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Lance Zizaru

"Please, i'm not in the mood for ignorance."

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a character in “A Girl and Her Magikarp”, as played by Blackclues




”I guess things change, it's funny how someone else's success brings pain.” ~ Aubrey Drake Graham

Imagine Dragons- Radioactive
Fenech Soler- Demons


Nickname: Zi (Simply because of his last name.)

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Trainer Type: Ex Team Magma Grunt/ Trainer (Currently)

Hometown: Mossdeep City.

Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Skin Tone:
Physical Description: With an unusual hair colour of white, Lance can gain quite a bit of attention just because of it. As it's long enough to get into his Grey eyes, it tends to annoy him quite a bit as it can cause the loss of vision whenever it blocks his eye sight. Now you might wonder why he doesn't cut it shorter in order to prevent this problem. Well the truth is, Lance likes all the attention he gains because of it, and dispite his laziness, he actually knows how to take decent care when it comes to cleaning it. His eyes show off a healthy glint of grey, and although a rather dull colour, they do shine as one looks into them. If one were to stare deeply into his eyes, they would notice that a slight tint of blue also lurks there, and they could argue that his eyes are infact, a shade of blue. Lance hates the feeling of facial hair, a part from his sideburns, any sign of facial hair that grows on his face will literally annoy him. To him, the sign of facial hair is proof that he isn't getting any younger and he's starting to get old, truely upsets him. As a result, hardly any evidence of facial hair appears on his face.

As for his body structure, Lance is fairly built, showing his althletic traits as a person. Standing at the average hight of five foot nine inches, and weighing at around 155 pounds, Lance is considered as a healthy male. Althought you may not see it, thanks to the clothing he wears covering it, Lance possesses a deep scar that runs along his spine, stopping at his lower back. Because of this, he is very sensitive about his back and will never take his shirt off when people are around. Around his neck is a silver chain which doesn't contain that shine that you'd expect from jewellery, in fact if you glance close enough you can see that the chain is starting to wear away, hanging from the chain is a piece of a heart scale, which was given to him from his mother.

"You have to find out what's right for you, so it's trial and error. You are going to be all right if you accept realistic goals for yourself." ~ Teri Garr

Potential Interest: None at the moment.

Skills and Abilities: Due to once being a part of Team Magma, Lance know's his stuff when it comes to geography and the habitats of many different pokemon. You could say that Lance holds a little pokedex in his mind, as he is able to reconise many pokemon and their lifestyles, no matter their region. He can be nasty when he wants to be, as he does have a high experience of sneeking around and intimidating others without much effort, this includes pokemon...Despite the fact that he holds sympathy for them, old traits are hard to give up on, especially for Lance. He is able to hold pokerface's with such perfection that nobody can really tell if he's lying or not, even though he's trying to change from the past, he does tend to lie quite often. Lance is also impressive when it comes to vehicles, as he has a licence to drive cars as well as motorbikes. With that said, Lance owns a moped back at home.

Nothing for the moment.
Personality: Lance is a hard person to read, simply because he lies most of the time. The way he lies is unique, as he is able to show no hesitation or any signs that he is lying, keeping a believeable face all in the process. In turn, this does make Lance a cold-hearted person, as he doesn't really show any respect for others, a part for his pokemon. He is selfish and holds a paticular hate for various trainers that attempt to reach the 'Pokemon Dream', this may be because of the occurances that he had to endure during his past. As for his selfishness, Lance doesn't care about anyone else other than himself, no matter the suituation, Lance will not show any empathy for someone that surely deserves it.

Because of his bad traits, Lance distances himself from others, simply to avoid any conflict or any form of unecessary drama. He never talks unless he's spoken to, which makes him hard to notice and especially hard to communicate with. Although, this all changes when it's just him and his pokemon, as he can never seem to keep his mouth shut, the same is when he's in the middle of battling; and even then, that'll probably only be the time that you'll see a smile planted on his face.

Even though he's considered as anti-social, he does love to explore. Taking many journeys to different places and even over seas to distant regions, Lance finds it hard to stay in one place for a long period of time...In fact, he's always moving. As a result, this has caused Lance spot different pokemon and visit many landscapes to know which certain pokemon live there, and which don't.

Lance isn't afraid to admit that he's lonely, as he has always wanted someone that he could call a friend and can actually be honest to, without having to worry about them judging him about his past. Unfortunately, Lance is closed-minded, and is unwilling to wish upon a star or anything similar. He's a realist, and doesn't believe in things that are out of the ordinary.

History:Lance's past hasn't always been the brightest. Since an early age, Lance has been pushed aside and rarely thought about. His mother was a pokemon breeder, and as a result, she had spent most of her time looking after the pokemon rather than her own son. Which was understandable, as in order to put food on the table, she always had to be at the top of her game. As for his father, he was hardly home for most of Lance's childhood. His father was too interested in chancing the typical Pokemon trainer's dream of becoming the best, which not only pushed him away from family, but also from those that loved him the most. Perhaps that may be why Lance has a hate for pokemon trainers, who are so obsessed with their dreams.

So as you can see, Lance had to find ways too keep himself entertained. Whenever he wasn't around the pokemon that his mother was bringing up, Lance turned to talking to himself, creating imaginary adventures in his mind that only him, himself, could go on. His passion for exploring grew as he started to mature, and as a result, Lance has become very independant.

During his teenage years, Lance was a part of the organisation known as Team Magma. His own mother knew nothing about him joining them, and still to this day, has no clue that he used to be a part of them. Lance has never had any bad intentions, so it was kind of puzzling to why he decided to become a Team Magma Grunt. One could argue that it was simple rush that he got, whenever he defeated a glory-hungry Pokemon trainer; but one thing's for sure is that Lance had never liked Team Magma's motives, considering them to be too unrealistic to actually be achieveable. Their sense in geography did inspire him though, as not only did they travel all over the region, they also explored many places in search of the orbs and the legendary pokemon. Lance never intended to be a part of them for so long, and in fact, left the team once things got to heated with the seach of legendaries. Not only was it careless, but it just never interested him one bit.

As time went on, Lance was growing bored of being confinded in one region. Thanks to his courious nature, Lance went on to visit different regions. From Sinnoh to Unova and now at Kanto, he is always open to exploring the world. Although, Lance has no idea about the status of his father, and despite the fact that he may lie about it, he does miss his mother.
Lance now ventures around Kanto, looking to find himself a new motive.

"I've learned over the years that people are human and have mood swings, regardless of how talented they are. Today, I'm looking at life from a realistic point of view instead of the way I would want things to be." ~ Otis Williams


Pokémon Species: Swampert
Pokémon Nickname: Tsunami
Pokémon Nature: Relaxed
History: Mudkip:- Back as a child, out of all the pokemon that Lance played with, he played with Tsunami the most. His mother noticed that they shared a special bond together, and despite the fact that the Mudkip was supposed to be sent off to Professor Birch, they allowed the pokemon to stay with Lance.

Marshstomp:- During their early times of traveling together, Tsunami was Lance's only pokemon. Despite not challenging any gyms, they did face very heated battles, which in-turn, gained Tsunami a vast amount of experience when it came to battles. When it came to battling a wild Manetric near Fortree City, Tsunami as a Mudkip, was at a huge disadvantage. Now being very dependant on one pokemon can be demanding and stressful, for both pokemon and Trainer, so both Lance and Tsunami were under a lot of pressure to keep themselves composed. It wasn't until Lance started to defend the little-ol-Mudkip, that the evolution started. From then on, things started to change.

Swampert:- When Lance had departed from Team Magma, and ventured all the way to Littleroot Town in order to visit the Professor, Tsunami was known for his lazy nature; and yet despite all that, the Marshtomp was very protective of Lance and just like Lance himself, he enjoyed distancing himself from others. But because of the high popularity of the Professors, it came to no surprise that he wasn't there to observe his Marshtomp. From then, Lance had grown tired of Hoenn and decided to venture out, causing Marshtomp to evolve into Swampert, as if he was readying himself for the challenges ahead.

Pokémon Species: Staraptor
Pokémon Nickname: Gale
Pokémon Nature: Naughty
History: Staravia:- Taking his first steps onto Sinnoh soil was a big deal for Lance. After stepping off the ship in the port city of Canalave, Lance was surprised to find his first Sinnoh pokemon, which was a Staravia. He had never seen one before, and was quite surprised to see it terrorising tourists who were trying to have a peaceful time. It was then that they had met, leading into Lance catching the Pokemon after a swift battle.

Staraptor:- Lance had decided to stay out a little later than he had expected to, whilst exploring around Snowpoint City. He never did mind the cold, but as time passed, the cold was something that neither Lance or Gale could ignore. A blizzard blew, and in the distance stood an Abomasnow, and unfortunately for Lance, Tsunami wasn't in a good condiction to fight, leaving him to rely on Gale. It was then that Gale had evolved, after enduring an ferocious ice beam. [/i][/b]
-Close Combat
-Brave Bird
-Double Edge

Pokémon Species: Smoochum
Pokémon Nickname: Peaches
Pokémon Nature: Gentle
History: Smoochum:- Peaches and Lance met on the S.S Anne. It was quite strange to see a lone pokemon wondering around, especially when nobody seemed to be looking for it. Because of Lance's curiosity, he felt that it was the right thing to do, to check whether the Smoochum was alone or not. This was a bad idea, because as soon as he picked the little thing up, it didn't want to get back down. Whenever Lance tried to put it down, she would only plant big juicy kisses all over his face. Eventually, she found her place on Lance's head, and still considered it her home. Out of Lance and all the other pokemon, Peaches is the only one that gets along with others perfectly well.
-Sweet Kiss
-Ice Beam
-Fake Tears

Pokémon Species: Zoroark
Pokémon Nickname: Zizaru
Pokémon Nature: Naïve
History: Zoroark:- Lance has never used Zizaru since he got him. And it isn't hard to see why. Zizaru doesn't listen to Lance's commands at all, as he always see's his options, better. They met back in Unova. While Lance was busy exploring Castelia City, he recieved a message from which was titled 'unknown', telling him to check his pokemon storage unit. Lance hurried to the nearest Pokemon centre, and checked the Pc. Once doing as instructed, he found Zizaru placed in his pokemon storage. To this day, he doesn't know who Zizaru's orginal trainer is, but the trainer must be closely related, since he/she gave the Zoroark the family name.
-Focus Blast
-Nasty Plot
-Dark Pulse
-Sucker Punch

So begins...

Lance Zizaru's Story


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"Forty-five, forty-six, forty-seven, Really, Sabre, you don't weigh as much as you did. Have you been eatin'? Forty-eight, forty-nine, fifty!", And with his morning exercise complete, the Flareon hopped off of his back and pranced his way to the couch. The human doing to push-ups hopped directly to his feet and stretched, a series of pops resulting. "Oooh! That was a good one. It's gonna be a good mornin' I can smell it right now," Kenji said, continuing to stretch in the window, allowing him a magnificent view of Cerulean City. Currently, he'd taken up a tempory residence in a hotel for the night-- beats sleeping in the gutters. As the sun shone in, the sweat on his body glistened in the sunlight, as did the metal protruding from his face. The tattoo that snaked it's way from his hip to his neck stayed red as ever, unfortunately.

Kenji didn't figure himself as the sentimental type, yet here he was, back in Cerulean City. The place where Light and he had won the first badge of their current journey. He tossed a look at the couch, and beside Sabre, laying on Kenji's shirt, a little Pikachu's chest rose and fell as she slept soundly. Bless her heart, she never was a morning person-- Pokemon, rather. She was precious, and it was for that fact that Kenji refused to wake her for his morning exercises. He chuckled to himself and returned his gaze to the window. Cerulean City. After the badge win here, he went on to Pewter City to win one there-- if a hair bit more difficult. From there, he explored the Viridian Forest, found a new member for his team, then went to Pallet Town and back.

It's been quite the adventure so far, even if it just began. It was already going better than his last. Desperately trying to avoid those thoughts, Kenji shifted from stretching directly into jumping jacks, forcibly removing the thoughts from his mind. Where to next? He thought? Vermillion City perhaps? He'd have to scour the entirity of Kanto before challenging the Elite for, so really, it didn't matter which way he went. The end goal was the same. Though, this time he was in no hurry to get there. He had all the time in the world, and he'd make sure that he'd enjoy each day as it came. Speaking of which... Daylight was burning.

He stopped his exercises and roused Light by poking her in the ears. Sabre watched from his side of the couch, a grin spread across it's small mouth. His trainer was quite the entertaining one, after all. "Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey..." He repeated over and over again until he got what he wanted. A crack in the Pokemon's eyelid, signalling she was awake. Not awake enough though, "Rise and shine, sweetheart, it's a beautiful day. And you're just sleepin' it away. Up an at 'em, we've got a big- ow!" Kenji yelped, recoiling the offending finger. Two marks lay on his finger, where tiny rodent teeth told them to stay away. Sabre was getting his laughs on the other end of the couch.

Kenji stuck the finger in his mouth and watched Light warily as he spoke, "Good mornin' to you too... Definitely not a mornin' person," He'd been with her long enough to realize that, though they don't come near as thick as Kenji. Still, the goal was achieved and the Pikachu finally yawned awake, and glared at Kenji, who in turn merely shrugged, suggesting he did nothing wrong. "We're runnin'. You up for that?" He stated, looking toward the Flareon. Sabre nodded and bounded off the couch and began his own stretching. So eager, the both of them. Light was fine riding around the backpack Kenji carried with him.

"Right, let's get at it then." Kenji said, hoisting Light so that he could snag the shirt she sleeped on. He chucked it into the bag, then held it open for her to jump in. With that done, Pokemon and Trainer left the room to seized the day, by force if necessary.

They had been running not for thirty minutes, and Kenji had managed to get a good lather going on when the explosion his. Sabre arched his back and growled, and thanks to his low center of gravity didn't topple near as easy as some certain lumbering trainers. Fortunately for Light, Kenji had enough wits about himself to twist as he fell so as to land on his side instead of his back, where Light was currently situated. Kenji had enough time to sit up and say, "The hell was that?" before next series of smaller explosions began. Light had crawled her way out of the bag and into Kenji's lap before these began, and when they did Kenji covered Light with his body in order to protect her from debris or whatever else was going on. Sabre merely intensified his growling and backed up closer to Kenji and Light.

When it felt like the explosions were done, Kenji lifted his head from the back of Light and looked around, trying to find the cause of such a ruckus. It didn't take him long to find the black plume of smoke and an entirely conspicuous hot-air balloon slipped into the smoke. The Crimson R on it furrowed Kenji's eyebrows in irritation. "Think they could be any more obvious?" Kenji asked, to which Sabre barked. "Damn right we're checkin' it out. Somethin' tells me someone needs their ass beat," Sabre barked in agreement and what could be construed as a sigh came from Light.

Kenji jumped to his feet, sat Light on his shoulder, and began to run toward the direction of the smoke and explosions. Some men would probably run in the other direction, but then again Kenji wasn't other men. He was the one who dove headfirst into danger, regardless of personal safety or the consequences. It was something Light admired about the man. No hesitation, and no thought. Into the breach once more.