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Kai Pierce

"Look to the past..."

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a character in “A Little Mayhem”, as played by tigerz



"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

Chandelier | Pvris/Sia || Road to Joy | Bright Eyes || Demons | Imagine Dragons


Malachai Lucian Pierce
Not a very Irish sounding name according to most people

Code Name:
Like the Greek titan? Brother to Prometheus?

Kai|What he goes by
Luc, Luke, Lucian|Common amongst family and friends
Pierce|Typically by authoritative figures when he's in trouble
Leprechaun|Down mockingly because of his Irish roots
MLP, My Little Pony|Mockingly by those who know his initials


Male|He, Him

A good shag is a good shag no matter the gender



Retrocognition|This is Kai's primary ability. He is able to see, hear, feel, etc... Anything with the past really. Kai has great control over it compared to his secondary ability from years of practice but every once and awhile it gets involuntarily triggered.
Death Sense|This is Kai's secondary ability and the one he has no control over. Death Sense is the only time he's ever able to experience future events but they always come sporadically and are triggered by various means. They're also almost next to impossible to decipher.
Extra Sensory Perception|His senses are heightened in a way to trigger his abilities. Touching a certain object could reveal a person's past. hearing a gun shot could make him predict a death.
Precognition|This only ever works with his death sense as far as seeing into the future goes.
History Reading|Kai can see snaps, or the entire history of someone's past.
Death Sense/Retrocognitive Dreaming|Kai sometimes unpredictably sees the past or a future death while he's asleep.
Death Sense/Retrocognitive Artistry|Kai has more control over this as far as using his Death Sense goes. It works best for Retrocognition.


Kai likes to see himself as a very handsome young Irishman that turns heads when he enters the room. His curly brown hair, baby blue eyes, expressive eyebrows, gorgeous abs, and perfect smile are quite the catch. He stands at about 6'3 weighing a little over 180 lbs and completely toned from all the grueling training his brother put him through. he also thinks he has a great sense of style and always wears the most presentable clothing no matter how tired he is. He does have one odd ear but he still thinks he's crazy sexy.


Himself; Sex; Flirting; Mirrors; His Brother; Pepsi; Sour Candy; Punk Rock; Girls; Boxing; Wrestling; Feminism; Football; Free Running; Video Games; Drinking; Cigarettes; Parties; Having a good time; Comics; History

Rejection; 'Anti Mutants'; Hypocrites; Fakes; Dishonesty; The people who took his brother; His parents; Coke; Running out of smokes; Running out of booze; His death sense; His powers randomly activating; Going 'blind' from his powers; Spicy foods; overly sweet things; Losing; Fire arms

Hand to Hand|Years of training with his brother have made him well versed in most areas of hand to hand combat. His brother forced him to learn various styles and basically wailed on him until he could finally beat him in a sparring match.
Free Running|A skill Kai learned as a kid while running around on the streets having a good time. Now he's practically like Assassin's Creed.
Lie detection|Being able to look in the past makes it easier for Kai to tell when someones lying based on previous actions.
History|He basically has an all access past to more history than any history book. It's also super useful for training since he can look back on how others did it and learn from them in a way.
Fire Arms|Kai hates using them but he is a talented marksmen. He keeps a handgun on him for emergency purposes only.
Charming|Kai can talk his way out of anything and probably talk almost anyone into doing anything. Words just flow from him like he's some sort of god even though he's an arrogant, vain asshole.

Death Sense|He has no control over it.
Visions|Using his powers makes him go blind and unaware for that moment if he's using his sight. His eyes appear nearly all white and cloudy leaving him completely vulnerable.
Arrogant|Kai is considered an arrogant fool considering how much he adores himself.
Impulsive|Probably his greatest flaw. He dives head first into things completely ruining any intelligence he's been credited for. It's like dealing with a child who has ADHD.
His Brother|His brother means the world to him and could easily be used to create his down fall.
Guilt|Kai still blames himself for his brother's capture.

Losing His Brother|Kai already lost him when they captured him. He will not lose him again to death.
Tight Spaces|Bad memories from his father locking him up in closets and cupboards.



There's so many ways to describe Kai. A narcissistic fool... An impulsive ADHD man child... An arrogant asshole... A promiscuous little Irish whore... An attention seeking child... But in simple terms, he really is no hero. Yes he fights with them and does some mildly heroic deeds for people but Kai himself does not have the makings of a great hero like his brother. Kai's foolish, selfish, arrogant, impulsive, and childish. He's constantly making brash decisions and pissing everyone else off with his behavior.

Surprisingly enough though, Kai is extremely charismatic. Sure his actions make people roll their eyes but they also can't get enough of him. He's just such a character and words flow off his tongue in such a charming manner it's hard to really stay mad at the guy. It also helps the fact that he simply doesn't care what people think of him. He's overly confident in himself and thinks he's a total catch for forget what anyone else thinks. Only Kai's opinion matters to him. It's actually something people grow to admire about him oddly enough.

Despite his reckless tendencies, Kai is actually a very intelligent young man that buries it beneath frivolous partners and alcohol. He could hatch up a great plan if he would simply calm down and apply that big brain of his to something that wasn't selfish. He has the makes of a great hero but instead he wavers between a hero and villain with his actions and disregard for any rules or authority. He only even does what he' told in this motley crew of mutants because it means getting his brother back. He's finally applying himself to something that isn't entirely selfish.

Kai is a great friend to have as he is the most loyal and protective friend anyone could ask for. he acts as if he's only ever out for himself when in truth, he actually does care about a few people. But he's never one to go to about advice as he never sugar coats anything. He is always straight forward and blunt even if it means insulting someone.

Family Ties:

Lucian Pierce|Father|Deceased
Anabeth McGregor|Mother|Deceased
Niklas Pierce/Prometheus|Half Brother|Unknown
Kaden Pierce|Brother|Unknown


Lucian pierce and his three sons had come to the states hailing form the great land of Ireland shortly after the passing of his former lover and mother of two of his children, Anabeth. It was then that Lucian raised his children on his own every so often bringing a new motherly figure into their home that wasn't very motherly at all. As a result, the eldest son, Niklas, took on the role as caretaker to his younger siblings. Niklas was a tough young man but also very protective of his brothers. He was often the one to bail Kai out of trouble and the one Kai budded heads with the most. Kai wouldn't realize until much later that the constant bickering was Niklas's way of showing how much he cared for him.

One day, Kai had run into a little trouble with the law and making his escape via building rooftops. Niklas was also chasing him and caught up with the reckless teenager. Yes, he did get him away from the cops but he'd much rather be in the hands of the officers than deal with Niklas's disappointment in his behavior. Niklas found him on a rooftop and began lecturing him when something happened... The building exploded. They didn't know what was in there or why it exploded. They couldn't even say how it was possible they didn't die but after that day, everything changed for them.

Now it was no secret that their father was an abusive drunk anytime he was around. Especially towards Kai. His two older brothers did their best to help but it was never enough. Especially when his father would lock him in a closet or cupboard for hours on end. There was one night that was absolutely horrible that Niklas came home to find Kai cowering in a corner with glass being thrown at him. Niklas ran and decked him in the face before pushing him out the door and attending to Kai. Kai questioned what would happened wen he came back but Niklas told him he was going to die soon. Soon enough, it came true. Kai didn't find out by hearing word of it. No, he found out when he picked up one of the broken beer bottles and had a vision of their father crashing the car and dying. That explosion had awakened their mutant abilities. Kai's other brother, Kaden, was there to bare witness to everything and took off as soon as he discovered his brothers were mutants and they haven't seen him since.

After that day Niklas convinced Kai that the two should become heroes and stick up for people like them. Kai wasn't a fan of the idea as he didn't see himself as a hero but he eventually agreed and followed along his brother to begin their training. They spent years as the dynamic duo of Prometheus and Epimetheus thanks to their abilities. Unfortunately that quickly faded away with a the birth of a new group looking to get rid of the mutants. Prometheus and Epimetheus were part of the meeting that went wrong and Kai's own reckless behavior by charging at them nearly got him captured if his brother didn't get him out of their and got captured in his place. Now Kai is willing to do anything to get him back.


Still has a Irish accent

Face Claim:
Daniel Sharman


So begins...

Kai Pierce's Story


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Zoe glanced up at the branch above her, trying to decide if she was going for it or not. It was within her reach, but barely, and if she fell from this height, she'd draw attention to them. But it would also provide a much better viewpoint, and besides, the branch she was on appeared to be sturdy enough. She wrapped her hands around the branch and pulled herself up, using a nearby branch to give her a boost.

Settling herself on the branch, she pressed a thumb to the communication unit in her ear. "This is Hecate. I'm in position and have a perfect view of the office. It's currently empty... and whoever uses that office is messy as hell. I can count at least three- no, four- coffee mugs on his desk."

They were currently on a low-risk mission, attempting to get some information about how the attack had been orchestrated. It had been decided that getting as much information about their tactics was their first priority- and then finding the location. The heroes had rushed headfirst into it, and it had ended badly for them. Zoe had always preferred playing the long game anyway.

She kinda wished that she was actually in there, trying to get the info- but when they were half-expecting an ambush, she'd agreed to stay on surveillance. That, and she'd been promised that she'd been inside next time, as long as she didn't royally screw up.

"I'd be careful before you enter the office, though, I can still see sheets and everything all over the desk. There's probably some kind of security system in place."


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Sam sat against an alley wall, far enough away that she could contribute but far enough that she wouldn't risk the others spotting her. Hey, just because she's on the team doesn't mean she needed to break her mysterious facade, right? Anyway, she had her knees up, a new sketchpad resting against them and a sharpened pencil balancing on her upper lip.

"This is Hecate," said the small pod in her ear. "I'm in position and have a perfect view of the office. It's currently empty... and whoever uses that office is messy as hell. I can count at least three- no, four- coffee mugs on his desk."

[clor=#612185]"They should cut back,"[/color] Sam replied sagely, catching the pencil as it fell off her face. "Might end up like Mr. Gonzalez. Could you imagine having to deal with two of that guy?"

Jokes at the resident speedster's expense aside, Hecate's update meant it was now Sam's turn. She flipped open her sketch pad, bouncing her pencil's eraser on her cheek as she considered which construct to go with. Obviously something small and fast, with an eye so she could see. An eye-bat? she was feeling kind of "eye-bat".


This... was not an eyebat. What was this thing? Some kind of eyeball dragonfly sperm gremlin? Regardless, it served her purposes.

She let her breath out slowly, and the color drained from her surroundings. She heard the familiar burbling sound and a quick glance downward revealed a rapidly growing pool of ink next to her. A slow inhale, and the paint formed into a three-dimensional photo-realistic duplicate of what she'd drawn. The world returned to full color, and she pressed her finger to the communicator.

"This is Chiaroscuro," she said,waving the small creature off in the direction of the office. "Edd-Es-Gee inbound. Now taking bets on that ambush situation."


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Edd-Es-Gee grabbed playfully at Havouvi's hair as it flew over him and into the building, its wings a blur of translucent white. "That's okay, buddy," Chiaroscuro said through the earpiece. "She's just there to let us know when you finish talking." And then, wry whispering. "And just FYI, not everyone likes a quick finish."

Sam thumbed her nose, trying to get comfortable in her seated position. One more quick sketch had a wall up at the end of her alley, indistinguishable from the grey cement on either side. It wouldn't do to have anyone get the drop on her, would it? Settling back against the wall, she closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and the world fell away.

When she opened them again, she found herself looking down on three familiar faces in an apparently empty office building. She felt her stomach drop, followed by a feeling of weightlessness; had she remembered to give the construct ears, she imagined she'd hear the oh-so-faint whine of beating insect wings. Phase two of her part in the plan was a go. Somewhere far away, she felt a hand raise to her ear and heard her voice speak. God, this dual-consciousness thing when she was controlling a construct directly always gave her motion sickness.

"Hope you don't mind if I join you for a bit," she heard her voice say into a communicator she could-yet-couldn't feel.

The small, white paint creature she was piloting flitted around the first-floor lobby of the office building before darting off through a separate door. Surge may have taken care of the electrical security, but not all locks were electrical, and she felt it would be better to finish this without unnecessary vandalism. After all, an electrical glitch could be believed; finding half the doors smashed was less subtle.

She discovered exactly two locked doors along the intended route, and each was conquered in the same way: land on the door, release the construct's solidity, ooze through the cracks, reform on the other side, turn the handle and push as hard as tiny Edd-Es-Gee could. With the way clear, she had it land on the desk to wait for the others and pulled her consciousness back into herself.

"Way's clear, guys," she announced over their comms. "I didn't see any guards? Maybe they're playing hide-and-seek. Or poor Edd is nearsighted."


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Ig was so freaking late it wasn't even funny.

He didn't even know what part of The City he was in - which happened, at times, when he tumbled out of an apartment building he'd never been in before; leaving some guy in bed and trying not to wake him up when he untangled himself from the sheets and ran out the front door. Ironically enough, waking up like this, with the sun already down, was nothing new.

Usually he at least didn't have anywhere he was supposed to be. Like a recon mission that he was pissed he had to be a part of to begin with. Fucking heroes couldn't keep their shit together and somehow that was his responsibility? Honestly. He was a villain. He wasn't supposed to have any responsibilities! That was the whole point.

Ig cursed as he slowed down rounding the comer, lifting his foot and trying to jam his combat boot on without stopping in his mid-run. It wasn't working, and if it wasn't for his ability to pull at shadows, he definitely would have toppled over. But he saved himself, barely. He didn't bother tying his boots as he kept up his pace, pulling his shirt free from where it hung over his shoulders and jerking it on. He ran into a few people still out late, but didn't bother to apologize.

Finally, finally, he made it to his destination. When the office building came into view he slowed, not wanting to draw attention to himself...not that he would anyway, dressed in all black, pulling at the shadows he already blended into. Ig sighed and dug through his pockets until he finally came up with his ear piece, and pushed it into place, searching the trees because he knew Zoe would be up there somewhere. He was probably late enough at this point that he'd only really be useful as backup. Which was fine by him.

"Sorry I'm late guys," he muttered when he heard the activation click. "But I didn't want to come."


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Encke stiffened considerably as he heard an arrow whistle through the air and land on its mark with a dull thunk, accompanied shortly after by a terse hiss of pain somewhere in front of him and to his left. His eyes widened, and he adjusted his position behind the tree to he would still be concealed from the gunman. He tried to glance over his shoulder to get a view of where the arrow had come from, but it was simply too dark to make out anything besides vague shapes and shadows. He knew pursuing a target when surrounded by uncertain company, whom he was fairly sure had not spotted him just yet, wasn't the brightest of ideas, but the gunman was getting away, and along with him Encke's best chance for finding the heroes.

He glanced around the tree again, feeling the damp, rough bark press into his cheek uncomfortably. A dark figure stalked off in the direction of the road, clutching his hand to his chest, and Encke started after him, taking less care to conceal himself as the man broke into a jog in the direction of the street. It was now or never.

The man ran out into the street, and Encke was but a few paces behind him, already feeling the water rise from puddles on the ground to swirl and writhe at his fingertips. He had almost reached the streetlight and reared his arm back to strike when another sharp thunk of an arrow pierced the air, freezing him in his place. A gunshot, and another arrow on its heels. Encke watched with shocked eyes as the bolt landed squarely in the man's face, protruding grotesquely amidst a small spray of blood before he crumpled noiselessly to the ground. It took a moment for his mind to kick into gear.

This idiot had just killed his only source of information. Assuming he was right about her connections to the group of villains who were supposedly working to free the heroes, this idiot had just killed her only source of information. He stood there, half livid and half in utter disbelief, instinctively reaching around his shoulder to grab the hilt of one of the long knives that were slung across his back. A well of anger he hadn't even know he'd had in him was bubbling to the surface, making his knuckles turn white as he gripped the handle of the blade. A tight coil wrapped around his chest. Every inch of his being commanded him to shake her, dig his fingertips into her shoulders and scream at her for her stupidity. He settled for unsheathing his knife and holding it out at his side, pointed slightly downward in a gesture of peace, but easy enough to flick up if he needed to defend himself. If this group of villains was going to go around killing his only connections to the heroes, then maybe it was time they finally talked. So instead of slinking back into the bushes before he was spotted, he stood in full illumination of the streetlight, glaring at the archer with hard, pale eyes.