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Spire Schippers

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a character in “A Gifted World”, as played by FranklyLorelle

So begins...

Spire Schippers's Story


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The way Hel honed straight toward a scene of carnage like a shark in bloodied water was uncanny.

“Hel,” said Spire, slowing his run to a walk when he saw the group, and Hel thankfully unharmed. “Hey. Don’t do that,” he panted.

And he didn’t mean the stuffing bloody feathers in her pockets; that behavior didn’t even strike him as odd for a six-year-old. At her age, he had enjoyed twisting the necks of small mammals and fingerpainting with their blood, back before he escalated to bigger prey.

“You can’t run off without asking, okay kid?” Spire said, recovering his calm. “Not when the labs are trying to get you back.”

Spire had looked away from the girl for maybe ten seconds while talking to Soren in the kitchen. She’d been five feet away from him. Her picked-at plate sat at the table, but she’d vanished. Last time she’d disappeared from under his nose, it was because an Erubescan speedster had tried to abduct her, so her sudden disappearance was understandable cause for alarm. This time, he’d launched after her so fast he might as well have been a speedster himself.

But now he showed no sign of his momentary panic. He stood as cool as carved stone, and addressed the group at large. "Well," he drawled. "We've been getting a lot of unwanted company lately, haven't we?"

Spire nudged Hel away from the battered Larke. He didn’t want her poking around too close the body, since Spire could tell by the general fussing that their avian friend was still alive. Fine. If he lived, maybe he could join the speedster in Pierrot’s extra-dimensional hell. And maybe eventually someone would acknowledge that the most practical solution was to let Spire cut both their throats. Trying to extract information from the speedster could tide him over for a while, but it did more to whet his thirst than anything else. At the end of the day, torture in and of itself felt empty--just pointless indulgence. Taking a life--that mattered. It combined all the satisfaction of ridding the world of one more corrupt creature with the empowering feeling of control, and the electrifying sensation of steel slicing flesh, of slick, warm blood between his fingertips. Spire would get his fix, the Wanderers wouldn’t have to waste resources on dangerous prisoners, and Hel would have an abundant supply of feathers for whatever craft project she appeared to be planning. He didn’t see the problem. Everyone would be happy. But especially Spire. Spire would be very happy.



Spire’s pale eyes peeled away from the vulnerable form of the unconscious crash victim, pushed his hands into the deep pockets of his coat, and turned to his younger brother. “You okay? What happened?”

“I’m not hurt. I shot him down,” Toby said hoarsely. “He’s Erubescan.”

Spire nodded, and, not perceiving the difference between “okay” and “not hurt,” he moved on to other matters. “How does he know your dad?” he asked Hel, always a little grated by the mention of Commander Green for a combination of reasons that tended to confuse him.


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  1. Sorry, meant to put Helton as the location...

    by wolfsong4640

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Kayla had seen her good share of gore and violence in her life, but the Erubescan's descent had certainly left her shaken. She flinched as he had made impact with the ground, her green eyes wide with shock as the ash and dust cleared. Upon seeing the blood and feathers scattered across the ground around the mangled body, she felt a wave of nausea wash over her. She held a hand against her mouth to keep herself from screaming or throwing up. As Mina approached to heal him, she looked away, trying to push the image out of her mind.

It wasn't until Mina stuttered out his name that she looked back. "Larke." She mumbled, her brow furrowing. She looked at the fallen medic and remembered seeing him when they had rescued Drake. "He was in the facility we broke into when Drake was held captive." She pointed out, ignoring the faint twinge of sadness in her chest. Focus. She thought to herself. She looked at Mina, noticing that she looked rather uneasy for someone she didn't really know. Frowning in concern, she walked over and rested a hand on her shoulder in reassurance.

"So, if we don't need Clockwork, what should we do with him?" She asked, looking at the others in question. She tried not to pay attention to Hel as she started gathering up the bloody feathers. While the act was rather disturbing, she knew it wouldn't be ideal to question it.


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Character Portrait: Dawn Memoli Character Portrait: Mina Aldridge Character Portrait: Larke Sterling Character Portrait: Spire Schippers Character Portrait: Toby Schippers Character Portrait: Talin Melardos
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Strangely enough, it was with a sense of both relief and discomfort which Dawn regarded Spire’s approach. Discomfort because the older Schippers’ thoughts weren’t the most pleasant thing to be witness to (even now, she could feel the soft undercurrent regarding the prisoners, and quickly began trying to tune the whole thing out), and relief because, well. As odd as it was, the man had become a sort of guardian to Hel throughout the weeks that she had been with the Wanderers. While he wasn’t exactly the first choice she would have when it came to caretakers, Dawn doubted that Hel would obey if they tried keeping her away from Larke’s body. Even if Spire saw nothing wrong with Hel’s...recent behavior, he seemed at least set on keeping her away from the stranger at the time being.

Running a hand over her lips, Dawn rose, giving a soft “that’s okay” in response to Rei’s slipping away- although her eyes remained firmly locked upon Larke, as if half expecting him to suddenly rise and start walking around. Any doubts were gone now: their visitor was Erubescian. That meant that, if the Helton curse rang true- which it did, Dawn had seen more than enough examples to be sure by now- and if Larke Sterling was still a loyal man, then he wouldn’t have much time left lying out around here.

Something needed to be done with him, that was for sure.

“No,” she said. Forcing herself to look away from the body, Dawn gave a firm, deliberate shake of her head, clutching one arm with the other. “No, Hel, he’s not going to die.”

Not this one, at least.

“We should, um. We do have to put him somewhere, though. Maybe we could have Pierrot…” She trailed off, the note of hesitance clear in her voice. Mina obviously knew Larke, which made the matter much more...difficult. Personal, really. She doubted that when the man woke up, the meeting would be pleasant- especially if they welcomed him by tossing him in Pierrot’s portalland and leaving him to see his fellow Erubescian inside, her tendons open and drooling.

The setting changes from The Wasteland to Erubesco Territoy

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'Great. She thinks she knows me now,' Rick thought in response to Kora’s quip about his feeling about killing. She was approaching him at a causal pace. It was official, Rick wasn’t as feared as he thought. Which made no sense unless the things he remembered doing were also untrue.

‘What if I never blew up those cities with my lightning power?’ he asked himself. There was hope, it was small but significant. Maybe his nightmares would subside. Maybe he’ll be able to have some peace.

Kora kept talking shooting down his request with zero fear in her heart. She mentioned that he was a terrorist again and that he wasn’t special. It was a series of words that didn’t belong in the conversation to Rick’s opinion. So naturally someone was speaking those words. There is a certain level of predictability to the unpredictable nature of life. Or so it seemed.

Being on his knees with his arms holding him up was bothering Rick. ‘If I had my super strength I’d be standing,’ he thought to himself. The earlier thought he had rang true in his mind once again, ‘If I don’t have my powers then I’ll have to be strong on my own.’

Rick rocked himself back onto his heals. It was a start, his lower legs still didn’t want to respond. He leaned to one side and used his hand to pull out his opposite leg straight out. With one hand pressing hard on his kneecap and the other pushing hard off the ground Rick was able to push himself into a standing position perched on one leg. As Rick started to tip over he was able to straighten out the other leg with his hand. He held it in place with constant pressure against the kneecap.

Rick had to keep himself leaning forward and push his hands against his kneecaps with all the strength he had but he was able to stand. It was only a few seconds in that Rick’s arms started to burn, the strain on his muscles was already too much. Rick toppled over backwards landing square on his back a smile on his face.

‘I did it,’ he thought to himself. It only lasted a few seconds but he counted it a win. One not fueled by his super powers.

From his vantage point Rick could clearly see the leftover gashes on Kora’s face. He couldn’t help but think that if he’d been there she’d have a hole clearing all the way through her face.

“What did you expect? You all attacked them so they fought back. Stop attacking them and they’ll stop. Besides, the deal hasn’t gone through yet,” Rick explained. Though he was confident in what he was saying there were doubts in the back of his mind. Have the Wanderers changed since he last saw them? With Spire’s influence who knows what was possible. His lust for murder was inexcusable and yet he was accepted and Rick wasn’t.

Rick rolled onto his stomach so he could reposition himself back onto his knees so he could “sit” straight up. At Kora’s next statement Rick scoffed.

“So Erubesco called dibs on fucking with anyone they want? You call me a terrorist and yet all us Wanderers want is to live free of Erubesco and Liberty and both terrorize us because of it. What makes that sooooo much better? Answer it doesn’t,” Rick spat.

Rick took a breath and calmed himself a touch before speaking again, “The favor was for me and your city. Do you really think that a fight between us wouldn’t result in this whole city being destroyed? Do you want that on your head if you survive? Do you really think you’d become a hero just because I killed you?” Rick was sick of talking. Talking never got him anywhere. He was always wrong and everything he said and did was wrong. He might as well skip to the part where they fought.

Rick looked up with unflinching eyes at Kora with a chuckle. “You know what I just realized? Your comment about dying a hero, your strength, your power, your expendability, it all points to the fact that you are the Erubesco version of me. Let me help you figure out your fate because like me it’ll take you a long time to figure it out on your own. Erubesco doesn’t care about you, you’ll never be a hero to them, and no one will ever care about you. You will share the same fate as me because you are the Rick Ronin for Erubesco. A terrorist monster with a Erubesco paycheck.”

‘There, that should get things started.’