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Authna Jansdottir

"Generous and brave men live the best."

0 · 798 views · located in New York City

a character in “A God No More”, as played by Candy_




☩ Basics ☩
Name: Auðna Daðey Jansdóttir
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Sexual orientations: Heterosexual


☩ For Gods ☩
God of: Associated with apples and youth; keeper of apples, granter of immortality, also associated with fertility and plants of nature.
Origin: Norway
A brief summary: Can toss apples at other Gods and give them immortality, so long as they continue eating the apples. Also tends the garden of Åsgård, where her apple tree is kept.


☩ Delving Deeper ☩
Personality: She sees the world as a lovely place, and helps the less fortunate. Her heritage, she hates; she wishes she would have been born in a lower ranking among the city, but she knows that she would not be able to make it without the luxuries she has as a ''high roller''. Expects alot, but gives more than she expects. Dances as if no one's watching. Sings as if no one's listening. She has heard many opinions about her doings, and ignores them all, knowing what she does benefits those who she does it for; if only for herself.

History: She was born to wealthy parents; her dad, Jan, was a CEO of a large business. He passed away when she was young, and passed his inheritance to her and her mother; unfortunately, her mother died soon after, and she was left the house and all it's inheritance. Now, she lives her life as she pleases; she does not work, though she often wanders the roads of New York. She sees the slums, and will often times bring food and other items for the people living there, or drops them off at shelters and other homes.
She's been called ''Robinne Hoode'' by many of the people she has helped before.

Likes: Thankfulness, wellness, happiness, hope, love, people, helping others, the truth, her gardens, her apples.
Dislikes: Ignorant people, those who cannot see hurt, pain, hurt people, lies, people who do not care, people who hurt her, those who are never thankful, regret, horror, death.

  • So shall she charm that thou shalt not heed the council, or words of the king.
  • It is the still and silent sea that drowns a man.
  • The wolf and the dog do not play together.
  • When we speak most fairly, then we think most falsely.

    • Fear the reckoning of those you have wronged.
    • It is the still and silent sea that drowns a man.
    • Repay treachery with lies.
    • Rise never at nighttime, except if thou art spying.
    • The lame runs if he has to.
    • The lowest fence is the easiest to get across.
    • To be without silver is better than to be without honor.


☩ Relationships ☩
Crush: "Oh, such is a sorrow! If someone were to express interest in me..."
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: "He who will receive the most apples."
Other Affiliates: She does not know of the presence of most Gods.


☩ The Outside ☩
Height: 5' 4''
Build: Super skinny. Like, a twig that just grew boobs.
Distinguishing Features: Upon her leg, twirling itself up from the ankle to the middle of her thigh, is a snake in the resemblance of the story of ''Adam and Eve''; as the keeper of gardens, she has the treachery of Eden tattooed. Besides that, she has a birthmark of a leaf on her right shoulder-blade.


☩ Other ☩
Other: "A farm of your own is better, even if small. Everyone's someone at home. Though he has two goats and a coarsely roofed house, that is better than begging."


(The front of her home, before she had the snake tattooed on her leg).

So begins...

Authna Jansdottir's Story


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#, as written by Candy_

Auðna nearly screamed with frustration, throwing her pillow across the floor, and stamped her feet against the carpet. ''Ég er ekki prinsessa! Þu tala um annan!!'' She collapsed against the floor, crying now, with her hands buried in her palms. She could no longer hold it in; dressed in her silver robe, she had just received news of her mother dying. At that point, she was twelve; far too young to be moving on her own.

''Yfirgefa mig alltaf vera...'' she whispered to the carpet. The liveried buttler, carrying the now shredded letter, bowed and disappeared. He closed the doors, and Auðna started to pick at the carpet, sniffling softly. She could not take the pressure. Her most hated person in her life was gone, now... Simply gone.

"Come on!" Auðna exhaled. "You can't be serious! They need me in there! I'm bringing them their food, their supplies... You can't just take that away!"

The police officer stood firmly. His eyes seemed to bore into her skin.

Auðna turned away, and nearly left, but she pondered what she was to do with the supplies she held in her hand... And after a moment, an idea came to her. She rushed past the police officer, jumping onto the gates - at this point, he realised her intention, and started moving towards her - and throwing the cardboard box over the edge. "Sorry if it gets hurt!" she yelled, laughing, and dashing away from the officer as he began to radio in of her misdemeanor.

"Thank you, Robinne Hoode!" she heard from behind her, and kept running, pulling her skirts up so that she did not trip over the many puddles. Here in the slums, that was the one thing she was worried about most, but it was rarely an issue.

She stopped running only when she spotted her red corvette parked faithfully along side the road, and jumped into the driver's seat, tossing her dirty shoes into the back - where a layer of plastic waited for moments just like that. The engine responded with a quick turn of the key, and she was swiftly driving her way out of the slums, away from the blaring sirens behind her.

Auðna found herself pulling closer to one hundred mph with every block, and slowed herself down, knowing that the police officers would undoubtedly not care enough to follow her.

Her house - mansion, really, on the edge of the city heart - was just a short ways away; or at least, it was, at the speed she was going. She pulled up into her driveway with a sigh, letting the engine of the car die, and listened to the excited screaming of several dogs. The butler was attempting to quiet them down, but it was simply impossible; as Auðna stepped into the house, she let herself be surrounded, constant licks coming from every direction.

"I, um..." He broke off with a cough. "Auðna, you are scheduled to attend a party this afternoon."

She looked up, curious. "I am?" she questioned. "Oh, yes, I am!"

Auðna hated these parties. Hated it more than the club-owner, she was well aware of. As a former goddess of immortality, the smell of rotten life was unbearable to her. Every night, she drank as much as she could to get past the scent, and every time, the amount of vomit created was equally attained by the scents and the alcohol.

"Go fetch... My purple dress. That would suffice for this evening." He bowed, and was gone in a moment.

Auðna was left petting her favorite dog, Líf; the shih tzu curled his head against her palm, full of bubbly life.