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Season of Giving 2020

At the end of perhaps our craziest year yet, we choose to celebrate our writing family with that extra touch of gratitude. Tip your fellow authors for a chance to win 10,000 INK, with leaderboards updated daily.

Merry Christmas from RPG! 🎅


Gale Eden

"It is in the nature of things to endlessly experience."

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a character in “A Gifted World”, as played by Miss Echo



Full Name: Gale Eden

Nicknames/Aliases: Gale, Lollipop, Lolly, Demon Child

Age: 11

Gender: Male

Gift: Adhesive Saliva, “Beast” shift, general boosted physical attributes

Loyalty: Himself, mostly, although he previously identified with both Erubesco and Liberty as a “broad” agent, and now the Wanderers.

Description: Gale is completely and utterly adorable. Large, chocolate brown eyes, soft blond hair, and soft features that radiate innocence. His usual attire plays off this, with him preferring to don pastel colors, bows, and coats a few sizes too big for him. He’s hardly seen without a lollipop stem poking out from his mouth, and often carries several wrapped candies in his pocket in case the flavor runs out of his current one. Gale has a tattoo of the Liberty insignia on his left wrist.

Personality: For all of Gale’s sweet, cherubic appearance, he is a monster through and through. Hiding behind an attitude of courtesy and politeness, the youth is extremely cynical and cold, viewing others as inferior to him. He has no qualms in regards to inflicting harm on others- in fact, relishing it, often dragging out interrogations for longer than necessary, and tearing apart enemies in battle. He has a extremely dark and cruel sense of humor.

Skills: Due to the genetic experimentation of Liberty, as well as careful training, Gale is quite a bit stronger than many boys his age. He’s trained in use of guns and basic weaponry, although he prefers a direct approach- one in which he relies mostly on his own claws. His “shifting”, while turning him into an inhuman creature, boosts his strength and speed, granting him use of razor sharp fangs and claws as well. Gale can seal his own wounds shut with his own saliva, and, as he is unable to feel pain, can bounce back from injuries that would send many reeling.

Weaknesses: Gale is very reckless in a fight, going for a direct approach and not caring much at any attacks launched against him. His instincts occasionally get the better of him, as well, causing him to launch himself at an opponent in an effort to cause as much damage as possible. Non-physically, Gale is extremely haughty and aloof, making him very much a liability on the team he is on without anything to “tie him down”, so to speak.

Brief History: Born as a result of “Project Beast”- an attempt at creating the perfect soldier for Liberty to send out en masse against Erubesco- Gale was one of the more perfect results, having a near 100 percent match towards what traits the researchers desired. However, the flaws that Gale had made him extremely unpredictable, driving him to make many attacks on his own peers. This stopped somewhat, however, upon befriending a fellow project named Kasey. While initially irritated at the boy’s persistence, Gale grew to tolerate him, even when Kasey gleefully declared that they were “friends”.

Even with Kasey keeping him company, Gale continued to rebel, and was continuously punished as a result. Upon finding that basic techniques had no real effect on him- with the boy even encouraging those in charge of him at times- they began to use Kasey against him, hoping to keep him in line. That failed, however, when Kasey eventually perished, causing Gale to murder his own teammates and join Erubesco.

After serving as a “dedicated” Erubescian for quite some time, he was sent out with a team to attack the Wanderers. While Gale ended up defeated and captured, he bore little obvious ill will, and eventually joined the group as a benevolent member.

  • Got the lollipop habit from Kasey.

So begins...

Gale Eden's Story


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Toby felt Dawn's tendril of uplift like an angel offering him a hand from the mental floor he'd just crashed into. He sent a mental response, a blurry wash of gratitude. As the others gathered closer, Toby backpedaled, standing back from Larke's body. It seemed backward and hypocritical to look at the bloodied, broken heap he just shot down from a ridiculous height, and then sit there hoping the guy didn't die, but hope the guy didn't die Toby did.

Like Dawn, Toby sensed Mina's recognition, followed by her denial. He felt sick. He hadn't thrown up about killing someone for years--he'd gotten numb, accustomed to seeing bullet holes in foreheads and helping clean up after his brother's most extensive knifework--but the nausea roiled in his stomach now. He forced it down. Mina knew him.

He didn't want to say anything, but he did. "He's not a shifter," he said. And he wanted to ask how she knew him, but he didn't. "I'm sorry," Toby mumbled, "I--I had to. He might've come here to-- I'm sorry. He can self-heal--but maybe c--but call her anyway."

At this juncture, the last thing he wanted to do was step up to the half-dead Erubescan, but caution overcame his guilt. He took a knee, careful to avoid stepping on the broken wing, collecting the stranger's two pistols from his shoulder holster, and a combat knife. They couldn't wake their intruder up for him to shoot at them. He checked pockets for any other weapons, but found only gauze, medical tape, disinfectant, and other first aid supplies. Why would Erubesco send a healer on a solo mission?

"This might be some k--kind of distraction," Toby considered aloud, holding out one of the handguns toward any of the other Wanderers who wanted to claim it. Spoils of war. He kept hold of the other one, seeing as he'd just spent his ammunition.