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Nevada Angelus Hayes

:Let Me Out Of This Dream:

0 · 345 views · located in USA, IL, Chicago

a character in “A Kind of Demotic”, as played by MagicalNeko



:n e v a d a . a n g e l u s . h a y e s:


[Refined. It's the word one would use if they didn't know him. As far as appearances go, yes he's quite refined. His fine-featured outside is a quiet shell to the bomb that lays dorment on the inside. That is, until someone is idiotic enough to awaken it. Explosive, opinionated, set in his ways, biased, unable to look outside his own little world.... Contolling and angry. But that's only if you can manage to set him off in just the right way. Normally, Nevada spends his days drinking a shot of rum in his tea to keep himself pleasant while he lets his two younger sisters run rampant around the house and his younger brother tries to flush the guinea pig down the toilet. It's not that he has no control — because really its quite the opposite — it just that he doesn't care to excersize it until someone rubs him the wrong way. Like, perhaps, pushing on his views and his little quirks and faults.... He has no inhibitions about his being attaracted to both men and women, for one, and doesn't care that his parents purposely avoid talking to him because of something that happened shortly after learning that his older brother was adopted and was therefore not blood related. He's strange and unpredictable — he has very defined opinions, and tends to lash out when he feels his beliefs are being threatened, but only if he's in the mood for it. Sometimes, he'll make a note to yell at someone later when he has nothing better to do.

People who know him often wish that they don't. They claim they liked him better when he was just that stranger walking down the street that they wished they knew, but didn't. They say he's — for lack of a better word — an asshole, unless he's drinking, and then he's much more tolerable, even though he'll start babbling on randomly about things that he himself does not even understand. He has a low tolerance for alcohol, but finds that sometimes he'd probably have killed someone if it weren't for the shot of rum in his afternoon tea. After all, one shot only mellows him out. It's when he gets to the second one.... Reportedly, he feels better about himself when drinking, yet he doesn't do it quite often enough. Having said this, he also believes that his often spontaneous and adament rants on his various views of the world are not angry rampages, but mere bouts of passion. He doesn't see himself to be a terribly horrible person, and doesn't understand why other people don't normally like him.

He sees himself to be out-going, intelligent, and brutally honest. He knows he can be self-centered and egoistical, but he's unaware of how bad it is. He's hard-working — often enough so that he'll stay up until the next morning to finish a project that's not due until next week. He enjoys writing and teaching — but only older students, because he can't stand most children — as well as teaching himself a wide variety of instuments, though he usually finds himself casting them aside once he's learned the basic mechanics and is able to play a few tunes to please people. Because really, he does like to please people and is generally concerned for those who do have the patience to put up with him and his rigid stubborness. Sometimes, though... he just can't understand why some people are so jumpy around him, like they think he's going to turn around and snap at them at any moment. That, in turn, irritates him, and makes him lash out.... And he still doesn't understand what he's done wrong.

He tries to be socially acceptable.... But for some reason....]

~ Benjamin Steven Hayes (father)
~ Anneliese Natascha Gottschalk-Hayes (mother)
~ Vacys Antanas Hayes (Older brother, 23 — adopted; Lithuanian)
~ Titania Kameron Lucius Hayes (younger brother, 10)
~ Terra Marie and Noemi Ashleigh Hayes (twin sisters, 9)

[He lives in his parents' house with his younger brother and sisters, mostly babysitting while his parents are out digging up ruins in ancient civilizations.]

[Significant Object]
Vacys' Dragonfly Pendant

[Story Behind Object]
[Saying things like, "I promise I'll come back for you." and "I'm sorry, Nevvi." doesn't make me miss you or long for your return. Saying things like, "I do love you, but I need some time to think about who I really am." doesn't make me hate you, like I think I probably should. I don't know what exactly it does to me... makes me bitter and angry, I suppose; and I'm certain that's what made me turn into the monster I am. I try not to show how upset I am but everything reminds me of you. You're everywhere, and it drives me to hate the world you left me in while you're away. And that's just it. You're away, right...? And you promised you'd come back for me....

"Take this, and remember me always." I almost laugh when I realize that I nearly missed what you had said as you pressed the pendant into my palm and closed my fingers over it, even though you know I don't like ugly jewelry. You're accent was always different from mine, and I didn't understand why for the longest time, until Mother and Father finally told us all who you really were. They explained to us why you looked different, sounded different... why your languages were different from ours.... "Lithuanian," they said, and it used to confuse me. Now it — just like everything else — pisses me off; because if you had never been adopted, you never would have been around to skew my views on life and then leave me to return to your homeland to find your family. But no, I can never stay angry at you.... So, I blame your birth parents for dumping you like some flea-infested stray that no one wants.

And if you never come back to me... maybe then....

It's nearly been four years since you made your promise, you know.

"Aš tave myliu tiek, kiek aš gyvenu. Jūs žinote, kad. Taigi, prašome, nepasiduokite apie mane. Aš už tave ... Aš pažadu."
....I still don't know what that means.]

~ Graveyards
~ Mice

~ Junk e-mail, especially the ones for Viagra and other sexual stimulants
~ When people put carnations into vases with roses, like they belong there
~ Useless notifications
~ Slow internet
~ Stupid people
~ Paintings
~ Museums
~ Loud music
~ Busy streets
~ Fluorescent orange, neon green, hot pink, hilighter yellow
~ When people paint their nails with white-out
~ Seagulls; and most birds for that matter
~ Rodents
~ Garbage trucks; because they should all be recycling trucks
~ Really high-pitched noises
~ Roobis Tea
~ Children ages 2 - 13, and occassionally everything else depending on how he wakes up
~ Sleeping in messed up sheets
~ Politics
~ Cars
~ Gambling
~ People who speak other languages speaking their language while he's standing RIGHT THERE and he can't understand them
~ People who have nothing better to do with their lives than sell hotdogs on the street
~ Homeless people
~ Facebook and Twitter, and any mention thereof
~ Cold days
~ Hot days
~ Mildly warm days where there's a chance it may rain
~ Rocks in the grass while he's mowing the lawn
~ Mowing the lawn; and when his neighbours mow the lawn and leave their grass on his lawn
~ Grass stains on white fences
~ White vehicles; because they're too bright in the sunlight
~ Brandy and Scotch, and the people who drink it

~ Quiet conversation
~ Cats and fish; specifically Siberian Tigers and Dolphins (even though Dolphins are mammals....)
~ Instrumental music, but only if it's soft and flowing
~ Black, Green, and White Teas
~ Ancient Civilizations
~ Newspapers
~ Cologne, when it's not put on too heavily
~ Bicycles
~ Anything that helps him cope with life now that he's out of school
~ His siblings, though by every stretch, he should hate them
~ Frost on the grass, but only if the day gets warmer
~ Watching lightning
~ Fluffy towels

~ Baby-sitting.... Totally not his choice, but it's something to do, anyway.
~ Stamp-collecting

He's very musically inclined, having taught himself several different instruments, most which don't bear remembering as he usually quits after he learns a few songs. He has kept with the piano and the violin, because his older brother taught him the violin and he was forced into piano when he was younger. He has a flute, clarinet, trumpet, tombone, saxophone, and a steel drum in his closet. He'd have a pair of bongos, but he gave them to his younger brother. Nevada's also very artistic, even though he hates art, and shows his artistic side through flower arranging — but that's a secret talent that not even his older brother was aware of.

[Romantic Interest to be Editted]

[Theme Song(s)]
This is Love - Utada Hikaru
Sleepwalker - Adam Lambert
Coda ~Death Note~ - Hirano Yoshihisa

~ He has a very light British accent; soft enough that you know he hasn't been back to England in a while, but apparent enough that you know he's lived there. He's adopted a more American speech pattern though that completely keeps him from understanding any of his relatives when they visit
~ His birthday is November 6; which, according to his parents means he was concieved on Valentine's Day.... They have quite the story to go with that.
~ He knows how to speak a little German — his mother taught him and his brother for a while — he just never uses it.

So begins...

Nevada Angelus Hayes's Story