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Emiliano Blasco

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a character in “A Grimm World”, as played by Venuskyy


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Revenge at all costs and to no end. Long after the bloodiest and cruelest of outcomes has been achieved. That is the anthem of The Sparrow, the moral of a story told as a children's fable. Some say that The Sparrow is a symbol of protection, community, perhaps even a sign of good tidings. But this is not as such, not for The Sparrow that has lost all it has known. This Sparrow is a man that has scraped and fought for all he has, who has found his heart broken apart again and again. Who, when it mattered most, was nearly stripped of the last thing he ever cared for. And thus it became wrathful, manipulative. He cursed and fought and bloodied its enemies in the name of protecting himself, and those he cares for.

ImageImage . B A S I C S .
§ . n a m e . Emiliano Gorrión Blasco

§ . m o n i k e r ( s ) . The Sparrow, Emil

§ . g e n d e r . Male

§ . a g e . Forty-Three

§ . s e x u a lx o r i e n t a t i o n . Heterosexual

§ . o r i g i n .The Enchanted Realm

§ . r e l a t i o n s h i pxs t a t u s . Widowed

§ . o c c u p a t i o n .More or less the shadiest Lawyer you’ll ever meet.

Image Image Image . A P P E A R A N C E .

§ . e y e s . Deep Black

§ . h a i r . Short, Black

§ . h e i g h t .5'9

§ . w e i g h t .180lbs

§ . p h y s i q u e . Strong/Built

§ . s k i n . Golden Beige

§ . s c a r s .A variety from fights, though most small enough to go unnoticed.

§ . d e s c r i p t i o n . Never one to appear too casual in the company of others. Emiliano is always dressed his best, suits and slacks especially in the presence of strangers. Though he's more likely to dress down at home, its a rare sight to catch him looking anything less than kept up. He takes great pride in his outward appearance, therefore he is hygienic to a near OCD level.

Image Image
Image . C H A R A C T E R .

§ . d e m e a n o r . Outwardly friendly to an unnatural degree.

§ . f e a r s .Death, Losing Loved Ones, Loneliness

§ . v i c e ( s) .Vengeful, Alcohol, Wrath, Self-Importance

§ . d i s l i k e s . Sullen people, Braggarts, Clutter/Messiness, Not being needed, Going unnoticed/ignored

§ . f l a w s . Arrogant, Easily Angered, Immoral

§ . s t r e n g t h s .Organized, Intelligent, Well-Spoken, Strong, Planning

§ . i n t e l l i g e n c e . Emiliana is quite intelligent, if his chosen profession is anything to go by.

§ . p e r s o n a l i t y . Narcissism is perhaps a bit strong of a word to describe Emiliano. Arrogant? Conceited? Whatever the case, he is a self-important man. His belief that he is right and you are wrong is his most consistent trait. He does not take personal slights lightly, and is far too easily incensed. He is not afraid to get revenge on those that he thinks deserve it, and can be quite cruel in his pursuits. He has very little regard for others and their lives, unless they are people that he personally chooses to keep close to him. Of course, outwardly Emiliano is the picture of professional. Carefully Courteous and almost unnaturally friendly to strangers. The kind of man to hold the door open for someone that's still several feet from the door. It's clear that he does care what others might possibly perceive him as.

Some would say that a man with all these bad traits couldn't love. But that isn't quite true. He does love, if in his own way of course. Having a use for someone else is just as much love to him as actually loving someone would be. He did in fact have a wife at one point, and to say that he loved her wouldn't be a lie at all. And though Alaric is not his blood he loves him as a son all the same.

Image . A B I L I T I E S .

§ . s t r e n g t h s . Organized, Intelligent, Well-Spoken, Strong, Planning

§ . w e a k n e s s .Arrogance, Easily Angered, Alcohol Consumption, Pretty Women, Underestimating Others, Blind Motivation

§ . p h y s i c a lx c o n d i t i o n i n g . For a guy that was a rather small species of bird at one point in time he actually is quite strong. He takes pride in his body and the strength that he exhibits, preferring to have the strength to do what he needs to do rather than having to rely on others to do it for him.

§ . m a g i c . The thing about The Sparrow is that he wasn't always just The Sparrow. In fact, his ability to be a bird at all is one manufactured by magic. The son of a well-known caster, his magic never was quite as strong as his mothers but it served a purpose. He had a rather peculiar talent for boring into the minds of birds and pioneering their bodies from afar. His favorite birds to do this to were surprisingly, sparrows. They were small, often easy to take over, and travelled in large families. He could cast spells of course but they weren't ever particularly strong, and his potion work was shoddy at best. The thing about looking through another creatures mind is that it often isn't capable of taking the weight of a full human mind for very long. Often the enhancement of emotion over logic would drive both the caster and the creature mad. As well as, when he is seeing through the mind of a bird he isn't capable of interacting with the regular world. Falling into a trance-like state that leaves him vulnerable to attack.

Image . H I S T O R Y .

There was once a boy that lived in the woods. A skinny foal of a child, born to a witch. They lived as far from the nearest kingdom as they could, only coming into contact with the world when villagers would travel to their home in search of cure-alls and spellwork. His mother was quite a powerful witch, and famous to the neighboring kingdom for helping rather than using her abilities to cause problems. However, her kindness did not extend to her blood. For Emiliano was a child that suffered under her tutelage. Trained in magics that he simply was not good enough to perform.

He grew disillusioned by the idea of the craft, angry that his abilities did not live up to the expectations set for him. His was a life of bitter disappointment, broken promises, and the pain of a mother that could not bring herself to love him. Despite this, she used him to do her dirty work, the chores and what not. It was a surprise then when he began to present a talent that ran in their family. Something that had skipped his mothers generation entirely. He could see through the eyes of birds. Normally, this would have been reserved for the control of a familiar but he did not have a familiar, nor did he want one. Instead, he honed his ability in the wilds.

His favorite birds to use this ability on were sparrows. They were easy to get into the heads of, and they yielded to his mind with little fight. Most of the time he did this at night, using his ability in place of sleep. But this became dangerous after a while. His mother warned him "One day you wont be able to come back," but he simply thought she was jealous. As a bird, he could soar freely in the skies. He had a family in the sparrows, they accepted him unconditionally.

But she was right.

One day he took to the skies in the mind of a sparrow, and spent weeks stuck in its body. His mother did what she could do keep him alive, though she didn't try very hard. She simply preserved his body in a suspended state until his mind could find its way back.

The thing about taking over the mind of a lesser creature is that they are not built to house the weight of a human mind for very long. Emotion becomes a driving factor, and though he could project human speech he was limited in his intelligence and logic. As his days spent as this Sparrow became longer he lost more and more of himself. He had been in its mind for too long and begun to lose sense of himself.

Until he came across The Dog.

The Dog was a kindred soul, as abused in his life as The Sparrow had been in his own. An instant bond had formed, and The Sparrow asked the dog to travel with him while he searched for a way to return to his own body. And so they did. But their travels, while good at first did not last very long. They were returning to the forest from their journey into the kingdom. Having no luck there with the Sparrows search. When The Dog, too tired to go on decided to nap by the side of the road. It was then that The Carter came by, and though The Sparrow cried out for The Carter to stop the man continued on. Crushing The Dog beneath its wheels.

The Sparrow vowed revenge on The Carter, and pursued him with deadly intent. One by one destroying every facet of the mans life, before eventually destroying the man himself. The Sparrow, having forgotten himself completely at this point dove into the mans mouth. The Carter, maddened by the birds endless revenge begged his wife to take an ax and kill the bird while it was trapped in his throat. The wife did as her husband asked, killing The Carter and The Sparrow.

The Sparrow however did not die exactly, but his mind was forced out of the birds body and back into his own. By this time he had grown weak and weary, unable to even lift himself from the bed. He had returned, grudgingly to his mothers home, where she berated him further for causing such troubles to himself. For the next few months he worked on regaining his strength, before choosing to leave home completely.

His travels took him to the road to the kingdom once more, where he sold poorly functioning spellwork to make ends meet. As he neared the kingdom he came across the site of The Dogs demise, and while paying his respects to his good friend was alerted by a growl. It came as a great surprise that the growl had come from the very same dog he had assumed had been killed by The Carter long ago. Though The Dog had been injured before, it looked as if it had done a fairly good job of healing from its injuries. Despite the limp it walked with.

Knowing that The Dog would not recognize him in a human body he chose to slowly befriend The Dog, day by day feeding it until it became less weary of him. The Sparrow chose then to bind The Dog to him as a familiar, giving the animal the ability to channel a certain amount of his magic. From then on they travelled together once more. From kingdom to kingdom, nomads drawn together by circumstance.


Losing his memory of The Enchanted Realm took a large part of Emiliano away from himself. He had lost his magic, his special ability, and his familiar - and he didn't even know any of it had happened at all. He had somehow found himself living a particularly bland life. He studied for a while, before becoming a criminal defense lawyer and meeting his wife Sasha. Though Emiliano didn't consider himself a particularly great parental figure, Sasha loved children, and for a while they acted as foster parents.

When Alaric came through their house it was like there was an instant pull for Emiliano. A thread of something that he couldn't name, so strong that even Sasha could sense that something was going on. She never said anything, but it wasn't long after that they put in the paperwork to adopt the kid. They lived an easy life for a while, until Sasha got sick. It was something that she always had a chance of dying from, an illness that ran in her family and took a lot of them at a younger age. Emiliano thought that it may have been why his dreams became more like memories. Hazy things that distressed him long into the night.

The pull to pack up and leave was easy to follow after that. Essex was an odd choice, but something inside of him pulled him towards the place relentlessly.

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So begins...

Emiliano Blasco's Story