Allegra Mantero

"I'm not crazy. I'm not!"

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a character in “A Legend Reborn”, as played by BooThePatchedBear




||Looking In a Mirror||
Age: 19
Height: 5 feet, 5 inches tall
Weight: 115 lbs
Eye color: chocolate brown
Hair color: chocolate brown
||Looking a bit Deeper||
Personality: Allegra is hard to know. She's a closed book and she doesn't like to open up to many people. While her family tries to keep her very close and very quiet, usually it doesn't work. She is out going and doesn't like to be kept in line. While she is usually kept at home, usually she can be found with (FC: Liam Hemsworth) and Ichabod Crane and Katrina Van Tassel. When you do get to know Allegra, she is loud, funny, and a bit of a ditz. She tries to act smart, but it doesn't always work. She has a hard time with numbers, and although she wishes
History: Her mother and father died in a fire when she was 6, and because of that she has many burns on her back and legs. She is being raised by her aunt and uncle, along with several of her cousins. She isn't a fan of talking about her past.
Family: Aunt- Belinda, Uncle- Mathias, Cousins (Female)- Patience, Temperance, Prudence, Cousins (Male)- Matthew, Lucas, Johnathan.
||What Makes me Tick||
+ Water
+ Darkness
+ The Color Purple
+ Her Friends
+ Cats
+ Horses
+ Her Hair
- Fire
- Bright Lights
- Heat
- The Color Orange
- Her Burns
- Her Eyes
- Dogs
||Anything Else?||
Anything else we should know?
I'm not crazy...really I'm not...I can just see things other people can't!

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