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Mika "Mai Tanaka

"I wonder what would happen if you painted a rose..."

0 · 242 views · located in Kandra

a character in “A Heart's Glow”, as played by Shinku122


♧ Mika "Mai" Tanaka ♧

The Red Girl

Love Interest
"It's a secret."

Has to protect
Will be announced once all characters are in


Mika is like a colored rose, just one with every single petal a different color. When you're around her, you'll never get bored, since every color that she's made up out of is different. To tell the truth, one of the main parts of her personality is the mischievous girl who always seems to get into trouble, somehow, someway. She's also really creative and overall her personality is quite a spunky one. If you get to know Mika really well though, you'll see the sweet and nice side of her.
Mika is actually quite curious, and once she gets to know that a secret is being kept from her, she'll definitely try to figure out what it is, no matter what. That's one of the reasons that she gets in trouble a lot. However, if her friends or the ones she cares about are dragged into the situation too, she'll stand up for them, but that's only when she knows you really well. However, if you annoy her, she'll either annoy you back or just break you down with kindness. She just has some attitude, but she never intends to hurt somebody with it though.
That's one thing about this rose. When you first meet her, it'll seem as if the rose she is will not be bloomed yet, since when you first meet her, she's really closed off from the rest of the world because of her past, but if you actually spend time listening to her, and actually care, she'll open up to you, and show you her the sides of her personality. Even if you do get to know her well though, she doesn't really put her feelings straight out there, and rarely ever says them out loud. Usually, she always has a strange way of showing her affection, such as she might ruffle your hair or whack you on the head lightly. She just isn't very good at describing her feelings, but is she really likes you, she might say her feelings out loud. Only if she really, really likes you though. However, even if you know her really, really well and she really likes you, she won't dare to do anything like cry in front of anybody, since she finds it embarrassing.

Brief Description
Mika is like doll, just without all the formality. She has long red hair with a few orange strands in it that's never straight or neat. She's tried to make it straight and neat several times, but it's never worked. Her hair always ends up looking rustled up. The only reason Mika really looks like a doll, is because of her small and petite figure and features. Mika's eyes are a light red color, and they go really well with her hair.
Mika stands at 5'7", and is slim and skinny. Most people use this against her a lot, usually to pick on her. Such as if someone gives her a hug, she'll probably not be able to get out of it because of her size. On the upper left corner of her forehead (upper right corner if your looking straight at her), Mika has a strange symbol that means 'Love', and it's always been there since she was little. Her bangs usually cover most of it, but it's sometimes visible if her bangs are brushed aside.

Preferred Clothing
Mika has always been cast aside from other girls when it comes to clothing. She rarely wears dress, only on formal occasions, and sometimes will wear skirts. Instead, she usually wears a long sleeved cream shirt, with some dark jean shorts.

Special Ability
Well I bet you can't guess what I'm about to say... She can control.... fi- sand (Yep, you heard me right. Sand). Now, when she figured out this, she also though that it was pointless. I mean, tiny rocks, their not going to do much, are they? Well, apparently they can. The attacks that she can do with sand are rather vicious, so you probably don't want to find yourself standing on the opposite side of the battle field as her.
However, her sand controlling abilities works better for defense. Whenever she is attacked, it will be stopped by sand that automatically protects her. She's never known why, but ever since she got her symbol on her head, sand has always just protected her when she's attacked, such as if it has it's own will. Because of this, she has a unbreakable defense (yes, it's not always going to be like this in the roleplay, since that would be fair), and she hasn't ever even had a single scratch on her, so she doesn't exactly understand what 'pain' is.


❤ Painting
❤ Sand
❤ Flowers (Her favorite are yellow roses)
❤ Being outdoors
❤ Music
❤ Sweets
❤ Lying in fields

✖ Blood
✖ Being all alone
✖ Thunder and Lightning
"What is it again... um, pain? I think..."
✖ Seeing the ones she cares about hurt

✦ Blood
✦ Being alone
✦ Never finding true love
✦ Feeling pain (she's afraid to feel it, yet she is ever so curious)
✦ Thunder and lightning

Charm Point
Mika's charm points are really her hair, which is like a dandelion on fire. Her curious light red eyes are like no others. They are specked with gold around the outsides on them, and they sparkle in the light. Also, if you see her smile, it's unique like no other.

Under Construction

She has a beautiful singing voice.

Blue Bird
English Lyrics:

You said that if you could flap your wings
You would never come back down
You always aimed for that blue, blue sky

Still without remembering “sadness”
I begin to grasp “pain”
When these feelings reach you
They will change into “words”

As you awaken from a dream
In an unknown world
Spread your wings and take flight

You said that if you would flap your wings
You would never come back down
You aimed for that white, white cloud
You know if you can just make it through
You’ll find what you seek

Keep trying to break free for that blue, blue sky
That blue, blue sky
That blue, blue sky

Using a sound like harsh words
You broke the old window that was rusty

You got tired of seeing the cage
You threw it away and never looked back

The pulse that beats quickly
Catches my breath
Kick this window and take flight

You said that if you ran
That you can do it
That far far voice that calls out to you
To take your very radiant hand

Just to search for that blue, blue sky
I understand if you fall
But continue to go after the light

You said that if you could flap your wings
You would never come back down
You search for that white, white cloud

You know if you can just make it through
You’ll find what you seek

Keep tryïng to break free for that blue, blue sky
That blue, blue sky
That blue, blue sky

So begins...

Mika "Mai Tanaka's Story