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Charlotte Le'Strange


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a character in “A Journey Into Darkness”, as played by ℰℯℯ℘


|| Name ||
❇ Charlotte Le'Strange ❈

|| Age ||
❇ 18 ❈

|| Alias ||
❇ Nicknames and Reason ❈

|| Gender ||
❇ Female ❈

|| Trainer Details ||
❇ As far as being a Trainer goes, Char is doing a pretty bang up job. She already has nearly all of her badges for the Kanto area - she only needs the Earth Badge, and once she gets it and competes in the league she plans to go for Pokemon Ranger. ❈

|| Personality ||
Strong | Stubborn | Smart - Quick Witted |Sarcastic | Observant | Challenging

|| Likes ||
❇ Battling ❈
❇ Pokemon ❈
❇ Traveling ❈
❇ Sweets ❈
❇ The Heat ❈
❇ Fire - It's Pretty ❈

|| Dislikes ||
❇ Singing In Public ❈
❇ Spicy Food ❈
❇ Losing ❈
❇ Cocky Trainers ❈


|| Fears ||
❇ Losing || All Char's life, people have told her what she can't do, what she's not strong enough to do, and she hates it. She feels like she lets down her Pokemon when she loses, and so she pushes herself and pushes herself until losing is no longer the option. ❈
❇ Her Pokemon Getting Hurt || To her, her Pokemon became her best friends and family. The idea of anyone hurting them, or hurting any Pokemon for that matter, not only cribbles her but fills her with fury. ❈
❇ Drowning || Char has always been afrid of downing, not really of big bodies of water per-say, but just drowning in general. ❈

|| Strength ||
❇ Friends ❈
❇ her Pokemon ❈
❇ Thinking Outside The Box ❈
❇ Being Brave ❈

|| Short Bio ||
Why did they start, yada yada. Keep it to a paragraph ems.

Charizard is a draconic, bipedal Pokémon. It is primarily orange in coloration with a cream underside from the chest to the tip of its tail, which burns with a sizable flame. Charizard has a long neck, stern-looking blue eyes, raised nostrils, and two blunt horns protruding from the back of its rectangular head. Two fangs are visible when its mouth is closed. Two large wings with teal undersides sprout from its back, and a horn-like appendage juts out from the third joint of each wing. Charizard's arms are short and skinny compared to its robust belly, and each limb has three white claws. It has stocky legs and cream-colored soles under its feet.

Flareon is a quadruped Pokémon with three small toes and a yellow paw pad on each foot. It has long ears, dark eyes, and a small black nose. Its body is covered in reddish-orange fur. However, its bushy tail, fluffy collar, and a tuft of fur on its head are yellow. It will fluff out its collar to cool down its high body temperature. This high temperature is caused by its internal flame sac. Flareon stores and heats inhaled air in this sac, and then exhales it as fire. Flareon is mostly found in populated areas, and is rarely seen in the wilderness.

Typhlosion is a badger-like Pokémon with a bulky yet agile body. Typhlosion is classified as a quadruped, but it is capable of bipedal movement and is frequently depicted standing on its hind legs. When its mouth is open, it shows its thick tongue and sharp canines. It has a short snout and small eyes and ears. Typhlosion's face, underside, arms, and legs are a shade of cream, and its back is dark blue. On Typhlosion’s rear, there is a spiky, coarse fringe of fur. Across the back of its neck, there are several red spots that produce fire in battle. Typhlosion will make anything go up in flames when angered, and generates shimmering heat from its body when it is ready for battle. Though it is rare in the wild, some can be found living on grasslands.

Luxray is a quadruped Pokémon resembling a fully-grown lion. While its face, hind legs, torso, and the back of its front legs are blue, much of its body is covered with shaggy, black fur. The fur is longer around the shoulders and the base of the tail, and forms a mane on its head. The mane is larger on the male than on the female. It has yellow eyes with red sclera, a blunt muzzle, and rounded ears with yellow insides. There are three yellow, half rings on the back of each foreleg. Its long, thin tail is tipped with a yellow four-pointed star. Luxray has powerful eyesight that is capable of seeing through most objects and walls, like x-ray vision. It uses this ability for hunting and keeping track of its offspring.

This fox-like, quadruped Pokémon is covered with a thick, luxurious golden-white fur. It has nine, long tails, each of which is tipped with pale orange. There is a fluffy crest atop its head, and a small mane around its neck. Ninetales has gleaming red eyes that are said to give it the ability to control minds. Its ears are pointed, and it has long, slender legs with three-toed paws. Ninetales is a very vengeful Pokémon that has been known to curse those who mistreat it. This intelligent Pokémon is able to understand human speech easily. It can live for 1,000 years, due to the energy within its nine tails, each of which is said to have a different mystical power. It can be found living in grasslands.

Leafeon is a mammalian, quadruped Pokémon. Its body is tan with dark brown paws. It has several green sprouts growing all over it with the longest one on its head. Leafeon's ears and tail have a leafy appearance. This Pokémon’s cellular structure is similar to plants, which allows it to perform photosynthesis and purify the air around it by sleeping under patches of sunshine. It is a pacifistic Pokémon, preferring not to fight.

Riolu is a small, blue, canine Pokémon. It has black legs and torso, a blue tail, and a yellow collar. It has rounded bumps on the backs of its forepaws. It has a black "mask" and red eyes. It stands on its toes instead of its entire foot. It is sensitive to a special type of energy called Aura; however, It does not have the ability to fully use these powers, although it can still emanate these waves to communicate and sense them, albeit only in ripples. Like almost all Fighting-type Pokémon, Riolu naturally has superhuman strength, stamina, and endurance and is capable of making long journeys on foot in a short amount of time. It is a playful, energetic, and loyal Pokémon.


Snorlax is a huge, bipedal, dark blue-green Pokémon with a cream-colored face, belly, and feet. Its body is composed of mostly its belly, where most of its fat reserves accumulate. Its head is large, with small, pointed ears and two pointed teeth protruding from its lower jaw. It has large, hind feet with three claws and a circular brown paw pad, and its arms and five foreclaws are short. Snorlax is often found in mountains and forests. It wakes up only to eat and seldom for exercises. It is not a picky eater, as its strong stomach allows it to eat even moldy food without feeling any ill effects. When hungry, it is not satisfied until it consumes 900 pounds of food. Snorlax is docile enough to let children and small Pokémon bounce on its large stomach.

Jolteon is a quadruped, mammalian Pokémon. It is covered in yellow fur with a spiky fringe around its tail, and a white ruff around its neck. In addition to the ability to become sharp like needles, Jolteon's fur also amplifies the electrical charges produced by its cells. It can also store and generate negative ions in its fur, which create a sparking noise. Its ears are large and pointed, and its eyes and small nose are black. It has slender legs and small paws, each with three toes and a pink paw pad. This Pokémon is most often found in cities and towns under the ownership of Trainers.

Glameow is a gray feline Pokémon with a slender physique. It has a crescent shaped head with two white-tipped ears. It also has a white muzzle, a small black nose, pink eyelids, yellow eyes with blue irises, and two rows of thin whiskers. Its neck has a ruff-like fringe, and its legs have similar fringes. Its feet are tipped with white, and have pink paw pads on the underside. It has a curled, spring-shaped tail and a white fluff at the tip of it. It has sharp claws and a powerful tail. Its eyes are also capable of using hypnotic powers. Glameow tends to be spiteful and fickle, having a tendency to hook its claws into the nose of its trainer if it's not fed. When it's happy, it demonstrates movements with its tail, like a dancing ribbon. As it has a domesticated quality, it tends to appear in urban areas.

Pachirisu is a small, white squirrel-like Pokémon with a faint blueish tint and a light blue stripe starting from its forehead and goes all the way down to the tip of the tail. A female Pachirisu's blue stripe is shorter than a male's. A large white tooth grows out of its mouth. It has deep gray eyes and a yellow circle on each cheek. Its tail is almost twice as big as its body, with three spikes at the top of the curl, which it can use to shoot charges. Though its arms and legs are very short, it can run incredibly fast, enabling it to tire pursuing Pokémon out quickly. It has a great amount of electricity flowing in its body. If it builds up enough charge, it may shock other Pokémon.

When it sleeps, Pachirisu likes to curl its big, fluffy tail round to the front of its body and uses it as a pillow. It also likes to chase and groom its tail. When a Pachirisu sheds its fur it shapes them into furballs, which have static charges just like its fur. It hides its favorite foods—which mainly consist of berries—in these static puffs and stores them in tree holes. It does this to protect the food; if a human or another Pokémon tries to take the food, they will get shocked from the static. It may rub cheek pouches with another Pachirisu to share stored electricity. It is generally found in tree tops in forests, as well as the outskirts of a forest and near power plants.

Meowstic's appearance differs drastically between genders, but in either form, it is a bipedal feline Pokémon with a humanlike posture, digitless appendages, and two tails. The male's fur is predominantly dark blue with accentuations of white, while the female's color scheme is reversed. The male's ears are mostly blue with some accents of white, and the tips are pointed straight; the female's ears are entirely white, and the tips are curled. The tuft of fur between the male's ears is white and in a straight, diagonal style; the female's tuft is blue and curled. The collar of fur around the male's neck is white and in a pointy style, while the female's collar is blue with a curl rising up to its face. The male's eyes are spring green with darker green pupils, while the female's eyes are yellow with red pupils. The male's tails each have a white stripe just before ending in white, while the tails themselves end in a point; the female's tails are blue at the base and end in white fluffy curls. The male's arms end in white, and its legs are white at foot level; the female's arms end in blue, and its legs are mostly blue in a fashion resembling stockings.

The organs hidden in Meowstic's ears emit psychic energy powerful enough to obliterate a 10-ton truck. It usually keeps its ears tightly shut in order to keep its otherwise uncontrollable power in check, but it will unleash this power if threatened. It usually keeps a stoic, virtually emotionless face; some Trainers adore its unsociable demeanor. The moves it naturally learns depend on its gender; the male's learnset is mostly comprised of supportive and disruptive moves, while the female focuses on all-out offense.

Fennekin is a quadruped, fox-like Pokémon. It is covered in pale yellow fur that is longer on its haunches. Tufts of dark orange fur cover the insides of its large ears, and it has a white muzzle with longer fur on its cheeks. Hot air is vented from its ears, reaching temperatures of over 390 degrees Fahrenheit. It has large, dark orange eyes and a pointed, black nose. When its mouth is open, two pointed teeth can be seen in its upper jaw. Fennekin also has small paws with no visible toes and slim legs. Its tail is fluffy with a dark orange tip. Fennekin chews on twigs instead of eating snacks. It can be temperamental, but it tries to do its best for its Trainer.

Umbreon has a sleek black body with four slender legs and crimson eyes. There are two pairs of pointed teeth visible when its mouth is open, one in the upper jaw and one in the lower. It has long pointed ears and a bushy tail, each with a yellow band around them. Its forehead and legs have yellow rings on them. Its yellow markings glow at night and strike fear into anyone nearby. It hides in the darkness while waiting for its opponents, and its yellow rings glow when it leaps to attack. It is also capable of spraying a poisonous sweat whenever it gets agitated. This Pokémon is rare in the wild, and is more often found in urban areas under the care of people.

Plusle is cream-colored bipedal Pokémon with red markings. It has a dot-like nose, and a cream-colored plus sign in the middle of its circular red cheeks. It has long, flat ears that are mostly red. Its limbs are stubby and digitless, and it has red front paws. Its short tail is tipped with a red plus sign.
Plusle can create sparkly pom-poms by shorting out the electrical current in its palms. It uses these pom-poms to cheer on its teammates, and will cry loudly if they lose. It climbs telephone poles to absorb electricity. It lives in grassy areas.

Minun is cream-colored bipedal Pokémon with blue markings. It has a dot-like nose, and a cream-colored minus sign in the middle of its circular blue cheeks. It has long, flat ears that are mostly blue. Its limbs are stubby and digitless, and it has blue front paws. Its short tail is tipped with a blue minus sign.
Minun cares more for its teammates than itself, sending off showers of sparks when it cheers for them. When its partner is in trouble, gives off increasing amounts of sparks. It can create electric pom-poms for cheering. Its electrical current promotes blood circulation and energizes its target. It lives in grassy areas. However, it will hide under the eaves of houses when it rains due to its dislike of water.

|| Face Claim ||
❇ ❈[/font][/center]

So begins...

Charlotte Le'Strange's Story

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The world of Pokemon is a vast one, where humans and Pokemon are the closest as can be since the last evil force that cursed them in order for a more "beautiful" world. What was that team again... Flare? Ah, yes! It was! Team Flare. And before them? Team Plasma. The oldest of the old? Team Rocket.

All these evil organizations have become rather renown in the world of today. All except one.

It was always watching though. From every incident with Legendary Pokemon until now, they were watching. Improving on ideas used to capture these beautiful creatures. Such as the three legendary birds, Zapdos, Moltres, Articuno... And even Celebi, when turned evil. All of this, something greater than Arceus. An artificial being created to help them rule the world. To make a new world order elsewhere.

It doesn't matter how much blood or destruction would have to befall those neighboring them in this world. All that matters is themselves and their ultimate goal. And they've already started their plans.

But somehow, a brave little Mew had escaped. Injured, and confused, it struggled to continue on it's path to find somebody to help. Floating into the city, the tiny creature had collapsed into a young girl's backyard while she was gardening, her mother resting in a rocking chair as the Eevee family jumped and played within the flowers.

Little did Cora know, her adventure was just about to start again.

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Charlotte Le'Strange

The sun shinned through the Crystal that was being held up by a pale hand, towards the morning sky. Dirty blonde hair was sprawled out across the bright grass, and a young girl lay with a young male Riolu Pokemon. The girl had ear buds producing from her ears, and she seemed lost in thought as she gazed upon the necklace in her hand. The Riolu was curled up beside the girl, sleeping peacefully while she argued with herself.

"I could go for my last badge..." She sighed aloud. "Or we could go train more." The girl glared at the necklace as it gleamed into her eyes. There were so many choices, but the deep unsettling desire for adventure had settled into her stomach, making it impossible of Char to sleep, eat, and stay in one place. She felt that if she traveled she might find her 'destiny' and be able to make her mark on the world. "Well, who needs an eighth badge anyway?" She mumbled before letting her arm fall down beside her head with a light thud.

A sudden rustle, rustle broke Charlotte from her thoughts, and the girl quickly sat up. Riolu jerked awake as well, the small Pokemon taking on a defensive position beside the trainer. Suddenly, an Abra rolled out of near by bushes, beaten and bruised, it took one look at the blonde teen, and then promptly passed out. char quickly slipped the necklace back around her neck before she jumped up and bounded over to the wounded Pokemon, worry coursing through her veins as she dropped to her knees beside the creature.

Without thinking, the young girl scooped the Pokemon up into her arms, and broke off into a run towards the nearest Poke Center.
"Come on, Riolu!" She hollard over her shoulder, not paying any heed to the other Pokemon as it trailed after her. Her bag dug into her shoulder blades with each stride she made, and her breath came out in puffs, but Char didn't stop. She didn't stop when she fell and had to tumble to keep going, or when she ran into an old guy. She kept going until she reached the center.

Chase Wickson

The battle he had taken part in had been less than pleasant, but he couldn't settle fr a group of thugs stealing a little girls Pokemon either. Chase Wickson, Pokemon Ranger, looked like hell. His uniform was tattered and covered in dirt, and his skin was slightly bruised with hints of grim clinging to him, along with dried sweat. None of that mattered to him right now though, what mattered was he couldn't mind his Abra. The bloody Pokemon had probably teleported away when it sensed the danger.

"Damn it," He hissed and his shoes slid on the dirt path, resulting in his pace slowing. The Ranger had run all the way from one town to the next to find his Pokemon, but so far he was having no such luck. No other choice then." He gritted out. Soon instead of the dirt path, his feet pounded upon the sun heated pavement, and he worked his way through crowds, towards the local Poke Center.

Soon, the boy found himself bursting through the doors and racing towards a startled Nurse. Has a Abra been admit-" He was cut off as someone else burst through the doors, a short Pokemon trailing behind them. It was a girl, a few years younger than Chase, her blonde hair was tousled and her Trainer outfit was covered in sweat. In her arm, was his Abra.

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Gardening was hard work, sure, but it wasn't any better under such harsh conditions. The sun blitzing down, her Pokemon being the only ones to have any fun... Sigh, even her mother was rocking under the shade. Today was the one year mark of her ceased adventures with her Eevee family, but her mother was in better shape now when ever. Maybe it was just because they were around the house in order to help. After all, her dad hadn't been around for a long time.

Hey, for all she knew, she might even be able to go back out to train again. All she needed was some sort of miracle. Not this dead and dying boredom... Really, she needed anything but this.

Groaning as she finished patting the soil around one of the plants, Cora stood up as she brushed her knees off. This was almost just too hot to deal with. Nope, not worth it in the least... Looking back towards her mother, a smiling, happier version than a year ago, well, it put a different tone on things. Or at least, they kinda did.

It wasn't until something crashed into the backyard's tree, than landing into the bushes and newly planted flowers.

"Cora, is everything okay over there...?" Her mother stood up, taking a few steps towards the grassy yard.

"Yeah, mom! It might just be a Pokemon!" Cora dismissed, putting down her gardening trowel as she slowly made her way over to the crash site. Worried and concerned, the dirty-blonde parted the plants only to be genuinely stunned. How.. in the world...?

This couldn't be real. This wasn't real. This couldn't be happening!

A thousand thoughts began to run through her mind. Why was it here? Why was it hurt? What... in the world was happening? Was this some sign as to why the world was falling into chaos?

Her felt her breathing pick up, a cold sweat pouring over her body. This... was too scary for her. But here was the one. Mew... Swallowing hard, she pulled off her extra layer (maybe that was why she was whining about the heat so badly?) and wrapped it around the poor creature.

"Mom! I-I... I need to go! Something's seriously wrong!"

"Huh! Cora! Wait!" By the time Cora had open the gate to the backyard and dashed off, it was too late. Right now, Mew was all the mattered, it needed help. Badly, and unfortunately that was what Cora needed to do. She couldn't possibly run quick enough to serve the urgency of the situation.

"Eh? What's happening?"

"Mama, is that Pokemon dying?"

"Something's terribly wrong!"

Slamming her tiny body into the Poke Center doors, carefully shielding Mew, Cora cried out. "Quick! Someone help! I-It's going to die!" Cora cried, the jacket finally falling off to reveal the poor cute legendary. Eyes adjusting, it seemed like a Ranger was having his own issues, as did a blonde... girl? Was that? "Charlotte!" Cora cried, running quickly over as Nurse Joy began to fret not only over the Abra, but not shocked and overly-concerned for the poor legendary.

The last thing Cora heard from the Pokemon, was a soft "mew", as well as the Pokemon opening it's eyes briefly to show its thankful blue eyes.

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Book One | A Journey
Into Darkness

Chapter One | The World As We
Know It Isn't Perfect

Part | A


Charlotte blinked in surprise at the sight of a Ranger standing with Nurse Joy by the front desk. As soon as they spotted her, the two of them rushed forward. The blonde gave a startled yelp and stumbled back, nearly getting knocked over as someone else burst through the doors. In flew a much shorter blonde girl, holding a small mass of clothes and Pokemon. Char let the Ranger pluck the Abra from her arms to inspect it, the building could have burst into flames at that moment and she wouldn't have noticed, she was too focused on the girl in front of her. "C-Cora?" She stuttered out, stumbling toward her old friend. Ironically enough, today was the 1 year mark since they had gone their separate ways. "What are you..." She trailed off after catching sight of the Pokemon Cora held to her chest.

Every trainer had heard of them. Legendary Pokemon. Some would be lucky (or sometime unlucky) to even see one, let alone carry one. It didn't make sense though, the legendaries had been going into hibernation lately, why on earth would Cora have a Mew. "What's going on?" Char's blue eyes flashed up to her old friends face, confusion clouding them.

Cora looked over to Charlotte in panic, only to ignore the female briefly. "Nurse Joy, please! Mew's dying! Someone hurt it!" Cora pleaded once more, tears falling from her eyes as the Nurse nodded shakily, taking the Pokemon before directing the female to the Ranger.

"Sir! Please hand you're Abra to my assistant, she'll take care of it." Nurse joy exclaimed, rushing to another room with the Mew with a herd of volunteers in order to help it.

Cora froze finally, dropping to her knees and hyperventilating. This was not okay. This could not be happening. "C-Charlotte, tell me I'm dreaming! This cannot be happening! W-Why?! I don't understan-" Cora covered her ears, trembling in a mix of emotions.

Chase silently handed off his Abra to an assistant and watched as the two interacted silently. Charlotte dropped to her knees in front of Cora - ignoring the bruising pain - and grasped her friends shoulders tightly. "Look at me." She said calmly. When Cora didn't respond, she shook the smaller girl slightly, jarring her to look up. "I know what you think, but listen," She started tensely. "Did you see that Mew? it wasn't going to hurt you, it's not bad, it's just something from a story, and that's okay Cora, it's real, and that's okay." She pulled her friend closer, as she whispered fiercely.

"Cora, you saved it." her eyes were intent. "You saved it from becoming nothing but a old story, that Mew is going to live because of you." Without another word she pulled her into a soft hug. "Calm down for the sake of the Mew...."

"It's... a story.. It has to be..." Cora choked, crying even harder no matter what words were used to try and calm her again. Not again. Not after-- "I don't want... " Cora whispered, the images of that Pokemon flooding her mind. The horrible, horrible nightmare... No six year old should of had to go through that. The sheer panic, everything caused her to suddenly stand, although she shook and trembled, stumbling for the exit before the nightmare seemed to blow up right in front her.

She had been sucked into the nightmare, her body in reality hitting the ground in a loud thump.

Char cried out, reaching a futile hand towards her friend as she stumbled away. "Don't go Cora!" She called helplessly, but her words fell on deaf ears. Without thinking she jumped up and chased after the girl, panic making her heart stutter as the smaller girl started to fall. "No!" Her scream echoed off the walls as she dropped down and slid on her knees, catching Cora's head before it could collide with the floor.

Chase shifted uncomfortably at the two girls confrontation before catching a Nurse by the elbow and nodding towards the fallen girl. "Ma'am, would it be possible to get her a bed until she comes too? I believe she's fallen ill." He shifted again, glancing at the two girls. "I suppose the other one can accompany me to check on Mew." He nodded,clearly satisfied with his conclusion.

Nurse Joy tilted her head with a bit of discomfort. "Well... I'd rather someone stay with the girl until she comes too... Mew is still under intensive care as well, and it might be for the next few hours. Unfortunately, it looks like it was tortured, if not experimented on. There are needle holes on certain parts of the poor thing's body." She paused. "How light is she? We can carry her to one of the spare rooms... We're pretty full though..."

Char jerked at the mention of someone experimenting on a Pokemon, her teeth grinding together. Chase stared down at Nurse Joy for a moment, before turning striding towards the girl. He easily swept her small form into his arms and turned back. His eyes appeared bored and emotionless. "I will stay with the girl, take her to the Mew once you get her into a room." He said simply, gesturing for the Nurse to lead the way. "You don't want that Pokemon waking up alone." He mumbled.

Nurse Joy sighed, nodding. Waving towards yet another Nurse Joy, the two split up, one leading Chase to the spare room, the other leading Char to the waiting room. "It may take a while for Mew to come out..." That was the only the half of it.

Cora hissed in her sleep, curling up in Chase's arms as she shivered. She was back there. Back in that's realm. No... No words even came out of her mouth as her eyes squeezed shut even tighter, her little hands attaching themselves to Chase's shirt.

Chase stared down at the girl silently, his face screwing up as he watched her distress. Why was the child so scared over a Mew? It was no bigger than her head. Perhaps it was a bad experience, but that didn't really make much sense. It was a legendary. He silently swept into the room after Nurse Joy and lay her girl upon the bed before leaning against the wall. "Inform me when the Mew wakes." he said before turning away from her.

Char sat down uncertainly in the waiting room, subconsciously clinging to Cora's jacket as she waited for Mew to come out.

Only an hour or so later, Cora's eyes had finally begun to flutter open... The nightmare was just that. A nightmare."Eh... Where am I-" Scratch that, it wasn't. She was.. In the Poke Center, all because of that-- ugh. She knew most likely she had another break, and that only lead to an annoyed hand to her face. "They told me... I was fine..."

Mew on the other hand, was quick to zoom out of the medical room. Spotting the similar jacket that had wrapped it, it went to eye level with Charlotte. Only to start tugging on it, it's cute sounds simply spilling from it before it grew tired, resting partially on Charlotte and the jacket. Nurse Joy was already informing the Ranger however on the fact Mew was available now.

Chase had taken the chance to clean up and change his uniform out for a less tattered one while the girl slept, and when he emerged from the bathroom that was connected to the room his hair was slightly damp and he now wore a bright red and black Ranger uniform, his hat clipped to his belt. He blinked in mild surprise as the girl sat up and started to talk to herself. He opened his mouth, to ask if she was OK, a Nurse Joy burst into the room, looking slightly flustered. "Mew has woken..."

Meanwhile Char was nearly had a heart attack when the half awake girl was startled by a sudden tugging sensation on the jacket she held. Looking down, she was more surprised than ever to see the Mew there, tugging on Cora's jacket. She was about to release it to the Pokemon when it gave up and simply fell on top of her, burying it's face in the jacket. Charlotte hesitated for a moment, before gently petting it's head in a reassuring manner. "You're safe now." She cooed. "Cora and I won't let anyone hurt you ever again, I promise." Her voice was soft - like that of a mothers.

The Mew pulled away, almost as if suspicious. There were plenty of scientists who sounded like that... It didn't mean a thing as of right now. Shaking it's head, it made a loud "Mewww!", it's little arm waving towards the spare rooms.

Cora froze as she instantly picked her head up at the nurse, frowning. Ah... She needed her jacket. "I-I'm sorry, but I need to go get my jacket and-" Standing up, Cora froze. Dried... blood? Eh? When was she slashed? They small... maybe caused by accident by a Sneasel? She had passed a few strange men and a few Sneasels... "Wait, maybe they were... the guys!" Cora stood up alarmed. "I have... to go find them! They might be the ones who hurt it!"

Charlotte from at the Mew for a moment before smiling and nodding. "I'll take you to Cora." She said gently, carefully lifting the Mew into her arms and positioning the Jacket so it lay half on top of the Pokemon. She walked at a decent pace, worried of jarring the animal and causing it pain.

Meanwhile Chase start uncertainly at the girl before him. "Slow down, you've just passed out." He walked towards her and placed a hand on her shoulder so he could steer her back towards the bed. "If it was one of those guys we'll find out, right now you need to take it slow." He spoke gently, half turning in time to see Char hesitate outside the rooms door with the mew in hand.

"Take it slow?" Cora's eyes grew slightly tough. "If they're willing to hurt humans, not only Pokemon, there could be a crisis!" She planted her feet firmly, doing her best not to budge, yet she flinched noticing the Mew, who in turn began to fly around her head, than Chase's once wiggled out of the jacket and Charlotte's arms...

However, it seemed to have a more content spot on top of the Ranger's head.

Chase's eye twitched as a less than lightweight settled on top of his head, before settling to glare at the girl before him. "I'm aware of what could happen, if you haven't noticed. I've already contacted base and we have Pokemon Rangers coming this way now to take the Mew to a more secure position and scope the area for possible threats." He let his arms drop to his sides.

Charlotte jumped into the room in surprise. "You can't take the Mew away! He wants to be with Cora!" Her eyes were wide and she shook her head. "The Mew should be where if feels safe, you don't want it to panic!"

"Well, obviously they do! For all they know, they could be double agents!" Cora spat, prodding Chase's chest with a finger. "You... you..!"

Mew could only end up floating off of Chase's head into it's bubble, right into the tallest corner of the room. No way. Not happening. However, it seemed like things were only going to get worse from here. Taking a deep breath, Cora nudged Charlotte innocently. Standing up with arms extended to the Mew, even if she seemed shaky by it, she was quick to grab it and bolt right out of the room. "Char! Come on! Cover me!"

Charlotte stood there for half a second, confusion mixing with apprehension, and then without seemingly thinking about it, she grabbed a near by tray and slammed it down onto the Ranger's head with all her might. The boy gave a shout of protest and stumbled back, tripping over a stray wire he fell backwards onto the bed, only to roll over it and land on the other side with a hard thud and loud groan.

Char bolted out the door after Cora, grabbing her bag from the waiting room as they passed. She was now thankful she had put Riolu back in his Poke ball this morning, the small thing wouldn't have been able to keep up with the two girls. She spun around as the neared the front doors. "Cora!" She hollard while fishing out two Poke Balls from her pack.

"Typhlosion! Luxray! Go!" She extended both arms, and in a flash of bright light two Pokemon stood in front of the two girls. "Typhlosion!! Use Smoke Screen!" Her order rebounded off the walls as Chase came into sight on the other end of the corridor. The pokemon did as ordered and then retreated back into his ball. Soon a thick black screen of smoke filled the room. "Luxray!" Char spun around towards the large lion like Pokemon.

It seemingly knew what to do, because it swept down low and offered it back to Cora, Char was already climbing on when she looked down at her friend. "We'll move faster on Luxray - it'll only last for a little while though, come on." She flashed her friend a daring smile, the one she had used when they were both younger and she was about to do something dare-devilish.

A bright smile appeared on Cora's face as she pushed Charlotte up a bit more. "Come on! I won't be able to fit!" Cora whined, climbing onto Luxray as she held Mew tightly. "Come on! My house! I need to get my Pokemon!" Looking back, Cora almost shot a 'catch us if you can' look towards the Ranger. "Cyaaa, Mr. Ranger!" A giggle was quick to escape her lips.

Smiled, and nudged Luxray with her foot. "You heard her bud." She said. The Pokemon lifted it head up, inhaled deeply, and then took off. His strides were long and swift, and though each step jolted the girls it was accelerating - the speed he was moving.


The sky was darkening as they reached Cora's house, and a strange foreboding feeling was spring up in Char's stomach, but she easily slid off of Luxray, and after helping Cora down, she patted the pokemon on the head and let him retreat into his ball for now. "Let's hurry Cora." She said quietly, glancing up at the sky uneasily.

Cora nodded, running in via the backyard's gate. "Mom! Get my Pokeballs! I have to go! There's an issue going on!" Cora's mom looked alarmed, standing up from her rocking chair.

"Charlotte?! What's the Mew doing here? What's going on?!" Ms. Vidal cried, as Cora bolted inside, grabbing all six of her Pokeballs and attaching them to her belt. There was no time to gather her clothing or anything of the sort. Not with the Rangers on the way-

"Excuse me, but are you two the girls that ran off with the Mew? My friend is more than a little annoyed with you..." A Ranger spoke up, his arms crossing as he stared at the blondes. "Now, I'd appreciate it if you girls gave it over, we're only trying to help it."

Char stopped mid step as she caught sight of the Blonde Ranger. an uneasy feeling sprung up in her chest, and she carefully took a step back. While Cora had been getting her Pokemon ready, Char had busied herself with shoveling some of her friends clothes into a pale green duffle bag. The girl never took her eyes off the Ranger as she swept down and grabbed a spare pair of sneakers from Cora's closet and shoved them into the bag, before zipping it up and tossing it to the other girl.

"I'd appreciate it if you showed some identification, sir." Charlotte sneered, her hand twitching towards her Poke Belt.

The Ranger sighed, holding out his identification. "The names Gil. Chase can even vouch for me." Gil glared, his own hair twitching to his Pokeballs. "I'd really hate to take Mew by force."

Charlotte scowled as she eyed the guy carefully. "Last time I checked, it wasn't in your job description to take anything by force." She said, crouching slightly. She knew what a Ranger did, she was going to be a Ranger soon, this guy was out of his jurisdiction.

"Last time I checked, this was a crisis." Gil glared, hand going on his hip. "It's a nice try though, acting like you know my job. Now if you excuse me, I'd like to talk to the other girl. Perhaps she can give me a more peaceful resolution."

Charlottes own hand went to her hip, and she stepped in front of Cora and Mew. "That other Ranger only sent out a call an hour ago. He's in charge of this sector. There's no way you got here this fast, unless you were already on your way when the call was sent out." Her eyes narrowed. it was no lie when said that the young girl was observant. This Ranger had no real hope of a peaceful resolution, it was clear with the way he held himself.

The man shook his head. "We're practically partners, hun. I make it a point to not stray too far from my friend."

Char squinted. "Ranger's don't have partners. What are you trying to sell bub?"

"I said... practically."

"And I said, I'm not buying it. So piss off." Char practically snarled the words. "You're not coming near that Mew."

"What do I need to do? Get Chase?"

"Tempting thought, he might have a bit of a headache when you find him though, no worries, you can go get your buddy, we'll just wait here." She smirked.

"Aha, he's a resourceful guy. Trust me. He's going to be here any second now." Gil smirked right back at Charlotte, crossing his arms as he leaned against the gate. "Now, we wait."

She laughed aloud. "You sir, are a moron." With a flick of her wrist, a Poke ball flew through the air, and out came Typhlosion. "Smoke Screen." She hissed. The Pokemon followed orders and shot the screen of black smoke right at the Ranger. Char spun around and grabbed Cora's arm. She dragged the girl into the house, and slammed the door behind her. "Front yard! Now!" She cried, charging out towards the back yard with Cora in tow.

Not too far away, Chase was groggily running down the road, cursing himself for letting a girl get the best of him. It was too bad no one else had answered his call, the two idiots might end up getting away. "What a pain," he sighed, rubbing the red blotch on his head.

"Sneasel! Get the girl!" Gil screamed, the pokemon already running quickly around the house and after the girls. Claw at the ready, it was close enough to the female lagging behind to use Scratch!

Char glanced behind them just in time to see the Sneasel come around the side of the house, seeing it's extended claws she yelped in surprise and jerked Cora forward so hard the girls shoulder could have very well popped out of place. She swung them around just in time to avoid the claws that sliced through her shirt. Char stooped low, gathered a fist full of dirt, and hurled it at the Sneasel with such force it lodged in the Pokemons mouth, and then she pushed Cora forward to keep running.

Chase rounded the corner in time to see the little...confrontation, and his face screwed up in confusion. Gil? What was he doing here? This wasn't really anywhere near his section, and no one had answered his SOS call, so why was his childhood friend here, having his Sneasel attack two girls?

Gil was finally caught up to Char, anger burning in his eyes. "This could of simply been avoided if you just handed over the Mew!" Gil yelled, hand attached to yet another Pokeball on his belt. "Now, it's your fault your mother's going to have to bury you." The blonde snarled, "Go! Conkeldurr!" Gil threw his pokeball as hard as possible, the Pokemon slamming into the ground.

Char stepped in front of Cora, her eyes hard. "You won't lay a hand on her, run Cora!" She snarled, throwing a pokeball of her own. "Go! Registeel!" and out came the Pokemon, landing in front of the girls. "I knew you were a phony." She spat.

"Conkeldurr! Tighten your focus! Get ready to use focus punch of Registeel!" Gil shouted, a pointing finger at the creature.
Conkeldurr is tightening its focus!

"Registeel, no time to waste! Use body slam!" Char yelled, taking a half step forward.
Registeel used body slam on Conkeldurr!

Conkeldurr lost 15.7% of its health!
Conkeldurr lost its focus and couldn't move!

Gil bit his thumb, "Conkeldurr, use focus blast!"
Conkeldurr used Focus Blast!

The opposing Registeel avoided the attack!
Charlotte glared at Gil. "Registeel, use counter!"
The opposing Registeel used Counter!
But it failed!

Chase watched in horror as his old friend acted out against these girls in such a way. He was horrified and he felt paralyzed.

"Quick! Get ready for focus punch!"
Conkeldurr is tightening its focus!

"Now Registeel, use Aerial Ace!"
The opposing Registeel used Aerial Ace!
It's super effective! Conkeldurr lost 25.1% of its health!

Conkeldurr lost its focus and couldn't move!

"Again Registeel!" Char said, raising a fist slightly.
The opposing Registeel used Aerial Ace!
It's super effective! Conkeldurr lost 23.7% of its health!

Gil gritted his teeth, "Use ice punch!"
Conkeldurr used Ice Punch!
It's not very effective... The opposing Registeel lost 10.7% of its health!

Char glared and waved her hand. "One more time!"
The opposing Registeel used Aerial Ace!
It's super effective! Conkeldurr lost 23.7% of its health!

"Fire punch! Let's go!"
Conkeldurr used Fire Punch!
It's super effective! The opposing Registeel lost 40.7% of its health!

Shit, this wasn't working! He needed to recall Conkeldurr...! "Conkeldurr, come back! Go! Azumarill!" Throwing out the water-type Pokemon's ball, the cute Pokemon had a determined look on it's face.

Char smirked in a taunting way at the 'Ranger'.
The opposing Registeel used Aerial Ace!
Azumarill lost 14.9% of its health!

"Registeel! Come back!" She cried out as another voice yelled. "Go Donphan!" Chase suddenly jumped forward, throwing his own poke ball. "Gil, what are you doing?" He spoke loud enough for the other male to hear.
Gil stood alarmed, almost as if he was considering to continue the act.... But why should he? "Easy, I'm getting back the Mew! These little brats are just going to cause it more harm!"

Chase shook his head in disbelief. "This isn't how you handle it! Someone could get hurt Gil!"

"Well there isn't any option, and if you stand in the way, than your the enemy as well!" Gil snapped. "Azumarill! Use Aqua Jet!"
The Water Gem strengthened Aqua Jet's power!
It's super effective! The opposing Donphan lost 49.5% of its health!

Chase gritted his teeth. "Donphan activate Absorb Bulb! Now use Special Attack!"
The Absorb Bulb raised the opposing Donphan's Special Attack!

Gil chuckled. "Again! Aqua Jet!"
It's super effective! The opposing Donphan lost 39.5% of its health!

"Donphan use Fire Fang!" He snarled.
It's not very effective... Azumarill lost 11.4% of its health!

"Again! One more time and it's down!"
It's super effective! The opposing Donphan lost 11.1% of its health!

The opposing Donphan fainted!

"No!" Chase cried. "Go! Charizard!" Char yelled, throwing her Pokeball.

Why stray from a beautiful attack? Especially when it was against a fire type! "Again!"
Azumarill used Aqua Jet!
It's super effective! The opposing Charizard lost 33.3% of its health!

The opposing Charizard used Fire Fang!
It's not very effective... Azumarill lost 26.5% of its health!

The opposing Charizard used Flame Charge!
It's not very effective... Azumarill lost 19.1% of its health!
The opposing Charizards Speed rose!

Azumarill used Aqua Tail!
It's super effective! The opposing Charizard lost 66.7% of its health!
The opposing Charizard fainted!

"Give up yet?!" Gil shouted, smirking as if he had already won.

Charlotte snorted. "Don't be so sure of yourself.Go Registeel!!"

"Azumarill, use Aqua Jet!"

Azumarill used Aqua Jet!
The opposing Registeel lost 9.1% of its health!

"Registeel use Aerial Ace!"
The opposing Registeel used Aerial Ace!
Azumarill lost 15.8% of its health!

Gill frowned. Azumarill was so close to fainting...! "Azumarill, come back! Go! Conkeldurr!"
Azumarill, come back!
Go! Conkeldurr!

"Now Registeel! Take Conkeldurr out!"
The opposing Registeel used Aerial Ace!
It's super effective! Conkeldurr lost 13.3% of its health!
Conkeldurr fainted!

"A worthy sacrifice! Go! Sneasel!" Gil didn't even need to call out the Pokemon. Blood even lingered on the Sneasel's paw from slashing the little girl Cora hours prior.
Go! Sneasel!
Sneasel used Aerial Ace!
It's not very effective... The opposing Registeel lost 5.5% of its health!

"No Pokemon should be a sacrifice! Use body slam!"
The opposing Registeel used Body Slam!
Sneasel lost 43.8% of its health!
Sneasel is paralyzed! It may be unable to move!

Char grinned. "Not so high and mighty now, are you? Are you sure you're a Ranger?" She sneered.

"Sneasel, come back!" Gil snarled. "You useless piece of crap! I knew you'd be so--" Gil cut himself short as he gripped an odd Pokeball so tightly one could assume it'd shatter. "You asked for it... Meet your doom! Go! Kitsunoh!" Gil hollered, throwing the Pokemon to reveal a strange, disturbing creature. "Frisk Registeel!"

Chase stared in horror at the Pokemon before him, his eyes wide. "Gil?" He choked out.

"Heh, meet the sacrifice of our fellow 'Pokemon'!" Gil smirked.

Charlotte let out a horrified gasp and Chase shook his head. "How could you Gil? I don't understand, why do you want the Mew so badly?" He gestured towards Kitsunoh. "How did this happen?"

"If I told you, I'd actually have to kill you. Be a shame, really. But I'll give you a hint, those poor Pokemon are in a better place now."

Charlotte's eyes flashed in rage. "Registeel use Aerial Ace!" She snarled.

The opposing Registeel used Aerial Ace!
It's not very effective... Kitsunoh lost 8.6% of its health!

"Kitsunoh, use curse! Don't let that overgrown piece of rock beat you!"
Kitsunoh used Curse!
Kitsunoh cut its own HP and laid a curse on the opposing Registeel!
Kitsunoh lost 49.8% of its health!

"Registeel, use counter!"
The opposing Registeel used Counter!
It doesn't affect Kitsunoh...
The opposing Registeel lost some HP because of Curse!

"Kitsunoh, Dark Pulse! Now!"
Kitsunoh used Dark Pulse!
The Dark Gem strengthened Dark Pulse's power!
The opposing Registeel lost 9.1% of its health!

The opposing Registeel fainted!

"No!" She yelped as her Registeel retreated. "Go Ninetales!" She threw her Pokeball as hard as possible, hoping to his Gil.

"Again! Curse! Sacrifice yourself!"
Kitsunoh used Curse!
Kitsunoh cut its own HP and laid a curse on the opposing Ninetales!
Kitsunoh lost 41.5% of its health!
Kitsunoh fainted!

"How can you tell your Pokemon to do that?!" She gasped.

The opposing Ninetales lost some HP because of Curse!

"Sneasel! Last time to redeem yourself!"

"Ninetales, use body slam! And aim for that piece of trash!"
The opposing Ninetales used Body Slam!
Sneasel lost 50.8% of its health!
Sneasel is paralyzed! It can't move!

The opposing Ninetales lost some HP because of Curse!

"Again!" Char snarled.
The opposing Ninetales used Body Slam!
Sneasel lost 5.4% of its health!
Sneasel fainted!
The opposing Ninetales lost some HP because of Curse!

"Good job Ninetales!"

"Go! Azumarill! Win this for us! Come on! We need that Mew! Aqua jet!"

Azumarill used Aqua Jet!
It's super effective! The opposing Ninetales lost 25.4% of its health!
The Ninetales flew back, hitting Char and making her slid forward.
The opposing Ninetales fainted!


Suddenly, Riolu burst forth from it Pokeball looking thoroughly put out with the Ranger that had hurt his trainer. Suddenly the Pokemons body beguan to plus and grow and then, it started to grow. "R-riolu?" Char called out with wide eyes.

Chase shook his head. "That's not a Riolu anymore, He's evolving, he's a Lucario now." He said watching the Pokemon closely.

"D-Damn it...! Azumarill, use Aqua Jet!" Gil was at the end of his wits. Was he really going to lose to a stupid brat?!

Azumarill used Aqua Jet!
The opposing Lucario lost 33.4% of its health!

I have this under my control, Char. The trainer jumped in surprise at the sound her Lucario speaking in her head.
The opposing Lucario used Hidden Power!
It's super effective! Azumarill lost 12.1% of its health!
Azumarill fainted!

Charlotte jumped forward beside her Lucario with a small grin. "What was that about winning?" She asked innocently.

Gil smirked. "I already have. By any chance... do you know where your friend is? And her little Mew?~ Hahahaa-"

He didn't see the blonde move, but before he could blink she was in front of him. The girl reared her arm back, and slammed her fist into his face. The mere force sending the Ranger flying backwards. "Lucario," She was seething, her whole face red. "Use Hidden Power Grass!" She jumped to the side as the Pokemon let loose and a large pieces of grass shot forward, slicing at the Rangers skin and leaving small scratches.

Gil didn't even flinch, in fact, he got up and dusted himself off. "As fun as that was..." Gil cracked his knuckles as he began to turn. "You're little blonde friend might as well be dead right now. Grunt, get to work.

Out from the bushes, one emerged. "Sir, please let us heal you!"

Than came another, this one female. "Ah, you little..." For something to small and tiny, much like Cora, the female packed a punch when hitting Charlotte, only to be pried off by her disclosed Darkrai.

Now... is not the time, Molly... It warned, pulling the female away with the male grunt and their leader.

Char slid back and crouched down, her hands tightening to fists while she spat a bit of blood at the girl. "That all you got?" She sneered. Her eyes moved to Gil. "If anything happened to Cora, I'll mount your damn head on my wall." She was screaming, her anger getting the best of her. Chase took a step forward and placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Gil, if you do this you'll be defected from the Pokemon Rangers, is this what you want?" He asked his friend, his eyes hard.

Gil looked back briefly. "In all honesty, I'm not the one defected. As of today, you're an enemy of the Pokemon Rangers."

Chase blinked in surprise, his mouth falling open in an O shape. "What? What are you talking about?!"

"The next time any of us see you again, there will be a battle immediately." No response to the question, just Gil as he began to fade off into the night with his grunts.

"Who are you?" Char screamed after him.

"Heh, wouldn't you like to know? Don't you have a friend to save from bleeding out?"

"If I ever meet you again, I'll end your life." Charlotte spoke with such determination it would be hard not to believe her threat. Without another word, the girl spun around and ran towards where she had seen Cora last. She pushed through the tree line and headed towards the town bridge, where she could hear the noise of a confrontation. Please, please be alright Cora!