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Violet Crowley

"... And that matters, why?"

0 · 344 views · located in The Underworld

a character in “A Life Sentence”, as played by City


Vampire One


Appears 24
But 623 years young.

Either way, I'll most likely look down on you.

Often called heartless, stubborn, cold... Violet was never one to step down from a fight, whether she knows she is wrong,
or not.
Her cockiness never fails to begin an argument.

Vanity is a trait that she holds closest to her, and it will usually be the first thing one will notice at a glance.
It is quite a common feature when it comes to the whole vampire species.
They are deemed untouchable; indestructible; for immortal is what they are. But each one of them has a weakness- a soft spot.

Violet’s is her loneliness.

No matter how many years go by,
Violet continues to miss the people she once knew,
thus leading to feeling the need to push everyone away- not too far, of course, as she could never get enough attention.

Theme Song:
Castle Walls - Christina Aguilera

So begins...

Violet Crowley's Story


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#, as written by City
“No. No. No. Definitely no. No...”

Violet had been scouring through cloth after cloth for the past twenty minutes, in search for that one special dress that she planned on wearing the upcoming weekend. Over the years, she’s managed to rake up enough clothing that could fill an entire house, but of course, she never kept it all. Instead, she kept her closet up to date with her most recent items, throwing all of the old ones into the trash where the spiders would take over.

“Oh god...” Nonexistent lines creased within her forehead as she scowled at the newly-found item she held. The floor-length dress was as bright as a pink could get. It had tiny sparkles embedded on the top half with long sleeves attached, and a drape-like skirt for the bottom. Had she actually worn this before? The thing was appalling, burning her eyes more severly the longer she looked at it. Violet threw the dress to the ground behind her, expecting Lilly to pick it up after her, just as she had been doing for the past 2 and a half years. The girl hadn’t started off so bright; her skills lacked and she would flinch at every word Violet threw at her, but now she had memorized her expectations and was quickly improving; even though it can be extremely difficult to please Violet.

“I think I found it!” Violet said cheerfully as she pulled off a hanger carrying a light-beige dress covered in clear, faint sequins.

“Yes?” She turned to face Lilly, holding the dress tightly to her so that it molded into curves. She took another look at the dress after Lilly replied with an unenthusiastic smile.

“Hang this in the corner,” she held out the dress to Lilly as she walked back into her bedroom.

“Yes, ma’am,” Lilly replied, still holding the horrendous pink dress in her arm.

Violet shooed Lilly out of her room quickly after, while she changed into one of her more casual outfits: A white dress that reached mid-thigh, with a silver zipper going from center of the top of the dress, to half way down her stomach where skirt began. Prancing around with sweatpants and bare feet was something she wasn’t afraid of doing, but in her mind, it was unacceptable to attend dinner undressed, no matter what the occasion. Violet finally left her room about ten minutes later, the clicks of her orange heels echoing down the wide hall. Ironically, Violet wasn’t a huge fan of heels. She was immune to the discomfort of them, but the fact that you could hear her from afar annoyed her, the extra height they gave her was what she enjoyed.

Walking down the endless staircase, Violet remembered the little event that would take place later on. She could care less about the fact that there would be new slaves roaming the house; she had Lilly. All they would be to her was in her way.

Violet hummed as she made her way down to the dining room, the combination of scents from all of the different foods that would be served lingered heavily in the air. The old woman may be wrinkly and slow, but she was a hell of a good cook. Violet stood in the door way of the dining room. It had taken her five minutes to walk to the rather large room, the lights from the two chandeliers that hung over the table shining brightly down on the food-covered table. There were six doorways within the room: One in which she stood in, another leading to the kitchen, while the remaining four led to the outdoor balcony that hung over the backyard. Violet slid into one of the chairs, allowing Helen, the old woman, to fill her glass full with a red substance she had at every meal.


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Tristan’s eyes where dark and cold like always as he lay in his bed, it was about time for dinner, but he didn’t exactly feel like going down stairs. He sat up in his bed grabbing a cigarette from the pack that sat on his dresser, lighting it and taking a long, slow drag. He found it quite relaxing to watch the tip of the cigarette glow orange in his pitch black room. He blew out the smoke as he pulled a shit over his bare chest.

“Just what I need a new slave” he smirked as he took another drag from his cigarette.

He seemed to always get female slaves which he enjoyed torching them, it gave him quite a lot of pleasure more than it should anyways, and this new one would be no exception. He made his way down the halls passing the dining room seeing Violet.

“Hey princess where’s your boyfriend.” He smirked being a smartass as usual. “Oh I forgot you two aren’t exactly official.” He rolled his eyes a bit.

He didn’t bother to wait for her to replay as he continued to where they kept the new slaves. He opened the door bored already as he opened the door to her room. The room was dark and cold like usual. He glanced to the girl on the floor chained up, giving a small dark chuckle as he leaned in the door way. He took a slight double take as he she lifted her head.

“It can’t be?” he said slightly confused, seeing that the girl looked identical to his x-fiance.


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BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP Alec lazily opened his eyes and rolled over in his bed annoyed, glaring at alarm clock, he dropped his head down into his pillows and groaned. That was the third clock Violet had placed in his room this week, the third annoying alarm clock that she had bought so that he would not be late for dinner again , and it was the third alarm clock he planned on demolishing. With one swift motion Alec brought his fist down on the tiny alarm clock silencing it for good. He took in a deep breath and shouted at the top of his lungs, "I'm awake now!!! I'll be down in a second!", knowing very well that she could hear him.

Alec sat up and took in his room before he jumped up and pulled on a pair of black jeans and a dark blue button up shirt. Feeling the cool metal of his necklace on his chest as it slid into his shirt he gave a small shiver as he slipped out of his room and down the hall.

He started in a slow lazy jog down the stairs as he made his way down to the dining room, stopping briefly at the door to shot Violet a dirty look as he said slightly annoyed, “Is it really necessary? Putting those goddamn annoying alarm clocks in my room every time I’m late for something Violet? You really need a better method of waking me up really?” Finishing with a smirk he turned and walked the rest of the way down the hall, giving Tristan a swift slap on the back.” So these are the new slaves?” He said giving Tristan a wicked smiling before glancing at the two girls curled up on the floor.” So which one is mine?” He said clapping his hands together, grinning like someone who had just bought a new toy to play with.