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Liana Annette Aris

"Forget the risk take the fall if it's what you want it's worth it all."

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a character in “A Long Short Story”, as played by BelieveInDreams


Liana Annette Aris


Full Name:
"My name is french so a lot of people pronounce it wrong." Liana (lee-AHN-ah) Annette Aris

"You can just call me Lia." It doesn't really matter to her what you call her a lot of people just call her Lia (short for Liana) or Anne (short for Annette).


"I could ask you the same question." Female

Candice Accola

For a human Liana is beautiful. She is kind of humble about it but sometimes uses to her advantage. She is somewhat tall standing at 5'9 with a lean body and long legs. Her blonde hair normally falls into waves that frame her face and just reach to the middle of her back. She hates the fact that it's always wavy and kind of hard to straighten. When she straightens it it falls just to her sides. Her eyes are a shade of pale grey blue rimmed with thick dark lashes. She wears make up sometimes but when she does it usually just eye liner and lip gloss. Her lips are light pink and full but sometimes she adds lipstick or lip gloss. Liana's skin is a soft and fair tone of ivory but sometimes her cheeks turn rosy and pink. She has tattoo on her back of two butterflies and a tattoo of a bird on her arm. The only thing she has pierced is her ears. When it comes to fashion she pretty much just wears what's comfortable. She isn't really good at picking out clothes and her friends have told her that a lot, but she do. She doesn't really feel the need to try to impress anyone. It does help that she is already very beautiful but she has zero fashion sense. She would would choose sweatshirts and jeans over tight dresses any day. All of her clothes are really plain and the dresses are things that people either gave to her as gifts or her friend's picked them out.



"Well i'm not an alien if that's what you were wondering." Human.

Liana is a really cool and laid back person. She doesn't like to be the center of attention and would prefer to be part of the crowd. She has no problem speaking and easily makes friends due to her kind nature but she has a bit of a problem with standing up for what she believes it. It might take her a while but eventually she says what she feels. She can be a little head strong at times and doesn't like to bother others with her problems or talk about her problems with anyone even the people that she's closest to. She's not good at opening up to people completely and it would seem like she does, but behind her friendly smile is sadness.

On the other hand she would gladly help other people out and listen to their problems. She doesn't like to get too attached to people and will stop talking to someone completely if they try to get to close to her or figure her out. Even if it pains her she'll slowly distance herself from that person. She doesn't like to hurt people but at the same time she doesn't like when people bother themselves over something like worrying about her. In addition to being really head strong she'd be willing to take the fall for anyone that she truly cared about and she always acts on impulse without thinking of the consequences. She doesn't like to make people worry about her but her actions usually cause the people close to her to worry a lot.

Liana can also be very witty and sarcastic at times. She likes to tease people a little but she knows when to stop joking around. Even though she would never admit it she is easily intimidated and easily scared. She tries her best to make it seem like she's not scared by anything but it usually doesn't work.



-Being outside
-Fresh air
-Making friends
-Being apart of a group

-Intimidating people
-Loud noises
-Trusting others
-Being used

Liana has a ton of weaknesses. Even though she wouldn't admit it she is easily scared and intimidated. No matter how hard she tries to be tough people can easily see through it. Another one of her big weaknesses is people. Making friends and socializing is easy for her, it's just the opening up part that she hates. She isn't good at completely trusting others no matter how much she wants to trust them. She has never really been good in relationships because every time they try to get close to her she distances herself slowly in fear of being used. She also gets easily scared by loud noises. It's not really something that most people would be afraid of and she hates it but sometimes she can be really jumpy and easily scared by small things.


Although a lot of terrible things have happened to her it's not like her life is some sob story. She hates when people pity her because she doesn't think of it as much. There are a lot of other people who have it a lot worse than her. She tells herself that all the time when she is reminded of her childhood. Her father is the reason why she's so weary of men and she won't talk about her parents all not with anyone. She tries her hardest to forget it but it just always seems to come back to her. Now she lives with her two friends Rachel and Ellie. She's never even told them. She had to endure living with her father until she was old enough to get out of the house. The only thing she would possibly talk about is her mother. She only has vague memories of her mom. All she knows really is that her mom died when she was younger. She's only told Anna and Ellie that but she'd never fully tell them everything. She'd never tell anyone.

She has a bit of a french accent and tends to drop some french words into her English sentences.

Lydia- This Is Twice Now
Baby just ask once more
'Cause I saw your door wide open,
but the floor is still freezing.
Hailey, I was sick and I'm still quite unwell.
Tell me it's you or nothing at all.

'Cause I stole your soul
You said I'd never be able
But oh, the whole world is still on my string

Second time now and you've done this before
Drive around the back so I can't see them,
But you're still freezing.
Let me take your coat and your keys and this car,
'Cause I’ve been unwell far too long now.

'Cause I stole your soul
You said I’d never be able
But oh, the whole world is still on my string, oh

But oh, the whole world is still on my string
And oh, the whole world is still on my string,
Yeah, is still on my string
(It's never much when I sing about you.)

So begins...

Liana Annette Aris's Story