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Tristan Kennoch

"I don't kill people. People kill people, I just give them a little direction."

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a character in “A Little Mayhem”, as played by Fabricator



“It is always useful to have an enemy who is prepared to die for his country; this means that both you and he have exactly the same aim in mind.”


| Full Name |
Tristan Aleksandr Kennoch

| Codename |

| Nickname |
Trist, Alek [Ex-Wife], Leky [Sister]

| Age |

| Gender |

| Sexuality |


| Ability |
Mind Control -The power to control the minds of others.
The fantasy that most people imagine is usually that of someone able to speak into your mind and override your entire being at but a look the actuality is a little less outlandish, relatively speaking at any rate. While Tristan is perfectly capable of controlling a rather large number of supposedly innocent souls it is required that they’re able to hear him in order to obey his commands, and it has to be him they’re hearing so recordings do not replicate the process meaning that a person has to be within his presence in order to be controlled.

Most people within his general vicinity do feel themselves become a little more suggestable and less inhibited even without him having to interact or command them which is a natural side-effect of his power, which can result in a slightly more chaotic atmosphere just by his very existence let alone once he sets his mind to causing trouble.

While he can give commands to many people at once, often with fatal or highly destructive results his orders do tend to wear off after a few to several hours depending on their exposure and the emphasise on his orders. In addition prolonged exposure to his powers causes most to be easier to control though in rare cases some are able to better resist his powers through repeated control, but the majority simply follow along like the mindless sheep they truly are.
When he gives a person a command, be it in a whisper or a scream the words overwrite almost all other thoughts or desires within a person. The thought of disobeying becomes almost anathema to their very existence with the act of completing it being akin to perfection as their mind is flooded with endorphins in payment for their obedience and servitude.

A person who is given commands to carry out a task will do so but after roughly twelve hours they’re more or less free of the compulsion to obey and are given back their freedom, though this can vary depending if they’re a more suggestable or more regularly controlled people. In addition to this there is still a residual and sometimes uncertain memory of actions committed while controlled, often mixed with conflicted emotions over those actions which leads some to remember the almost euphoric way they felt obeying but also feel the horror at what they’ve done. This does vary depending on what they’ve been forced to do, though forced is perhaps not entirely accurate since as far as their minds are concerned they now believe that obedience is the single greatest purpose to their sorry existence.

A by-product of this is that many of those who’ve been ensorcelled by Animus and then freed tend towards a rather unstable mind-set; often spiralling into madness or fury, neither of which ends well for them or the focus of their actions.

| Appearance |
Tristan stands a little under six foot at around 5’ 11” and can best be described as lightly built, even though he takes time to keep in shape. His hair is a dark brown in colour which he keeps relatively short in an attempt to keep it from looking overly dishevelled though. His eyes are a deep-set blue and usually have a slight twinkle in them to match the ever present smile that verges on a smirk as it plays across his lips.
A man of taste or at the very least indulgence, Tristan is rarely seen in anything less than a suit even if he may be wearing it a smidge more casually than etiquette would require, giving him a rather uncouth look at times.


| Likes |
Classical Music
White/Cream Clothes

| Dislikes |
Loud noises
Losing control
Misinterpretation of his words
People being too close to him sometimes, or walking behind him at any point
Misinterpretation of his words

| Talents/Habits |
Always washes his hand regularly, and tends to carry sanitiser gel with him
Combs hands through hair a lot when thinking
Collects mementos from defeated heroes or other villians
Smiles a little nervously during pauses in conversation
Decently trained with firearms
Likes to clean and arm his own weapons personally and regularly
Tends towards wearing cream or white coloured suits
Loves varied and expensive wines, collects and houses them in his cellar

| Weakness|
Loud and white noise or overwhelmed senses can render him powerless
Is alone when it counts as he doesn’t have any friends or allies
Fears crossing the line with his abilities
Has trouble trusting as he has trouble telling if you’re real or a slave
Can’t run and sometimes struggles to walk, uses a cane to get around
Rarely sleeps away from his home, locked and secure inside a panic room
Suffers from a deep seated paranoia most of the time
While capable in a firefight he does lack more than bare basic melee skills
Unable to reinforce his powers while asleep, the effects dull the longer he is asleep in regards to existing commands

| Fears |
Being hated by his daughter
Using his powers on his ex-wife or daughter
Never finding his sister again
Retribution for his actions


| Personality |
Having once been described as a volatile cocktail of conflicting emotions always on the verge of detonation by his now ex-wife, Tristan has done little to shy away from this rather apt evaluation. In fact while his erratic tendencies had been somewhat endearing back then they’ve instead evolved into an almost terrifying coldness that shatters to red hot rage in a heartbeat before being replaced by an all-encompassing joviality.

| History |
From an early age Tristan found himself to be very persuasive with those around him, and as far as his childhood is concerned it may have simply been no more than his natural charisma. However in his early twenties this talent blossomed into something much greater, which in reality perhaps had already been there but had only existed as the merest echo of its truth. Despite this he wasn’t one for the spotlight, often allowing his twin sister to take centre stage while he ensured things went the way the siblings wanted them to.

WIP for Age 19 - 25

While on deployment in 2012 Trist’s convoy was bombed and he was captured along with many of his comrades and for a span of several months they were subjected to torture while being paraded before cameras to make demands ranging from the logical to the downright insane. It was during this time that something within him that had been bubbling throughout his adult life since the loss of Isabelle finally reached the surface. When rescue finally came it found the soldiers in a sorry state but alive, however it looked like the captors had turned on one another in a bloodbath that they were at a loss to explain. However they did find the broken body of Tristan in what seemed to have been the epicentre of the terrorist cell’s base of operations, where he’d most likely been undergoing another round of ‘questioning’ when whatever madness had ran through the camp.
The wounds he’d sustained during his capture would take time to heal but even when they had he was left almost crippled to the point that he could barely walk without the assistance of a cane most of the time. And in the months following his return home his relationship with Clara became more and more strained with only their mutual love for their daughter offering any glimmer of the moments they’d shared previously. It was during this time that he lashed out and made mistakes with a power he wasn’t sure he believed he even had and to protect his daughter he left to make sense of it before he did any more harm to either of the two people he loved. Sadly he hasn’t managed to become the father he knows his daughter needs and as has mostly kept his distance save for the rare arranged meeting.
These days however he mostly deals through proxies, some legally obtained and others dealt with by a more personal approach; which has certainly led some to believe that the mysterious Animus is little more than a myth or threat to ward people away from the darker parts of the underworld. While it’s rare for him to make any public appearances he does show himself from time to time with a show to remember for any who call his bluff.


| Face Claim |
Gary Oldman

| Hexcode |

So begins...

Tristan Kennoch's Story