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Id Gormly

"It's the thought that counts."

0 · 565 views · located in Erubesco Territoy

a character in “A Gifted World”, as played by Zalgo



Full Name: Id Gormly

Nicknames/Aliases: N/A

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Gift: The gift of being an entity who can choose to exist as either material or a self willed mental construct.

Id's gift allows her to exist as what is essentially an idea with a will of it's own. She can manifest herself in the material world should she choose. She can influence and control thoughts while a mental construct to a certain limit.

Loyalty: Herself


She is basically what she wants herself to appear as. Her natural form is that of slender feminine beauty. She stands at about the same height as her brother Edgar. Her hourglass figure conveys just the right amount of both raw appeal and grace. Her hair comes down in long strands ending at the gluteus that flow like the finest silk imaginable and shine with just hair pure white it's pigment is. She can choose whatever outfit fits her mood at a whim. She is most often seen wearing a flowing white dress.

Certain features of hers could strike many as uncanny. Calling her skin pale would be an understatement. Her skin is absent of all hue or shade, just strictly white like a ghost. Her eyes are perhaps her most haunting yet memorable feature. They are a piercing bright gold color which almost seems to shine like the sun. Combined with the intensity of her eye's shade of yellow is her subtle devilish smile which grant her appearance that sinister edge.

If looks could kill she'd be a mass murderer. It's a good thing that she almost never appears outside of Edgar's own mind.


Never having needed a physical body can certainly effect one's outlook on life.

She is uncaring towards almost everything, living solely to entertain herself. Never having to ever suffer consequences has left her distant to the concerns of others and the power to weave entire worlds that she can manipulate to her every desire has left her jaded. Being an entity of pure thought with the ability to fabricate entire mindscapes within the limits of Edgar's skull she has everything she could possibly ever want out of life so what's left to even aspire for? To her mind there is little the real world has to offer that she cannot give herself with a mere thought. Only one existing factor remained which she did not rule unquestionably: Her brother.

For all the playing about she could do on her own her brother still had his own free will. This was excellent for her however. Without someone with a differing point of view life would eventually become stagnant for her. The one thing she couldn't simply dream up were his reactions to the world around him. She could alter his point of view, even draw him into one of her worlds should she desire but she sought the challenge. Since the real world didn't strictly bend to her will she had to be more creative as to how to bother her brother. She was his sister after all, it was her sworn duty as a sibling to pick on him.

As she's almost completely detached from real world logic she also has a poor grasp of what is too dangerous or too cruel. To her anything that doesn't literally kill her brother for good is fair play since no matter what happens so long as she has him as a host it's all fun and games for her. She sees no reason to limit anything she does as she exists in a state with far different limits than the real world imposes. That does not mean she's a fool however. Her intellect is keen though highly specialized due to her particular fields of fascination. Since she doesn't have real problems to worry about this free's up a lot of time for her to observe Ed's situation and she is most certainly observant. At heart she does somewhat care for her brother but her extremely skewed sense of empathy leads her to actions which any sane person might consider wicked.

As far as using her gift is concerned she's proud of her craft.


Almost all her skills involve her use of her gift. As a mentalist she is tremendously powerful albeit limited in scope and given the fact that she has lived her whole life in the realm of the mind she has a deeper understanding of the world of thought than nearly everyone else. While she is inside a mind she can see and control any and all operations from tangential whims all the way down to the basest innate programs. Given her control and knowledge she can manipulate all of her host's senses to the point where she could manufacture a completely separate reality, leaving her host either stumbling around, catatonic or doing whatever she wants the body to do while her host's mind is occupied.

If other mentally gifted were to start peaking inside or trying to change things she could create an entirely separate mind within the mind itself, a sub-mind to mask the real mind from the outsider's perception. The sub-mind she could create could even mirror the real mind, appearing positively identical to the host's own mind. Id has a wide variety of ways of not only controlling her host but also keeping other mentally gifted from sticking their noses in her business. With her skills she can hide her presence from mind scanners, such is the reason why she hasn't been detected yet.

As for skills in the material world she has all the same skills Edgar has since she learns everything her host learns. Aside from that she can pick up details Edgar sees but might not of noticed.


Her primary weakness is that her power limited to the mind of her host. She cannot extend her abilities beyond the mind of the person she is staying within. If she wants to effect another person's mind she has to first either invade or be invited inside. Though she is powerful if she has to invade a mind then there is a chance that she might be rebuffed, thus rendered unable to enter the person at all. While the chance is slim for most people to successfully oppose her invasion those with mental gifts stand a better chance of resisting her. Should she invade a host and the host continues to try and fight her occupation another person with the proper mental gift may be able to help purge her from her host. A host may not eject her from their body without help if she has already bypassed their mind's defenses and is unwilling to leave.

Naturally due to the risks of fighting for control of another host having a host she is currently occupying killed is problematic. While inside a host she has complete control over her own form while in her mental state of being however outside a host if she is in her mental state she is vulnerable to the effects of those with mental gifts. As her body is pure thought should someone use their gift to try and alter that thought it would physically alter her, distorting both her form and her mind based on the changes made. Should she manifest physically she becomes bound by the same rules placed upon all other living things, leaving her able to be hurt and even killed until she shifts into her alternate state. If she is injured in any way while physical such injuries will carry over to her other form and remain until she can find a host and mend herself within their mind's confines.

Besides her gift's limits she has plenty of personal weaknesses as well. She's not very aware of the difficulties with finding a new host since she almost never leaves Edgar, her current host. She can be often childish and rarely takes anyone seriously. Lastly she does not understand just how dependent she is on her brother Edgar.

Brief History:

Id was born alongside her twin brother Edgar. From the very moment she was born she immediately assumed her form as a self aware idea and took shelter within Edgar's mind. Ever since then they've been inseparable.

For the earliest parts of her childhood she mostly entertained herself with shaping the imaginary landscape she formed inside Ed's subconscious mind. Everything she could ever want was hers, the rest was just details. She never needed to sleep so she had plenty of time to perfect her art, drawing on Edgar's experiences to help design her own world and make it feel more real. She was an artist and her imagination was the brush she painted the world into being with. Eventually she was able to create her perfect fantasy world, a world that felt just as real as the real world did with some intentional exceptions. She was able to indulge herself in every whim that crossed her mind. Hers was an opulent lifestyle the likes of which not even royalty could even dream of experiencing.

All the while she lived her brother's life as well. Everything good that came to him she enjoyed as well. Everything that was bad that ever happened to him however was totally his to keep. She would occasionally play with her brother since unlike her subjects back in her imaginary world he wasn't as predictable. Seeing him trip or hit his head almost never failed to bring her a good chuckle. Back in her own world she was starting to run dry on ideas for what to do so she started turning her imagination towards picking on her brother for entertainment. The look on his face when he tried to run from some bullies only to discover his shoelaces were tied together was just priceless, more so than the rare jewels of immaculate beauty and power in her treasury.

As she was picking on him more and more she came to a sudden dreadful realization. The more she picked on him the less he reacted to her delightful pranks. If she kept this up like she was he was in danger of not being fun anymore. That simply wouldn't do! She dedicated her mind's full attention to keeping her tricks fresh and unpredictable, waiting for weeks and even months between pranks. She was determined to transform the torment of her brother into an artistic work of cruel beauty the likes of which she could take personal pride in. While Edgar only saw it as his sister occasionally coming out to ruin his life every now and then she saw it as a challenge, a call to bring out her most creative and ingenious plots with which to unleash upon her unwitting brother. After all, what use was he if he wasn't keeping her happy?

She still persists to prank her brother even to this very day.

Other: She and her brother are deeply connected. Their bond from birth is a symbiotic link which serves them both. Ed's mind senses their bond, believing Id's presence in his mind as belonging so Ed can never resist her control. In addition Ed's subconscious retains Id's original form so no matter how badly she is distorted so long as she returns to Edgar's mind she can restore herself to her original frame of being. Without Ed she would slowly but surely change until she could no longer even remember who she was and eventually become a shapeless will.

So begins...

Id Gormly's Story

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#, as written by Zalgo
Another long day. More work and then pay. Whatever would people think if he just suddenly went away?


Exactly He thought to himself as he walked down the street, face glum with his hands in his pockets. Now off work he was changed out into his regular clothes, some dark grey cargo pants and a nondescript black shirt. He tended to walk with a forward slouch, not particularly good posture but he couldn't give a fig for who thought what about him. It wasn't going to matter soon anyways.

He approached the library, a place where he figured he could read up on that city the slightly green glowing guy talked about. Helton, a town where Loyal Erubescans go to die. To his mind any place that Erubescans don't go is a good place for him. After that he'd just need to find a place only he could go. A sanctuary of his very own. He couldn't let such fantasies get to him now though. Hope was such a fleeting things, something he spared only for the least realistic dreams that'd only briefly cross his mind.

As he was about to enter the library however he noticed there was a woman standing right in the doorway inside. In front of her was a man just a bit taller than himself and well built as well. Edgar wasn't particularly muscular as most of his strength was built largely from manual labor. Moving things, lifting things, the kind of fare you'd expect out of a serf.

He walked up, slipping in through the door and coming up behind the girl. He was fairly sure he'd be interrupting their conversation but he wasn't all too concerned with that. It wasn't going to matter soon anyways.

"Excuse me miss, I don't mean to intrude upon your conversation but could you please step aside so that I might achieve entry?" As usual his tone was flat and semi-annoyed sounding, not a particularly pleasant tone for sure. He tended to almost never sound happy talking to anyone and this was no exception. He had little gleaming into the nature of the situation, only that it was in his way.

Once it was out of his way it wasn't going to matter soon anyways.

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Rick’s intimating presence often causes two different responses. Both responses generally correspond with opposing personalities. Tough, take-no-shit kind of people respond with anger and defiance. Meek, I’ll-do-whatever-you-say types of people flee. This woman, Viv, responded differently than that.

On the one hand she moved, which was exactly what Rick told her to do. But she also didn’t panic and leave. She definitely was still blocking the exit. Her posture, tone, and fluttered speech all pointed to Viv being the meek type of person. Meaning she should’ve run off to a safe place by now, or so thought Rick.

The question is why is she still here? Is she planning some sort of scheme? Does she want something from him? Could she be an Erubesco Knight setting him up for an ambush? What if she was just so frightened that she could barely move? Fear does make people lose all common sense. The far least likely possibility was perhaps the most disturbing to Rick. What if she was genuinely concerned for his wellbeing?

‘That can’t be possible. No one cares about me, definitely not anymore,’ Rick thought to himself. ‘Then again…’ he pondered on the situation some more. ‘This whole city…town…whatever, has been full of people who’ve been helpful and concerned about me. The people I’ve come in contact with have legitimately been good people. Maybe Viv is too.’

It was bizarre. Rick was touched by it all the same. Some of his distrust brushed off him, his heart felt lighter, and his world view shifted. ‘Maybe Erubesco isn’t as evil as I thought. I mean what do I actually know about them? Just that they were intent on capturing Dawn by any means necessary. Also, that their soldiers can be ruthless. Abducting a young girl is pretty bad, but the soldiers were just following orders. Maybe the person or people pulling the strings is/are evil but not the rest of them? I know I’ve done plenty of things that come off as evil. Things that I justify as necessary for the betterment of the world.’ It was hard to believe that he was giving the benefit of the doubt to an organization that has caused him and his “friends” so much trouble.

Nothing made complete sense to Rick. Her voice, for instance. The more he heard it the more it sounded familiar. Like he’s heard it before. Still, it was different enough that he could be confusing it with someone else’s voice. His memory showed her face, it was identical to the one that was staring at him right now. And yet the person in his memory wasn’t named Viv, what her name was he couldn’t be sure but he vaguely remembered the name on the card attached to the gift he gave her. The memory was too long gone to remember it. Something that began with ‘L’ or ‘J’ but not ‘V’.

Then again was that even a memory at all? Was it all some fever dream his warped brain cooked up? Rick couldn’t help but emotionally deflate. This was getting him nowhere. All this speculation is a move for chumps. Once again it seemed that Rick needed to rely on his most comfortable approach…the straight forward approach.

Before he did anything, Rick decided to listen and then consider what she had to say next. The first thing she told him was scattered. Mostly choppy half-finished thoughts about wanting to help him. Clearly she wasn’t sure of what to say to him. Rick got the feeling that she felt like she needed to keep talking and what was said didn’t really matter. The next thing she said was more coherent and detailed. She rattled off details about herself without hesitation and with the most amount of confidence so far.

‘I guess she is who she says she is,’ Rick thought to himself. But then Viv just started throwing letters at him ‘BTSP? What was that?’ the small amount of schooling Rick had never covered Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He did understand that she worked with soldiers who had flashbacks. It sounded like this Viv person would be the perfect person to help him deal with his nightmares but again Rick couldn’t allow that to happen. Especially since it was clear now that there was no way he could know her. She was an Erubesco civilian through and through, no reason for him to ever know her.

Rick softened his demeanor on purpose. He wanted her to realize his concern for her.

“Look. You can’t help me. Trying will only ruin your life…probably get you killed. I don’t want that to happen to you, okay? Do yourself a favor and pretend you never even saw me. If anyone asks, you don’t know me, you didn’t try to help me, and you don’t like me. Just trust me on this.”

Just then a young man approached them. He tried to get into the library but couldn’t because of Vivianne.

‘At least I now know that I wasn’t imagining her being in the way of the exit,’ he thought to himself. It then struck Rick that this was the perfect opportunity to gauge Viv, her reaction to this stranger could give some insight into what her motives are.

“You seem to be in the way, you should let us pass.” Rick studied her response but he kept speaking, “This guy seems like he’s had a long day, you should probably help him.” Pawning him off on Viv was an unexpected borderline genius idea. It was another opportunity to gain insight what her motives were.

Something about that flashback kept bugging him. Now he was in a weird spot. He was uncomfortable about how much he’s spoken to this stranger despite how helpful she seems. So any chance to get away from her, so he didn’t have to talk to her anymore, was preferable. However, he couldn’t deny that he desperately needed to know if there was any truth behind that festive scene his brain showed him.

In a few moments the battle waged and a winner was declared. Rick’s need for the truth outweighed his discomfort about talking to strangers. Still he wasn’t sure how to approach the subject. Being blind to proper social etiquette is really putting him at a disadvantage.

‘Better just try something, I should probably leave this place soon.’

“Quick question… for the both of you…” Rick thought that maybe asking both strangers would make it more appropriate. “If you were to get a present from someone and the present was a Desert Eagle with a thousand rounds of ammunition…how would you react?” If there was any truth to his “memory” then maybe his awkward question would bring some light to it.

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#, as written by Zalgo
“Quick question… for the both of you… If you were to get a present from someone and the present was a Desert Eagle with a thousand rounds of ammunition… how would you react?”

Edgar raised a quizzical eyebrow, not really expecting to be asked such an unprompted question. He sighed and shrugged, not really in the mood to ask why it even mattered to him.

"I don't really know. I suppose it'd be wasted on me. I'd just get hurt trying to use it or worse."

He answered semi-truthfully. Not only would it be strange but there was no chance he'd be able openly talk about the evil phantom sister that lives inside his mind. She couldn't have him tattling on her now, could she?

Just then the air filled with the sound of alarms. A fire alarm had gone off it seemed. Edgar swore under his breath, turning and exiting from the door he came in through. He was kicking himself, metaphorically speaking, for not having the wisdom to foresee the misfortunes that would stand in his way as it did almost every time. As he left a brusque red haired knight pushed past him, well on her way to where he just came from. "Hey, watch it!" He growled, the woman clearly only interested in what laid in the library.

Without sparing more time lingering he turned his back on the scene. Perhaps there was more to be gained in seeking information from the man he heard it from in the first place. On that note he left for the citadel to find Skip.

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As someone else came up behind her, Lulu’s body shifted sideways on instinct so that she could see both individuals at once. Her torso tilted enough for the smaller man to slip by; a small sliver of space between an even smaller woman and the exit. ”Of course, sorry,” she said, biting back any number of ”Do you know who I am”s and similar quips.

He was a civilian, or potentially a threat if he did not move along: Either way, she would make no quarrel with him at the cost of the priority target.

The next question to come from Ronin found her at a loss. ”Those are really, um… a Desert Eagle? I don’t think I—“

And like holy manna, the cries of the fire alarm rained down from the sound system to deliver her from the suffering of her current conversation. She pushed herself out from against the wall, a look of feigned surprise glinting in her wide, green eyes as the bodies making for the exit rushed past.

If Ronin broke for the exit, he would find his legs unresponsive and without feeling.

When Kora rushed up the stairs not a second too soon, her innocence was cast off like shed skin and her shoulders rolled free from their meek slump. Ditzy confusion crumbled to make way for predatory sharpness, and she eyed her target with all of the kindness that lab snakes granted to mice. This man- No, this creature and his ilk were responsible for ruining her life in the first place; he and his kind had brought the attack on her home base and left her life broken and-


She had priorities.

She unclenched a fist that she did not notice had coiled as Kora spoke.

"Commanders Botrelle and Norrevinter," she said cooly, and took a step forward. With a quick tug against Ronin's system, she triggered a fall to his knees by collapsing any nervous signal to his hamstrings and cruciate ligaments. "Nervous manipulator and berserker. You may fight us, and die." The corners of her mouth pulled down in a momentary frown of disinterest, and she let an impulse of pain skirt through her connection him. "Or win. Who knows. You'll have freed yourself to die at the hands of a full unit waiting to intervene if this gets messy."

"Or you can lie face down as commanded, now, and take your arrest and be granted a subsequent trial like a person worthy of the respect you have lost yourself. It's really in your hands."