A Light In the Shadows

A Light In the Shadows


There are secrets here, secrets no one else wants to see. Creatures roam city streets and dark forests, unseen and unknown. They coexist with humans until strangers come to town and things start to heat up.

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This is a roleplay about a group of creatures living secretly in a city when another group of creatures calling themselves Rogues come. There is no set path. You may choose between being an outcast, a rogue or a normal person.Only you can choose how this story goes. there is no set plot.

The Outcasts. : These are basically humans with some sort of powers or mutation. They have banded together and try to fit into normal lives with devices called Shifters which allow them to assume the appearance of a normal human for short amounts of time but most of them live full-time in a place they call The Nest. They can nly hope to lay low and survive

The Rogues: These are more like Shapeshifters. These creatures are half shadow half beast and all Rogues can shapeshift, including turning themselves into shadows. However their most common forms are huge demonic wolves. they will turn human if the need arises. These creatures are bloodthirsty and will destroy anything that gets in their way although their purpose for coming to the city remains unknown.

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*fights thru gards roges to get to frost one scars face she teloports to frost for only a second and says* "We need to tallk" *then shes puled back into the fight but then she calls a fog in that confused the roges giving her and avantage and teloports to there leader*

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Character Portrait: Mist
Character Portrait: Frost


Character Portrait: Mist

Outcast powers can teloport and control mist and fog trying to make peace betwen the roges and the outcasts even thou both parents where killed by roges shed discoverd seeking reveng did no good but can take a puch she tulk more than a few

Character Portrait: Frost

A cold and malicious Rogue. She leads the Rogues and wno one knows exactly what her plans are


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