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Marta Orsa

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a character in “A Grimm World”, as played by Venuskyy


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"One who acts well may always expect good." The She-Bear contained 'good' in droves. A kind, gentle, and thoughtful girl that only wanted to live her life the way she wanted it. Without the imposition of man upon her will. She chose for herself the life of a runner, leaving behind the lap of luxury to hide amongst the wilds. Transformed into a bear by means of a magical woodchip, a gift from a grandmotherly sorceress that took pity on her troubles.

ImageImage . B A S I C S .
§ . n a m e . Marta Preziosa Orsa

§ . m o n i k e r ( s ) . The She-Bear, Preziosa

§ . g e n d e r . Female

§ . a g e . Twenty-Eight

§ . s e x u a lx o r i e n t a t i o n . Bisexual

§ . o r i g i n . Kingdom of Rough-Rock

§ . r e l a t i o n s h i pxs t a t u s . Willfully Single

§ . o c c u p a t i o n . Librarian

Image Image Image . A P P E A R A N C E .

§ . e y e s . Deep Warm Brown

§ . h a i r .Curly, Short, Black.

§ . h e i g h t .5'8"

§ . w e i g h t .150lbs

§ . p h y s i q u e . Slender

§ . s k i n .Tanned and Spattered with Freckles.

§ . s c a r s .None of particular interest.

§ . d e s c r i p t i o n . A few times through her 'life' Marta has been called model-esque. For her slender physique and taller-than-average stature. She never particularly cared to cultivate her appearance to the standards of other people. Rather, she made herself up for her own enjoyments. Her sense of style varies wildly, though often consisting of bright colors never really strays towards one type or another. One can often find her wearing flowy dresses one day, and skin-tight jeans the very next. The only consistent detail of her everyday appearance is an odd woodchip worn as a necklace.

Image Image
Image . C H A R A C T E R .

§ . d e m e a n o r . Gentle

§ . f e a r s . Being Controlled, Having Her Choices Taken From Her, Hurting Others

§ . v i c e ( s) . Cowardice

§ . d i s l i k e s . Manipulative People, Bigotry, Arrogance, Dishonesty, Disloyalty

§ . f l a w s . Loyal to a fault, Takes no credit for her actions, Runs away from her problems.

§ . s t r e n g t h s . Honest, Loyal, Well-read, Deliberate,

§ . i n t e l l i g e n c e . Being a bookworm has given her a lot of rather eccentric knowledge, but she isn't particularly smart in all areas of life. Averagely intelligent at best.

§ . p e r s o n a l i t y . Marta has always faded into the background. An obscure shadow hanging at the back of a crowd. She preferred to hang on the fringes, head buried in a book at all times, reading to quell the dullness of reality. She lost herself in stories, spending days imagining herself as the heroine fighting against the cruel mis justices of a dystopian society or the Hero charging forth to save their love from impending doom. She never imagined herself as being that brave in real life, despite the fact that she would stand up for others if her loyalty aligned with them.

Though she is quiet nature she made friends easily. Considerably introverted, but often finding herself being friends with those of a more Extroverted nature. The bright, loud, and bubbly were the ones she wanted to surround herself with. She found it a refreshing foil to her demure nature. They cracked through her shell, forcing herself to be the best she could be. She doesn't often judge people for who they are and can willfully ignore the bad in someone if she deems them important to her.

Marta has always been big on free-will and choice, something she has often felt that she has never had enough of in her life. She detests those that spend their time taking from others. Manipulation and Dishonesty being to traits that she abhors from others. Going so far as to hypocritically berate those that display such actions before her. Even in her own gentle way, she can find the strength to make her words hurt if she so chooses.

Image . A B I L I T I E S .

§ . s t r e n g t h s . Loyal, Willing To Learn, Running

§ . w e a k n e s s . Biased, Judgemental, Physically Inept (In Human Form), The Woodchip

§ . p h y s i c a lx c o n d i t i o n i n g . As a human, Marta has never had to fight for much of anything - she's a librarian for gods sake. The most she's ever had to do physically is carry around heavy stacks of books. She never bothered learning to defend herself, relying on her ability to run away instead.

§ . T r a n s f o r m a t i o n . As a young girl she was approached by a Sorcerers for whom she thought of as a good friend and Grandmotherly figure to her. This woman, wishing to save Marta from her father's sick will provided her with a talisman. A magical Woodchip that when placed in her mouth would transform her into a bear. As a bear she is physically stronger, her senses sharper, and her ability to get herself out of dangerous situations far better. Though were she to ever let the woodchip fall from her mouth she would immediately become human again. This transformation is a borrowed magic, provided to her by the Sorceress, as Marta in her youth never could display any aptitude for actual magic. Therefore without the Woodchip she could not transform and would have no access to this other side of her.

§ . N a t u r e A f f i n i t y. The Sorceress often told her that she had been born under the protection of nature spirits. Even more so is this true with her ability to interact with nature as a bear. Due to this she has a latent talent for conversing with the natural world. Flowers in her garden grow bigger, more healthy. She has never once been lost in any forest she's ever wandered into. And Animals find their way into her life without prompting - though she has no communicative abilities with them they seem to follow her on instinct alone.

Image Image . H I S T O R Y .

Marta Preziosa Orsa of the Kingdom of Rough Rock, for whom resided in the Castello di pietra as the Princess did not have a particularly hard life. Nor one that required much of her at all. Born in the lap of luxury in fact to the beautiful Queen Nardella and King Georgio, she wanted for nothing in the entire world growing up - or at least nothing that could be acquired for her by her loving parents.

But this did not last.

For her mother lost her youth to illness and began to waste. Laying on her deathbed, the young and beautiful Queen chose to curse the remaining life of her husband and child rather than face her death with dignity.

"I know you have always loved me tenderly; show me, therefore, at the close of my days the completion of your love by promising me never to marry again, unless you find a woman as beautiful as I have been, otherwise I leave you my curse, and shall bear you hatred even in the other world." Thus sealing Marta's fate as a girl that would always have to run. For her father could never hope to find a wife as beautiful as the Queen had been outside of the mirror image that had been his progeny. Despairing of his lack of heir, he thought he would take Marta as his new wife in order to bypass the curse of the Queen. The disgusting man.

Marta knew she could not stay in her home any longer, but she feared for herself. For she had never once left the castle grounds before and knew nothing of the world outside of the luxuries she had known. But luck shone upon her, for her kindness in life had gained her a friend in a Sorceress. A woman who had once been a withdrawn beggar, for whom Marta had fed and nursed back to health long, long ago, returned to her side in the instant of her need.

"Cheer up, my daughter, do not despair; there is a remedy for every evil save death. Now listen; if your father speaks to you thus once again put this bit of wood into your mouth, and instantly you will be changed into a she-bear; then off with you! for in his fright he will let you depart, and go straight to the wood, where Heaven has kept good-fortune in store for you since the day you were born, and whenever you wish to appear a woman, as you are and will remain, only take the piece of wood out of your mouth and you will return to your true form."

Marta followed the instructions of the Sorceress and fled to the forests where she lived as a bear for many days until once more the Sorceress came for her. She invited Marta into her home, where the girl lived and breathed magic for many years; unfortunately she lacked the skill and discipline for the arts and had no latent talents to speak of. The Sorceress however gave Marta the means to survive on her own, albeit, through borrowed magics.

She spent much of her time as a bear, avoiding human life for she preferred the quiet of nature. Until the day in which she was stumbled upon by a Prince that had ventured into her forest. She did not fear him at first, for he displayed no acts of aggression. Therefore, against better judgement she chose to gently approach him. Unknowingly giving him the impression that she was domesticated. This prince chose to capture her, and take her home with him. From then Marta feared that she would have to make yet another escape - and she was proven right.

For one day, while plotting her escape she let the woodchip fall from her mouth. Revealing herself to the Prince who was struck with her beauty, and decided then and there that she should be his bride. Finding out that the woodchip was the source of magic's that seemingly cursed his bride he took it and hid it away. Marta despised that her freewill was being imposed upon once more but the cowardice of her nature would not let her fight. Instead, she played along as much as she could and searched for the woodchip in secret.

She did not find out until the day of the wedding that the woodchip had been in plain sight all along. Strung on a cord and worn about the Prince's neck as a trophy, taunting Marta each time she saw it. It was fortunate then that they were to share their wedding bed that night. After the completion of the ceremony the two retired to their chambers and Marta, seeing the opportunity began to kiss the Prince, leading them to their bed. Where she then, lighting fast, fastened her mouth to the woodchip and transformed once more. The weight of the bear crushed the Prince, though Marta did not know if he died from the injuries. She did not wait around to find out, but instead escaped into the night. Back to the woods from whence she came. This time hiding herself away from the world even more than she had before.

Marta was hardly aware of the battle between Good and Evil when it came about, but it became clear that something had stirred up the forest that she lived in. Animals were becoming scarce, silence persisted through her land. It was eery, but Marta chose to ignore the problems. Trying to continue on with her life as usual. Until of course she lost her memories. For a while Marta drifted, she had inconsistent thoughts of who she was and where she had come from. But ignorance is bliss as they say, and Marta knew how to get herself through. Somewhere along the way she got a job at a library in essex, and there she stayed. She chose to never question her life or lack of certain important details regarding it. Instead, she focused on her work and the friendships she cultivated.

coding x mombie | fc x Tashi Rodriguez | hex x #886C6C

So begins...

Marta Orsa's Story


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Maleficient || Outfit || hex #8B008B

Christine was pulling another all-nighter at the office, like she always did. But this night was much different then she had ever thought it would be. The day had started like any other, she had woke up and went to work and began her daily work. She had an assignment that was due in twenty-four hours and she hadn't even started.

She wasn't the best at keeping track of time and so she spent the day investigating the town, wanting to catch a bigger scoop then her article she had to write. She ended up going to the mall cafeteria for lunch and ordered herself some pizza as she grabbed her cell out.
-Are we meeting up soon? Its been a while... let me know what you think?
Marta Orsa had been someone she could count on in life, she really wasn't one to talk about her feelings or anything in the past, and with Marta she never was grilled for how she behaved.

The day slipped from her fingers as she went back to work and began to write the article that needed to be on the boss's desk tomorrow morning. She spent a lot of the evening up, it seemed strange as at weird hours it was an earthquake. She had been writing as it all went down. When flashes of images started to come before her, she wondered if she had fallen asleep. She stood to her feet and began to pace back and forth while holding on to the desk. It seemed strange, fear that she was dreaming she worried why everything was going on.
She didn't get close to people and she didn't know who else to talk too. She reached out and grabbed her phone so that she could text Marta.

-Do you feel this? What's going on? She asked hoping she was awake enough to answer.

"Fuck, why is this happening?" She questioned, even though no one was around to answer she had to say her thoughts. Everything seemed to be flashing and changing and she had no idea what to do.


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xxxM a r t a | #886C6C
xxxxxxOutfit | 1 2 3
Today was supposed to be a rare occasion. One of the few that Marta didn't spend cooped up in the Library, tucked behind a desk as she tip-tapped away at the ancient keyboard of the equally as ancient desktop computer or organizing stacks of overflowing books that seemed to never be capable of staying the way she left them. Marta loved her job, her home away from home, but it felt good to be free for the day. She hadn't set her alarm the night before, but it hadn't mattered anyways. Marta rarely overslept, couldn't oversleep, her body woke her at the crack of dawn each day like clockwork. Today was different though, she awoke instead to the dark of night still blanketing her room. Just barely able to see by the light of the moon shining in through her bedroom window.

Something was wrong. She could feel it in the way her hands shook and sweat gathered at the corners of her eyes. Had it been a nightmare? She struggled to remember what she had been dreaming about. It hadn't been a normal dream by far, the images cascading through her mind at a nauseating speed like a kaleidoscope that refused to stop spinning. Places she swore she had never been to, faces she couldn't put a name to. The feeling of wood against her tongue - wait that wasn't right.

Marta sat up in bed, clutching wildly at her chest as panic seized up her throat. She couldn't breathe, something thick and heavy lodged in her throat. Belatedly, and regretfully she realized that she was on the verge of throwing up. It seemed to take an eternity to untangle herself from the floral blue comforter and take those first few stumbling steps towards the bathroom. Just a few more steps, she begged herself internally, right around the corner. But a twisting in her gut had her doubling over, uphending the contents of her stomach over the white carpet.

Even through the tears she noted that at least she felt marginally better.

Still, she frowned at the mess as she rubbed the back of her hand across her mouth. Panting raggedly into her skin. So much for spending her day off relaxing...

"Its okay," She mumbled to herself, trying her best to feel as if that were true. For the next few moments she distracted herself from the dream by cleaning up the mess she made as best as she could. After several long minutes of scrubbing aimlessly at the spot she gave up, sitting back from her kneeling position to catch her breath. The distraction had worked somewhat, her pulse had slowed and her heart no longer tried to thump itself right out of her chest. She still felt gross and sweaty but that was easy enough to fix.

After the much needed scalding hot shower she sat on the edge of her bed, wrapped in a towel as she bent over an old box.

Rifling through it revealed a ragged notebook, a picture of her and Christine, and an oddly shaped chip of wood strung on a leather cord. She stared at it for a long moment, unblinking, unsure what she was supposed to do with these odd feelings twisting up inside of her. She didn't know how long she had been sitting there, but it had been long enough that the sun had risen and now bathed the room in swathes of golden light. She sighed and closed her hand around the necklace, carrying it with her to the closet where she proceeded to get dressed for the day. She slipped the leather cord over her head last, and let it fall beneath the dip of her dress, feeling the weight of the wood chip as it rested against her chest.

The images from her dreams haunted her as she trailed through her house, tidying what she could as she hunted for her cellphone. She often forgot about the darned thing and left it unplugged all night. She knew when she found it, it would be dead, but she needed to call Christine, ask her if she felt...well, whatever it was that had plagued Marta. After what felt like an eternity she found it, rushing back upstairs to plug it in.

She didn't expect a rush of texts but wasn't surprised to see that Christine had already tried to contact her. She scrolled through the messages, -Are we meeting up soon? Its been a while... let me know what you think?, and -Do you feel this? What's going on? Marta sucked in a deep breath and began to type back. She wasn't exactly sure what to say. How does on put into words this level of weirdness?

- Yes I felt it.

Not even a second passed before she sent the next one, too anxious to stop herself from bombarding Christine.

- Can we meet now?

And then.

- We could get coffee.

She set the phone to her side, patiently awaiting a reply from her friend. She wondered what it was Christine had felt, and if it were really the same as Marta. What were the odds that they both had such a weird experience?


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Maleficient || Outfit || hex #8B008B

Christine was confused on what she should be doing, her mind was racing at the different thoughts that were clouding her judgement.
She never thought of herself as the best person, but new and strange emotions were clouding her feelings, feelings of people and wanting to hurt them for the wrongs she has experienced in her life.

She bit her tongue as she paced throughout the office, walking up and down waiting impatiently for a text from Marta. She didn't have friends or as much as the word would be called. But mainly it was the fact that it was someone she talked to. Someone she could bitch and moan about how life was treating with her.

When she paced and felt the buzz of her phone she looked down to see the texts from Marta she looked at them and a small smile happened. Glad that she could discuss with someone the craziness of all that was going on. She grabbed it and quickly began texting a reply.

-I'm coming over, I will bring coffee and maybe alchoal depending on how this shitshow goes.

She grabbed her jacket that was sprawled on the chair and turned off the lights, forgetting about the rest of her assignment knowing she could quickly type the rest up in the morning, knowing that it would go good that way as well. Walking her way to the drive through she picked up coffee and grabbed her own drink she kept stashed in her car and made her way to where Marta lived.

Knocking on the door, banging as she didn't dare ring a doorbell. The pounds of her fist hitting the wooden surface, not caring how hard she did it. "Marta, its me! Open up!" She shouted before waiting as patiently as she could for the woman to open the door and they could discuss their new transfixens.