every right to want him dead or in jail.

The fire in Rick’s eyes burned out, the growling died down as well. Rick let out a heavy breath clearing the left over rage from his body. He felt looser. His breaths were still heavy, his eyes were understanding while they gazed at Viv. He let out a sharp snort with heavy brows to convey to Viv that he was still upset with her.

The smart play was would be to lunge at Viv and take her hostage and use her to help him escape. It didn’t matter, Rick was going to die that day or a few days later after being imprisoned. Rick knew it to be true. This deep in an Erubesco city without his powers and confronted by highly trained Erubesco Knights, there was no way he’d survive. He’d committed too many crimes for Erubesco not to sentence him to death and a fight gave him even less time to live.

Faced with certain doom Rick found himself unfazed. This day was long overdue. He was ready.

‘I’m not going down without a fight. If they want to kill they’ll have to earn it with blood,’ he told himself. He was ready to face the voice whom initiated the challenge but he stopped himself.

‘I wish…that I could’ve…done something… right…that I…was able to…to…do something…good…for this world. That my life…had some meaning…besides destruction and killing and pain and suffering. I wish…that wishes meant anything…wishing never did anything for me. I want to, no I need to do some good before I die. Something. This is my last chance I have to do something try something.’ Rick’s mind went blank for a few heart beats before an idea came to him.

‘It won’t work,’ Rick thought but he also thought, ‘Like that’s ever stopped me before.’

He turned around finally facing the voice. The lights went out, fire illuminated the darkness, and a tall powerful redhead stood before Rick ready to kill him.

The library was well lit, no fire detected, and a tall powerful redhead stood before Rick ready to kill him.

Kora was her name and both images were true at different times in his life. Now the voice was completely recognized now. Kora fought Rick during the rescue mission for Dawn and the other captured Wanderers. He won. She nearly died, apparently, just like her daughter, also apparently. Somehow they both were alive and super angry at Rick. To this day Rick didn’t understand what truly happened to Kora and Hel and to this day Rick didn’t care.

Though it should matter now because Kora was back and she more than likely was holding a grudge. To make matters worse, she seemed more powerful than the last time they faced. It would be just Rick’s luck if she did upgrade her power level.

It struck Rick that he could only see two Erubesco Knights ready to take him on. Only two. After all that Rick was capable of and the amount of destruction he’d already caused, Erubesco sent only two Knights to bring him in. Rick felt extremely insulted. Sure it was better for him because it was more likely for him to survive now but still it stung that his last stand would play out this way.

Rick’s legs gave out suddenly. His knees it the floor, Rick put his hands out to catch himself. His arms held strong keeping his face from striking the ground too. The bumps to his knees would be annoying if he could feel anything from the knee down.

Viv was speaking now but she introduced herself as either Botrelle or Norrevinter. Definitely not Marigold. Whatever her real name was her fake demeanor was expelled revealing much to Rick. Her voice suddenly easy to place because of the confident strong quality it now possessed. Rick heard that voice during Dawn’s rescue.

‘I think she was the one who nearly killed Kayla, the only remaining Wanderer who isn’t on my bad side,’ he thought to himself. The urge to kill rose up in him again, he sighed instead. Rick’s heart felt like it was being twisted, a knot formed in his stomach, and an emptiness materialized somewhere in between those two organs.

“I don’t want to kill any more…” his voice trailed off. The discomfort in his body released as his willingness to kill subsided.

Rick remembered something about a plan to make his agony filled life meaningful. A plan that wouldn’t work. He tried anyway.

“If you want me to surrender I’ll do it. I have a condition, you’d be smart to listen to it.” Rick eyes were intense, his stare stayed with Kora. “I want Erubesco to leave the Wanderers alone. No more attacks, no more missions to capture them, no more forcing them to do your bidding. Guess what, with me gone and Erubesco leaving them alone, they’ll stop fighting Erubesco completely. Win-win. It was me that wanted to destroy Erubesco…and Liberty, not the rest of them.” Rick switched his gaze to Lulu a.k.a. Viv.

“I thought they’d be safer if Liberty and Erubesco were out of the picture, that maybe the world would be better off without them. They never believed in that. They never will…take my condition up the chain and get me a deal otherwise you two will have to take me in the hard way. That is, if you don’t die trying.” Rick’s confidence was unflinching.

Being stuck on your knees isn’t intimidating at all but it didn’t change the fact that most people get killed when they try to kill him. Maybe that would be enough to get them to take his offer seriously.

“And before you say no deal let me remind you that you both are surrounded by electronic devices and electrical power sources.” A devilish smile crept on his face as he let Kora and Lulu imagine the destructive possibilities his power over lightning and electricity could do. Rick’s mind was full of ideas of what he could do if his lightning/electricity powers were working.

There was no way they could know that he didn’t have his powers. Suspicions maybe…maybe.

Lulu cleared up a lot for Rick with the little bit of information she gave including the idea that there was a squad waiting for him outside.

“I don’t believe you,” Rick said. He just watched her lie to his face for at least five minutes, there was no way he’d trust her now.

Pain shot up his body no doubt from the nervous system manipulator. Rick visibly flinched but made no noise. He recovered immediately after the impulse of pain faded. Again it would be easier to handle the pain with his powers. Super strength let his body handle way more than the average human could endure.

“I’ll do whatever you want if…my condition is met. I don’t care what happens to me.” The look in his eyes were pure, not an ounce of deception in them. “I’ll lay down and let you jail me until your unjust trail gets me executed. I’ll fight you both if you’d rather have the satisfaction of getting revenge on me. I know you both want it. You two were at the base I hit trying to rescue Dawn. It was Erubesco’s fault for taking her…and other Wanderers in the first place. So, I’ll die a bloody mess right here right now if the Wanderers get to live free from your terror.”

The setting changes from Erubesco Territoy to The Wasteland


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From where he was, perched betwixt the decorative railing of the Artisan Building, he could /just/ make out the end of the west district skyline. He could see where this place of liberal arts and literature ended, and where the sprawling megalopolis of the district capital started. What a view. You couldn't even make out the debauchury from here. Probably how the scholars liked it. He thought. Easier to separate the sin from the learning like that. Green grass and an impressive architecture. Green grass for him was a nice place to lay down, and have a drink in good company. Also a great place to get a clear shot on a target. Easy to target in fields, great duality. This elevated position was for his own safety, or so he had been told. Something about strength and lightning. A God in a machine. He wasn't paying attention. He had put a bullet in one Wanderer, and his newfound doubts wouldn't stop him from putting a bullet in another. Makorai caught the tail end of Knight Commander Botrelle's skirt twirl.

Can't take the city out of the girl, right?

"Yesss yesss Knight Commander Lulu , Viceroy Varren this dude." Chuckling, he re adjusted the the sight on his scope, watching Rick and Lulu phase in and out of focus. The window he was looking through was a large one, and by his calculations when and if they did leave, his blind spot would only last a second. "Hm." A quarter mile didn't justify the use of a scope from Makorai's perspective. Iron sights would have been more then efficient to land a kill shot, but he had be tasked with watching them first. Their exchange had him feeling like a voyeur more then a sniper. Like he was watching future lovers during their first meeting, both still figuring eachother out. Still trying to see where the hirzon ended, and the boundaries begun.

The young man nonchalantly checked the 'non lethal' rounds he'd been instructed, rather strictly, to use by the quartermaster. A few very lethal, depleted uranium rounds had been mixed in by accident. Don't drink and load kids. "Hmm?" Makorai watched as a third body walked into the mix. A rather mournful looking fellow with an air of self importance that came from just truly not giving a fuck about much anymore. The sniper related to that feeling. He acted on it too, by biting the top off of a small clay flask, and quickly sipping the contents. There was a very strict policy against drinking while on duty, one that was no doubt, compounded by the fact he was drinking during a high risk situation. Makorai, like this mounrful bastard, didn’t give a fuck.

“Mmm..Mmmm, Ronin hasn’t even noticed Tall Red and Firey, back there. He’s keeping his eye on that carnivorous snake pit.”

A few seconds later, and Ronin was..on his knees.

“Wow..she worked him down to his knees already I figured a fella would be a bit starved outhere in the Wasteland but gattdamn.”

Makorai touched a finger to his earpiece. All this time ands he had forgotten to switch it on.

"Otherwise, get your arrogant ass on the goddamn floor in the next ten seconds and or I'll be hauling it out of the doors and branding your face like I did the last one of your gang that pissed me off."-Kora

Makorai had been impressed she had stuffed Mr Great Hair so resolutely. Outdid that headshot he scored on the other one with the flippy hair and the dragon wings.

The sniper touched the earpiece, broadcasting his message to all deployed Erubescian troops.

“Yeah, and tell him if he moves I’ll put a bullet in his head like I did dragon boy.”
On second thought..
“Or..or don’t. That might just piss him off. Make him uncooperative. Scratch that.”

“Or just say it, I mean,”

Makorai took another large gulp of his bottle.

“Totally your call Red.”