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Isabella Blake

"I'm Just the New Girl Who Happens to Live Nextdoor."

0 · 684 views · located in New York

a character in “A Little Thing Called Life”, as played by BubblyBrunette



{"I like weird things. Weird may not alway's be a good thing. But its alway's different". }

|Full Name|
" My name is Isabella Sophia Salem Blake. I know it's a mouthful"|| Isabella Sophia Salem Blake

"Well it depends on who you ask, My Dad called me Izzy, My friends calls me Bee, and Everyone else call me Bella." || Izzy, Bee, Bella, Isa, Salem.

" I am a Leo, you can tell by my fierce personality"|| August 21st

"It depends on what license you are looking at..."|| 20

" I am definitely white or as my mom calls me a ghost"|| Caucasian

" I'm a sucker for a brown eyed person with dark hair".|| Bisexual

" Well I guess I am short for being twenty, But my doctor says I five foot four."
|| 5'2"

|Hair color|
"Well it depends on what mood I am in, for now I will stick with being a brunette"||Dark chocolate brown

|Eye Color|
" My eyes are a grayish blue color"||Some say her eyes are a bright alaskan ocean blue color, but they change frequently due to the lighting surrounding her. If you look closely there are gray specks surrounded by her captivating innocent eyes.

|Distinguishing Marks|
" I have a couple of tattoos but if I showed you i'd have to kill you"||Isabella has a uniquely shaped birth mark on her right shoulder blade. She has scars on her back from past relationships.

Isabella has porcelain skin, bright ocean blue eyes and long, healthy, elaborately styled dark chocolate brown hair. She has a long face with friendly eyes, a small nose, defined cheek bones,and full pink lips.She has a small birthmark on her right shoulder blade. A very noticeable feature is her white, sparkly teeth. she is 5'2" and has a small muscular build.

{"I'm just the girl next door". }


" I am a dancer, no not a stripper, an...exotic dancer. I need to get through college some how."|| Exotic dancer, waitress

"I am going to college to be a preschool teacher, I love children."|| Teacher

|Personality Traits|
Observant, Optimistic, Reckless, Sarcastic, Charming, Responsible, Kind, Innocent, Strong, Stubborn, Naive, Intelligent, Self-less, Caring.

One look at this young girl has people falling head over heels for her. At first glance she seems like all that a proper young lady would be. However, she opens her mouth and that image begins to shatter like pieces of a dropped mirror. Isabella is a girl who loves to live life for the moment and has little to no problem getting loud and ignorant with people when she feels that it's needed. Unlike her parents, she doesn't mind stepping on people's toes and telling them exactly what she thinks. There is no such thing as sugarcoating with her. She's not rude or obnoxious, though quite a few people might accuse her of being such. She's simply brutally honest and won't apologize for being herself. Despite her apparent coarseness, she's actually a pretty sweet woman if you can get past her big mouth. She's not a stranger to lending a helping hand and she can recognize when she's hurt someone unnecessarily – Even if it takes her a while. She always makes up for her wrongs and will, begrudgingly, admit when she is wrong. One thing that she hates more than anything is handouts. She doesn't like getting things just because she's friends with someone or anything of the like.She believes in getting yourself noticed on your own.

" There isn't much to tell, My dad died and my mom and brother hate me, so I moved as far away as I could get."

" I just moved into the building a week ago. I don't have any."

Isabella was born and raised in Petersburg, Alaska. Her parents, Lucas and Elizabeth had her brother Stephan at a young age. Since her parents were so young when they had him they didn't have the money or support to raise him appropriately. Isabella on the other had was very fortunate by the time she was born. Her parents adored her more then ever because not only did they have support and financial assistance, they also always wanted a little girl.
Stephan always tormented his little sister because of the huge age difference. Having a brother who is 12 years older then you is very challenging. Stephan tormented Isabella since the age of 6. When their parents would go on their "date night" which was every friday evening Stephan would have to watch Bee. Instead of watching his little sister he would put the dogs bed in the grocery closet and put her in there. Isabella would be left in the cold dark room for hours until her parents came home. Isabella's parents never knew what her older brother would do to her.
Isabella's love for dancing and music occurred at the young age of three. Her mother was a beautiful ballet dance and she wanted Bella to follow in her footsteps.
One snowy day in december Isabella was in the car with her father on their way to dance class. Isabella had a cold and her mother told her not to come to class today. Isabella insisted and convinced her dad to drive her. At the time Isabella was thirteen. While on their way to the studio it started to snow hard. Isabella always found comfort in the snow. As she was looking out the window she started singing along to the radio her father looked over at her and turned the music up trying to cheer her up. As they started to sing louder her father looked over to her again, right at the moment a truck came barreling down the road. The driver was drunk and struck the car on her fathers side. He died on impact. Isabella had a couple of scratches and bruises but she was okay. since the accident her mother and brother blamed her what occurred and the death of her father. Isabella's mother now has chronic depression she would verbally abuse Isabella every time she drank to much which was every day.
Isabella was fed up with the way she was being treated and needed to find an escape so she booked the first flight out of Alaska.

So begins...

Isabella Blake's Story


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Normally, PJ was a good guy. He prided himself on that, a little bit. He cursed and smoke and drank too much, but he was still nice. Maybe not the most well mannered person in the world, but decent. So yeah, he was a good person, unless it was four in the fucking morning. Okay, 3:45 AM to be fair, but that was closer to four than it was to five.

He thought about ignoring the knock on their door, at first. They didn't live in the best place, and it was a Saturday (technically Sunday now), so of course people were drunk and knocking on doors. Of fucking course. They'd figure out they were at the wrong place eventually, change directions, and that'd be the end of it.

But this knock was persistent. In fact, now it was more of a banging. Paxton groaned as he grabbed at his pillow, forcing it over his ears to try and drown out the sound. He was grumpy for two reasons 1) he'd pulled a double shift Friday and was goddamned exhausted and, 2) he'd rather be the drunk idiot knocking on doors, not the victim of the noise.

Finally, he gave up, and that was when he went from a good guy, to a jerk, because he was pissed. All he'd wanted was a few hours of glorious sleep. The apartment was still dark when he made it outside, the one window in their livingroom bringing in the only brightness from the lights of NYC that never went out. He scowled at it, and it's reminder that he should be sleeping before making his way to the door.

He and Ethan didn't live in a large place - they shared a bathroom, the livingroom and kitchen was technically one room just separated by their couch, and their bedrooms would look more average if they were combined, because they were really too small on their own. But it worked. It was theirs, and they loved it.

"What?!" he snarled when he finally drew the door open, a little surprised to see Isabella Black standing there. She seemed sober enough, like she'd just gotten off work or something. "Uh...hey. What's up?" He greeted, nicer this time.

Isabella arched an eyebrow at him, then pointed downwards. There was a baby. In front of him. In it's carseat, wrapped up in a jacket with a little beanie on. Sitting on it's stomach was a singular envalope, with Ethan's name scrawled across the center, and a lipstick kiss pressed into the left corner. No. No...PJ had seen enough Layla Letter's to recognize that damned signature. He knew it was hers. And he had a feeling the baby was hers too. Hell. No.

"ETHAN!" PJ twisted around quickly, storming across the apartment for the second time that night to bang on his roommates door personally. "Ethan! Get out here!"


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"You expect me to care? Aw, that's cute."

Dialogue Color: #ff141f
Location: Apartment Hall

Eira laid there in bed fast asleep with Asher. The two of them hadn't lived in New York very long but so far she seemed to like it there. Though just as quickly as she had fallen asleep that night she was startled awake by the sound of her brother's roommate, PJ, screming out for Ethan.

Eira sighed and rolled her eyes as she climbed out of bed and stomped through her apartment in anger before opening the door. "What the," she started just as she heard a baby crying. She glanced down at him and finished speaking with, "Baby....Where the hell did this baby come from?" she questioned to PJ and their new neighbor, Isabella.

All Eira wanted to do was sleep for the next two hours before she had to get up for work. But of course her nice sleep had to be interrupted by the sound of PJ's voice and this random baby. And she definitely couldn't go back to bed and leave the poor thing alone with these crazy boys. Sure Isabella would probably help out but that wasn't the point.

The red head lifted the baby into her arms just as she noticed the envelope with Ethan's name on it. "Oh hell no!" she stated just as she pushed pass PJ and went straight into his apartment. Eira banged on Ethan's door. "Get your ass out of bed brother!" She couldn't believe her older brother was stupid enough to get a woman pregnant and if he knew about it he hid it from her which was definitely not something to do with her. If something this big was hidden she would explode. Well...even more than she already had anyway. "Ethan it's important. Come on."