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Somaria is a part of A Light In the Shadows.

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Guire [0] A Rogue shadow as tall as 7 feet with eyes that resembled blue flames, Blood thirsty and ruthless, he only obeyed the leader of the Rogue's.
Mist [0] Outcast powers can teloport and control mist and fog trying to make peace betwen the roges and the outcasts even thou both parents where killed by roges shed discoverd seeking reveng did no good but can take a puch she tulk more than a few
Frost [0] A cold and malicious Rogue. She leads the Rogues and wno one knows exactly what her plans are

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*fights thru gards roges to get to frost one scars face she teloports to frost for only a second and says* "We need to tallk" *then shes puled back into the fight but then she calls a fog in that confused the roges giving her and avantage and teloports to there leader*