Lindsey Nightingale

A naive agent full of spirit

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a character in “A Gifted World”, as played by wolfsong4640


Full Name: Lindsey Ada Nightingale

Nicknames/Aliases: None

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Gift: Lindsey has the Gift of healing. She can heal herself or others. Though she cannot resurrect a long-dead person, she can restart a heart that has just stopped. She also has abilities given to her by her recent experimentation, in which she was injected with DNA from felines and reptiles. These abilities include heightened senses, faster reflexes, a scale-like film that can form over her wounds, and a mildly venomous acid she can spit out.

Loyalty: Erubesco (Knight)

Description: Lindsey is about 5'6 in height. She has lightly tanned skin and bright blue eyes. (At times, Lindsey's eyes can look snake-like.) Her hair is a very light blonde, and it's straight. The left side of her hair reaches just past her shoulder tip, but the right side has been shaved to a pixie length. A white scar can be spotted near the back of her hair, among the short part of her hair.

Personality: Lindsey is a social butterfly, and she enjoys lightening the mood. She tends to make jokes and be sarcastic around her friends, but she does get serious when she needs to be. Many times, though, she can be stubborn and naïve. She gets pressured by many orders at one time, and she gets frustrated when she doesn't feel like she's doing the right thing.

Skills: Lindsey has trained to fight properly, and she has learned a few forms of martial arts. Because of her heightened abilities through experimentation, she's able to work more quickly with her fighting skills.

Weaknesses: Lindsey's experience with an undercover Liberty man led to some fears of being tied down and stuck in small spaces. When she gets naïve and stubborn, she gets into trouble. Most of the time, it's with authority. She's very gullible when it comes to her emotions and her moral compass. She's working on it, but it's still a crutch.

Brief History: Until she joined Erubesco, Lindsey lived under the pressure of the standards her parents had set for her. Both of her parents were Alchemists for Erubesco, and they were rarely home. During this time, Lindsey learned how to take care of herself, even though it didn't satisfy her parents. At the age of 10, her parents died at the labs from an accident. Because she lacked a strong emotional attachment with them, she wasn't too distraught, and she was taken into Erubesco to train. Work went well until she was 17. While out on a mission, she was drawn in by an undercover Liberty citizen. He led her on for a while, making her believe he wasn't looking trouble. Through her, he secretly grabbed intel. When she found out, she confronted him, and the charming man quickly turned on her, holding her hostage. Given the man's hidden sadism, he tally marked her head for each day he held her captive, hidden within the city. After a month of being in the dark, Nathan had pleaded enough with the faction to assist him in tracking her down. Lindsey worked hard afterwards to make up for her mistakes. Unfortunately, she committed treason when she helped Roxy escape with the Wanderers, and when she almost joined them. Now, she's working to make up for everything she's done wrong.

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Lindsey Nightingale's Story