Nathan Chandler

A fiery soul with a stone cold face

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a character in “A Gifted World”, as played by wolfsong4640


Full Name: Nathan Isaac Chandler

Nicknames/Aliases: Stilt (He hates it, but Lindsey thinks it works)

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Gift: Nathan can take the form of a maned wolf. This ability provides him with heightened senses and increased stamina.

Loyalty: Erubesco (Knight)

Description: Nathan stands at a height of 6'2. He is fair-skinned (slightly-tanned), and he has dark green eyes. His hair is light blonde and kinda messy. He has a vertical scar along his right temple and a wolf tattoo running down the middle of his spinal area.

Personality: Nathan comes off as gruff and blunt at first. He has a quick temper, and doesn't really joke around a lot. Most of the time, he won't bring up things that are troubling him personally, because he feels that it's a waste of time when you have a job to do. He can be tender-hearted deep down, though, and he's good-natured and protective once he gets out of his shell.

Skills: Nathan has trained for years with firearms, and he frequently takes sniper positions on missions. He uses weapons very often, since his Gift can only help him so much. It's second nature for him to pick up a fallen gun that he's never used before.

Weaknesses: Nathan tends to speak out of line when his anger is at its peak, or if he feels strongly against an order. Also, he sometimes hesitates when he's unsure if his actions are justifiable or morally correct. He has trouble with orders that involve taking down children or harmless people in general. His hesitancy can lead to the enemy getting the upper hand or him getting in serious trouble with higher-ups. Aside from his moral compass, Nathan can feel fairly disturbed by large amounts of blood. He was often sick after his first few assignments as a sniper, but he now manages to keep calm and carry out his missions diligently.

Brief History: Nathan has been in Erubesco ever since he was very little. He has little to no memories of his parents, and none of his younger sister Kayla. The faction informed him at the age of 13 that his parents were traitors to the faction, and that he was given away. Determined to not take that path, he loyally followed Erubesco and trained to be a Knight of the faction. Due to a risky mission when he was 18, Nathan received a serious head injury that led to temporary amnesia, and he now deals with ghost pains and migraines from time to time. He still hasn't recovered those memories, but he doesn't pay them any heed. Recently, he encountered Kayla and fought her, when he was sent out with a team to face the Wanderers. It led him to some confusion, but he brushed it off and returned to the faction. For now, he still isn't aware of their relation.

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