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Shirai Konohana

"Um, well. Hello... it's... nice to meet you."

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a character in “A God No More”, as played by Rann


☩ Basics ☩
Name: Konohana Shirai
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Sexual orientations: Bisexual

☩ For Gods ☩
God of: Cherry Blossoms
Origin: Japan
A brief summary: Daughter of the God of the mountain, and married to Ninigi. She got pregnant after a single night, and, accused of being a Kami, set fire to a hut with her inside while pregnant, and came out unscathed, proving her heritage. Apparently can stop Mount Fuji from erupting if praying to her shrines. She doesn’t really have any powers otherwise, being a relatively minor deity.
☩ Delving Deeper ☩

Personality:Shirai is incredibly shy and submissive, easily seen as a pushover by her peers. It's almost as if she's trying to make up for something, in that she does her best to do what anyone tells her to, regardless of if she benefits from it or not. She apologizes far too often, and, as others around her can attest, she's honest too a fault, and way too easy to manipulate. She knows this all to well, of course, but it doesn't change the fact that she does do it; and out of guilt, as well. She feels inferior to everything, the humans, for possibly being the reason why their lives are so short and fleeting, as well as the other former gods, who have much more power than she does. In a tense situation, she'd be the first to volunteer to sacrifice herself, and the last to claim the glory and recognition for overcoming it.

History: Konohana, actually, adjusted pretty quickly to her power loss compared to most other Gods, seeing as how she didn't have much power in the first place. In the contrary, she actually believes that this change was a good thing, maybe a chance to make it up to humanity for making their lives so quickly ended. So, she decided right then, that her way of paying back humanity would be to show them the beauty of nature, and help to restore the planet through flowers. The first step to this path is University, so, pretending to be a newly graduated high school student, and illegally (she didn't know any better!) acquired a diploma, Konohana began her first step. She eventually plans to use what remains of her power to replenish the rain forests around the globe.

>Metal Music
>Making others happy
>Hearing 'thank you'

>Wasting anything
>Herself, to some extent
Secrets: Konohana is also trying to look for her older sister, Iwanaga, and apologize for taking the man she loved.
Fears: Konohana, inexplicably, fears the smell of rotting plants. It's a necessary biological function, but that doesn't change the fact that it terrifies her and gives her nightmares for days after. Konohana also has the intense fear of losing faith in humanity. Because once she figures that humans aren't worth paying back, Konohana will lose her driving reason for trying so hard.
☩ Relationships ☩
Crush: I-I'm sorry, I don't have time for crushes!
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Well, she had a husband, but who knows where he ended up after being degodified
Other Affiliates: She was pressured into working at the local night club by some men at her university, and doesn't have the self confidence to talk her way into quitting. Strangely, she shares a tense and awkward yet almost but not really friendly relationship with Odin.
☩ The Outside ☩
Height: 4'8"
Build: Short and lean
Looks: Konohana gives off the feeling of ephemeral innocent cuteness, that may disappear any second if handled the wrong way, befitting her name, and also suiting her personality as well. She has fair, yet messy black hair, thin and angular limbs, and a bright, gentle smile that can cheer up most anyone's day. Konohana looks easily approached, as well as easy to intimidate, often drawing the wrong kind of attention, and not knowing how to get out of it. Strangely enough, some people, when getting near her, can very faintly smell the scent of a cherry blossom; far too faintly to be perfume, but too strong to be counted as simply the imagination.
Distinguishing Features: On the back of her neck is what looks like a tattoo of a cherry blossom, light and pink.
☩ Other ☩
Other: She has special permission to have the highest tech hydroponic garden for her cherry blossoms to live, in her dorm.

So begins...

Shirai Konohana's Story


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#, as written by Rann
Shirai Konohana

Shirai sat almost dejectedly on the stone steps. Earlier this morning, before her Botany class (telling her stuff she already knew, but the teacher was still teaching, and Shirai felt bad that she couldn't really try to give him advice. She, after all, had no credentials, so her opinion wasn't worth anything, even if she knew it to be true. This is how humans did it, and her frustration over the rules, to her little mind at least, helped bring her at least a tiny bit closer to humanity as a whole. As you see, she was once the Kami of Sakuras, Konohana Sakuya-Hime, but ever since who knows when, she was stripped of her already limited powers, and separated from her husband. And, perhaps, this was a just punishment for having the gall to be a God in the first, place; to be above the humans at all. The humans who always worked so hard, the humans that were so pure and earnest in their desires. They were precious creatures, and they had happily accepted her as one of them, even with her dubious excuse of amnesia. Specifically, her main friends were two men, Paulo and Jackson, and both of them were enthusiastic and loved to show her how life worked. Like, this high school diploma thing, a certificate for being allowed to enter training for higher end jobs in societies. The concept seemed pretty egalitarian and nice to her- since it was easy enough for her to attain one of these mysterious 'diplomas' with her name on it. A Training Certified Certificate, would be a pretty accurate name for it's use, but well, she was inexperienced after all. Other things her friends introduced the young woman to were things like, say, E, or meth, two strange chemical substances that brought her to this strange alternate dimension. With her two friends, they had a lot of fun unwinding together in that alternate dimension, and she loved taking time during her nights to do that. And they even landed her a job, a pretty lewd job, but a job nonetheless, to work and show off her body at this Odin's nightclub. It was probably the only thing Shirai disliked about integrating as a human, but she had to do it, after all. To repay her debt. And it was nice to know that there was at least one other god in this new world with her; Odin, although since she lived in stealth, he probably didn't know that she herself was a god, once upon a time.

A car drove right up to her and honked- it was her friends. Paulo called her up, calling her girlie, a name in which she felt a strange fluttery feeling about- and opened the car door, allowing her into the passenger seat. Jackson was in back, doing some sort of last minute homework for one of his various bird courses- easy courses, he told her, when she asked what the meant. A class meant for the not as skilled people, who wanted an easy way to finish their training. Shirai figured it was a just system, so everyone had an equal chance to complete training, even if they lack skills that others have. Shirai, of course, had forgone all the 'bird' courses, and instead opted for the more difficult ones, and is probably way over her head. Most people in training, dubbed 'students', went to parties, and had adventures in that strange alternate dimension an a daily basis, and she had no idea how they could fit time to do that, and study at the same time. She figured that humans were a beautiful, hard working species.

So, doing dances in front of the intoxicated men at the night club was nothing in comparison, right? She had to pull her weight, after all. Even though she loathed, and felt so uncomfortable after each session, and felt the intense need to bathe and scrub all inches of her skin after. Sure, there was a 'no touch' policy, but, well, she wouldn't report it if someone did want to put their hands on her, and the rumor eventually circulated that she was okay with it. When she brought it up to her friends, Paulo just laughed and shrugged as he cut into another lane in front of an old lady, who shook her well-manicured wrist angrily at the young men. Jackson said that it was only natural for men to want to touch girls, and to just let them do it. Shirai noted it down in her 'cell phone', what seemed to be a pseudo-magical device that allowed transmission of data back and forth between other vectors. She stared intensively at the small screen as her little thumbs fiddled with the keys.

"I'm sorry for... you know, for asking these questions all the time." She said feebly. "Thank you for always putting up with it."

Finally they arrived at her work. Tonight there would be a pretty big party, filled with high name visitors, and Jackson figured it was a great opportunity for Shirai to get more coverage with the higher class customers. It was a good business, after all, do do your best when the best were watching. Shirai could just pretend it was the same as always, and hope that they would be refined enough not to touch. She gave a small wave to her employer, Odin, before entering his office.

"Odin-sama." She stammered nervously, cupping her hands behind her back in a naturally submissive position. "Um, I, uh. I'm here, reporting for work! Please take care of me- yoroshiku onegaishimasu!" She then bowed deeply, and turned to get dressed for the big occasion, if the skimpy things could be considered clothing.


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#, as written by Candy_

Oðin was dreaming in his bed, sound asleep, laying his head against a blue silk pillow. His hair was scattered amongst his blankets, blown apart by the winds of Åsgård, as he remembered himself standing in his old tower.

"And… You tell me of this why?’’ he whispered, fists trembling with anger. Loki had confused his crows, though they clearly understood that what they were telling Oðin was wrong; just another set to throw him off the path of Idulna. "You help me in no way, friends. Part and find.’’

He had given them no time to answer, between his own responses, and turned away from the edge of the tower as the two crows took flight. The winds of Åsgård were blowing against himself, and he took a deep breath.

’’Aståra! To me, now! We ride for – ‘’

‘’Odin, would you just wake up already?’’

He was sitting up straight in a heart-beat, and the maid screamed, clutching a hand over her heart.

’’Oh, diablo, you scared me!’’ she exhaled, collapsing slightly. ’’Sir, you asked me to wake you up at this time. Your assistant also asked for me to remind you that there’s that major party tonight, at your club.’’ She seemed curious herself about what it was; but she simply curtseyed slightly, and rushed out of his bed room.

Oðin scratched at his face, feeling particularly bothered now. ’’Perhaps I owe her more than I give her credit for,’’ he whispered, shaking his hair out as he gently pushed his legs over the side of the bed.

He had on his favorite pair of sweatpants, a plaid-patterned red and black mess with fur lining on the inside. It was truly a thing of comfort, something he could never have had in Åsgård; something that he would have given up to be at his true home, though.

The draw-strings were pulled at, until the unstable ribbon-tied bow was dissolved. He would have to change soon, after all; whenever his assistant reminded him of something, it was in but a few hours.

Finding a suitable tuxedo, black with a nice white undershirt – per usual – and a pocket watch, Oðin changed into the pompous mess quickly. He pondered the benefits of a shower; for only a few moments, deciding he was especially lazy at that time.

Oðin was met by his assistant as he walked out of the bedroom, flipping his pocket watch absentmindedly and trying to finish the last few buttons on his over coat. She was sitting on his leather couch, one leg pulled over the other, smiling. ’’Goðan daggin! Your workers are waiting at the club.’’

He frowned, staring, and then watched the maid as she danced over the kitchen tiles. ’’How did you get in…?’’ he asked, focusing in on the woman again.

’’She let me in,’’ came the reply, as if it was truly nothing. ’’But, your people are in due need of you, Norwegian. Get to it.’’

’’I´d sooner see a pink raven,’’ he hissed, as he always did when he was asked to take orders.

’’It’ll be on your desk when you arrive.’’ She was standing by the door, now; she winked, and disappeared through the oaken shield.

Oðin gave a loud huff, blowing some of his hair past his shoulders, and decidedly picked up his keys. He may as well just drive to the club; usually, he ran with his dogs, but Þórrinn was nowhere to be seen at the moment. He assumed the elkhound was just outside, waiting to be let back in for his daily jog.

’’Elska, my dear,’’ he called, swinging the keys on his fingers before diving through the same portal that his assistant had just dashed through. He heard the straggling call of a response from the maid as it swung shut, and shrugged, turning to the stairs himself.

Someday, I will need a reminder of why I still host these parties. It is truly a disgrace to myself… And such a waste of time. The sickening scent of lost powers. It almost drives me to shutting down that poor place.

He was standing in the lobby room now, with a silent attendant tapping keys before her computer. Oðin gave no attempt for conversation, instead wandering across the cream tiles to find his way towards the parking ramps.

His own car, a black-colored Ferrari, was waiting close by the door. The lights blinked momentarily, and he jumped in behind the driver’s seat, feeling a small burst of pleasure as the engine roared to life.

’’Odin-sama. Um, I, uh. I'm here, reporting for work! Please take care of me- yoroshiku onegaishimasu!’’

Oðin had not realised he was in the club until Shirai spoke to him, then disappeared. He blinked, nodding after her, and looked around himself. He was already beginning to smell the... God scent? He had no name for it; after all, he had never found use for it naming before.

Momentarily questioning whether Shirai could have been the one – preposterous; absolutely preposterous, he thought to himself – Oðin disappeared into his office. He would wait until the DJ showed up.

He grinned at the pink stuffed raven that was sitting upon his desk.


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#, as written by Rann
Shirai Konohana

The changing room was rather filled, other dancers and strippers gathered and preparing. Shirai, well, she was pretty thoroughly confused by the whole ritual. what was the point of putting these skimpy leather pieces if you'd just take them off in front of everyone? Wouldn't it be more practical, as well as conserve more energy, to just go up naked? And obviously the little cloth bits weren't for modesty or anything like that- the other girls seemed almost excited to be getting naked in front of many men. Shirai couldn't fathom how anyone could enjoy the lewd and indecent act, but it's not as if she had any say in the matter. It was part of her repentance, after all. She had to make up for her hubris and her pride, as soon as possible.

"Hey, Shirai." One of the louder and more promiscuous girls called to her, a sweet little smile plastered on her face, "Why you even here, doll? You don't really fit in with the rest of us, y'know?" What was her name, Alex? It was Alex, right? Two other girls turned their heads, interested in Shirai's response. And it wasn't as if the environment with the girls was bad or anything- there was certainly competitions and sabotages and trying to look better, but since none of them really would feel right in trying to do anything against the submissive Shirai, they all treated her kindly and gently enough.

"Uh, I just need the money." Shirai said quietly, evenly, and the other girls just sort of stared at her in disbelief. One specifically walked up to the flower girl and grabbed her by the head, still in a friendly manner.

"Yo, yo." Bree laughed. "You're joking, right? You're smart, girl, not like the rest of us. No idea why you're in this dump!"

A chorus of laughter as Shirai shrunk into her little corner, already feeling naked and vulnerable enough, How could the other girls go around and flaunt their bodies so easily like that; so comfortably? It made no sense. Way back, women were modest... and protected. No good man would let girls like this treat their bodies like a thing to be bought and leered at. And most unfathomable of all, why was little Shirai doing it, too? Every time, when walking onto that stage, she felt like throwing up, it was so revolting and against her nature. But, it was no worse than dying had to be... and she had subjected humans to death for all eternity. Suffering in a night club was the least she could do.

"I bet little Shirai's secretly a total slut!" Alex and company let out a cacophony of laughter, and Shirai managed a weak little grin, feeling edified for at least being able to create laughter for the fellow girls at the nightclub.

She stood up and bowed deeply. "I'm glad to have been able to make you happy." She said politely. "Thanks for being friends with me, minna dou itashimashite!"

These are my precious friends. I hope life gives them enough luck that they won't have to do this to their bodies anymore.

"Party should be up in a bit, guys." Alex said, yelling as if she were the leader of the girl's changing room. "Let's put on a good show, everyone! And dude, Shirai, stop it with the random Japanese, none of us know what the fuck you're saying."

More kind-hearted laughter. Shirai kept her head down and hoped the night could be over soon, almost terrified of going on the stage.