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Camilo Felipe Reyes

:|:I Hate This World... This Reality:|:

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a character in “A Kind of Demotic”, as played by LozerFanAnah



Camilo Reyes has never had much of a choice over what he looks like. He has perfectly groomed hair except for the stupid ahoge on top that refuses to listen to any kind of abuse. His jackets are always tailored to fit, his tops are always ironed his pants are always crisp and the main thing is his shoes are always clean. Camilo always has the latest fashions on imported from every reach of the globe – by his parents – so he’s always in top form. His hair is a light brown that he inherited from neither his mother nor his father but his dark silver storm cloud eyes are most definitely from his father. He has nicely shaped eyebrows over his gently almond shaped eyes that work with how balanced his features are; set with light olive toned skin. His eyes seem to lack warmth from behind his glasses except for the constant shifting clouds that he knows mesmerizes people are they close enough to see it. Though the delicate shapes of his mouth and nose have been said to make up for it. He has a lean shaped body with no visible muscle since most of it is lean and lithe to help him move more quickly in the type of dance he participates in. When Camilo moves he seems to move as if he’s dancing which some people mistake as him intentionally trying to be sexual when really dance just constantly runs in his veins.

Camilo Felipe Reyes

Milo, Rey, Cam





”Your mother expects you to be presentable; proper. Speak only when spoken to and call everyone older than you Sir or Madam. Am I understood?”

Camilo: proper, regal; a perfect gentleman. Dressed in the finest clothing with the always spotless shoes with not a single hair out of place and his skin rubbed with the best lotions the world could offer. He’s the walking vendetta of princes left to rot with the swiftest tongue words could ask for. His delivery is always smooth and the language is always flawless to the aesthetic eye. He treats everyone with respect though the levels of it differ according to whom he is speaking to and what their status is. A smile is always offered to those who need it and his calm demeanour never sways even in the direst of situations which makes him perfect at his job. He does as he’s told by those who have authority and has never once slipped up in anything that he puts any sort of effort into. Due to how he acts he feels constant pressure to maintain his ‘perfect charm’ and often when alone stresses over it but doesn’t let it affect who he is to others.

As his mother’s son he knows he is to be seen without flaw – he is meant to be perfection in the eyes of million to the eyes of none. However; his spotless life if seen as a classic white painting is littered with black spots. He likes to drown his worries in his father’s expensive wine collection which is dotted with the most expensive vodkas, gins, liquors and scotches. Often he’ll binge when his parents are off on business then let it leak out of his system for a day while he lies on his bed and ignores the world around him. Camilo’s dark side becomes more twisted just as time drinking passes because while he is he’ll often grow bored and when he’s bored he’s lonely and when he’s lonely he’ll try and reach one of his ‘Call Boys’ as he likes to call them to keep him company. By company he means someone who will have meaningless, not strings attached, sex with him until his loneliness and boredom is cured. Then without guilt or remorse he’ll send them home with a bundle of cash and a silent thank you.

His boredom is frequent though as his life is a constant repetition of the same thing. Weekly parties held at the family estate that he is contracted to attend just so that he can make fruitless small talk with women his mother wants him to marry, get their numbers and never call them again. That or he has to make frequent trips from his home to some family member’s home just so that they don’t feel like his family is ignoring theirs even though they really are. It’s cost him many relationships because his partners can never ‘keep up with his boredom’ in which case he deems them useless and tosses them away. Due to this Camilo doesn’t believe in love or trying to find it and settles himself with the people who don’t care about him and who he doesn’t care about.

But in there; in that cold shell of a gentleman his mother created; is a man of passion. He takes pleasure – actual pleasure - in teaching people how to dance. His profession isn’t smiled upon by his parents but they don’t care as long as he keeps up his image. Camilo despite his looks is a champion salsa and flamenco dancer and is a teacher to those who wish to learn how to; but he doesn’t only teach Latin and Spanish dance. Anything that is fit for the ballroom is his specialty. It’s really the only time Camilo feels that he can be free of his duties and lets loose of his normal attitude for one better suited to the dances. Carefree, vibrant, excited and at times that person who makes the most appropriate things inappropriate just by smiling in that way that only he can. Especially when his dance partner/co-teacher Sherry-Anne is around.

”I understand Franz; I’m to be the perfect little boy who has no flaws. Mother doesn’t have flawed children. You are heard.”

Jovita Carmo Reyes [Mother]
Eduardo Eloy Reyes [Father]
Aina Ivette Reyes [Sister; Disowned/Forgotten]

Camilo hates to say it but he lives in the family estate’s guest house. A rather large space that has more room than one person ever really needs; three bedrooms with their own full bathrooms, a rather large kitchen stocked to the brim with food he does cook himself, a living room adorned with everything it needs, what was meant to be the family room has been turned into his own personal dance studio and a dark room so he can develop his photos.

Significant Object
A Gold Ring With Facets Of Opal Set In

Story Behind Object
Julius Monnefay Felize was like a CD with a scratch on it that kept playing – the song always skipping but it stopped on the right words.

I mostly remember the smell of damp wood, mould and stagnant water. Like it had been left to rot the wood for years even though I had just built the little house a few months before. I remember how small my hands felt in his - how warm I was in the breath of the chill. I can also remember how his voice sounded repeating over and over again the words I really wanted to hear. "I don't want anyone else but you." There was no 'I love you' between us; just the sound of mingled breathing and the feel of tangle limbs.

I remember the peppered kisses and the whispered promises that made me believe all my dreams would come true. How he lifted my right hand to his lips and kissed my middle finger with this smile on his face. "I want to give you this. My grandfather, he gave them to me. They belonged to him and my grandmother." The sting of cold metal as he placed it on my finger. "He said it's blue, green and gold. I have one too. I'm giving this to you because I don't want anyone else to have you." How warm my face felt looking into his bright silver eyes when he said that; knowing the truth radiated in them. My words were useless to him. Fourteen year old's don't have enough words to describe how they feel but sixteen year old's did.

Then there was the sound of hoarse Portuguese screaming as my mother broke down the door and grabbed me by the hair; dragging with the force of her anger. I remember the tears that welled in my eyes at the look of sad apology in his and I wanted to call out to him and tell him he could stay. "I'm sorry, Camilo."

Sorry doesn't heal the stitches sewed into my heart. I forgive him though. I'll always forgive him - because that ring said I have to. It still stings of cold above the warmth the feel of his lips stained onto my skin. "I don't want anyone else Mother!"

“Meu filho, meu herdeiro não estará se comunicando com sujeira. Eu me livrei dele.Ele foi embora. Esqueça que a escumalha. Você é um bom menino.”


I'm filth for forgetting what he looks like - I only remember the brightness of his eyes.

Not Being Able To Dance
Falling In Love
Being Alone During Thunderstorms At Night
People Rejecting Him

His Family; Driving; Television; Meat; Stupidity; Slow People; Jewellery Shopping; Social Gatherings; Parties; Smokers; Overly Enthusiastic People; Sherry-Anne; Dirty Shoes; Left-Over Food; Expectations; Rejection; Love; Plastic Forks/Spoons; Pop-Ups; Leaf Blowers; People Who Use Leaf Blowers; Chain Mail; Fogged Windows; Plastic Water Bottles; Those Who Can't Commit; Loud Arguments; The Word 'Moist' or words with it; Wood Decks; Cold Days with Snow; Humid Days without Rain; Kidney Shaped Swimming Pools; Porn Magazines/Films/Books/Sites And Any Mentions Of Them

Drinking; Dancing; Laughing; Music; Reading; Teaching Dance; Cooking; Shoe Shopping; His Guitar Jules; History; Nudity; Cuddling; Holding Hands; Choreography; Mystery Books; Aventura; Black And White Photos; Polaroid Cameras; Sitting Outside During Thunderstorms; The Sound of Rain; Lighting & Thunder; Plastic Knives; Worstenshire his Macaw; Salad; European Accents; Watches That Tick; Real Leaf Tea

Camilo likes to play his Spanish Guitar Jules when no one is around to hear it or if requested to at a get together; Planning out choreography for classes Sherry-Anne is too lazy to plan; Growing tomatoes in the summer when the weather is just right; Solving mystery books before he has enough clues to even think about it; Taking photos with his Polaroid camera and developing them the old fashioned way.

Ballroom Dancing; Playing Guitar; Solving Mysteries; Taking And Developing Polaroid Photos

Romantic Interest
Marley Jonah Kincaid

Theme song(s)
Sway With Me By Dean Martin
Samba At 13 By Gorillaz
Historia De Amor By Aventura
The Lazy Song By Bruno Mars

~ Camilo has an addiction to buying things he sees without really thinking about what they're value will be in the future but just that he needs them at that very moment. Usually it all ends up going to the staff around the estate except for the snuggie he bought that lays draped over the back of his sofa. His excuse for buying the snuggie; "I needed it because I needed to tell people I had one."

~ He has to his knowledge: a dog, a cat, a turtle, a rabbit, three horses, a miniature pony and a chinchilla though he hasn't seen most of them since he bought them preferring to let the help deal with them. The only pet he actually keeps with him in his home is his (Blue and Gold) Macaw; Worstenshire. His reason for keeping Worstenshire is that he managed to teach it to say 'Fuck You' to things and people it doesn't like.

~ If there is one thing people - men in particular - need to know about Camilo it's to not pull on that hair that sticks up at the top of his head. Just don't. He won't say why because by the time it's pulled on the result is pretty much obvious. It's like peeing in tropical water; you just don't do it. Ever. Unless he says one can in which case it's all okay.

So begins...

Camilo Felipe Reyes's Story