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Cassius Drew

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a character in “A Journey Into Darkness”, originally authored by Rainbow Unicorns, as played by RolePlayGateway



fairy tale; feəriˌteɪl; noun
(also fairy story)
1 a story about magic or fairies, usually for children
2 a story that somebody tells that is not true; a lie
- - - - -
A fable or a myth, people chalk up fairy tales as being bedtimes stories for children, nothing more, nothing less... But they don't know the truth. Within every story, the characters breathe, they live, even after their tale is told. They continue on to live, regardless of what happens. Yet, their existences can grow tiring, lonely, even.

Their stories can never intertwine with each others, leading their knowledge of each other to be small and in between...

That is, until it came into the picture.

The 'miracle'.


So begins...

Cassius Drew's Story

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The world of Pokemon is a vast one, where humans and Pokemon are the closest as can be since the last evil force that cursed them in order for a more "beautiful" world. What was that team again... Flare? Ah, yes! It was! Team Flare. And before them? Team Plasma. The oldest of the old? Team Rocket.

All these evil organizations have become rather renown in the world of today. All except one.

It was always watching though. From every incident with Legendary Pokemon until now, they were watching. Improving on ideas used to capture these beautiful creatures. Such as the three legendary birds, Zapdos, Moltres, Articuno... And even Celebi, when turned evil. All of this, something greater than Arceus. An artificial being created to help them rule the world. To make a new world order elsewhere.

It doesn't matter how much blood or destruction would have to befall those neighboring them in this world. All that matters is themselves and their ultimate goal. And they've already started their plans.

But somehow, a brave little Mew had escaped. Injured, and confused, it struggled to continue on it's path to find somebody to help. Floating into the city, the tiny creature had collapsed into a young girl's backyard while she was gardening, her mother resting in a rocking chair as the Eevee family jumped and played within the flowers.

Little did Cora know, her adventure was just about to start again.