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Nabi Abielle.

"I will not forgive."

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a character in “A Gothic Fairytale”, as played by YooHooYummyTummy


Nabi Mort Abielle
It is only when I am awake, that my nightmares haunt me.


Basic Information;

Full Name:
Nabi Mort Abielle (Na-bee M-or-t A-bee-ell-a).


Appearance Age:
19 years of Age.

Real Age:
19 years of Age.

The Sleeping Beauty.

Theme Song
Tinkerbell by Ga In (Guy- Een) How character feels about-
Her ghost; she has more physical power at night than the day.
Would It Matter. by Skillet. How character feels about-
How she feels when the towns people shunned her.

Faceless by RED How character feels about-
How she feels about her descision to commit suicide.

Monster by BigBang How character feels about-
What she feels like screaming.

The Immortal Prince.


†The Color Of Blood.
†Death (She finds it intriguing).
†History of the Supernatural.


†Judgement of Anykind.
†All of those whom had judged her (She has a strong hatred towards them).

A Little More Personal;

Scares, Tattoos, Piercings

Nabi means Butterfly in Korean, yet her middle name, Mort, means Death in French; her name is both, tarnished and glorified- as well as her looks. Nabi is about 5’6ft and weighs only about 110lbs; her figure only visible if she is wearing little to no clothes. Her skin is a pale, cream colour that is untarnished; her dark, short hair only reaches to her neck, creating a frame around her V-shaped face. A tarnished feature that is one of the few reasons she was banded, is her eyes; they spike a red tint that laminates more in the night. The other reason is her blood; one drop could kill a small elephant. Nabi is often wearing a brown and white dress that just goes rgith below her knees; it isn't much, in fact, fairly poor people often wear this style of clothing.

Nabi would’ve been born into the lap of luxury; if only she was born normal. It’s her mother’s entire fault; everything is her fault, hers and that damned man whom she should call her father’s fault. Everything is their fault; everything.

Nabi’s mother was pregnant with Nabi at the time; in fact, she was three months into her pregnancy. They were extremely happy that finally, she was pregnant and hoping that it was a boy, they could finally have successor to the family business. The family business; it was one of the most successful of the nation. They made millions off of putting others in debt and taking everything they owned; you cannot spell business without sin- or so they say. It was their everything, and a son to be born and continue it was their dream; or at least until the business suddenly went bankrupt after an employee stole a large sum of money. A bank going bankrupt; picture that!

The family, being completely devastated that they were now not only poor, but hated among, couldn’t live another day being like peasants; so they sought after a witch- a powerful witch. They pleaded to her to let the family business become once again successful. At first, the witch was completely against it; but money changes everything. Money is now what choses whether a child shall live or not; it’s surprising how paper and coins can be worth more than a life. They bargain that if she helps them and return everything back to the way it was before, they’d pay her half of the profit that they made; counting that they were rich with even a quarter of the money they made, it was a lot.

The witch agreed; within three days, everything was normal. They awoke in their usual, Egyptian silk beds and had their usual maid come and served them scones and caviar for breakfast; it was perfect. Her parents really thought they were too smart; not only did they not pay the witch back, but also took everything from her and had her arrested for witch craft. Furious, the witch cursed not only them for giving birth to such a child, but the child itself. “The child will have a devil within her; she will have red eyes that glow in the night and poison blood, which kills with one touch.”

The curse had become true, and a daughter with red eyes that glow at night and poison blood that kills with one touch. At this site, both, her parents and her where shunned. Afraid of what might happen if they killed her, they sent her away with a maid to live in a shack by the wolves’ territory and titled her with the name of Mort; French for ‘death’. Before she was a year old, Nabi had been rejected by everyone except the maid; yes, it’s surprising that there are souls like her, her name… it was so easy to forget, yet so simple- Kim.

It was as if Kim was Nabi’s angel; she changed Nabi’s name from Mort to Nabi, which was butterfly in Korean. Because she was afraid of what might happened if she took Mort out totally, Kim left it in, just as her middle name. Like a mother with unconditional love, Kim cared for her; all the way up until Nabi’s tenth birthday. The day where she passed away, and the day Nabi learned everything. All of this time, Kim had kept her from entering the city, the town, anywhere near civilization; but today, she was to learn. Nabi was out playing games in the forest, pretending she was a princess as usual, while Kim was fixing lunch; just a modest lunch of bread and fruit found in the forest- the type the poor eat.

Nabi fell, scraping her knee; because she was so young, her first reaction was to let out a cry. If only Nabi had looked at the area where she fell, perhaps she’d be alright now; how patch was nothing- even the rich soil that was provided there was dried like desert sand. Nabi ran inside and told Kim; of course, Kim’s reaction was to avoid it. She told Nabi to wash it off; Nabi did so but because of her hand on it, trying to stop it from bleeding, blood had gotten on her hand.

The last warm touch Kim where to receive was that of child’s hands that had a drop of blood on it. Such a small thing, yet it was so terrifying. How could such tiny things kill us? Aren’t we one of the top species who are like cockroaches and won’t die? Humans must remember how fragile they actually are. Within seconds, Kim hit the ground, tumbling everything from the bread to the knife down with her. Nabi, who was frightened at such a thing, touched her even more; trying to wake her. The site of Kim’s lifeless, open eyes scared her even more. Nabi headed towards the city. Despite her bleeding leg, she ran.

Though, instead of receiving help when she gotten there, people looked at her in fear; all they did was run. Eventually, they resulted in throwing tomatoes and other food items at her; from actually food to trash that lied in the street. Stunned from their reaction, she was confused; until it all made sense at the sentence, “Go back to hell you devil.” It hit her harder than the brick that knocked her against her forehead; she killed Kim and she was no longer welcomed in life. God hated her and she was welcomed into the devil’s kin.

When Nabi awoken, she was back at the hut, her cuts all crusty and not cared for, as if they left her to die; oh wait, they did. Ever since, she’s been alone, yet she tried not to let that get her down; occasionally, they would send a knight or a maid to care for her. Despite the maid not speaking, the knight, not afraid of her because he had ‘protection’ would often tell her stories and tells of their adventures. Everything stopped at the age of 15 though. It was as if they had forgotten her.

Nabi wouldn’t dare go back into the city, so she lived in complete solitude for four more years. She couldn’t take it. Not anymore. Her will has been strong until now. Nabi was going completely insane; to the point where she’d rather die than be alone for one more day. That’s right. What has she left to live for? Why was she living in the first place? She didn’t have any reason in particular. Nabi was forbidden to leave her hut, so why just end it here? Perhaps she’d be reborn into something her name; a beautiful and envied butterfly. That sure sounds nice.

The bath water was warm and the weather was beautiful; it was perfect. She unrobed herself and climbed inside the steaming water. Fear curdled down Nabi’s throat as she bathed herself, her hands running against her bare skin for the last time. She had wondered what it was like to be held by a man; so, Nabi tried to experiment with herself as she washed herself. Her hands roaming against her body as sunk deeper into the bath; she began to think if it really matter, her death that is. Nabi doubted that others would miss her, so she made herself certain that is was the only way out. After her bath, Nabi made herself an extravagant meal with all of the ingredients that she could find. It was absolutely delicious. Each bite made her stomach dance against her emotions, as if there was a reason to keep living.

Afterwards, she changed out of her rags and into her best gown she could find. The dress elegantly complimented her curves; it was Kim’s church gown. A smile peered onto Nabi’s lips before her hands shot towards her face. Whether it was out of happiness, fear or grief, Nabi cried; her tears swelling up her face as she brushed her long hair. “I always wanted to see myself with short hair…” She said through her tears. It would only be about time. Nabi cut her hair short and applied on the best makeup she could find; looking close to the princess she always wanted to be- finally, she could be it, right? Nabi was determined to die elegantly, to die with beauty. With her best shoes on, she held four red berries.

Four red berries; beautiful berries actually. They look similar to cherries in their upmost bloom; trying to attract attention. Nabi lied down on her bed and looked at the berries, the sunlight beaming off of them perfectly. They seemed so small and pretty. Another smile peered onto her face as she ate one. “I’m really weak.” She said, eating another. First, a headache swept over her, before pain coursed through her body, causing her to cringe a little; though, it wasn’t long before pain caused her to feel as light at air, and she kept her smile as the sun set.

Night fell and Nabi lied still in her bed; beautifully and elegantly. She was finally free, right? Free from her pain, right?


Nabi is a quiet girl whom possesses no reason to speak; she is quiet and dark natured. Often of the times, she ponders about death; despite knowing the feeling herself, she is still quite inexperienced herself. Ever since her attempt at suicide, she has been curious about death even more; more in others than herself. Nabi is curious in general; never able to keep to herself or always going off on her own to investigate things herself. By herself, always alone; Nabi’s greatest fears. Despite being it being her greatest fear when she was fully awake and alive, she now partially enjoys it; it’s like a friend that will never go away. Loneliness has been there since the beginning, and now that she had attempted suicide, it strides within more than ever.

Yet, even though it’s deeply wedged in her heart, she can never stand it too long; Nabi is sensual. She explores her sensuality and sexuality ever since she left her body; she will do things that will even give the gargoyles goose bumps. Though, it isn’t just pure sensuality, she’s classy about it; it’s almost as if she tries to be classy, yet, she doesn’t. It is probably one of the reasons why she hates her lingering ‘friend’ the most; she knows that no matter what, she’ll be alone; thus, causing depression and exploration. Despite her depression, Nabi always seems blunt; careful not to show her emotions. It makes her look almost cautious of everything; which she is. She is always cautious. Because of this, Nabi has many thoughts that she doesn’t make public; thoughts that are often conflicting with her emotions or contradicting each other; if one heard her thoughts, they would think she was bipolar- which would be strongly false. Nabi is just a heavy thinker; one who thinks often for a long while without saying much- her thoughts often keep her company.

Another contribute to her cautiousness, is the fact that when night falls upon the land, Nabi has a bit more power, and thus, is able to grasps and hold onto things as well as move them; yet, she is still unseen to most. Because of this, she often careful of whom she is by; fore, the wrong person where to discover her, she’d have to try and commit suicide again- she doesn’t want that. Nabi has learned her lesson, yet, perhaps the thing that keeps her from entering her body once more, is that fact. She has a powerful hatered to those who judge; including those of where she came from. If anything, Nabi does not want to return there; in fact, she wants to destroy that place. She keeps a strong grudge to those who cross her; that hatred could very well be the reason of why she cannot enter her body- why every attempt to reenter her body fails. Though, it isn’t all that bad; at least not she is invisible. Nabi doesn’t like bringing much attention to herself by the public. She hates it; she’d rather be invisible and only be known by a few people- perhaps four or five.

Because of her strong grudge against those who cross her, Nabi often gets easily jealous as well; yet not to an extent to where she’d do something about it- only to the extent of longing for what others have. Because she is shunned, she’d often spend her live days prancing around in the woodlands and pretend she was rich, longing and desiring for company and the expensive items that the others had; for what her parents had, yet where too afraid of her to share. Selfish parents; she despises them the most. Even if her child was born with its insides on the outside, Nabi would care for it like a diamond; that devotion is the type Nabi has. She isn’t one to judge others, so she often looks for what’s inside; underneath everything, she is a girl who was brutally hurt by those whom she loved, so her kindness and sympathy is covered, but not completely. Nabi still cares; yet, it only seems to those who are less fortunate than her.

Nabi wasn’t always like this though; it was the attempt of suicide that changed her the most. Sure, she was a girl who longed to become normal; yet, she was more like a princess. Nabi was grateful for the old shack they gave her; even though it was located next to a wolf’s territory, she was still grateful. Every night, a maid would come and visit her, or at least until Nabi turned 15. Still, despite all of that, Nabi was determined to not let herself become worn. Or so she thought. 19 years old, and had been alone for four years; it really gets to a person. It was their fault; Nabi will always blame them for everything. Because Nabi is has this type of will, she will surely blame them for everything they caused her; or perhaps she just needs someone to love her.

Will she find that?


Key Word

So begins...

Nabi Abielle.'s Story