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Asher Mayer

Sarcasm is just a free service I offer.

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a character in “A Little Thing Called Life”, as played by takeachancemica



Full Name: "Ashes to ashes, dust to dust..." || Asher Mayer
Nicknames: "I didn't know my name had an "er" at the end." || Ash, Ashes, Mays
Ethnicity: "I tan really well but I'm a cracker." || Caucasian
Birth Date: "The year of the dog, woof." || April 1, 1994
Age: "I'm legal." || 21
Sexuality:"My eyes are only on one special lady." || Heterosexual


Height: "I feel so short compared to my friends." || 5'7"
Distinguishing Marks: "I don't believe in piercings and haven't thought of anything of importance to put on my body forever." || Has none
Body Build: "I don't consider myself fat nor skinny. I consider myself athletic." || Asher has an athletic body. He's proud of his abs and his muscle tone, as he's worked on it all his high school years.
Hair: "What is there to say? It's brown." || Asher loves gelling his brown hair up, so it looks poofy. He keeps it nicely trimmed on the sides and long on the top.
Other: "Comfy clothes are the best." || Asher is usually found in anything he finds comfortable. At work he is found to be wearing green scrubs. At home, or whenever staying inside, he prefers to wear sweatpants and a loose shirt.

Occupation: "I love helping people, even if it gets pretty nasty." || Asher is a nurses aide at the local hospital.
College: "I tried it, but it wasn't my thing." || He had gone to community college for Nursing. But once he started dating (role three) he decided it was time to admit the truth in why he stayed behind. He got a job cooking, then when she wanted to move away, he dropped out of school so he could go with her. Once they arrived to New York, he got a job at the hospital to help support them.
Personality: "How would I describe myself? I think I'm hilarious, sarcastic and helpful. I also know I'm pretty immature,protective and insensitive at time." || Asher is the kind of guy who will do anything for anybody. His parents raised him to always be kind, as you never know another persons story. Because of his kindred spirit, he had decided to pursue Nursing in school.
Asher loves telling jokes, he believes laughter and smiling heals. You can almost always find him with a smile on his face, unless he's having a rough day. When he's having one of his rare bad days, he says anything and everything to hurt someone so they stop talking to him. He knows that he can be hurtful, and he almost always regrets it the next day and will try everything he can to make up for it. He hates seeing anyone down.
Asher has a bit of a sarcastic tone. He hates stupid questions, cannot tolerate simple minded people and will always reply with sarcasm just to make them question how he's actually feeling. He knows it is always the right thing to do, but he can't seem to help himself when it comes down to it.
Immaturity as it's finest, he knows that he's still growing up and blames it on that. He loves drinking, going out with friends and spending money. He does try to be responsible and sets money aside for his bills first, but then knows he has money left over. Instead of saving it, he decides to spend it all to have a good time. He believes that you gotta live life to the fullest.
He's a bit protective of (role three), Ethan and his little sister, Amelia and now this new baby he considers his niece. He knows that sometimes he can be overbearing but he fears someone will come along and hurt the four dearest to him. So he tries anything and everything he can to make sure they are taken care of.

Family: "They're the greatest gifts given to me."
Asher has five siblings, him being the oldest. His youngest sibling is four years old. He doesn't really talk to his biological father, but he adores his mother and step-father. He always makes it a habit to at least call them once a week to let them know how he's doing, how his girlfriend is and to let them know he's fine in New York. He isn't the closest with his siblings, except for one, his sister. She went off to New Jersey for college, and they try to meet up once a month to catch up.
Friends: "Small circle, but a tight circle."
Asher grew up in the Leighton household. Ethan was his best friend, as they grew up in the same neighborhood. Whenever he wasn't at home, he was found at the Leighton's. That is where he met his girlfriend, (role three), and knew she was the one. He never said anything to Ethan, afraid it would make things awkward between the two, and in fear he would lose his only friend.
In college he tried to make friends with others, but they never stuck. He always made sure to keep in contact with Ethan, even with him being in New York, he was still his best friend. When he finally gained the courage to tell (role four) he loved her, they started dating. The first person he told was Ethan. When (role three) decided she wanted to follow in Ethan's footsteps and go to New York, he was ready to go with her. Why wouldn't he? He would be near his best friend and he didn't want to lose the girl he loved. It was in New York, when he and (role three) moved across the hall from Ethan and PJ that he met PJ. He doesn't consider PJ a best friend, but he's definitely interesting and he's a friend of Ethan's, so he's alright with him. He never met Layla, and only knows what Ethan told him. His opinion on her isn't the greatest, but she did bring Ethan a daughter, his niece so he is grateful for that.

So begins...

Asher Mayer's Story


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"You expect me to care? Aw, that's cute."

Dialogue Color: #ff141f
Location: Apartment Hall

Eira laid there in bed fast asleep with Asher. The two of them hadn't lived in New York very long but so far she seemed to like it there. Though just as quickly as she had fallen asleep that night she was startled awake by the sound of her brother's roommate, PJ, screming out for Ethan.

Eira sighed and rolled her eyes as she climbed out of bed and stomped through her apartment in anger before opening the door. "What the," she started just as she heard a baby crying. She glanced down at him and finished speaking with, "Baby....Where the hell did this baby come from?" she questioned to PJ and their new neighbor, Isabella.

All Eira wanted to do was sleep for the next two hours before she had to get up for work. But of course her nice sleep had to be interrupted by the sound of PJ's voice and this random baby. And she definitely couldn't go back to bed and leave the poor thing alone with these crazy boys. Sure Isabella would probably help out but that wasn't the point.

The red head lifted the baby into her arms just as she noticed the envelope with Ethan's name on it. "Oh hell no!" she stated just as she pushed pass PJ and went straight into his apartment. Eira banged on Ethan's door. "Get your ass out of bed brother!" She couldn't believe her older brother was stupid enough to get a woman pregnant and if he knew about it he hid it from her which was definitely not something to do with her. If something this big was hidden she would explode. Well...even more than she already had anyway. "Ethan it's important. Come on."