Jax Death

Jax is -as you heard- a Remover, his is a God of Death and is not human. Jax is the Insane Remover type not having a care in the world but when it comes to his 'job' he takes it seriously. His personality is very weird as he has a few problems.

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a character in “A I N ' T T H I S F U N/ F E A R F U L?!”, as played by SubjectT


Jax has short messy dark grey hair with a glow of red near the horns.
Jax has no eyes...That comes from his past.
Jax possesses red wine Devil Horns and Tail which glisten with a menacing glow.
Jax is very short despite being a 'Remover', he is around 5 ft.
Jax has pale skin which could even be considered white.
Jax has elf like eyes which contain 4 piercings on them - 2 rings, 1 circle and 1 ying yang clip-

Jax is bipolar
Jax switches from Human joy, care and sympathy to Heartless Remover then to a blank and empty shell

Being a Remover you possess the power of telekinesis, possession, gravity, Inhuman strengths and speed along with morphing, but Jax has a few extra. He has the ability to morph and to see people's Nightmares and lastly he can become a shadow himself.
Jax relies on his powers when he is unable to his his combat skills during danger.

So begins...

Jax Death's Story