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Odin Gunnlaugsson

"A wise man's heart is seldom cheerful."

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a character in “A God No More”, as played by Candy_




☩ Basics ☩
Name: Oðin Þekki Gunnlaugsson
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Sexual orientations: Bi-sexual


☩ For Gods ☩
God of: War, Death, Poetry and Wisdom
Origin: Norway
A brief summary:


☩ Delving Deeper ☩
Personality: Odin still believes that he is the ''allfather'', and almost acts like it all the time. Being the ruler of Asgard, he sees a ruler authority in himself yet. He hides his emotions as easily as a cloud hides a tree some days, but when he is truly in the mindframe of a ruler, he will hide as easily as he could find it. And, Odin is not afraid to tell you what he sees wrong when he is in this mindframe, but as a lesser child of a club, he will sometimes hide his truth to save a relationship or an emotion.

History: He rose from the slums of New York, and now owns one of the biggest clubs in the city. Naturally, his family was large, but now they spread over the city and rarely regard him as a fatherly figure. Odin himself was raised by abusive parents, but grew past this mar in his childhood and became a tremendous father, or so he likes to pretend. He made do with what he had, but now that he runs the club, he has an extensive amount of money and rarely finds himself squeezing to get by.

Likes: Money, music, family, cheerful times, dancing, singing, partying, and animals. (Specifically dogs and horses. Specially Norwegian Elkhounds.)
Dislikes: Death, sorrow, pain, horror, family, overcrowded by people, being in an uncomfortable situation, feeling pressured strongly enough to do something.

Secrets: He does not like being the ruler. He wants to pass over his crown, but he sees no one to pass it to that is worthy.

Fears: “The singers make much of kings who die valiantly in battle, but your life is worth more than a song.”
"Most Kings lose their Crown with their Head on it."


☩ Relationships ☩
Crush: None..yet.
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: None..yet.
Other Affiliates: He is not acquainted with many, since he is yet to know what has happened to his torn-apart family.
  • Cedric Hiyaku is the DJ of his club. Or, at least, the most prominent.
  • Shirai Konohana works at his club. He has, in his view, a friendly relationship with her; though he knows she feels different, but has accepted this.


☩ The Outside ☩
Height: 6' 3''
Build: Not very muscular, not so much fat, but has a tad bit on the top. Has a strong-sized chest, but thinner arms; and, of course, a pair of manly thighs and manly buns.
Looks: (All over the CS.)
Distinguishing Features: Has a tattoo, on his left shoulder-blade, of a Tower of Asgard. Beneath it is 'embroidered' Odin. On his right shoulder-blade he has a tattoo of a fictional Norse painting of Odin, riding Sleipnir, with Norse embroidered beneath in a personal reminder to himself that ''Most Kings lose their Crown with their Head on it.''


☩ Other ☩
Other: ''A Gift should be repaid with a Like one.'' (-Norse Proverb)


So begins...

Odin Gunnlaugsson's Story


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#, as written by Rann
Shirai Konohana

Shirai sat almost dejectedly on the stone steps. Earlier this morning, before her Botany class (telling her stuff she already knew, but the teacher was still teaching, and Shirai felt bad that she couldn't really try to give him advice. She, after all, had no credentials, so her opinion wasn't worth anything, even if she knew it to be true. This is how humans did it, and her frustration over the rules, to her little mind at least, helped bring her at least a tiny bit closer to humanity as a whole. As you see, she was once the Kami of Sakuras, Konohana Sakuya-Hime, but ever since who knows when, she was stripped of her already limited powers, and separated from her husband. And, perhaps, this was a just punishment for having the gall to be a God in the first, place; to be above the humans at all. The humans who always worked so hard, the humans that were so pure and earnest in their desires. They were precious creatures, and they had happily accepted her as one of them, even with her dubious excuse of amnesia. Specifically, her main friends were two men, Paulo and Jackson, and both of them were enthusiastic and loved to show her how life worked. Like, this high school diploma thing, a certificate for being allowed to enter training for higher end jobs in societies. The concept seemed pretty egalitarian and nice to her- since it was easy enough for her to attain one of these mysterious 'diplomas' with her name on it. A Training Certified Certificate, would be a pretty accurate name for it's use, but well, she was inexperienced after all. Other things her friends introduced the young woman to were things like, say, E, or meth, two strange chemical substances that brought her to this strange alternate dimension. With her two friends, they had a lot of fun unwinding together in that alternate dimension, and she loved taking time during her nights to do that. And they even landed her a job, a pretty lewd job, but a job nonetheless, to work and show off her body at this Odin's nightclub. It was probably the only thing Shirai disliked about integrating as a human, but she had to do it, after all. To repay her debt. And it was nice to know that there was at least one other god in this new world with her; Odin, although since she lived in stealth, he probably didn't know that she herself was a god, once upon a time.

A car drove right up to her and honked- it was her friends. Paulo called her up, calling her girlie, a name in which she felt a strange fluttery feeling about- and opened the car door, allowing her into the passenger seat. Jackson was in back, doing some sort of last minute homework for one of his various bird courses- easy courses, he told her, when she asked what the meant. A class meant for the not as skilled people, who wanted an easy way to finish their training. Shirai figured it was a just system, so everyone had an equal chance to complete training, even if they lack skills that others have. Shirai, of course, had forgone all the 'bird' courses, and instead opted for the more difficult ones, and is probably way over her head. Most people in training, dubbed 'students', went to parties, and had adventures in that strange alternate dimension an a daily basis, and she had no idea how they could fit time to do that, and study at the same time. She figured that humans were a beautiful, hard working species.

So, doing dances in front of the intoxicated men at the night club was nothing in comparison, right? She had to pull her weight, after all. Even though she loathed, and felt so uncomfortable after each session, and felt the intense need to bathe and scrub all inches of her skin after. Sure, there was a 'no touch' policy, but, well, she wouldn't report it if someone did want to put their hands on her, and the rumor eventually circulated that she was okay with it. When she brought it up to her friends, Paulo just laughed and shrugged as he cut into another lane in front of an old lady, who shook her well-manicured wrist angrily at the young men. Jackson said that it was only natural for men to want to touch girls, and to just let them do it. Shirai noted it down in her 'cell phone', what seemed to be a pseudo-magical device that allowed transmission of data back and forth between other vectors. She stared intensively at the small screen as her little thumbs fiddled with the keys.

"I'm sorry for... you know, for asking these questions all the time." She said feebly. "Thank you for always putting up with it."

Finally they arrived at her work. Tonight there would be a pretty big party, filled with high name visitors, and Jackson figured it was a great opportunity for Shirai to get more coverage with the higher class customers. It was a good business, after all, do do your best when the best were watching. Shirai could just pretend it was the same as always, and hope that they would be refined enough not to touch. She gave a small wave to her employer, Odin, before entering his office.

"Odin-sama." She stammered nervously, cupping her hands behind her back in a naturally submissive position. "Um, I, uh. I'm here, reporting for work! Please take care of me- yoroshiku onegaishimasu!" She then bowed deeply, and turned to get dressed for the big occasion, if the skimpy things could be considered clothing.


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#, as written by Candy_

Oðin was dreaming in his bed, sound asleep, laying his head against a blue silk pillow. His hair was scattered amongst his blankets, blown apart by the winds of Åsgård, as he remembered himself standing in his old tower.

"And… You tell me of this why?’’ he whispered, fists trembling with anger. Loki had confused his crows, though they clearly understood that what they were telling Oðin was wrong; just another set to throw him off the path of Idulna. "You help me in no way, friends. Part and find.’’

He had given them no time to answer, between his own responses, and turned away from the edge of the tower as the two crows took flight. The winds of Åsgård were blowing against himself, and he took a deep breath.

’’Aståra! To me, now! We ride for – ‘’

‘’Odin, would you just wake up already?’’

He was sitting up straight in a heart-beat, and the maid screamed, clutching a hand over her heart.

’’Oh, diablo, you scared me!’’ she exhaled, collapsing slightly. ’’Sir, you asked me to wake you up at this time. Your assistant also asked for me to remind you that there’s that major party tonight, at your club.’’ She seemed curious herself about what it was; but she simply curtseyed slightly, and rushed out of his bed room.

Oðin scratched at his face, feeling particularly bothered now. ’’Perhaps I owe her more than I give her credit for,’’ he whispered, shaking his hair out as he gently pushed his legs over the side of the bed.

He had on his favorite pair of sweatpants, a plaid-patterned red and black mess with fur lining on the inside. It was truly a thing of comfort, something he could never have had in Åsgård; something that he would have given up to be at his true home, though.

The draw-strings were pulled at, until the unstable ribbon-tied bow was dissolved. He would have to change soon, after all; whenever his assistant reminded him of something, it was in but a few hours.

Finding a suitable tuxedo, black with a nice white undershirt – per usual – and a pocket watch, Oðin changed into the pompous mess quickly. He pondered the benefits of a shower; for only a few moments, deciding he was especially lazy at that time.

Oðin was met by his assistant as he walked out of the bedroom, flipping his pocket watch absentmindedly and trying to finish the last few buttons on his over coat. She was sitting on his leather couch, one leg pulled over the other, smiling. ’’Goðan daggin! Your workers are waiting at the club.’’

He frowned, staring, and then watched the maid as she danced over the kitchen tiles. ’’How did you get in…?’’ he asked, focusing in on the woman again.

’’She let me in,’’ came the reply, as if it was truly nothing. ’’But, your people are in due need of you, Norwegian. Get to it.’’

’’I´d sooner see a pink raven,’’ he hissed, as he always did when he was asked to take orders.

’’It’ll be on your desk when you arrive.’’ She was standing by the door, now; she winked, and disappeared through the oaken shield.

Oðin gave a loud huff, blowing some of his hair past his shoulders, and decidedly picked up his keys. He may as well just drive to the club; usually, he ran with his dogs, but Þórrinn was nowhere to be seen at the moment. He assumed the elkhound was just outside, waiting to be let back in for his daily jog.

’’Elska, my dear,’’ he called, swinging the keys on his fingers before diving through the same portal that his assistant had just dashed through. He heard the straggling call of a response from the maid as it swung shut, and shrugged, turning to the stairs himself.

Someday, I will need a reminder of why I still host these parties. It is truly a disgrace to myself… And such a waste of time. The sickening scent of lost powers. It almost drives me to shutting down that poor place.

He was standing in the lobby room now, with a silent attendant tapping keys before her computer. Oðin gave no attempt for conversation, instead wandering across the cream tiles to find his way towards the parking ramps.

His own car, a black-colored Ferrari, was waiting close by the door. The lights blinked momentarily, and he jumped in behind the driver’s seat, feeling a small burst of pleasure as the engine roared to life.

’’Odin-sama. Um, I, uh. I'm here, reporting for work! Please take care of me- yoroshiku onegaishimasu!’’

Oðin had not realised he was in the club until Shirai spoke to him, then disappeared. He blinked, nodding after her, and looked around himself. He was already beginning to smell the... God scent? He had no name for it; after all, he had never found use for it naming before.

Momentarily questioning whether Shirai could have been the one – preposterous; absolutely preposterous, he thought to himself – Oðin disappeared into his office. He would wait until the DJ showed up.

He grinned at the pink stuffed raven that was sitting upon his desk.


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Cedric had been hanging out in a coffee for some time, but today, something made him a bit pissed. He was working with his laptop for some latest song that he really, but as he was going to take the cup to sip on the coffee, some idiot bumped into his elbow, and it ended that the coffee was all dripped over his laptop. At first, it was all alright, but then the computer fried. He didn't even say anything; he just hit his forehead on the table, not even caring if the stupid one excused himself. Then, he was pulled away as his laptop got on fire. At the end, the coffee shop was on fire. For a while, he admired the glow of the fire vivid glow. It was scary for something so beautiful could kill someone.

But he would kill that guy; it was a really good track. Plus, since he wasn't on the cloud, it wasn't saved. Such a bad day.

Fortunately, he had a back up laptop. It would have been bad if he got in his new job without one. They had cdj, but he didn't use much cd's. Besides, he would need to burn them with a new laptop. Any ways, tonight, he was working at his new job. There was some nightclub that needed a new dj, and so he tried out. Even though he never went to clubs, he felt that it would be a nice thing to try. Of course, he wasn't the only one, but what is special is that he's opening the show. He was a bit stressed out.

Since he didn't wanted to be late, he arrived very early before the big party. As he would expect, the others didn't arrive. He threw his bag down on the couch that was in the small lounge for the djs, like some kind of green room. Taking out his laptop, he walked up to the main stage, where most of the equipment is. There is one rule that he was told about; anything up there is free to use. If you see something that you like, feel free to use it. It was just something to make sure that everyone was equal, since there were a lot of stuff. Namely the nice cdj-2000nexus, traktor s4, rmx-1000, and so on. He wondered how much money have been put in that stuff. The cdjs alone is already a couple of thousands.

Oh well, he had to report to his boss. But he gave a last look at the club, thinking that the money spent in that kind of building does fit the man's lifestyle. By that he meant that he was obviously rich, and probably richer than Cedric could think. He walked back in the backstage into the lounge; still nobody. Are they going to be late because he was starting his set? Whatever happens, he was ready to rock the night, and the day if it has to come to this. He smirked a bit as he left the place, going down to the office.

He was well-informed about the party tonight. It wasn't like any; apparently, important people will be there. While parties aren't meant to be formal, he could help but dress well tonight. He was wearing a black waistcoat, a dark red dress shirt, black pants, and more casual black shoes. He also had a black tie. Cedric had to be comfortable but somewhat formal, since he'll be standing most of the time.

When he enterred into the office, he smiled to his boss. "Hello, how are you? I'm guessing you were awaiting for your employees to report." He really didn't know what to say; it was the first time he had a 'real job'.


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#, as written by Candy_

Oðin was sitting behind his desk - not that he ever really had much use for it, but sometimes, it was beneficial - and reading about some flute prodigy that had just sprung up out of nowhere in the Middle East. Really, he could not imagine why she had gotten such a center of attention; he had seen more than ''prodigies'' in his lifetime, he had seen works of art created and thrown back down because someone did not fit the liking of the person who discovered their talents.

"Hello, how are you? I'm guessing you were awaiting for your employees to report."

He put the newspaper down, sliding off his glasses with a fake smile, and nodded. "Ah, yes. I assume you must be Cedric, then?" He quickly gestured to a chair, lingering a foot or so before the desk. "Please, sit down. I have but a few questions to ask of you before the night starts."

Oðin pondered for a moment, looking back down at the article, before his attention re-focused to Cedric. "I would guess that you have already looked at our stage here. Is everything to your likes? I would be certain there is enough time to get something you would be in need of, should that be an issue."

What would the chances be that I've found someone who is a...'prodigy'? I wouldn't turn him away, but...

"And, at that, I would request a chance to listen to one or two of your mixes. Not an issue, I trust?"


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Cedric nodded as he sat down on the seat that his boss gestured to. He kept his hands to himself; he would usually take a mudane object and play with it, like a kid. He wasn't much stressed and kept a smile on his face as his boss asked some question. "I think there is everything that a DJ would ever dream off up there, so I'm pretty sure that everything is good for my part."

Although, Cedric almost lost his straight face at the next question. Of course, there was a problem with it, but he couldn't just say plainly no. The problem was because he hadn't backed up his files on the laptop he just brought, and probably everything he had done in the mean time got up in fire. It was a bummer, but he needed to be sure of himself this time. "Of course not," he said, once satisfied of his calmness "I'm sure I can come up with some thing."

Once he came up to the stage, he felt his heart rushed. He hadn't been able to set up properly, but he was sure that the USB hub that connected every piece of technology on the stage would help. He would install his laptop on the stand assigned for it and connected only one USB jack into it. He saw as the lights shuffled around to tell the user that it was ready. He opened up his software, Traktor, and dropped a quick patch for the S4. It was designed for the S2, but he guessed it wouldn't change much. In the same time, he assigned the nexus-2000 to check for the laptop for the program; it will help to be on his library.

As he began his mix, it seems like all worries go off his mind and started with an introductory remix. Cedric had been working on for  a while, and he thought it would be good for warming up the floor instead of quickly jumping into the bigger sounds. He smiled as the sound was omnipresent in the entirety of the room he was in. For the beginning, he didn't need of the headphones, since it was only the timing with what people heard is important. However, in the middle of introductory, when it seems to be in its peak, he saw that the nexus-2000 were now synchronised with the library he had, He reached over two of them with one hand to load up tracks into them. He quickly followed the now energetic mood of the song into the other mix. His movement stayed fluid even in the dead times; his chest pumped to the beat of the song since it help him to be with the song tempo. At the end of that very mix, he came back to his remix, where the tone had now down, calmer, to bring down the energy of the room.

Once it ended, he stroke a satisfying smile towards his boss. "Will that be enough?" He seemed to be sure of himself, but inside of him, he was worried.



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#, as written by Candy_

Oðin gave a pleased smile. He could never be sure what was up to date and what was not, with technology constantly changing; how much it had already given, and how much it had yet to give. He would be interested to see where it could go yet.

He felt, for some reason, that Cedric was uncomfortable playing a tune or two for him - he was not sure why. He never pinned these straying thoughts, they flew out like words in a poetry book and could never be pushed back to an origin.

Walking through the club, Oðin felt at home once more; the pure pleasure that reminded him why he still ran this joint. It was low down, for him, there were so much better - and yet, it made him feel so worthless. Just another reminder that there's less of a God within me. As it was said, A God just watches us and kills us once we become boring... He looked around himself, hoping he did not speak out of turn, and turned his focus back to the music that was playing.

"I don't know much, but this is certainly a change from the last DJ we had..." He grinned, shaking his head softly. The old one was a mess, to be said nicely - always on a new drug, each time he came in.

Oðin found himself lost in the sound.

"Will that be enough?"

He looked up, slightly startled to be finding himself standing in the floor, and nodded. "Yes. That was more than acceptable. Forgive me, however, more important matters have come to mind... Preparation for tonight seems to be bigger every night. Please, feel free to make yourself at home, organize as you wish; and, should you so choose, the bar will be open for a while."

Oðin bowed - a surprise to himself! So much for this...godliness - to Cedric, and turned around, walking away swiftly. He had no matters he could think of. He only wanted to escape, feeling sick for reasons he could not imagine.