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A Love That Once Was and Still Is

A Love That Once Was and Still Is


Many years ago two lovers had found a way to remian together forever but with vampirism came the heartbreaking seperation between them. Now years after their seperation come their reunion only it isn't of any normal and maybe not even good circumstances.

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That note was written by a girl named Katherine many years back. It had been fifty-four years, now after she had transitioned into a vampire. In 1866 to be exact was when the note was written and now it has been one hundred and fourty seven years since that was written. It was a diary entry expressing her bottled up feelings after so long. It had all started like stated in the letter on a beautiful summer's day. Katherine was of noble status while he was a boy working in the slums for bread and a few mere coins to survive off of. She witnessed him bein beaten by a few older boys. She came to his rescue and the carriage driver helped to scare them away. Katherine was only eleven at the time of their meeting but even for her young age and him but a year older there was a connection between them. Katherine had convinced her parents to take him in. Katherine had made sure he was cared for and was kept in the dark about her horrible family life. When he did find out it was a tearful conversation that had ended with them choosing that the world they lived in wasn't the one they wanted to remain in much longer.

Katherine had a pact with him to have their love become everlasting even after their loves ended. In their journey of finding a way to go through with the pact they met a man whom they would later learn was not a human but had the beautiful appearance of one. He was immortal but needed to survive of of blood. They learned he was a vampire and that was when another idea came to mind. They could through with their pact yet still remain alive in some way and stay together forever. The vampire couldn't care less about what they did but still found them interesting in a way. Due to this he gave both of them a vile of his blood and instructed them of what had to be done for them to transition into vampirism. The vampire had taken off without Katherine or her lover knowing. That night they had ingested the blood but before they could fully complete the vampire's instructions he had arrived once again and killed them both. The vampire had stayed there until they awoke as vampires that were parched. He had explained the purpose of the charms he was giving the two lovers. He had given Katherine a necklace and gave her lover a ring to wear. This was to protect them from the rays of the sun that could be proven fatal to them if they did not wear their charms. From then on the vampire had left them for good no longer seeing them as his problem.

At first immortality was like a dream for them. They were thought dead by her so-called parents and lived freely and happly at first. Everything was going great until the townspeople noticed that they hadn't aged a single day. They accused Katherine of witchcraft and tried to kill her. Her lover was in the twons square and hadn't known of her being chased by the townspeople with axes and pitchforks. She was chased out of her own home and ran away as far as she could. Katherine was unable to come back for fear of her life and tried to send letters to her lover but with no reply after a year of hiding she had snuck back into what was her home only to find out he was gone. Katherine had convinced herself that the only reason why he had let was because she let as well. Wracked with guilt she left as quick as she could now heartbroken and numb. Now one-hundred and fourty seven years after such occurences both of them are back in their place of origin unbeknownst of the other's prescence but never able to forget about the other.

The Characters


Name: Katherine Goldsworthy | Age: looks 16 but is actually 217 years old | Status: TAKEN


Name: _____________ | Age: looks 17 but is actually 218 years old | Status: [b]OPEN[/b[

Toggle Rules

1: This is meant to have cursing, mentions of sex, and mentions of drugs and alcohol but sexual scenes are meant to fade to black after a certain point.
2: Fighting is of course allowed between characters but it is not to be taken to OOC.
3: No Gary Sue!
4: Humor is of course allowed but some dark topics aren't meant to be humored in ooc.
5: Please let me know in either a pm if you are not able to post for a while.
6: Be as literate as possible! I'm not asking for each post to be five hundred words as long as there are no one-liners and it is descriptive I'm fine with post-length. Password to join is you're favorite flavor of ice cream.
7: Commited roleplayers only! Do not join if you're gong to disappear right after.
8: Have fun!

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Re: A Love That Once Was and Still Is.

Great but I need your password thats in the rules. As for his face claim it's Logan Lerman. As for his bio they met in the eighteen hundreds when he was pretty much being jumped by a few boys. Both of them were pretty young at the time. Anything before that is up to you ^^

Re: A Love That Once Was and Still Is.

Hey there, I'm interested in your male part. I was wondering what his face claim was, and if you could give me a some more specifics so I could write up an accurate bio and appearance rift. ;)

A Love That Once Was and Still Is.

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