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Julius Monnefay Felize

"You Can Run From Your Past But It Will Always Dictate Your Future."

0 · 398 views · located in USA, IL, Chicago

a character in “A Kind of Demotic”, as played by TylerTitanium



Julius Felize is a newly refined man with a new sense of dress though he has some of the same quirks as he did when he was younger. His soft white hair is still as it used to be – long and erratic usually held back in a ponytail though its static look keeps it short. His bangs frame his boyish face almost perfectly over his delicately shaped eyebrows. He has semi-wide almond eyes that are a nearly spotlighted silver-grey that flash when light hits them behind his large black rimmed glasses. Julius has a slender frame covered in pale skin marked with only the odd beauty mark here and there. His nose is smoothly arched and his lips are sensual and nearly feminine both inherited from his mother. The usual dress he has on are button-down long sleeve shirts with a matching tie, a nice pair of jeans held up by a matching belt and comfortable but professionally acceptable shoes.

Julius Monnefay Felize

Jules, Liz, Feli, Jewel, Bleach





”Julius…. Julius is like the gentle summer breeze that blows through the cherry blossoms.”

Anyone you who has ever met him would probably say something along the same thing she had that day so long ago. Because he is; he’s the guy who has a smile for every single person he manages to come into contact with. There’s an electric feel about him that makes him seem like he has an optimistic spark to share with everyone around him despite who they are. Julius Felize is one who truly sees life through blind eyes for he doesn’t feel a single bias or prejudice to anyone or anything. To him the world and all it holds is worthy of the same treatment even if it is seen as unworthy by others. In times of need he’s the one with the shoulder to cry on and in times of celebration he’s the one with the offered space. Julius can’t deny someone who asks in a kind enough way but will put less effort into it if he knows they are trying to abuse what trust he gives them.

Julius while the kind young man he portrays is ruthless when it comes to the rights of others. He isn’t able to stand by and watch as someone he knows – or doesn’t know – become violated and torn of what they deserve. Any form of hatred towards any person sets a fire in his gut and it explodes with the smallest nudge. There’s no off switch, no way to calm him down until he gets what he needs to say out of his system. Never though will he allow anger to escalate into violence but he will defend himself if necessary. At times his defence of someone’s rights will seem almost biased but he bases everything on what society should hold for everyone.

”My brother; he lacks something that the rest of us have. He lacks interest – passion.”

The biggest flaw Julius seems to pertain and express is his… technicality towards every situation. He looks at things in a calculated way preferring not to let his own emotions get in the way for fear of flaw. The biggest issue is that things that he does that should have some sort of emotional attachment don’t get that and they seem to become more of a job than a hobby. He’ll begin something, anything meant to be a hobby only to find it shift into a job due to his attitude and quit. Julius puts too much on himself to do well because things always just happen for him; he is naturally able to do things and due to this becomes too technical oriented rather than passion oriented.

He’s also someone who will follow something through to the very end if there seems to be an important enough reason for him to continue. His reason for continuing with dance though he already has achieved enough is a mystery to his family though they know why he decided to go into the Private Investigator field. They may be skewed and warped but it gives him drive to persist even when he feels that there is no point in further continuing the field. Even when he learns something new or someone else gives him a push it’s his own personal selfishness to follow in something that keeps him going. That slightly contorted seed implanted in his mind forcing him to continue towards the sun.

”He’s a good person. A wonderful person. Sometimes though, you have to wonder what he’s thinking. To make him so twisted.”

Meiko Hanajima [Mother; Deceased]
Mercutio Julian Felize [Adoptive Father; 37]
Anthony Jima Omihara [Older Brother; 25]
Lianna Meiko Omihara [Older Sister; 24]
Emilia Tony Felize [Younger Sister; 17]

Julius lives in a three bedroom condo with Mercutio and Emilia in a higher class area than he used to. The condo has its own private enclosed garden and pool.

Significant object
A Gold Ring With Facets Of Opal Set In

Story behind object
Ever since that day I’d always secretly admired him. Things always came naturally to me and I didn’t even have to try all that much. I just had to know the technical basis and I could do whatever they wanted me to. But he; he had this fire that I couldn’t replicate in all my life. The first day I saw him rings clearly in my mind still and I still can’t forget the way he took every breath from my lungs. He’d seemed so scared, terrified, nervous and lost in his own discomfort when he walked out onto the lacquered hardwood floor with his partner’s hand clasped in his. I remember how quickly it was wiped away when the music started playing and all that was left was this explosive passion I can’t imagine – it seemed like all that existed to him anywhere was the music and his body. I wanted to have that.

I saw him again in new dance lessons I’d joined and I could tell he instantly without much reason disliked me. If it was because the teacher paid me more attention or that the class asked me for lessons after class I didn’t know; maybe it was that he just didn’t like me. He’d always glared at me before the music started and I would stand by and watch as the world melted away for him; disintegrated. He was twelve years old and he knew more about having zeal than I did. I waited for nearly a year until the day came that the teacher took him by the hand and pulled him to me and asked us to demonstrate something we’d been learning for weeks. There was a shift in everything when I held him flush against me and I knew from the darkening of his cheeks that he felt it to – the world was never the same. I wanted everything he was.

Then my grandfather gave me those rings with the blue and the green stones and told me if there was someone I wanted that I had but to give it to them – mark them as my own. I wanted him; all of him. In that little house of rotting wood I told him placed it on his finger; took him. The yelling and screaming didn’t matter to me because the tears in his eyes made me guilty of my crime. “I’m sorry Camilo.” There was nothing else to say. It was my fault.

Still my fault.

Glass Doorknobs Exploding
Sinking On A Boat At Sea With No One Knowing Where He Is

Human Rights Violations; Violence; Anger; Glass Doorknobs; Beach Towels Used As Normal Towels; People Addicted To Their Phones; Television; Leather Sofas; Computer Chairs With Wheels; Gambling; Lawn Mowers You Drive; Peanut Butter Being Mixed With Jam; Nutella; Rowboats; Musical Chairs; People Who Read Billboards; Gamblers; Capital Punishment

Boating; Jogging; Cherry Blossoms; Fresh Cut Grass; Powder Rooms; Fenced Backyards; Blizzards; Storms; Tornadoes; Shredding Paper With His Paper Shredder; Smell Of Fresh Paint; Permanent Markers; Comic Books; Cow Tipping At Midnight; The Smell Of Gas Stations; BMXing; Crime Solving; Retro Version of Scooby-Doo; Calm Debates; Animals

Storm Chasing – which means he drives after tornadoes and such with a camera in hand; Watching Retro Teletoon Shows; Buying Guppies and putting them in his twenty gallon fish tank

Naturally Picking up on How to Do Things; Basket Weaving; Ikebana – the art of Japanese Flower Arranging

Romantic Interest
If Looked At In The Right Light – Mercutio

Theme song(s)
Sway With Me By Dean Martin
All The Right Moves By One Republic
My Sanctuary By Utada

~ The reason Julius doesn’t share his mother’s name is because he was adopted by Mercutio when he was younger and decide of his own free will to change his name to match that of his new father.

~ He decided to become a private investigator because he always knew that his love from six years ago wanted to be one but never could because of his parents. That’s the only thought that keeps him going on in the field.

~ Julius has a habit of tucking the end of his tie into his shirt pockets merely for the reason that he finds it uncomfortable to have it pool in his lap when he sits. The explanation behind this reason is something he refuses to share with anyone and thus remains a mystery.

Created by LozerFanAnah

So begins...

Julius Monnefay Felize's Story