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Peter Cross

Don't waste my time.

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a character in “A Handful of Dust”, as played by conspicuousconartist



Name: Peter Cross
Role: Male 6
Age: Twenty three
Occupation: Self proclaimed defender of his family, but officially; none.
A challenge - Peter can't resist one, who doesn't love a good challenge.

The freedom to roam and explore - Constantly on the move and never looking back is the way Peter lives his life.

The big picture - Peter loves the big picture and rarely bothers with the details, because there are so many people who actually enjoy "wasting" time with them.

Taking action - Peter is an action person, not one to deal with odds and statistics. When a problem comes up, all Peter wants to know is what to do about it. He focuses on the most direct course of action, and lets others "sweat the small stuff".

Being first - If you're not first; you're last.


Having a "Boss" - Peter dislikes being subservient or obligated to another.

Waiting - impatient and impulsive is a dangerous combination. Some of the worst things you can say to Peter are "not now" or "just a minute."

Being disappointed and ignored - Peter s always giving it his all, and when he has the opportunity to do so, he will without question, and Peter expect others to as well. Because he feels like he has the power to disperse the dark clouds in the lives of others, peter finds it unbelievable when someone doesn't want the ray of sunshine he's offering at the moment.

Having to sit and talk things out - Peter isn't a compromiser nor a peacemaker, for him, being first and winning is a more powerful motivation. Sitting down and talking things out takes time and energy away from action: peace is not always an option for Peter.

Losing the ones he cares about most; isn't that everyone's fear?

If you were to ask Peter, he would say 'what's the point of dreaming if we're living in a nightmare', but secretly he wishes for the desert to turn into a luscious green forest that he can play in with is nephew or niece.

Peter is the Restless Warrior; completely willing to rescue you even if you don't need it, and equally willing to fight you even if you don't deserve it. He is hot headed and compassionate. He is driven by passion and determined to protect the ones he loves. In fact, he wants all or nothing to do with you depending on his trust in you. not everyone can handle his strong personality.

At a very early age Peter realized he was a burden on his loved ones he loved. His mother, Maeve, died giving birth to him and his father, Richard, died defending him. One of his first memories was hiding in a storage unit with his older sister at the young age of ten. He could hear the cries of of the men, women, and children dying as the Desert Pirates raided his world. It took him awhile to recuperate from that traumatic event. He was around fourteen when he grew tired of waiting around and following his sister, Hannah. Peter began to take initiative by setting traps for small game before nightfall, in the morning most of the traps were empty or broken, but every now and then, he would find an animal waiting for him. It wasn't much, but it kept him and his sister alive. Every failure only feed his determination to stay alive, every success made him strive to do better. Soon, Peter became an efficient hunter and trapper. One day, in the wilderness, Peter came across a frame of a building that once stood. He quickly began searching in the rubble for something useful to sell, finding only a magnify glass and paper for kindling. he was just about to give up when something reflecting the light caught his eye. it was a ring. Peter rushed back to his sister to share the good news. He had left her with a small band of cave dwelling scrapers. The young man didn't believe in coincidence, but the same day he found the ring was the same day Hannah found Jack.

So begins...

Peter Cross's Story

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Hannah’s green eyes flew wide open with a start. She’d been having a nightmare. They closer she became to consciousness, the hazier the finer details of it became. But she did remember one image. It was the same image she’d seen in her dreams for the last five nights since they’d been in this tiny house. Her husband had leant down over her and placed a tiny baby in her arms. She’d been delighted. She’d done it. They’d both survived, and she’d brought her child safely into this world. But, when she looked down, the baby was limp and cold and tinged with blue. He was as still as anything, and he wasn’t crying.

Instinctively, she reached out to her left for her husband, where he slept beside her, but found her hand tumbling through mid-air. As her mind dragged itself into consciousness, she remembered. She remembered, like she did every morning, when she reached out for Jack, expecting him to be lying beside her in their bed. But they couldn’t sleep side by side anymore. Their bed had gone up in flames with their beautiful house. And now they were here. In this tiny house, barely fit for one, waiting on a hostile town to decide their fate. And it frightened Hannah to death. Some of the town’s people had been friendly towards them, even taken pity on her, but others obviously couldn’t wait to see the back of them, and would stop at nothing to make sure they left Dust. Honestly? Hannah didn’t want to be here anymore than they wanted her here. If it was up to her, she’d still be safe, in her beautiful home that Jack built. She was so vulnerable at the moment, yet she was surrounding herself strangers who could easily have every intention to hurt her. She didn’t want to give birth around people who she didn’t know or trust. But she didn’t have a choice. Her situation was now so dire that this was their only option. There was no other way.

She pulled her hand back towards her body, slipping it under the thin sheet, where it came to rest idly on her swollen abdomen. She rubbed small, soothing, absentminded circles on her stomach. This situation may not be perfect, and she could easily think of a hundred things that could be better. But she was so close, too. She’d lost two babies in the past few years, and each had been a tragedy. She’d resigned herself to the idea that she’d never carry a chid to term, and she’d never get to meet them. But this baby was alive, and even if she went into labour right now, providing everything went as planned, it would survive. Jack and she would finally have the family they’d been dreaming of since they first set out traveling together. And that thought made Hannah smile. She might be terrified, and there were so many things that could go wrong. But there were also things that could go right. And, if they did, they’d make her so happy.

Suddenly, Hannah heard the door of the house open very slowly. She froze, shutting her eyes as she heard footsteps approach her. What if it was one of the town’s folk, coming to tell her they’d made their decision early and they had to leave right now. She couldn’t bear that thought. The journey here had exhausted her, and she still hadn’t recovered. If they had to set out again, she was sure she’d die. She opened her eyes as she felt a familiar presence stood over her. Hannah smiled at the sight of Jack, and he reciprocated. He bent down and pressed gentle kisses into her neck.

“Good morning, wife,” he said. His voice was sweet and caring, and it made her smile, despite her fears.

Hannah pulled herself into a sitting position and stretched up to kiss him on the lips. It was a simplistic gesture, only expected of a married couple. But, to Hannah, it meant the world. This new life was so dangerous and there were so many things that could take a person from you with little warning. She was so lucky to have him with her still.

“Good morning, husband,” she replied, pulling back and smiling.

Then, she glanced across the room, allowing her gaze to fall on her sleeping brother in the other bed. She turned back to Jack and pressed a finger to her lips and nodding towards Peter as an explanation. Using the bed to help her, Hannah stood up slowly, which wasn’t always an easy task, based on her current condition. She felt an ache in her lower back as she stood up, but ignored it. Hannah dropped a hand to her midriff as she felt her baby twist in response to her movement. Then, with her free hand, she reached out for Jack’s and took it, using it to lead him back through the house. She wound her way through the tiny house, avoiding the beds, the woodstove, the table and Jack’s makeshift bed on the floor, using a small blanket. She felt guilty that her poor husband had to sleep on the floor while she got a proper bed, but she knew it was unrealistic for her to sleep on the floor.

She shut the door behind them. The idea that there was no way of locking it scared Hannah. She’d been tempted to ask Jack and Peter to push the table up against in in the night, but didn’t want to scare them. She hated the idea that anyone could just walk in in the middle of the night while they were all asleep and hurt her family.

Hannah made her way round to the side of the house, so they couldn't be seen from the town. She leant against the peeling outside wall of their tiny, temporary home, gratefully allowing it to take her weight. Usually, she probably would’ve sat down against it, but she didn’t have the energy to try and get up again. She turned to look at Jack, and pressed herself into his arms, her body turned slightly sideways so she could be closer to him, without her unborn baby getting in the way. The embrace was loving, but it was also frightened, as if she were looking for protection in his arms. She didn’t know what today would hold, or the next day, or the day following that, and it scared her.

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Peter was awake. He couldn't sleep, not since they're arrive in the small town. instead, he just laid there, facing his back to the rest of his room. The young man was deep in thought when Jack creeped in. He almost didn't notice the door open behind him if it wasn't for the slight squeak the hinges made.

Peter's muscles tensed up as he turned to grab bowie knife only to stop once he recognized the intruder as his sister's husband, Jack. He resisted the urge to roll his eyes as he laid back on the bed, staring at the ceiling. Peter has working on be more respectful to the man Hannah loved, but Jack could be so optimistic and naive sometimes. It was annoying. Still. Jack has his redeemable moments, though nothing specific could come the younger man at the moment.

It wasn't long before Jack was hovering over Hannah, and being all lovey-dovey. Nope. Peter thought as he grabbed his duster hat from the corner of the bed and covered his face. Peter didn't want to hear the two exchange sweet nothings, and lately it seems like Hannah has been easily irritated with her younger brother though it was probably just the pregnancy. Still The young man didn't want to upset his pregnant sister by storming off like a child.

Suddenly Hannah guided her husband out of the house to leave Peter alone. Peter looked at the door as it closed behind them. Every since his sister got married, Peter felt like he was not needed as much. Not that Jack and Hannah were trying to push him away, on the contrary, they went out of their way to make him feel welcomed in their new home; or rather, their old home before it was burned to the ground. Peter didn't want to think about the fire as a feeling of guilt began to tug at him. He needed something to distract him from his past.

Just then he heard a knocking at the door. What the hell. He thought as got up. It wasn't like they could lock themselves out of this pile of sticks. Peter walked over to the door, knocking over a few things and cussing as he arrived. The young man opened door, blinded for a split-second as the sunlight invaded his eyes. It didn't take long for Peter to realize who it was. "Elle." He glanced down at the baby she was holding. "It's been awhile." He looked behind the mother to see if Hanna and Jack were safe, a slight worry pulled on the young man before turning his attention back to the woman and baby in front of him. "What brings you here?" he asked, trying not to stare at the baby she was holding.

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A soft chuckle came out of Jack when Hannah became playful with him. There was the girl he adored, he knew that sarcastic piece of her was still in there. Pregnancy couldn’t have changed her that much. Jack had her smooth hand in his as they walked around the house to inform peter of their plans. It was always safe to tell others where you were going in this world. It was too often that people got lost, or dehydrated, or mugged. The sight of Eleanor made Jack smile, she had been one of those ragtag travelers they'd taken in once, and unlike Marley, Jack actually liked Elle.

While Hannah spoke frankly with her brother, Jack nodded toward Eleanor, taking particular notice in the very young girl in her arms. It was almost as if Jack and Hannah’s minds worked in tandem. He immediately thought of how he and Hannah could be bundling a precious child of their own.

Feelings of frustration and excitement ran over him. Excitement for parenthood, for the life they could be living. Children were always something he wanted, and even more so with Hannah. Frustration for the way that the town was treating them. Dust was the only thing in the way of their dreams of a family.

With that, Jack and Hannah left toward the center of town. He had only been here once before, he was a child and his family was only passing through, and thankfully they were easily forgotten. He really knew nothing about the town, beside their private club attitude. He both envied and pitied the people who lived here.

Soon the two were in what one might call downtown. There were a small collection of shops, a cafe, and a saloon. Two strangers, a man and woman were heading away from the cafe as they were closing in on it. Outside there was a group of townsfolk sitting around a couple of tables, chowing on some pastries. Would it be too forward to just introduce themselves? Marley was there, he could see that much. That was comforting... Kind of. Will was also there, maybe he could get to talking to the man.

With a gentle squeeze Jack led his wife toward the cafe. They could kill two birds with one stone; they could both eat and socialize. Boldly, Jack approached the table and casually greeted the group. “Good morning.”

Hopefully no one would be offended, or find it awkward that they joined the people.

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Eleanor smiles at Peter, she had known he'd be here, of course she had but still, it was like the ghost from her past coming back to haunt her - Maybe she should have come?
Shaking her head, she realizes that, that was out of the question, eventhough she couldn't give them much she had some things and hopefully they'd be grateful.

"Hello Peter," She smiles, looking at where he was staring at her baby, she almost burst out laughing at the next thing he says:
"It's been awhile."
Eleanor shrugs and smiles a little, patting her precious baby on the head "Yeah, it really has." She mutters, looking to see if there were any signs of Jack or Hannah.

Before she had the time to ask Peter if he knew where they were, Hannah appeared from around the corner and greeted her.
Eleanor allowed herself to take in the size of Hannah, she really was almost ready to have this baby.
"Whoa Hannah, you look fit to burst." She jokes and smiles at the girl, knowing that she must be so excited.

"Peter, Jack and I are just going into town. Send out a search party if we're not back before dark." Eleanor laughed, of only to make the fact that the place she lived in, was so cruel they wouldn't help a heavily pregnant woman.
She also smiles at Jack, he was a very kind husband and Elle wishes more than anything she'd had someone like him around when she was with child - Making it all OK and telling her she still looked beautiful even with fat beads of sweat and weighing twice her usual weight.

Suddenly Eleanor remembers why she came here, the baby clothes! but by that time, Hannah had already gotten to the road and Elle didn't want to have to call her back, especially not in the condition she is.
Instead, she turns back to Peter and holds up the bag "Baby clothes," She says, "It's not much but it's all I can give at this time." She tells him, knowing or hoping he'll understand.
Pulling Lily-Mae out of her holder, she passes her to Peter and laughs a little, "Don't worry - She won't bite." Eleanor says and then walks into the house so she can put the bag of clothes down.

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Sophia gave him a wonderful smile back, which made Will feel warm inside. "Thank you, freshly backed as always!" she replied enthusiastically. Her warmth, openness, and positivity were contagious. She was always this way, and it was one of the reasons he had so easily fallen in love with her, and why he still loved being around her today Of course his love had never stopped, but that was besides the point. Every time he saw her, he had the urge to spill all of his feelings for her. He always held back, however, because he knew how much hurt the both of them had gone through the first time. And he had no doubt in his mind that she would reject him pursuing her again. She wouldn't want to risk getting hurt again. And he really couldn't blame her.

Will's thoughts got sidetracked - thankfully - by Aaron getting up to walk over and pick up the fallen chair Wes had toppled over. "What a nice guy," Aaron commented, fixing the chair upright once more. Will wished he could deny Aaron's claim, after all Wes was his brother, yet he wasn't particularly nice, so he couldn't say the comment was untrue.

"Good morning, Willum." He turned his eyes to look upon Marley, who had addressed him. Even though she had left the protection of Dust, there was something about her that was truly endearing, and Will couldn't dislike her. Not that he wanted to, of course. "I see you left the town to vote on whether the Lakes should stay..” she began, almost in a whisper. This is what he had been afraid of. Having to discuss the situation of the newcomers before he was ready. This was why he had wanted to walk and talk with Aaron before the rest of the town. But he had insisted on breakfast at this cafe first. Marley continued on. “Are you sure that’s a good idea?” He thought on the words, wanting to give the right answer.

"Well, Marley, I may be the leader, but this is everyone's town, so I figured the right decision wa-" His sentence was broken up by a new voice entering the conversation. "Good morning." That was Jack speaking, the so-called leader of the newcomers to town. He seemed to be the most in control and level headed of the group. Will was sure a conversation with Jack was going to happen at some point within the next week. He looked strong, and confident. His wife Hannah, however, didn't seem as comfortable. She held on to him with an iron grip and seemed to protect her swollen belly with her other hand. Just looking at her, and how close she was to giving birth, gave Will a pang of sympathy. "Hi," she muttered quietly, obviously not feeling as if she belonged in the group.

Will began to feel slightly overwhelmed. He had too many thoughts banging around inside his head. He really needed to sort through them all before this conversation took place. He stood up, moving away from the table. "Good morning to both of you," he said to the Lakes, a pleasant smile on his face. Even if he wasn't sure about the newcomers, he had to show them kindness and respect as the leader. "Hannah, you should sit down. You can have my chair, I need to be heading out anyway." He moved a little farther away, but gestured to the chair he had just left empty. "It's customary that I walk the perimeter of Dust every morning," he explained, not wanting them to think their presence had made him suddenly choose to depart.

He turned his attention to the beautiful Sophia once again. "Thank you so much for breakfast," he said quickly before turning and leaving the others. After he had gotten away from them, he felt it was easier to breathe. He hated not being prepared, and tended to always pre-think about every question he could be asked. He didn't like being caught off guard, and that was precisely why he took his perimeter walk every morning. He was able to think about the day, and sort every single thought in his head. Just seeing Hannah made him sad. If the vote didn't go the newcomers way, everyone who wanted them to stay would blame Will himself. They wold be upset he hadn't just made the decision for them to stay. And he honestly didn't know how he was going to live with the fact that he was possibly killing to human beings by sending the three back out into the desert. He was set into tradition, of course, but sending a young woman and her baby out to die didn't seem right to him either. Yet he couldn't find a middle ground either.

Will reached up to rub his temples. He could feel a headache beginning to form. He was just now reaching the tiny shack on the outskirts of Dust, where Jack, Hannah, and Peter were living. And strangely enough, there was Eleanor at their front door. Talking to Peter, the one William was most worried about. He seemed untrustworthy. The two seemed to be having a conversation, and Will made a mental note to ask her about it at a later time. For now, he walked past the shack to the perimeter of Dust. He began to walk parallel to it, attempting to organize all of his thoughts into something intelligible.