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Miranda White

"Freedom and adventure have a price. I am pretty sure I'm willing to pay."

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a character in “A Great Escape”, as played by broken-wings


"Surely you have seen me in the news..."
Standing at a mere 5 foot, the girl has a petite figure with a somewhat curvy figure and 'long' pair of legs. Her body built is slim with a flat belly and a small chest. In fact, she does keep in shape, and enjoys spending time in the gym when time is given. Her skin possesses a faint pink glow and is smooth, not counting a few scratches from youth scattered across her body. Her cheery blond hair is straight, and suprsingly wild, falling around the middle of her back. The most 'interesting' figure, in her opinion, are her eyes; two orbs of stormy gray which at times enjoy to switch and play with different shades.
Being the Presiden'ts daughter, she is expected to dress well, but she's just not a fan of the swirly dresses and high heels. Instead, she keeps to tight jeans, sometimes a skirt or two, shorts, and a variety of shirts. Ofcoruse, she is never out of fashion when in formal events, allowing the stylists to do their job once in a while. You can't have the girl going in mud-splattered combat boots, now can you?
Name: Miranda White
Nickname: White, "But just my friends, thank you."
Age: Seventeen, "I'm sorry, but how's that of your concern?"
Sexual Orientation: Straight, "Yep, still like my guys."
"I'm sorry, but who are you?"
Miranda is the outspoken one, the girl that does not hesitate to speak when she believes she should and the kind that will never back down from what she believes just because others tell her to. She is the kind that you can trust with a secret but she won't trust you with hers, the kind that will go out of her way to impress and make the ones she cares for happy.
She likes to keep out of gossip, even though it slips past her, and at times, she can't help but lean into the news.
Ofcourse, she is well-behaved... At times. Miranda is a patient person, but don't push her buttons, she does not enjoy it. Flipping the coin, the girl has a fiesty side, that sometimes can't help but come out. That being one of her weaknesses, it comes to being blinding at times, the moments when she just... Bursts, and you can say, when she looses her mind. If she indeed does dislike you, don't expect a chase. That's all we'll say. Under pressure, she tries to keep as calm as possible, taking deep breaths, which ussually helps her calm down.
The restrictions are high, making her naive to many things, and she very well knows it and is not fond of it. The lack of freedom at some points only helps the spark of curiousity grow. The borders are very well laid out, and she is aware of it, but that doesn't mean that she won't cross them.
Expecting a picture-perfect girl? Well, you got one far from it. In simple words, respect her and she will offer you the respect she believes you deserve.
Brief History:
Life? Well, we wouldn't want to bore you, now do we? Long story short, her life has been pretty much normal; The loving family, the ocassional drama -which may I add, is not her favorite, just a pain in the butt-, the long nights of homework, not too much that differs from others. Sure, being the Presiden'ts daughter gives her a provilege many don't get, but it also gives her more responsibility and less freedom. A highlight? Maybe her first kiss might spark up your interest. Doubt it. It was at the age of fifteen in a back alley. That's it. And now, don't you go ahead thinking more than it was, a kiss. Now that wasn't too fun, right?
Right, because her life isn't too fun. And she hates it.
A daring time? Maybe you can consider an 'escape' one? Must I mention that it was at the edge of ten, plain daylight, and to the park? Sorry to ruin it for you.
Summing it all up, Miranda has had a pretty calm life. She is given almost everything she wants and she does her best to appreciate every little thing she gets, knowing that many will never have it. But sometimes, just sometimes, she wants more than normal. Now, wouldn't that be a perfect escape?
Equipment/Treasured Items:
Miranda keeps a small golden compass locket that she was given by her grandmother at her tenth birthday. It is no bigger than two inches in diameter and centimeter or so thick. It is simple and has a gentle, lovely swirling design. She usually tucks it under the loose and big clothing she likes to wear outside of formal events and adds it as an accessory for every dress she is given, never taking it off. Once, she lost it, but that's nothing to worry about; she found it back after all.

Special Gift: None, not infected

Theme Song:
Will add in a bit!

-Adores Puppies, especially small ones, but she has never been allowed to have one
-Dare her. Come on, I dare you to.
-She is not the type to tell everything about herself to mostly anyone, but doesn't mind saying a few things, after all, she doesn't have much to hide

So begins...

Miranda White's Story


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Inside her jacket pockets, the girl's fingers moved with anticipation and even though she was not willing to admit it, a slight pinch of fear. It had all been her idea, and in every way, she would feel responsible for the consequences that would follow the scene that would soon take place, if they were not caught before then, which was the only silent prayer she now repeated in her mind.

Only a few minutes outside, she had urged them. Well, if she remembered well, she had spoken about seconds, a huge difference between the two time measurements. What could you see with so little time? What could you remember in such a small moment?

Do not go gentle in that good night.

A verse that she caught glimpse of as she searched through poems for a project many years ago. Tattoed to her mind, it was not even a full second of sight, and goodness, had she remembered it. Miranda had always questioned its meaning, pushing herself that there was more to it than just its most reasonable meaning, to fight for what you believe, to fight what holds you back. And for some reason, that had been a small inspiration for her whole curiosity behind everything, the wish to know more than what the naked eye could see.

The street they walked upon was empty, her steps pounding softly on the hard groud below. Up to now, Sara's mutters where pushed aside in her mind, not bothering to listen to the potential dangers of the world outside Avantia. She knew well enough what could happen out there. And yet again she decided to do it, and drag her friends along. In a way, she felt guilty for bringing Sara along, her worry way much too obvious to really ignore. She wanted to say something, anything that could make her feel better, but she felt that would be giving in, proving that she wasn't brave enough to take a look at the Wastelands. Miranda was well aware that as soon as they found themselves outside, the Officials won't be able to do anything. No one knew they were out here, the three of them had lied about their current location and doings. They could check the security cameras, but no one payed any attention to these parts. They would never suspect they were here, she was almost sure of that.

Slipping the key out of her left jean pocket, she forced herself to offer the two a smile. Surprisingly, even thought she should have expected, her fingers shook as she raised it to the keyhole. From this perspective, the place looked much more than empty, it looked deserted, lifeless. She wondered if the Wastelands where like that, if people still lived out there, if they where close enough to hurt them. She wondered if there were others like them, another city. They surely weren't the only ones left. The thought scared her slightly, she would hate being the only people, she hated the thought that everything outside the walls was nothing but death.


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#, as written by Elysium
"What could possibly go wrong?"

Five words. Seven syllables. It's a miracle how a single statement could sound so reassuring, yet so foolish at the same time. Leif smiled at the thought. A subtle quirking of the lips, but a smile nonetheless. It'd only been days since he himself had uttered those words in an attempt to coax the wary Sara into joining them, and had now begun to repeat them over and over. Subconsciously, of course, if only to soothe his growing anxiety. It seemed as if the closer they got to the door, the lesser the idea appealed to him. He'd thought of turning back twice during the trek, deciding it better to just read about the Wastelands than actually venture out into it. But of course, seeing the Wastelands for himself was, in fact, a thousand times better than simply knowing it existed, so he forced himself to soldier on. Besides, he didn't come this far from home for nothing. Turning back would be a waste of both time, energy, and opportunity, and Leif Alexander was not one to miss a perfectly good opportunity.

Leif reached up and pulled his cold tighter around himself. The sun was out, and the sky, clear as ever. Clearly not the time to wear a coat, of all things, but he'd insisted on wearing it anyway. It made him feel safe, for some reason. Not that he needed to. It was all so simple. Get an access card, make up some excuse about feeling the need to go shopping, sneak towards the exit, go out for a few minutes, go back in, do some actual shopping, and get back home in time for dinner. He had replayed the scene over and over in his head before he went to bed last night and when he woke up in the morning, but he just couldn't seem to find any flaws in it, at least none that could be considered serious or life-threatening. Honestly, the only major flaw he could think of was if one of those bumbling security guards caught them, but that too could easily be resolved with a simple smile and a believable excuse.

Sighing, he looked towards Sara. She didn't seem to be taking any of this any better than he did. She fidgeted about, muttering to herself every now and then. He couldn't actually understand what she was saying, but he could hear it, and that alone convinced him that she was bothered by all this. He forced himself a smile, and laid a hand on her shoulder in an effort to calm her. "Hey, it's all right." He spoke slowly, softly, "We're just going to take a look, that's all. Nothing bad's gonna happen." He gave her a small, reassuring smile before withdrawing his hand in favor of tucking it into his coat pocket. He almost added an 'I promise' at the end, but decided not to. He hated clichés. Miranda seemed to be doing fine on her own. She was probably excited about all this. It was her plan after all, so she didn't have any reason not to. And it was a great plan too. Everything went smoothly from the start, so he shouldn't even be doubting it in the first place. Thoughts of turning back started forming at the back of his mind, and he was just about to start contemplating when he realized that Miranda had stopped.

The door was massive. It was old, and covered in a thick coating of dust and grime, but it was solid, and probably several inches thick. No doubt to keep out whatever might be lurking on the other side. An involuntary shiver ran down his spine. Slate gray eyes flickered from the door to Miranda, silently urging her open it and get it over with so they could all go back and have a nice cup of tea and forget that all this ever happened in the first place.


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With one gentle movement, she slid in the object that would soon be helping them out. The door was disgusting in her opinion, something she would not mind seeing cleaned up, but it opened as smoothly as possible, well, if you didn't pay attention to the few creaks it provided as it opened. The entrance, now fully open was enough to satisfy just a glimpse, but she was determined to step out, get a feel of the atmosphere outside of the she city she knew so well, out into unknown territory.

Holding her breath, she quickly stepped out, the land something that shocked her. The grassess grew unevenly in hideous patches, probably giving shelter to creatures that could kill them within minutes. No, seconds. The sun that shone was still the same, but out here, for some reason, it was much brighter and burned her exposed skin just a little bit more. The sky still had its barren look, lacking most of the clouds that you would usually find. Looking behind, to her friends, she didn't smile. She didn't boast about how nothing had happened to them, that everything was going to go perfect, because she swore, that at the corner of her eye, a smudge of black had flashed in and out of sight.

The sudden motion of life out here sent a flash of worry through her. Miranda knew they weren't the only ones here, she knew that there where others that with no hesitation, would launch at her. But she pushed the thought aside, silly that they would know just when the three came out through the door, they had barely made any noise.

After a few minutes of silence from her, she decided to speak, "So, this is how it is." It was not a question, but a sentence, and it was more for herself than for the other two. In a way, she had imagined it worse, with half-dead humans crawling, pushing through the ground with bleeding nails, pursuing for their flesh. The shadow came back again, this time to her right, but she kept quiet, silently praying that her friends had not noticed it. So this was how it was. She felt pain for the people that had to live out here, fighting, starving, dying slow deaths. Not being as lucky as them. And she felt both glad and guilty, for them being the ones with the luck.