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Alaric Blasco

0 · 162 views · located in Essex

a character in “A Grimm World”, as played by Venuskyy


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"What happens when man's best friend is betrayed by man? When the loyalty of such a beloved creature is tossed aside. The life of a stray, demoralized, mutt is the one that Alaric has lived in all iterations of his life. Whether it be the enchanted realm or the home he has come to know in Essex. The Dog cannot begin to understand how he came to exist in a human body, but here he is never the less. In this new shape, ready to take on a whole new world.

ImageImage . B A S I C S .
§ . n a m e . Alaric Perro Blasco

§ . m o n i k e r ( s ) . The Dog, Ric, Ricky

§ . g e n d e r .Male

§ . a g e . Twenty-Two

§ . s e x u a lx o r i e n t a t i o n . Closeted Bisexual, Male Preference

§ . o r i g i n .The Enchanted Realm

§ . r e l a t i o n s h i pxs t a t u s . Single

§ . o c c u p a t i o n . College Student/Grocery Worker

Image Image Image . A P P E A R A N C E .

§ . e y e s . brown.

§ . h a i r . short, slightly shaggy, brown.

§ . h e i g h t .5'8'

§ . w e i g h t . 142lbs

§ . p h y s i q u e .Thin, gangly.

§ . s k i n .Pale

§ . s c a r s .None

§ . d e s c r i p t i o n . For Alaric, fashion is a foreign concept. He prefers rags over riches, and can be found sporting some of the least aesthetically pleasing clothing on earth. Something about his modest background keeps him from really valuing accessories or the like. He's happy enough to have a pair of jeans, a simple t-shirt, and hoodie. Though he does tend to carry a messenger bag with a spare change of clothes with him wherever he goes.

Image Image
Image . C H A R A C T E R .

§ . d e m e a n o r . Wallflower, Quiet, Mousy

§ . f e a r s .Being Abandoned, Being Physically Hurt, Driving

§ . v i c e ( s) .Smoking, Alcohol

§ . d i s l i k e s . Horror Movies, Getting In Trouble, Awkward Situations, Having To Explain Himself

§ . f l a w s .Easily Manipulated, Too Trusting, Too Timid, Easily Scared

§ . s t r e n g t h s .Strong Instincts, Quick Learning, Loyalty

§ . i n t e l l i g e n c e .He is fairly intelligent, but has a very 'follow the leader' mentality.

§ . p e r s o n a l i t y . His timid disposition has always been something of a problem, there are a lot of things that cause him anxiety and fear. As well as he is always overthinking everything. Being shy has given him a tendency to rarely speak up or defend himself, and he's more likely to take the punches that come his way than to defend himself or run away. He's a bit angsty, and often imagines that he's the brunt of most peoples jokes. He tries to be brave for his own sake, but often falls short.

But he has good instincts and relies on them heavily. He knows who he is and is very, very aware of himself at all points in times. He can be a bit acerbic at times, but is more likely to keep his more angry thoughts to himself than to speak them aloud. He can be a bit awkward, and has a hard time navigating intense social situations without making a blunder. Its a good thing that Alaric is such a loyal friend, and simply wants to have a good life even if he knows that its hard to attain. He always wants to have fun and can be dragged into messy situations rather easily.

Image . A B I L I T I E S .

§ . s t r e n g t h s . Strong Instincts, Quick Learning, Loyalty

§ . w e a k n e s s . Scaredy Cat, Timid, Quiet, Angsty

§ . p h y s i c a lx c o n d i t i o n i n g . He is a rather gangly, skinny sort of guy with more bones sticking out than muscle.

§ . s h a p e s h i f t . The ability to transform between dog form and human form at will is one that tends to come easiest to him. He doesn't have any special abilities in dog form, just the same general ones he always has. And really, the only advantage to being seen as a dog is that most people either ignore you, want to pet you, or avoid you altogether. Sure, he has sharper teeth and claws, but he isn't particularly keen on using them. As a dog he appears to be a shepherd of some sort, with deep brown, almost black fur.

§ . a c c e l e r a t e d h e a l i n g . While not to a very extreme degree, his healing factor does mean that scrapes and bruises fade faster, and more life threatening injuries tend to have a better chance of healing than killing him.

§ . s e n s o r y e n h a n c e m e n t . Though his body may reflect a human visage at most points it doesn't experience the world in exactly the same way. Before he realized what he was this did not seem out of the ordinary. He was simply more in-tune with the world than most - or so he thought. Sure his sense of smell was distractingly better than others. He could hear smaller sounds, further away. He could almost sense strong emotion in others, their distress, and anxieties. Though unfortunately his sight is not enhanced, but rather dimmed, as if suffering from mild color blindness.

Image . H I S T O R Y .

Once a faithful companion to humanity, The Dog did his best to live for his master. To be the loyal, intelligent, and helpful shepherd he was bred to be. While he did his job well, his timid temperament and fearful nature did not mesh well with the mans rough nature. The Man was one that saw his animals as tools, and would often purposefully injure The Dog for the smallest sleights. Even so much as a whimper would set the man off, and he often would go days between feeding The Dog a proper meal.

The Dog begun to fear The Man, and thus escaped from the home and ran as far as his injured body could take him. Starving, sad, and tired, he was on the edge of collapse when he came across a most peculiar bird that could speak in the tongue of man. ’Why are you so sad, my friend?’ ’Because,’ said the dog, ’I am very very hungry, and have nothing to eat.’ ’If that be all,’ answered the sparrow, ’come with me into the next town, and I will soon find you plenty of food.’ So on they went together into the town: and as they passed by a butcher’s shop, the sparrow said to the dog, ’Stand there a little while till I peck you down a piece of meat.’ As The Sparrow continued to cater to The Dog they became fast companions. The Sparrow confided in him that he was searching for something in particular.

He asked The Dog to travel alongside him, and The Dog agreed. For The Sparrow had been kinder to him than any other creature ever had. Thus together they travelled, until the fateful day that split them from one another. The Dog was tired, he had simply wanted to take a nap; Whilst he slept, there came by a carter with a cart drawn by three horses, and loaded with two casks of wine. The sparrow, seeing that the carter did not turn out of the way, but would go on in the track in which the dog lay, so as to drive over him, called out, ’Stop! stop! Mr Carter, or it shall be the worse for you.’ But the carter, grumbling to himself, ’You make it the worse for me, indeed! what can you do?’ cracked his whip, and drove his cart over the poor dog, so that the wheels crushed him. The Dog was near to death then and there, bloodied and mangled. It was only the fact that the birds cries had woken him, and he was able to nearly avoid The Carter, that he had escaped certain death.

The Sparrow disappeared then, giving chase to The Carter. The Dog, suddenly alone dragged himself off to die. Miraculously though, he managed to survive. He haunted the road to the kingdom, begging for scraps from strangers as they came by. And though he still starved greatly he begun to heal, and eventually found a way to survive on the scraps of kindness that strangers gave to him.

It was a long time after that he was approached by a stranger on the road. A man that seemed oddly familiar to him. He was weary, but after a long time of the stranger coaxing him from hiding with food he begun to trust the stranger. The Dog was taken as a familiar by the man, and the magic that the man carried flowed through The Dog as well. Enhancing him in many ways. He began to understand things in a more human way, something that he had not been capable of before. It was then that he found out that the stranger and The Sparrow were one in the same.

The Dog and The Sparrow then began their lives as travellers from then on.

It's anyone's guess how a Dog managed to turn human and lose all his memories. Though Alaric could easily theorize that it had something to do with Emiliano's magic and the ties between them.

His life after losing his memories wasn't much better than what it had been before. It seemed that history was bound to always repeat itself and Alaric found himself as an orphan without memories, bouncing from home to home. Until he landed in the home of the Blascos.

coding x mombie | fc x Tyler Young | hex x #706C88

So begins...

Alaric Blasco's Story